Saturday, July 25, 2009

Homeland Security admits report on "Right-Wing Extremism" sourced from SPLC

Pictured above: Der Heidibunker, or as the Sipsey Street Irregulars call it, the "Department of Homeland Security, Southern Command Headquarters." Be sure to read their post confirming the SPLC's involvement.

DC's outsourced Inquisition has indeed lived up to its reputation. When the infamous report on the "terror threat" posed by border security activists and Ron Paul supporters first leaked out, the SPLC played it real cute when asked about its role in creating it. "What? Little ol' us?" Of course, when Mark Potok boasted that he was pleased with the report, we knew something funny was up.

I wonder how long until the Freedom of Information Act is revoked?


rex osborne said...

What demented "architect" designed that hideous eyesore that houses those clowns at the SPLC? The dude must have owned a bong pipe the size of a bathtub.

I suppose when scores of millions keep rolling in from the senile and the gullible it doesn't seem to matter if some of it is spent on an office building that looks like something that belongs in Dr. Seuss' Whoville.

Harold Thomas said...

That's an insult to Whoville.

Timothy P. said...

Maybe he was related to Jewish architect Frank Gehry, who's creations appear more dilapidated than the average condemned structure. Such "architects" are taking a fat crap on the culture and heritage of this country. Most buildings erected after 1960 ought to be razed to the ground.

Old Rebel said...

Check out the underrated "Idiocracy" by Mike Judge. It takes place in a future where everyone has dumbed down to the lowest commond denominator. There are shots of buildings built and repaired by morons that look better than Der Heidibunker.

Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

Sort of looks like that Sandcrawler from Star Wars, you know, that huge scavenger vehicle on tracks piloted by Jawas.

And why not? The good folks at SPLC could fit into any Star Wars Bar Scene.

Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

Here you go: