Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mississippi most religious, Vermont least, survey says

Southern culture is still alive, despite the best efforts of the Evil Secular Empire:

A new Gallup Poll, based on more than 350,000 interviews, finds that the Magnolia State is the one where the most people — 85% — say yes when asked "Is religion an important part of your daily life?" ...

New England predominates in the top "least religious" states: Following Vermont are New Hampshire (46%), Maine (48%), Massachusetts (48%), Alaska (51%) and Washington (52%).

"Clearly, states in the South in particular, but also some states in the Southwest and Rocky Mountains ... have very religious residents and New England states in particular, coupled with states like Alaska and others, are irreligious," said Frank Newport, editor-in-chief of The Gallup Poll.

Here are the top 12 most religious states:

• Mississippi: 85%
• Alabama: 82%
• South Carolina: 80%
• Tennessee: 79%
• Louisiana: 78%
• Arkansas: 78%
• Georgia: 76%
• North Carolina: 76%
• Oklahoma: 75%
• Kentucky: 74%
• Texas: 74%
• West Virginia: 71%

It's the South's faith foundation that guarantees it will not submit to the globalist agenda, from "same-sex" marriage, to amnesty for illegal aliens, to accepting socialist central planning, and our enemies know that. No wonder there are hardly any Southerners in the Obama administration.

Change you can scoff at, continued

The Obama Administration will end the incestuous relationship between Big Business and Big Government.

Or maybe not:

Sen. Tom Daschle, President Obama's nominee to head the Department of Health and Human Services, reportedly received $220,000 in speaking fees from health care groups with a vested interest in the work he would do once confirmed as health chief.

Can't you just smell the hypocrisy? This is going to be a fun four years.

Friday, January 30, 2009

War veteran, 83, put armed robber in headlock while men half his age stood by

A British WWII vet still has the right stuff -- unlike the younger generation:

A judge has hailed the heroism of an 83-year-old war veteran who tackled a gunman during a robbery at a bookmakers while other customers stood by.

Sidney Bannister, who served with the Royal Artillery Corps during World War II, put 30-year-old robber Henry Rockson in a headlock.

But the pensioner's calls for assistance met a wall of silence and up to nine other men in the shop - most far younger than Mr Bannister - stood by as Rockson smashed him twice in the head with the butt of the gun. ...

But the widower, of Lees near Oldham, Greater Manchester, said: "There were nine other blokes in the shop and most of them were either half my age or younger. I just wish one of them had shown some gumption."

Gumption? That's been criminalized in oh-so-politically correct Britain. For some decades now, the government has been encouraging passivity toward lawbreakers. Guns and even knives are illegal. Citizens who try to protect their homes have been prosecuted, and have even been told it's easier to leave structures unlocked to minimize the damage done by burglars.

British men of Mr. Bannister's generation haven't yet acquired this level of learned helplessness.

Globalism vs. ethnonationalism

Just as there are no atheists in foxholes, there are no globalists in a global financial meltdown. Pat Buchanan offers a few examples from around the world:

Meanwhile, global institutions, the United Nations, IMF and European Union have lost their luster. Czechs – whose president, Vaclav Klaus, regards the EU as a prison house of nations – hold the EU presidency. When the financial crisis hit, Irish, Brits and Germans rushed to bail out their own banks, as did Americans, who rescued Ford, Chrysler and GM, leaving Toyota, Hyundai and Honda twisting in the wind.

This is economic nationalism.

Inside Ehud Olmert's Cabinet, a rising star is Avigdor Lieberman. What Lieberman's "merry men" advocate, writes the American Prospect, is "ethnic cleansing: As the creepy name (which translates into 'Our Home Is Israel') suggests, Yisrael Beiteinu believes the million-plus Arab citizens of Israel must be expelled."

Barack won the African-American vote 97 percent to 3 percent over John McCain, and 90 percent to 10 percent over Hillary Clinton in the later primaries. McCain ran stronger than George W. Bush only in Appalachia, the laager of the Scots-Irish.

The artificial prosperity of the post-WWII years is draining away faster than the air in a toy balloon. That prosperity warped our view of life, and lulled us into believing not only that abundance was the norm, but that we could forget those stodgy habits of the past that made political stability and economic success possible. Generosity toward all is easy when there's plenty to go around. The resulting "consumerist" worldview gave us the psychedelic 60s, an entitlement culture, and multiculturalism. Now that the party's over, it's time to get down to basics, to rediscover the survival value of tradition, heritage, and culture.

Yes, I'm talking to you, my fellow Baby Boomers. It's time to grow up and get to work. The tinsel of universalism can't support its own weight, much less ours. Our job is to renew forgotten ties of community, of loyalty and love for one's own, and to reclaim the invaluable wisdom of our Christian, Western civilization. As Pat Buchanan reminds us, it's a fight for survival, and we humans naturally band together to protect our own. "Ethnonationalism" is the political scientist's jargon for patriotism, the most natural and invaluable of instincts. It's time to rediscover, renew, and rebuild. Political institutions must be based on human nature rather than on abstract theories.

Our lives, and the lives of our children, depend on it.

Jesse Jackson Jr. spent $100,000 on legal expenses

Nothing to see here, folks:

Jackson paid Chicago attorney James Montgomery $100,000 from his campaign account in one lump-sum payment on Dec. 18. The payment represents a very large amount — nearly one-tenth of what Jackson raised last cycle.

Jackson was forced to defend his name following the revelation about "Candidate No. 5."

Blagojevich’s arrest documents describe telephone conversations in which the governor says that an “emissary” for that candidate had promised to raise Blagojevich $1 million if the candidate was appointed to President Obama’s former Senate seat.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gitmo recruited thousands of terrorists

Of course it did. And will, for some time. In other words, a complete success.

Seriously alarmed

Why you should care about DC's inept handling of the economy.

Thouands of Iraqi refugees headed to Florida

Who says the Iraqi invasion was a failure? Yeah, it devastated over 4,200 American families, dealt a body blow to the economy, and fired up hatred against Americans among hundreds of thousands of Muslims. But if you're going to make a multicultural omelet ... well, you get it. These folks certainly do:

Iraqis displaced by the ongoing U.S-led war are among new groups of refugees who will increasingly be resettled in communities throughout Florida and the country, a United Nations official said Wednesday.

The United Nations has referred more than 42,000 Iraqis to be resettled in the United States, and of those, 15,000 already have arrived -- many of them religious minorities or single mothers whose husbands were killed, said Larry Yungk, senior resettlement officer with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

So of course the Iraq Invasion was a victory. Communist China gets billions in American t-bills, Iran gets dominance in the Middle East, and we get more diversity. Talk about win-win-win!

News flash: Government schools extol government leaders

The Free Republic site is all in a tizzy over this report on the government schools promoting the Obama cult:

A parent in the Clark County School District of Las Vegas, Henderson area reported today that his son, who is in 1st grade, came home yesterday saying that he didn't want to go back to school anymore.

When asked why, the boy said that during the Pledge of Allegiance the teacher put up a large image of Obama next to the flag.

Thinking that the boy might be exaggerating, the man asked his son if he was sure, and suggested that by "large" he might mean an 8x10 photo of the president. The boy apparently said "No, it is a large picture of Obama and when we are done, the teacher turns off the image." ...

At least three of the five classrooms have an overhead projector and as the children stand to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the teacher turns on the classroom overhead and a full body image of Obama, with six U.S. flags behind him, comes up about 4 feet away from the flag that hangs on the wall. The screen is apparently around five feet by six feet.

Oh, brother, where to start? Shortly after Obama won, we reported on how the left and black groups "discovered" the Pledge of Allegiance, thrilled that it proclaimed support for a black president and the agenda he stood for. Is it so difficult imagining this new affection for the Supreme Leader taking over the government schools, which is dominated by lefties and multicults?

Besides, the Pledge has ALWAYS been about indoctrination and submission - just ask these kids:

If you don't believe them, recall what the socialist author of the Pledge said about its purpose:

“The true reason for allegiance to the Flag is the ‘republic for which it stands.’ ... And what does that vast thing, the Republic mean? It is the concise political word for the Nation – the One Nation which the Civil War was fought to prove. To make that One Nation idea clear, we must specify that it is indivisible, as Webster and Lincoln used to repeat in their great speeches."

Francis Bellamy, author of the Pledge of Allegiance

By using the word "indisible," Bellamy clearly intended a formal renunciation of the right of self-determination proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence, which we're now supposed to believe was really a proclamation of Marxist egalitarianism, the basis for all government intervention in organic society, both at home (affirmative action) and abroad ("global democratic revolution"). Whenever the government flexes its muscles, and for whatever reason, its power over us slides up a notch - which is the real point.

Finally, let's not forget the syrupy and unnerving displays of emperor worship the pro-war supporters indulged in during the glory days of the Iraq invasion:

That's how it goes: DC whips up one side or another into mindlessly embracing the expansion of government power. Then it's the other side's turn to cheer on the deification of its champions. At each turn, the "winning" side imagines it's won a great victory over its enemies.

Meanwhile, the government's control over us ratchets up with every election, every crisis, and every threat, whether foreign or domestic, real or imagined.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Spartan's guide to Border Security

Take that, Potok!

Both King Leonidas, pictured above rallying his doomed men, and Lycurgus, the legendary lawgiver of Sparta, knew a thing or two about defending their homeland from invasion. We'd do well to listen to what they had to say, because our border security efforts leave much to be desired.

For example, there's been much fuss about speeding up construction on a defensive wall on the Mexican border. It's supposedly being built under the watchful eye of the Department of Homeland Surveillance Security. Proponents imagine this will magically protect our nation from determined Latinos. Can a people really depend on a wall to preserve their culture, economy, and security from invaders? When Lycurgus was confronted by demands to build a defensive wall around Sparta, he famously replied, "A city is well-fortified which has a wall of men instead of brick."

Exactly. Has anyone ever wondered how America remained a Christian, Western nation for so long without border fences? What preserved us was our shared sense of who we are, an identity based on a long, common history. More important, we were proud of that identity, and were determined to preserve it. But today, the ruling elites wage perpetual war against that identity. America, they constantly lecture, must transform itself into a globalist democracy, thereby fulfilling the glorious ideal of a proposition nation. That means we must not only permit, but embrace, floodtide immigration. Those who object to this recipe for cultural suicide are demonized as racist.

So the real answer comes from Leonidas, who chose to die defending his people against Asian invaders. He also knew a wall didn't enable a people to endure assaults on their way of life. Only a profound sense of who you are, coupled with the courage to fight to preserve it, no matter the personal risk, can do that.

Anything less is a dodge.

Change you can scoff at

Hey, the election's past, and the coronation inauguration and seemingly endless commentary finally over. Let's get our political bearings and see where we're headed.

First, looks like DC still thinks it can indulge its old habit of imposing regime change anywhere it wants. Check.

DC continues to fire drone missiles inside the territory of sovereign nations, even allies, and killing innocent civilians on the justification that Bin Laden might have been at that spot, or could have possibly thought about visting there. And Joe Biden assures us such strikes will continue. Check again.

Meanwhile, back on the domestic front, John McCain has become the chief enabler for the Obama administration, even lashing out at fellow Republicans who didn't support Obama's cabinet picks quickly enough. Double check.

So could someone remind me what the last election was about? If DC continues the same disastrous imperial policies, did it matter if we voted for McBama or O'Cain?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why secession?

For those of you who thought your vote for Obama meant a vote against Bush's policies, read this account of today's cowardly and hideous murder of Pakistani civilians by remote control. This confirms our position that it doesn't matter who the president is; the Empire's brutal agenda goes ever forward. If you still buy the official line that it's a good empire that only wants to spread democracy, read this quick summary of its bloody interventions over the past few decades. And if you're not bothered by what DC does to foreigners, consider this:

We live in a country in which the president and the military now wield the power to sweep across the land and take any American citizen into custody and transport him to a military prison as an “enemy combatant” – a country which government officials tell us is itself part of the worldwide battlefield in the war on terrorism. As “enemy combatants” in such a war, Americans accused of terrorism by the government can now be denied centuries-old liberties, such as due process of law, trial by jury, and freedom from cruel and unusual punishments.

How can any decent, moral person, and for that matter, how could any Christian, support such a rogue regime?

That's why I entitled this posting "Why secession?" Leviathan cannot be reformed. The only way to stop this monster is to stop supporting it.

And that means to quit being a part of it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Millions celebrate Obama’s call to ‘remake America’

Enough of what Southerners and sundry paleoconservatives think about Obama. What do communists have to say about the Chief Activist?

Seems the communists love him:

“On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord,” Obama told the vast multiracial crowd that packed the Mall from the west steps of the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial.

Ah, yes. Reconstruction you can believe in.

But isn't it funny how Neocons, whose ideological roots are Trotskyite, also embrace Obama's agenda. Funny.

Mainstream media mugs Maurice

A reader writes:

Recently Kiplingers made a special award to Maurice's Mail Order Gourmet BBQ Sauce. They deemed it the best. I understand that this was reported in some SC trade publications. But, of course, our McClatchy owned newspaper, The State, made no mention of it. How could an organization that flies a Confederate Flag possibly get an award!

Fast on the draw, Kiplinger's Personal Finance published their "2008 Best List" earlier this month. While this is a quick and easy read in magazine form, the Kiplinger web site makes it almost impossible to peruse on the web. I've mucked through the lousy popup slideshows to find direct links to the individual parts of this report:

The best in travel, cards, home and fun. Best airline: Southwest. Best low-cost vacation destination: Panama. Best low-cost prescription drugs: Wal-Mart. Best mail-order barbecue sauce (!?!): Maurice's Gourmet BBQ.


The corporate media's hypocrisy never ceases to amaze and sicken.

Whistleblower: NSA spied on everyone, targeted journalists

Here's why we need to guard against any infringement on our rights, especially during wartime:

Former National Security Agency analyst Russell Tice, who helped expose the NSA's warrantless wiretapping in December 2005, has now come forward with even more startling allegations. Tice told MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on Wednesday that the programs that spied on Americans were not only much broader than previously acknowledged but specifically targeted journalists.

"The National Security Agency had access to all Americans' communications -- faxes, phone calls, and their computer communications," Tice claimed. "It didn't matter whether you were in Kansas, in the middle of the country, and you never made foreign communications at all. They monitored all communications."

I cannot think of more powerful commentary on this latest revelation than to end with a few quotes from that great Southern politician and Father of the Constitution, James Madison:

The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.

Despotism can only exist in darkness, and there are too many lights now in the political firmament to permit it to remain anywhere, as it has heretofore done, almost everywhere.

Ron Paul: Obama Hiding Big Govt. Ambitions

Sheesh! Even Pat Buchanan's swooning over Obama, despite Obama's clear record of hiding a leftist agenda behind conservative language (see here and here). But at least there's one member of Congress who gets it:

Paul's video says that Obama's pledge to move past old dogmas masks his own dogmatic views about the capacity of government to create prosperity.

"They talk about getting rid of the ideologues and people who believe strongly in something," said Paul. "But they themselves believe in something very strongly. They believe in government, and though it is camouflaged by his saying whether government might be too big or too small, we know what is coming: it is ideological.

"It is a strong ideological position," he continued, "to believe that government can run things, because if it isn't socialism, it's fascistic and it's inflationary and it's control and it's loss of liberty

That's the bottom line: it's control Team Obama is selling, control by the central government over the lives of millions of Americans, and that means a loss of liberty. It's also the loss of immeasurible on-the-spot intelligence that will be squelched by remote bureaucrats imposing their choices on us.

Now, if only Ron Paul would give up his quixotic quest for the White House, and apply his insights at the local level, the cause of liberty would stand a chance in this age of happy-face totalitarianism.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

To Each His Own Obama

Who says Obama's nods to conservatives are nothing but a ruse? That is, besides us? Here's one liberal who's taken a close look at what Obama's up to, and likes what he sees:

President Barack Obama intends to use conservative values for progressive ends. He will cast extreme individualism as an infantile approach to politics that must be supplanted by a more adult sense of personal and collective responsibility. He will honor government’s role in our democracy and not degrade it. He wants America to lead the world, but as much by example as by force.

Bottom line: Do not be fooled. Again.

Local governments fight DC's Open Borders agenda

In Nashville, Tennessee, voters decide today whether to approve a referendum requiring English in all official business. Naturally, globalist corporations and their allies in the liberal media oppose it on the grounds it would violate Federal civil rights laws, and may disqualify the city from receiving Federal funding. Anything for a buck.

And the battle lines between DC's Open Borders mandate and local citizens have opened up in Indiana:

An Indiana lawmaker is introducing what he calls the toughest immigration bill in the country.

Illegal immigration has been a controversial issue at the Indiana Statehouse for the last couple of years, drawing heated debate in both chambers from both sides of the issue. Senator Mike Delph from Carmel will make it a third year by filing Senate Bill 580. The bill is designed to punish those who harbor, transport or employ illegal immigrants in Indiana.

Increasingly, those seeking protection from the crime and costs of illegal immigration realize their only chance rests with local initiatives.

Gordon Brown brings Britain to the edge of bankruptcy

Gordon Brown, Britain's chief enforcer and proponent of forced economic and demographic globalism, has brought his nation to the brink of disaster:

They don't know what they're doing, do they? With every step taken by the Government as it tries frantically to prop up the British banking system, this central truth becomes ever more obvious.

Yesterday marked a new low for all involved, even by the standards of this crisis. Britons woke to news of the enormity of the fresh horrors in store. Despite all the sophistry and outdated boom-era terminology from experts, I think a far greater number of people than is imagined grasp at root what is happening here.

The country stands on the precipice. We are at risk of utter humiliation, of London becoming a Reykjavik on Thames and Britain going under. Thanks to the arrogance, hubristic strutting and serial incompetence of the Government and a group of bankers, the possibility of national bankruptcy is not unrealistic.

And those same policies are taking their toll here at home. With a larger population and economy, the US is able to absorb the damage a bit longer. But that resiliency is not infinite.

It's time to pay attention to what our leaders are doing to Western civilization. The canary is croaking, yet we're plunging deeper into the mine shaft as if returning to the sunshine and fresh air were unthinkable. Do we go deeper into debt, expand the central government's control of the economy, and continue to undermine our cultural and social foundations with Open Borders?

Obama charts new, fresh course ...

... but holds to the course set by his failed predessor. He's good at talking the talk of eradicating the Bush-Cheney cult of secrecy:

US President Barack Obama has issued executive orders on government ethics and transparency as part of a packed first full day in office. ...

The new president said he was beginning "a new era of openness" in government.

But how does he implement his "new era of openness"? By denying media access to the Oval Office:

Three news agencies refused to distribute White House-provided photos of President Barack Obama in the Oval Office on Wednesday, arguing that access should have been provided to news photographers.

The Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France-Presse said the White House was breaking with long-standing tradition in not allowing news photographers to capture the president at work in the Oval Office on his first day.

Remember how W promised to exercise "a more humble foreign policy"?

Obama will be the richest source of political satire in the history of the world. The Golden Age of Blogging has arrived.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mexican Drug War Poses Major Threat to U.S.

WARNING: The following is another extremist, hate-filled, nativist posting! Ready? Are the children out of the room? Then it's ok to read this:

Fred Burton, vice president of counterterrorism and corporate security with Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence company, said that the effects of the drug war are already being seen in the United States.

“There’s a tremendous amount of spillover violence into the United States which needs to be discussed,” he said.

“As you look at these events as they take place in the cities, the homicides and so forth, what you’re finding is that the cartels have that capability in carrying out violence in inner cities around the United States,” Burton said. “So they can, for example, order a hit from Mexico inside the United States. They can order a home invasion. They can order a kidnapping.”

But -- Bush assured us we had to keep the border open so Mexicans could sneak more family values into our country.

Why emulate Abe Lincoln?

Walter Williams might be on the wrong side of US military policy, but he's a forceful defender of the South and the original Constitution. Here, he pummels the myth of "Lincoln the Liberator," then deals it this death blow:

President Obama can be forgiven for celebrating the hypocrisy of Abraham Lincoln because the victors of wars write their history and glorify the winners. The recognition that slavery is a despicable institution does not require hero worship of a president who made the largest contribution to the unraveling of our Constitution. After all, when it is settled by brute force that states cannot secede, as they thought they had the right to in 1787, then the federal government can ride roughshod over states and their people's right – in a word make meaningless the Ninth and 10th Amendments.

Take that, Abe.

Besides, if Obama wants to do the country some good -- or, if he just wants to boost the chances of his black supporters to get a job at decent wages -- he should instead emulate Nelson Mandela and enforce border security.

Is the GOP still a national party?

Pat Buchanan, who published the only intelligent and non-grovelling response to Jeremiah Wright and Obama on black-white race relations, scans the political horizon and tells us what he sees ahead. It ain't pretty:

Demographically, the GOP is a party of white Americans, who in 1972 were perhaps 90 percent of the national vote. Nixon and Reagan rolled up almost two-thirds of that vote in 1972 and 1984. But because of abortion and aging, the white vote is shrinking as a share of the national vote and the population.

The minorities that are growing most rapidly, Hispanics and Asians, cast 60 to 70 percent of their presidential votes for the Democratic Party. Black Americans vote 9-1 for national Democrats. In 2008, they went 30-1.

Pat is just as unflinchingly honest about why this is:

Put succinctly, the red pool of voters is aging, shrinking and dying, while the blue pool, fed by high immigration and a high birth rate among immigrants, is steadily expanding.

Philosophically, too, the country is turning away from the GOP creed of small government and low taxes. Why?

Nearly 90 percent of immigrants, legal and illegal, are Third World poor or working-class and believe in and rely on government for help with health and housing, education and welfare. Second, tax cuts have dropped nearly 40 percent of wage earners from the tax rolls.

If one pays no federal income tax but reaps a cornucopia of benefits, it makes no sense to vote for the party of less government.

The GOP is overrepresented among the taxpaying class, while the Democratic Party is overrepresented among tax consumers. And the latter are growing at a faster rate than the former.

As other commentators have noted, the GOP's base if largely confined to the South, and don't look now, but it's shrinking fast.

So here's the question: Will help arrive in time to save the Alamo?

Inaugural Trash Challenge

'Veni, Vidi, Garbagium' (We came, we saw, we trashed the place'

Is this Gaza after the Israeli invasion? No -- it's DC, after Obama's adoring mobs cheered his coronation inauguration.

Sometimes, pictures say more than words.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Peaceful Transfer of Violent Power

I don't know how many times I've heard some talking head proclaiming that Obama is the FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT as if no one had noticed before the Wise Talking Head mentioned it. But the second-most repeated truism is that we should just shiver in civic righteousness because power was being peacefully transferred from one party to another.

No, it wasn't -- one hired hand of the empire was replaced by another. So these comments were a real breath of fresh air:

The essence of government as we know it is the power to use force against people who have never harmed anyone. The most basic power is the power to tax. Indeed, government could do nothing without it. The power to tax is the legal authority to compel people to surrender their money to the state under penalty of fine, imprisonment, and worse for refusal. Whether or not one thinks this power is good (I don’t), one cannot deny that it is based on the threat to commit violence against the nonviolent.

Don't forget that we're not just talking about Iraqis and Afghans resisting foreign occupation, we're talking about the power of the Federal government being wielded against its own citizens. We're talking about further expanding DC's control over the economy and our private lives, which Bush did more than any other president to expand. And Obama's background and worldview clearly tell us he intends to make the most of the powers bequeathed to him.

The real peaceful transfer of political power will occur when peaceful secession is achieved, and we have control over our lives again.

White Supremacists Still Not On The Rise

Steve Gilbert wonders how much longer the crusading entrepreneurs at the Southern Poverty Law Center can count on the corporate press to handle its every fundraising appeal as real news. The SPLC's record of spinning the facts is so obvious, even a reporter should be able to see it.

I love Gilbert's matter-of-fact speculation at the end of this great post:

By the way, we can’t help but recall that Mr. Potok and the entire Southern Poverty Law Center – even their “Intelligence Project” were amazingly silent about the Reverend Wright’s outrageous racism.

They were similarly quiet about the Black Panthers intimidating voters at that polling station in Philadelphia.

Why was that?

Indeed. It almost makes you wonder if the SPLC might have some sort of agenda.

The Patron Saint of White Guilt

We couldn't let MLK day pass without at least one article debunking America's secular saint. Rather than obediently genuflecting, Paul Gottfried tells it like it is.

Southern Heritage and the Constitution under fire

The Obama Revolution will complete the globalist agenda of uprooting our cultural and political traditions and imposing an all-powerful central government on what's left of the American people. And it will be done in the name of the Founding Fathers. That's Obama's genius, the ability to implement a radical program behind a veneer of conservatism.

This isn't idle speculation or fear-mongering, it's simply a matter of believing Obama's own words. Here, he reveals both his socialistic goals and his contempt for the Constitution's restrictions on government power:

But, the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and of more basic issues such as political and economic justice in society. To that extent, as radical as I think people try to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn't that radical. It didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution, at least as it's been interpreted, and the Warren Court interpreted in the same way, that generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. Says what the states can't do to you. Says what the federal government can't do to you, but doesn't say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf.

He's right, of course -- the limited government established by the Founders could never impose socialism. To Obama, and many others, that's a problem.

How do you disconnect a people from their political traditions? By redefining their sense of who they are; in other words, by stripping them of their identity. Take their heritage from them, and they'll be putty in your hands.

The most committed socialists in government understand this. Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr, for example, has made clear his goal of creating "a more perfect union" by empowering the government to provide for health care, tuition, and housing -- in other words, creating a socialist system. What prevents him from achieving that goal? Two things: cultural distrust of activist government, which Jackson recognizes as an integral part of the present-day Southern Cause, and the constraints of the Constitution, as he explicitly states here in this speech to National Park Service employees:

Dr. James McPherson said that nearly all the first ten amendments to the Constitution apply the phrase "shall not" to the federal government. In fact, eleven of the first twelve amendments place limitations on the power of the national government. However, beginning with the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865, six of the next seven amendments radically expanded the power of the federal government at the expense of the states. Every one of them grants significant new powers to the government with the phrase "Congress shall have the power to enforce this article." We need to revive this tradition of positive amendments, which is what I propose to do.

Congressman Jackson will get his chance to re-introduce his socialist program under the Obama administration, which clearly shares Jackson's philosophy and goals. Just the fact that no Southerners have been appointed into the Obama administration tells us what we can expect for the next few years.

Change you can believe in - just like the Great Pumpkin

Back when Barack Hussein Obama was hustling for votes, he assured a nation disgusted with the Bush regime he'd put an end to its failed policies:

During the election season, Obama frequently campaigned against what he called Bush's "failed policies" and promised a "clean break" from the past eight years.

But that was then. Now the seductive smell of Executive Power has BHO singing a different tune:

After two years of traveling around the country and criticizing President Bush, President-elect Barack Obama said Friday that he "always thought [Bush] was a good guy."

"I mean, I think personally he is a good man who loves his family and loves his country," Obama said in an exclusive interview with CNN's John King.

In fact, Obama has made it pretty clear he's so enamored of Bush's policies that he intends to continue them. But the lapdog press isn't about to slam Obama for hypocrisy. Instead, it prints the press releases, but slides in the embarrassing facts without comment. In an article entitled, "Obama ready to end harsh interrogations" [notice how they can't bring themselves to call it "torture"], we learn that Obama, rather than actually banning torture, is craftily leaving his options open:

For Obama, who repeatedly insisted during the 2008 presidential campaign and the transition period that "America doesn't torture," a classified loophole would allow him to back up his vow to end harsh interrogations while retaining a full range of presidential options in conducting the war against terrorism.

The proposed loophole, which could come in the form of a classified annex to the manual, would satisfy intelligence experts who fear that an outright ban of so-called enhanced interrogation techniques would limit the government in obtaining threat information that could save American lives. It would also preserve Obama's flexibility to authorize any interrogation tactics he might deem necessary for national security.

Let's not forget that Obama's already made it clear he intends to continue Bush's disastrous and ludicrous "War on Terror," as his future Secretary of State reminded us:

US Secretary of State-designate Hillary Rodham Clinton told her confirmation hearing on Tuesday that fighting terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan would be the highest priority of the Obama administration.

“It is imperative that we work with our friends in both Pakistan and Afghanistan” to defeat terrorists in that region, she told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

And notice that the same article also reminds us that "liberal" and "conservative" don't mean a thing when it comes to supporting the empire's many wars:

Senator John Kerry, the committee’s new chairman, agreed with her, saying that “Pakistan and Afghanistan are definitively the front line of our global counterterrorism efforts.”

Only one conclusion is possible here: The election was pure theatre, a harmless outlet for voters' frustrations. The nameplates on the office doors of those who implement DC's globalist policies may change, but not the policies.

Court Gives Boost to Warrantless Surveillance

Don't worry about the Federal government's violations of our civil liberties -- the courts will protect us. Right? Well ...

A federal appeals court on Thursday said that the government can legally order communications companies to help gather intelligence on people "reasonably believed" to be outside the United States -- even Americans -- without obtaining a warrant.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, in its second opinion ever made public, gives a big boost to the Bush administration's warrant-less wiretapping efforts.

"Requiring a warrant would (likely) hinder the government's ability to collect time-sensitive information and, thus, would impede the vital national security interests that are at stake," the 29-page ruling said.

Once again, we see that trusting the Federal government to protect us from its own excesses is as naive as it was from the beginning.

Thomas Jefferson's "Revolution of 1800" saw the successful Southern and decentralist resistance to Northern and centralizing factions. The Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton and John Adams, had instituted the Alien and Sedition Acts, and had worked to weaken State sovereignty and centralize power in the Federal government.

Writing to Judge Spencer Roane, Jefferson summarized the 1800 election as a return to true republican principles:

[The] “revolution of 1800 ... was as real a revolution in the principles of our government as that of 1776 was in its form; not effected indeed by the sword, as that, but by the rational and peaceable instrument of reform, the suffrage of the people.”

In his first inaugural address, Jefferson proclaimed that the sovereign States remained the champion of liberty:

Equal and exact justice to all men, of whatever state or persuasion, religious or political; peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none; the support of the State governments in all their rights, as the most competent administrations for our domestic concerns and the surest bulwarks against anti-republican tendencies ...

Jefferson would judge DC's current practices of warrantless searches, suspending habeas, and torture as the inevitable consequences of the utter defeat of the sovereign States and the triumph of the central government. And he would be right.

Do you agree with the renaming of Jeff Davis Avenue to J.L. Chestnut Jr. Boulevard?

Then click here and vote no.

Congressional Black Caucus Anticipates Greater Power

Here's a surge the left can believe in:

The 41-member Congressional Black Caucus, which often describes itself as the “conscience of the Congress”, is anticipating a power surge next week as one of its former members takes the oath of office as president of the United States. “As I stand here today, I can tell you with certainty that these 41 members of the Congressional Black Caucus recognizes that this is our moment,” said U. S. Rep. Barbara Lee, the new chairwoman of the 40-year-old caucus at the group’s ceremonial swearing in last week.

Silly people! Don't they know Obama is "post-racial"? What makes the Congressional Black Caucus think its power will be increased by a totally impartial, color-blind president?

Sen. Barack Obama served as a member of the Congressional Black Caucus with a consistent record of 100 percent on the NAACP Civil Rights report card.

Uh-oh ...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The real Bush legacy

"We do not torture." George W. Bush, 7 November, 2005

Yes, we do:

A Bush administration official responsible for reviewing practices at Guantanamo Bay says the U.S. military tortured a Saudi national who allegedly planned to participate in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the Washington Post reported.

"We tortured [Mohammed al-]Qahtani," Susan J. Crawford told the Post. "His treatment met the legal definition of torture. And that's why I did not refer the case" for prosecution.

Welcome to the United Stasi of America.

Empires never admit they're dead

Rome fell in 476, but they kept appointing new Presidents-elect.

H/T to Rex!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Slavery you can believe in

What's the best way to observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? By working to complete the revolution he began, of course:

Next week, we will be asked to serve our families, communities and country through the legacy and example of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the promise and commitments of our 44th President, President-elect Barack Obama.

Some of the ways you can serve the multicult empire that invokes King's legacy include discussing how bad times were in the South before the glorious Civil Rights Revolution, and showing ACLU movies. Something for everybody!

Better sign up soon, or your service to your Homeland might be involuntary, if this Neocon has his way. And this is significant, especially considering how the Neocons continue to warm up to Obama's agenda. But then, regular readers already know that Neocons are lefties in conservative clothing.

In other words, the world democratic revolution King started and Bush advanced will be continued under Obama.

The SPLC strikes gold!

The latest screaming headline over at "Hatewatch" reminds me of the scene in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre when Humphrey Bogart, Tim Holt, and Walter Huston finally hit a rich vein of gold. You can just hear the cackles of joy from the Poverty Palace:

Four reputed white supremacist gang members have been arrested in connection with the vicious beating of a Latino man on Nov. 19 in Hemet, Calif. The victim, a 19-year-old whose name police would not release, was knocked unconscious and then repeatedly stomped and kicked in the head. He suffered permanent brain damage and has been placed in a long-term care facility. According to investigators, the attack was random, unprovoked and motivated purely by racial hatred.

Why the spine-tingling hype? Because, like the ill-fated gold miners in Sierra Madre, the SPLC have had to dig through a lot of fill dirt lately, and by that, I mean actual hate crime trends involving blacks and Latinos rather than the SPLC stereotype of eeeevil whites violently opposed to immigration. Check out this report, for example:

Hate crimes in Los Angeles rose to their highest level in five years last year, led by attacks between Latinos and blacks, county officials reported today. The annual report by the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission showed hate crimes rose by 28% overall for a total of 763, with assault and vandalism leading the way.

The largest number involved Latino suspects against black victims; the second largest involved black suspects against Latino victims.

Despite the intense national debate over illegal immigration, hate crimes against immigrants decreased slightly.

Read that last sentence again, and you'll see why the SPLC thinks it's something to holler about when real, live white thugs are arrested in a hate crime. The perps are already in custody, and if guilty, will be convicted and punished.

But not until the SPLC milks the story for all it's worth, and then some.

Naturally, the SPLC frames this act of violence as the inevitable result of "anti-immigrant propaganda" from border security and immigration control activists. But there's a slight problem -- the SPLC's conclusions that anti-Latino hate crimes are on the rise are based on, um, "creative" data analysis, as the Federation for American Immigration Reform reveals:

The SPLC conveniently forgets to index the raw hate crime data with the population, a step always taken by the FBI to more accurately depict an increase or decrease in crime. Thus, when one indexes a 17 percent increase in hate crimes against Hispanics with a 67 percent increase in the Hispanic population between 1995 and 2006, it becomes clear that the rate of hate crimes against Hispanics has in fact dropped dramatically -- by about 40 percent.

Again, like Bogie and his partners digging in the Mexican high country, the SPLC is out for one thing, as Ken Silverstein reminds us -- the SPLC's fearmongering has enriched them to the point that their total assets are now $168 million, which is "more than the annual GDP of the Marshall Islands, and has the SPLC rapidly closing in on Tonga's GDP."

Alabama NAACP criticizes use of Trail Maids in Inaugural Parade

Quick! What does a powerful ethnic lobby do when it carries around more political heft than brains? If you're the NAACP, you try to detect racism everywhere -- even in the dresses young ladies plan to wear at Obama's inaugural parade:

The head of the Alabama NAACP, however, wants Mobile's Azalea Trail Maids to stay home on Inauguration Day, claiming the group reminds him of slavery.

"These are not just regular costumes. These are the costumes that remind someone of the plantation in Gone with the Wind," Edward Vaughn said in a phone interview.

Vaughn went on to say the group would be the laughing stock of the Inauguration. County leaders say nothing could be further from the truth.

"We want everyone to know that these young ladies do not need to be identified with slavery," said Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine.

"I don't see what the dresses have to do with racism. I don't see it. It's just a regular dress to me. Just a dress they wore back in the day," said Carolyn Tius of Montgomery.

I wonder what if feels like to be this ludicrously paranoid? I hope I never find out.

Dad Sells Girl, Calls Cops to Complain He Wasn't Paid

Here's the future:

A 36-year-old California man was arrested and booked in the Monterey County jail after allegedly selling his daughter for marriage and then calling police to complain that her buyer had not paid off his debt.

Greenfield, Calif., police said Marcelino de Jesus Martinez, 36, tried to arrange for his 14-year-old daughter to marry Margarito de Jesus Galindo, 18, for $16,000 and 100 cases of beer, along with several cases of meat and other items. ...

Police said the practice of arranged marriage in some cultures is not relevent [sic]in the case ...

You just have to love that last line. Of course, it isn't relevant yet that some cultures see nothing wrong with selling their children, at least while the vestiges of Western standards of law and morality still endure. But they're vanishing quickly, which is why so many are abandoning California and returning to America.

But if these folks look back, they'll see Sachel Paige's advice is still valid -- because they ARE gaining on you ...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bush Calls on Republican Party to Be Inclusive

Bush takes a break from packing up for the big move to reiterate his slogan, "Invade the world, invite the world."

In clear reference to the bruising fight he had with members of his own party when he was trying to push a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws two years ago, Mr. Bush went on, “We should be open-minded about big issues like immigration reform, because if we’re viewed as anti-somebody — in other words, if the party is viewed as anti-immigrant — then another fellow may say, well, if they’re against the immigrant, they may be against me.” ...

However, he acknowledged the political pressure his Iraq policy had placed on his party.

“During the darkest days of Iraq people came to me and said, you’re creating incredible political difficulties for us. And I said, oh, really, what do you suggest I do? Some suggested, retreat, pull out of Iraq,” he said. “I didn’t compromise that principle for the sake of trying to bail out my political party, for example.”

Future historians will scratch their heads over the Bush years. His strongest supporters cheered on a war philosophically justified by an ideology based on so-called universal ideals. Yet, those same supporters openly denounced Muslims and their culture while their hero imported more Muslims into the country than any other president -- again, based on the Lincolnian ideology that America is a "universal nation."

What a country!

Casus belli

Congress, the president, and the mainstream media assure us Israel is justified in invading defenseless Gaza and killing 900 Palestinians because of the ongoing rocket attacks on southern Israel. Since 2000, those home-made rockets have killed 12 Israelis.

Of course, it's also true that 12 Americans are killed every year by illegal immigrants. Do we get to invade Mexico?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

We Can No Longer Afford the Empire

Ivan Eland points out that while the financial meltdown makes bringing the troops back home critical, the signs of imperial overstretch have been obvious for some time. With only 20 percent of the world's GDP, the DC empire accounts for 43 percent of the world's military spending. Numbers like that should open our eyes to our warped priorities and the impossibility of propping them up much longer, but the historical record suggests our leaders don't want to see what's happening:

The bad news is that most waning empires – for example, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union – don't realize that they are declining until it is too late. For example, the French futilely tried to reassert control in Indochina after World War II and failed in bitterly opposing Algeria's independence using armed force; the British, along with the French and Israelis, conducted an ill-fated invasion of Egypt in 1956; and the Soviets became mired in a losing counterinsurgency campaign in Afghanistan during the 1980s. The U.S. may very well now be in similar circumstances.

So which will it be, a soft landing or a hard one? Do we peacefully devolve into manageable political units, or are we condemned to try to rebuild from ashes?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Obama Vows No Torture in War Against Terrorism

President-elect Barack Obama said Friday his administration would not "compromise its ideals" to fight terrorism.

Make a note of that.

This is the candidate who promises to expand the war in Afghanistan, even though it's totally unwinnable. What kind of ideal is that?

The Great O is now channelling that great terrorist hunter Elmer Fudd: "I'm sowwy, Mr. Afghan. I hope I didn't hurt you too much when I killed you."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stop Real ID in Virginia!

Don't think it's hopeless -- there are many who refuse to surrender their freedom. Here's a rally to stop the unconstitutional Real ID Act:

There will be a Press Conference & Rally in support of Stop Real ID Legislation in Virginia, 1:00pm, Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009, Virginia State Capital Bell Tower, 910 Capital Street, Richmond, VA.

And it's always good to see our efforts get a little notice:

Twenty-one (21) states are engaged in an all-out revolt against Real ID and have enacted state legislative measures to prohibit or severely curtail any participation by their respective states in the program. As both an “unfunded mandate” from Washington, and one that threatens both religious and civil liberties, a massive coalition has been built across America in outrage. Theological opponents run the full gamut – from Mennonites to Jews to Catholic to Protestant faith models. Technology-centric opponents include the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Civil Rights groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, assorted veterans activists, and the League of the South are all in accord against this National ID program.

You can contact the Virginia Liberty Defense online or at 804-928-9992.

The African in Him

Here's Desmond Tutu describing the new African attitude, thanks to Obama:

We have a new spring in our walk. In Africa, we keep having to find things that say, “Yes, we can!” And his victory has said, “Yes, we can!”, even in Africa. We believe that he can make more accountable the leaders, especially in Africa. Because he can be rough with them in a way that Bush, or any other Caucasian, could not have been. They won’t be able to say, “Oh, no, this is neocolonialism,” when they’re referring to someone who is part Kenyan. So I hope he uses that particular clout.

The other side of it is that one hopes so very much that he will be able to make Africa be taken a little more seriously. And perhaps he will even increase aid to Africa, remembering his African roots.

Right. More money to Africa. And why not? What good are "African roots" if they don't pay off? Tutu sees other advantages in Obama's African origins. They will make him a more democratic leader:

The African in him is the one who is making him ask, “What is the consensus?” That’s the African way at its best. The good leader in Africa is the leader who keeps quiet and lets others speak and then says at the end, “I have heard you all, and this is our mind.”

That's the African way? Did Robert Mugabe not read that memo?

Of course, we could argue Desmond Tutu didn't read the memo about Obama being a "post-racial" citizen of the world.

However, I couldn't argue with Tutu when he told an admiring audience of 10,000 in Boston, "You are one of the craziest countries I know!" You got that right.

Immigrant Gangs: Pols still don’t get it

Someone left the faucet on, and now water's spilling over the counter onto the floor. What do you do? Obviously, you have to choose between cotton swabs or paper towels to clean up the mess. At least, that's what North Carolina politicians SAY they believe:

Rep. Mickey Michaux, a Durham Democrat and chief sponsor of the House bill, said he would not support the anti-gang initiatives if there's little or no money pumped into prevention. He has pledged to put $10 million in the state budget for prevention grants to communities.

Just before the Senate vote, a coalition of youth service providers held a second news conference to press for an additional $5 million to be given to Juvenile Crime Prevention Councils, which fund programs to steer youths from crime.

Yeah, that's all you need -- "prevention grants." Maybe some government-funded arts and crafts programs to give these young people a new channel for their energies will stop them from carjacking.

That's the oh-so-politically correct approach to the problem of immigrant gangs -- though politicians are careful not to label them as such. Law enforcement agencies, with real eyes focused on real streets, see what's happening, and understand action -- real action -- must be taken now. Fayetteville Police Department Capt. Mark Bridgeman, the president of the North Carolina Gang Investigators' Association, put it this way:

"We don't want to end up the California of the future. They have 300,000 gang members in California," Bridgeman said. "We can see it coming down the tracks."

Of course it's coming. And the Open Borders crowd is now trying to fool us again into believing the only thing to be debated is Q-tips vs. Bounty. The idea of cutting off the water is just out of the question. Instead, they pretend we can eliminate gangs without cutting off their source of new members:

In their quest for open borders, many politicians still fail to understand the link between immigration and the growth of gangs.

The latest example is chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Rep. Joe Baca (D-Calif.) – who happens to have one of the worst records on immigration enforcement. In the next Congress, Baca plans to introduce an initiative to fight gangs. It sounds like a great idea, but if his past efforts are a guide, it’s likely that this initiative will focus only on prevention programs akin to the anti-drug program known as D.A.R.E. ...

But not only is Baca failing to be pro-active in reducing gangs through immigration enforcement, he’s actually making things worse by advocating policies that would benefit gang members: an end to workplace enforcement measures and a massive illegal alien amnesty.

Baca's proposal would make the illegal immigration and gang problem worse, while funneling even more money into the hands of government. But that's the government's attitude about all problems: Solutions are not the answer. Growing government IS.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More "Believe it or not"

The latest nugget of wisdom from the Israel-First, pro-war crowd is that we should forget the mass starvation and the theft of homes and farms Israelis commited against Palestinians -- their rage at Israel arises out of nothing more than irrational, blind hatred:

It is pure sophistry to infer that anything except a virulent, nauseating strain of anti-Semitism is what keeps the Palestnians at war with Israel. They hate the Jews because they are Jews and any other greivance they have is pure gravy – sauce for the goose. And their single, animating, national ambition is to kill as many as they can while hoping that someone can come along and kick the Jews out of Israel for them.

It must be nice to be able to read minds, especially the minds of millions of people at the same time.

Home schooling grows

Don't you know the lefties, globalists, and all the other assorted state-worshipers hate this trend:

The ranks of America's home-schooled children have continued a steady climb over the past five years, and new research suggests broader reasons for the appeal.

The number of home-schooled kids hit 1.5 million in 2007, up 74% from when the Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics started keeping track in 1999, and up 36% since 2003.

This is especially rich:

The 2003 survey gave parents six reasons to pick as their motivation. (They could choose more than one.) The 2007 survey added a seventh: an interest in a "non-traditional approach," a reference to parents dubbed "unschoolers," who regard standard curriculum methods and standardized testing as counterproductive to a quality education.

Then there's the motivation of NOT wanting your child brainwashed into a politically correct, globalist zombie.

Neocons for Panetta

Fake conservatives like liberal Clintonistas. Wow. Who could've seen that one coming?

Why the Southern Cause? Here's why ...

This is from the comments section from Sunday's "Quote of the day":

I think you would be hard-pressed to find someone who believes empire and imperialism aren't problematic. It is the conclusion that secession/rebellion, for all its violence and bloodletting, is somehow a sufficient and even desirable way to deal with centralized government that is bothersome.

See, this is why I prefer thoughtful dissent to "mega-ditto" type comments. It's good to be challenged -- it forces you to re-think and re-state your reasons for blogging and for advocating a particular point of view.

So here goes. Only the dead-ender Neocons and their blood-brother communists still believe in the promises of big, consolidated government. And the above-cited commenter apparently agrees with us what the problem is, and that is the trajectory of all over-centralized governments. They all become dictatorial -- just as the Stephens quote stated.

So what's the answer? While folks see (and laugh at!) DC as it flubs every test, unable to solve any problems, they still subconsciously look to it as the ultimate authority and as the object of loyalty. Thanks to the rigorous indoctrination of the government schools, folks think Lincoln's counter-revolution, which substituted the sovereignty of the central government for the sovereignty of the people, is somehow sacred. So they are unable to conceive of human-scaled government -- all the important decisions must be made by the Wise Ones in DC, no matter how often they screw up. We're stuck playing musical chairs, switching names and positions in DC, in the illogical belief the system is good and noble, and only needs different people to make the system work.

Meanwhile, things mysteriously get only worse.

The point is, the only solution is to downsize DC. Either it is forced to return the power it usurped from us in full defiance of the Constitution, or it should be fired. Put another way, sovereignty must be returned to the local level. And that means secession. While total withdrawal from the Union may not be necessary, the recovery of the rights of the States depends on properly understanding the real meaning of the Declaration of Independence, and that means the right of secession; that is, the reserved right to withdraw from the Union.

Which brings us to the commenter's next objection:

It becomes an 'insult' or, rather, irritating when that conclusion, which almost inevitably takes on undertones of 'cultural preservation,' leads to romanticized and misguided ideas about what southern culture is and who is a southerner.

No political unit can be born or survive without the affection and loyalty of its people. No voluntary political unit can be established without a cultural foundation uniting the people. As professor Ghia Nodia of the University of Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, has observed:

"Democracy has always emerged in distinct communities; there is no record anywhere of free, unconnected, and calculating individuals coming together spontaneously to form a democratic social contract ex nihilo. Whether we like it or not, nationalism is the historical force that has provided the political units for democratic government. 'Nation' is another name for 'we the people'."

For local sovereignty to return as a counterweight to the present centralized system, local loyalty must be nourished. And the creatures who feed off the cancerous growth of Big Government know that, which is why both leftists and Neocons smear Southern heritage.

So that's the bottom line: without "cultural preservation," which includes the values of our political heritage, there can be no resistance to the abuses of Big Government.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What the Magic Man said

Roland Burris has a point:

"This is all politics and theater, but I am the junior senator according to every law book in the nation," Burris said. "This appointment is legal. What don't you all understand that what has been done here is legal? That's legal."

Burris' appointment has been under fire since Blagojevich is facing a possible indictment and impeachment for allegedly trying to sell the seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama, among other issues.

Technically, he's right. Of course, we all know Burris is damaged merchandise, and always will be.

Meanwhile, in the District of Corruption, Commerce Secretary nominee Bill Richardson pre-emptively resigns before he's kicked out:

"It was my idea to withdraw," Richardson said when asked whether Obama's transition team pressured him to drop his nomination out of concern for the federal investigation into how his political donors landed lucrative transportation contracts in his state.

We're not picking on Bill Richardson here or Roland Burris. The fact is, dirty deals are a fact of life in a political system as overgrown and out of touch as the DC hegemony. Richardson just got caught doing what all the players there do.

So what's the point of mentioning it? Simple: something's gotta give. It is impossible to function in such a corrupt system while sticking to the letter of the law. The machinery of politics has outgrown the republican (small "r") values and institutions that wrote the laws we're supposed to be following. Raw power has taken the place of the rule of law, which is now nothing but a speed bump, a bothersome vestige of another time. To simply function, the system must increasingly substitute authoritarianism for the rule of law. Just watch.

New England a "gay marriage" zone?

Well, they picked the right part of the country:

Two New England states have already legalized same-sex marriage, and a Boston-based advocacy group wants to see the other four join them.

Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, known as GLAD, has launched a first-of-its-kind regional campaign aimed at winning approval for same-sex marriage in the six-state New England region by 2012.

On the other hand, I assumed California would've rejected Prop 8, which confirms traditional (that is, REAL) marriage to pre-empt the homosexual lobby. So who knows? Liberal, secular New England might not be the Lavender Paradise we think it is.

Mad about Madoff

It's an ill wind that blows no good. And it seems Bernard Madoff's, umm, creative investment strategies have directly led to the demise of certain leftist foundations. One of them is the Picower Foundation, which has funded the Southern Poverty Law Center:

The giant Picower Foundation had the misfortune to choose Madoff to manage its more than $1 billion in assets.

The charity has given away more than $189 million since 1999.

A sizeable chunk of its funding has gone to abortion groups, including NARAL ($3.2 million), Center for Reproductive Rights ($2.5 million), Planned Parenthood ($2.4 million), and Center for Reproductive Law and Policy ($625,000).

Picower Foundation gave $2.9 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a public interest law firm that uses politically skewed definitions of racism to indoctrinate children while smearing conservatives who question racial preference programs.

Poor Mo, Mark, and Heidi will have to work even harder to terrify little old liberals into donating even more to the SPLC's $168 million endowment.

So all together now -- Awwwwwww!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quote of the day

"Depend upon it, there is no difference between Consolidation and Empire; no difference between Centralism and Imperialism. The consummation of either must necessarily end in the overthrow of Liberty and the establishment of Despotism." Alexander H. Stephens

H/T to Chuck Demastus

Friday, January 2, 2009

NAACP confronts the myth of the Emancipation Proclamation

Will wonders never cease? After years of writing letters to the editor, articles, books, blog posts, and radio interviews, the Southern Movement has finally smashed one of the core myths of the DC empire, that Lincoln freed the slaves -- and look who's finally facing the historical truth:

What the 100 people who gathered for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's annual Emancipation Proclamation program Thursday got was a wake-up call and a history lesson.

President Abraham Lincoln's signing of the Emancipation Proclamation 146 years ago had less to do with freedom and more to do with a need to beef up Union forces during the Civil War, Lonnie Randolph said.

"The Emancipation Proclamation really didn't do anything," the state NAACP president said from Rock Hill's Agape International Ministries. "We look at this as a day of freedom. It really didn't free anyone."

"We celebrate for the wrong reason," Randolph said. "It was a military decision. Folks need to be told the true meaning of this event. This was strictly to free black men, those 250,000 who fought. It gave them the right to fight."

What's next? Will the NAACP now realize that La Raza's Open Borders agenda profoundly harms blacks? Will they denounce Al-Sharpton-style race baiting? And maybe even turn away from the entire leftist agenda?

Who knows? Now that this myth has been busted, the sky's the limit ...

Coming Soon: The Disunited States?

We've noted Dr. Igor Panarin's views previously, and agree with some, and disagree with others. But now, other pundits are taking notice of Panarin's conclusions that the United States is dissolving before our eyes, as Doug Bandow of the American Conservative Defense Alliance reports:

The Wall Street Journal summarized his views: "Mr. Panarin posits, in brief, that mass immigration, economic decline, and moral degradation will trigger a civil war next fall and the collapse of the dollar. Around the end of June 2010, or early July, he says, the US will break into six pieces – with Alaska reverting to Russian control."

How silly! When have mass immigration, economic decline, and moral degradation EVER led to the collapse of a government?

Well, ok, if you want to be nit-picky, they've caused ALL the oversized, multicult empires in world history to fall. But maybe the DC empire is immune to historical forces. Yeah.

Bandow sees many benefits from Panarin's predictions:

Thus, today disunion might prove to be a blessing. If the Midwest wants socialism, with government control of manufacturing, then it should be separate from the South, which holds to a stronger if not exactly pure ethos of self-reliance. If California wants to be in the forefront of cultural relativism and experimentation, then it also should be separate from the South, which retains much of its heritage as home of the Bible Belt. The western mountain states prefer more of a rough libertarianism in economic and cultural affairs. New England and the mid-Atlantic states have their own cultural peculiarities and economic assumptions. If we can't just leave each other alone, then maybe we should live separately.

And there are many other benefits to the return to human-scaled political systems. With its stranglehold on power and money, DC is forcing an artificial uniformity on over 300 million souls. Think of all the local expertise that's shackled by DC's one-size-fits-all mentality on the most vital issues, from education, to health care reform, to protecting jobs.

More important, the bomb-it and rebuild-it scam that fuels DC's command-and-control system, though lucrative for power brokers and politically connected industries, is a grossly wasteful and inherently bloody and immoral racket. The military-industrial complex is clearly the single biggest source of chaos the world has ever seen, and it can only survive by feeding off a vast population forced to live under one artificially overgrown political system. Think what that trillion dollars that's already dropped down the Middle East sinkhole in Bush's wars could have done for the people of this country.

Big government is inherently aggressive and autocratic. If we are to reclaim our political liberties, we must scale back DC's unnatural and unaccountable power. Local self-determination is the only answer.

What Will ‘Brother Barack’ Do for Africa?

Obama loves his people:

Obama is not unaware of these hopes and expectations. Indeed, they have been high since he visited the continent as a senator in 2006 and proclaimed, “You are all my brothers and sisters.” In Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Chad, he told cheering crowds that he would lobby for help back in the U.S. to solve their problems.

And even though he was quick to remind his kinsmen in western Kenya that he was the senator for Illinois in the United States—not Kogelo, or indeed Africa—the foreign policy page at states that Obama worked with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “to secure $20 million for the African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur.”

And his people love him -- not just the average Kenyan in the streets, but even in the Kenyan parliament:

The Vice-President and Minister for Home Affairs (Mr. Musyoka): Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, it could very well be that due to the great amount of excitement in the country this morning, some of these hon. Members may not be here on time. If you could just bear with them, they are all celebrating, in their own way, the big and very historic win by Senator Obama.

Mr. Deputy Speaker: Precisely! Because of that, the Chair will have to wait and proceed to the next Question!

Next Question by Mr. Shakeel!

Dr. Khalwale: On a point of order, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir. You have heard none other than the Leader of Government Business acknowledge that because of Obama's win in the United States of America (USA), the House is crippled. Could we allow him to move a Motion for Adjournment so that we could also continue the celebrations of having a Kenyan ruling the USA? I humbly request!


Mr. Deputy Speaker: Order! Indeed, our President has already done that and you must appreciate. Tomorrow is a public holiday. So, Kenyans will have a long day to celebrate, including today.

It's like Barney the Purple Dinosaur, only on a trans-continental, and not-so-post-racial level.