Friday, July 3, 2015

Texas Reject

Here's a must-read analysis of the historical and legal issues raised by the Supreme Court's banning of the Texas SCV's license plate.

Support Grows for States to Ignore the Federal Courts

DC's legitimacy continues to slide, as this latest Rasmussen poll reveals:

Following last week’s controversial U.S. Supreme Court rulings on Obamacare and gay marriage, voters believe more strongly that individual states should have the right to turn their backs on the federal courts.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 33% of Likely U.S. Voters now believe that states should have the right to ignore federal court rulings if their elected officials agree with them. That’s up nine points from 24% when we first asked this question in February. Just over half (52%) disagree, down from 58% in the earlier survey.
And check out this comment from the same article:

Perhaps even more disturbing is that the voters who feel strongest about overriding the federal courts – Republicans and conservatives - are those who traditionally have been the most supportive of the Constitution and separation of powers. During the Obama years, however, these voters have become increasingly suspicious and even hostile toward the federal government.
Of course conservatives support States' Rights. If you respect the Constitution, you know that DC is limited to only the authority delegated to it. Since it is disregarding its constraints, as evidenced by its illegal domestic surveillance, its active promotion of illegal immigration, and by usurping the States' power to regulate marriage, DC has become a threat to our liberties and way of life. As the Declaration says, "Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

Rather than "disturbing," I find this attitude refreshing. Minds are changing, and that is an essential first step toward reclaiming our rights. As John Adams observed in 1818, "The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations."


Iraqi Kurds See Secession as Top Priority

The Kurds intend to break free from the DC puppet regime in Baghdad whether the US likes it or not. You have to love that kind of spirit. From Antiwar:

While the war against ISIS inside Iraq looks likely to continue for the foreseeable future, Iraqi Kurdistan is already looking toward the post-war period, and sees secession as a top priority of the post-war era, despite Obama Administration opposition.

US troops on the ground say they’ve been informed the Kurds intent to secede from Iraq “whether the US likes it or not,” and is planning to take the northern city of Kirkuk, an oil-rich city that is historically Kurdish but has recently had a large Arab population, with them.
Of course the US doesn't like it. Self-determination is a repudiation of the global empire DC thinks it's going to run. "One-Worldism" is DC's official ideology, and the philosophical foundation of its policies. But as more independence movements arise and succeed, that bloody ideology will end up in the trashcan of history. Its time is running out.


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Poll: Majority sees Confederate flag as Southern pride symbol

Despite the constant drumbeat of anti-Southern propaganda from the corporate media, government, and the government schools, most folks see the Confederate flag for what it is, a distinctive and proud symbol of the South. From CNN:

American public opinion on the Confederate flag remains about where it was 15 years ago, with most describing the flag as a symbol of Southern pride more than one of racism, according to a new CNN/ORC poll. And questions about how far to go to remove references to the Confederacy from public life prompt broad racial divides.

The poll shows that 57% of Americans see the flag more as a symbol of Southern pride than as a symbol of racism, about the same as in 2000 when 59% said they viewed it as a symbol of pride. Opinions of the flag are sharply divided by race, and among whites, views are split by education.

Among African-Americans, 72% see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism, just 25% of whites agree. In the South, the racial divide is even broader. While 75% of Southern whites describe the flag as a symbol of pride...
Note that this is from scientific polling, not a self-selected Internet poll, so we can accept it as representative of the general population.

This must be REALLY frustrating for those whose agenda depends on manufacturing Black outrage and White self-loathing. Remember: They're not attacking a piece of cloth. They're attacking an entire culture. The agenda is to erase a vibrant, historic culture, which is the foundation of a free social and political order so Big Governemnt can step in and impose its own order. THEY know what they're doing, and WE must wake up to what's going on.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

TV Land Pulls 'Dukes of Hazzard' Episodes

Heavens, yes. Some Delicate Person might glimpse General Lee's roof and cower in fear.

Weenies to the right, weenies to the left. The whole country is full of weenies.

Fanning the Flames of Another Black Church Arson Hoax

Michelle Malkin wades into the panic peddlers:

On Monday, a Baltimore Sun lead editorial decried “a series of mysterious fires at African-American churches across the South” in the wake of the Charleston murders. The newspaper cited a “pattern” of attacks, including what it claimed was an “uptick in attacks on 37 black churches in the South” in the 1990s that “prompted President Bill Clinton to set up a church-arson investigative task force.” ...

Reminder: Several of the hyped hate crimes against black churches had been committed by black suspects; a significant number of the black churches were, in fact, white churches; and the complex motives behind the crimes included mental illness, vandalism and concealment of theft.

Once again, falsified history is repeating itself.

Source: Fire at South Carolina black church wasn't arson

ISIS destroys historic monuments

What a bunch of sanctimonious vandals:

On Tuesday, the radical group of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) blew up two monuments in the ancient city of Palmyra in central Syria, IS-linked media sources reported.

Pictures uploaded to a text and image sharing website showed one of the monuments, believed to be the tomb of Sheikh Mohammed Ali, being blown up. Militants from the extreme group destroyed the shrines because they consider them to be sacrilegious.
And speaking of sanctimonious vandals, check out these headlines:

Shreveport NAACP demands removal of Confederate monument

Pasquotank NAACP calls for removal of Confederate monument

Forest Park Confederate Monument Under Scrutiny

Former Macon mayor calls for the removal of confederate monument

Group calls for removal of Norfolk Confederate Monument

Yes, aren't you glad ISIS doesn't control us?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sebesta Watch

Check out the latest posts by the South's favorite internet stalker, Ed Sebesta.

Here, he throws a tantrum at the Museum of the Confederacy for that institution's "pandering" to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which Sebesta seems to imagine is a maniacal band of desperados. How is the MOTC "pandering" to the SCV? By renting out public space to them. Yes, really. In his tortured and pompous prose, Sebesta says in a letter to the MOTC:

"This isn’t just any group, it is the Sons of Confederate Veterans and it isn’t just some convention center, the location is the Museum of the Confederacy and their use of this specific location is an act of the American Civil War Museum enabling a pernicious movement."

"A pernicious movement!" Egads! By Jove, we cannot have this!

And just to remind the world how creepy and obsessed he is, Sebesta ends his letter with this dark warning:

"When the next shooting occurs some of the blood will be on your hands and the hands of the American Civil War Museum trustees."

And then there's a post entitled "Laughing Your Posteriors Off," in which he links to a profanity-laced video mocking a Confederate parade where two vehicles lock bumpers.

Yeah, hilarious. But humour has never been Sebesta's strong suit. If you want a video showing a public demonstration gone wrong, check this one out. It sounds like a WWF Cage Match: Gay Pride vs. Black Lives Matter. These two groups clash when the BLM folks elbow their way into the middle of a Gay Pride parade. Two people get shot, the crowd stampedes, and someone drives a car through the crowd. Now THAT'S entertainment:

What a vivid foretaste of our multicultural future.

This day in history

In 1936, Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind was published.

The Confederate flag and cultural fascism

Here's a nice segue from my previous post. Brent Bozell looks behind the highfalutin rhetoric of the Social Justice Warriors and their boosters in the corporate media and exposes the totalitarian impulses that actually motivate these people:

You cultural fascists have struck again.

You have shown you will say most anything, and do most anything to advance your radical agenda. But that’s not enough, is it? Your intent is to ban any opposition. Your goal is to ban even the expression of dissension. ...

Now it’s the Confederate flag.

I don’t know what’s more offensive, your disgusting character assassination or the outright embarrassment of politicians and businesses quaking in their shoes at the thought they might be next on your hit list.
He's right. As demonstrated countless times, the SJWs want any who disagree to lose jobs, to be silenced, and to be permanently banished from the marketplace of ideas. Their totalitarian thugs, period.

Marxists Plan to Burn American Flags

This story should clarify things for the near-sighted. If you think the escalating jihad against the Confederate Battleflag is based only on the desire not to offend those delicate souls who cower and whimper when they see one, guess again. It's not an attack on a piece of cloth, it's an attack on us, against Western Civilization. These Social Justice Warriors spell it out for the learning impaired:

“Disarm NYPD” announced the “Burn the American Flags” event on Facebook, inviting individuals to join the organization at Fort Greene Park to “set fire to this symbol of oppression.”

Organizers said accused Charleston shooter Dylann Roof wasn’t an “isolated actor,” but a “product of a consistent pattern of state-sponsored terrorism and radicalized dehumanization in America.” The event originally was aimed at burning the Confederate flag, but later changed to focus on the stars and stripes.

“There will be no peace until we tear down this system of oppression,” the group wrote on Facebook. “It isn’t enough to take the flag down; we must put an end to white supremacy once and for all.”
"White Supremacy" is the modern-day equivalent of "Capitalism" as shorthand for what today's radicals hate and are hell-bound to destroy. While old-time communists portrayed their agenda in terms of economic conflict, with the "dictatorship of the proletariat" over the bourgeoisie as their ultimate goal, our much scruffier SJWs seek racial conflict aimed at a dictatorship of peoples of color over eeeevil Whites.

It's time to start paying attention to the true motivations behind all the shouting and cursing. And to pick a side.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Quote of the Day

"Right now, this past week with everything that is going on, I feel very much like the Jews must have felt in the very beginning of the Nazi Germany takeover. I mean I do feel that way, like there is a concerted effort to wipe people like me out, to wipe out my heritage and to erase the truths of history." Tim Steadman

Redefining 'Hate' As 'Terrorism'

A must-read from the inimitable Jim Goad:

When crazed psychiatrist Nidal Hasan went bonkers with a gun at an Army base in Fort Hood, TX in 2009 while shouting “Allahu akbar!” and picking off 13 victims, the feds refused to prosecute him as a terrorist. But the US Justice Department announced this past Friday that it’s investigating the Charleston shooting as a possible terrorist incident. So enough with your baseless whimpering about how white privilege will protect Dylann Roof from being charged as a terrorist. I’ve just demonstrated that reality is the complete opposite of what you’re claiming it is, and maybe one day you’ll have enough decency and honor to not only admit your errors, but to thank me for correcting you.
As Goad points out, every act the Feds have taken in the name of freeing the oppressed has expanded DC's control over our lives. Now the government routinely spies on its own citizens, humiliates us at airports, and claims the power to indefinitely detain citizens without a warrant.

If that makes you feel safer, you're nuts.

Memphis Is A Picture of Ethnic Cleansing

The Red Guard raises its ugly head in Memphis:

“Memphis Mayor A. C. Wharton wants to dig up the bodies of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife and remove them from a city park in the latest and most despicable example of the anti-Southern cleansing spreading across the nation…In addition to desecrating the graves, Wharton wants to tear down a massive statue honoring the Confederate general."

I wonder if the Hon. A. C. Wharton plans to hang Forrest before reinterring the body?

Now’s the Time To End Tax Exemptions for Religious Institutions

The left is riding high these days. Little wonder they're picking more fights. After all, any opposition to the leftist agenda brands a person or group as standing for "hate." So now they're going after churches.

Feds Take Battleflags from National Parks

The ethnic cleansing continues.

The NeoCons’ Confederate Problem—And America’s

I've been trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to warn conservative Southerners that the self-named "Neocons" are nothing more than leftists who've appropriated the vocabulary of conservatism. So this fact-filled piece from Paul Gottfried shouldn't surprise anyone. And even those who know the truth about Neocons will find Gottfried's expose informative and useful:

The neoconservatives were still in the forefront of South-bashing for decades, from their organized defamation of Mel Bradford, the conservative Southern candidate for the directorship of the National Endowment for the Humanities in 1981, through the crusade to remove the Mississippi senate majority leader Trent Lott in 2002 after he had too fulsomely praised (former segregationist, former Democrat) South Carolina senator Strom Thurmond on his hundredth birthday, to the bile they are now pouring on the already-isolated defenders of the Southern cause.
It's time to make a choice, Southerners. Are your loyalties with Likud or with the South? Chose wisely -- you might not get another chance.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Quote of the day

“He’s not been an honest man . . . in who he is and what he says and how he treats people.” Malik Obama, on his famous brother

Why group marriage is the next horizon of social liberalism

No, this isn't an Onion satire. It's the logical next step in the Cultural Marxist agenda. After all, now that the full force of the federal government is behind the re-definition of marriage, there's no limit to interesting new interpretations. From Politico

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Quote of the Day

"I cannot help feeling that a culture that advocates the banning or burning of flags is on the slippery slope to becoming a society that advocates the banning or burning of books." Joseph Pearce

A Sweet Taste of Rebellion

Thanks to Dutchy for the link!

Friday, June 26, 2015

No More Flags To Divide US

Per ABC News, this is flying at the San Jose City Hall:

Murderous Extremists Do Not Define The Mainstream

We are not to draw any conclusions from murderous acts in the news today:

ISIS Kills at Least 146 Civilians

37 European Tourists Killed in Attack on Tunisian Beach Resort

French Salafist Attacks US Plant in Lyon: One Beheaded

Remember, we live in a tolerant country that respects all peoples, so we know the actions of thousands do not define the culture of millions.

However, the actions of one do.

Supreme Court Declares All 50 States Must Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex "marriage" is now the law of the land. Because in America, we have democracy, and that means the people are sovereign.

All nine of them.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Apple Removes All American Civil War Games From the App Store Because of the Confederate Flag

Cultural Revolution? Who said anything about a Cultural Revolution? Oh, you mean this kind of thing from Apple:

Many large US companies, like Walmart and Amazon, have already banned the sale of any Confederate flag merchandise as a reaction to the recent events. Now, it appears that Apple has decided to join them by pulling many Civil War wargames from the App Store. As of the writing of this story, games like Ultimate General: Gettysburg and all the Hunted Cow Civil War games are nowhere to be found.
Things are getting REAL weird out there.

Confederate flag sales are skyrocketing

Yesterday I published a post entitled Taking Down That Flag Is Just A Start, which discussed the glorious path leftists think will take us all to Utopia. I agree with the title of that piece -- taking down the flaw WILL be the start of something, though probably NOT what the leftists and statists envision. It's shaping up to be the start of an energized backlash, as indicated in this story from Business Insider:

Amazon's sales of Confederate flags have skyrocketed by more than 3,000% in the past 24 hours.

People are snatching up the flags online after several major retailers — including eBay, Wal-Mart, and Sears — pulled them from shelves.
3,000%? Wow. Let a thousand flowers bloom by flying the Southern Cross all over the South.

Rebranding the South

The DC Empire doesn't mind murder when it's done by the right people. From Tim Holcombe:

Last week, yet another doped-up, psychotic killer took the lives of nine people in Charleston, South Carolina. It is a terribly sad and tragic story, yet amidst the tears and grief of friends and loved ones, the oligarchs who presume to lord over Americans at national and state levels pounced within hours, agendas intact, ever the opportunists.

Barack Obama launched into his tired, mindless, pathetic, predictable tirade against guns.

South Carolina governor Nikki Haley shed a few dutiful tears, and then declared war on fabric.

Because, you know, had it not been for a flag, this would never have happened.
You'll definitely want to read the whole thing. Funny and incisive.

Thanks to Christopher for the link!

Whoa: this is how the slain pastor felt about the Confederate flag…

This is interesting. From Allen West:

While the mainstream media is decrying the fact that the Charleston shooting victim’s body was carried past a Confederate flag today, the good pastor may not have found it all that offensive.

In 2000, during his first term in the South Carolina State Senate, Pinckney actually voted in favor of H5028, the May 2000 compromise which placed the flag at its current location.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Taking Down That Flag Is Just The Start

The headline, by the way, isn't mine -- it's the original in a US News & World Report op-ed. After the Social Justice Warriors perform their exorcism of all Southern symbols, they plan to get REALLY serious about their ongoing revolution. And they're being pretty brazen about it:

Exiling that flag is, in the end, symbolic. There are at least four more steps we need that go well beyond that. I've arranged them in the order that I consider least to most controversial. ...

We also need to track domestic terrorism, including groups based on hatred of blacks and other minorities. Former Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano caught huge flak when her department reported in 2009 that right-wing extremism was on the rise, fueled largely by the recession and the nation's first black president. Conservatives attacked the report and its conclusion that white supremacists and a few angry military veterans were ripe for recruitment, and DHS backed off. ...

Broadly popular gun safety measures such as comprehensive background checks present the next level of challenge. While Congress bewilderingly failed to act after 20 children were gunned down in their elementary school classroom in Newtown, Connecticut, the landscape is not entirely bleak. State action may be more practical at this point – indeed, Everytown for Gun Safety is claiming victory over the gun lobby in 2015 legislative sessions across the country. Even the U.S. Senate might be more receptive now. Republicans will be fighting to hold seven seats in blue or purple states next year, when the presidency is on the ballot and the electorate will be more liberal than it was in 2014.

Finally, and most controversially, we should consider reparations.
Now we know that "racial healing" requires even more government surveillance, gun control, and race-based reparations. That would be a huge boost for Big Government and the Race Hustlers. Win-win!

Anti-Southern Hysteria Gets Hysterical

The DC Empire's very own Cultural Revolution is glowing red-hot, and shows no signs of abating. Like the Red Guards of Communist China who screamed insults at anyone or anything they imagined represented traditional culture, DC's Red Guards are trying to out-do each other in discovering and uprooting symbols of the South. The DC Red Guards blubber that the Confederate Battle Flag has to be hidden from view because it was in a picture with a homicidal maniac. But since this is mass hysteria, now they demand EVERYTHING Southern has to go, including the First National Flag. Yes, the First National.

Here's North Carolina State Senator Joel Ford raving about the Confederate Stars and Bars, which flies over the capitol in Raleigh on Robert E. Lee's birthday:

“Would we fly the swastika above the state Capitol?” Sen. Joel Ford, a Charlotte Democrat, said Tuesday. “And if the answer is no, we should not fly the Confederate national flag. Both represent some of the darkest periods in the world’s history.”
And now that Governor Haley of South Carolina has joined with the Red Guards to take down the Confederate memorial in Columbia, North Carolina's Frat-Boy Governor wants to prove that he, too, is a back-stabing Republican. McCrory wants to stop issuing Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates with the SCV logo.

Can this hysteria get any loonier? Oh, yes. Ever-alert Red Guards in Minnesota, of all places, are shrieking that a lake named for John C. Calhoun must be re-named:

The Charleston, S.C., massacre and battle over the Confederate flag has stirred up a major conversation in Minneapolis.

A new petition is asking that the name of Lake Calhoun be changed. The lake is named after John C. Calhoun, a former war department secretary who helped bring Fort Snelling to Minnesota. He is also known for supporting slavery.

The monument with his name was recently desecrated in Charleston. And here, there is also dissension about his namesake lake.
My imagination isn't wild enough to guess what's next.