Friday, April 11, 2008

Neo-Confederacy: Another SPLC joke

Oh, look! Someone's written a book about us.

The University of Texas has published Neo-Confederacy: A Critical Introduction. Here's the book's web site. If there's any question about the book's point of view and objectivity, just take a look at the editors: Euan Hague, Heidi Beirich, and Edward H. Sebesta. Ok. Sounds like an impartial, fair-minded trio to me. I'm sure they're going to present a balanced discussion about the Southern Movement, completely free of bias or conflict of interest. It's not like they'd distort the facts to promote the SPLC's fundraising efforts or anything.

Do you think Sebesta's announcement of the book might give us a glimpse of the quality of writing we can expect? Let's take a look:

The book, of which, I am one of three editors, has been announced by the University of Texas Press.

Hmm. After witnessing such flagrant abuse of English punctuation, I have to ask: Who's editing the editors?

As for just how objective this opus will be, we get an idea from Sebesta's blog item preceding his book announcement, in which he scolds Bill Clinton for his past efforts as President of the United States to "legitimatize neo-Confederate organizations and to normalize the Confederacy."

Yep. The Southern Movement lost a fine Confederate booster when Bill Clinton left office. That's why we're so excited about Hillary's prospects. Lincoln Bedroom, here we come!

Of course, Sebesta's accusation against Bill Clinton is nothing compared to some of his other revelations. For example, as a result of his masterful research, Sebesta discovered that Tommy Hilfiger secretly incorporated Confederate insignia into his clothing designs. See for yourself:

No doubt in my mind. That's clearly the Confederate First National flag -- same colors, same shape, and even the same font for the Confederate motto, "Tommy Hilfiger." No doubt about it.

You can be just as sure about that as the fairness and even-handedness of Neo-Confederacy.

I can't wait for the movie.


Brock Townsend said...

"Edward H. Sebesta"

I would be surprised if his IQ exceeds 100.

Brock Townsend

Michael Tuggle said...


No, he's been measured. Sebesta's Irritation Quotient is well over 300.

Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

Really, Mr. Tuggle, some day you MUST take a class on the use of dripping sarcasm as a rhetorical tool.

(Great stuff. Please don't go out and get hit by a bus or something.)

Michael Tuggle said...


I was in that class, but had to drop out.

Conspiracy Sleuth said...

Did snaggle tooth just insinuate that the government might orchestrate an assasination attempt that looks like an accident or terrorist plot agaist you?

Michael Tuggle said...

Conspiracy Sleuth,


damoncrowe said...

So when does the League's Critical Introduction of Neo Machiavellianism come out?

Michael Tuggle said...


Hmmm -- good idea.