Friday, April 23, 2010

Former supporters repulsed by the SPLC

The SPLC's partisan propaganda has become so extreme, even supporters are turned off.

Here's an open letter from a former donor to the IRS requesting the agency investigate the SPLC:

I urge you to investigate the Southern Poverty Law Center. I contributed to them in good faith for many years in the 1980s and 1990s because I believed them to be an anti-bias and anti-KKK organization. However, as a member of the Tea Party movement, I now learn that they are calling me ugly names because I do not believe in their socialist political program.

And here's a one-time supporter puzzled by the SPLC's fearmongering against civil libertarians who are driven not by racial hatred, as the SPLC implies in all of its cowardly smears, but by concern for the Bill of Rights. Citing the Obama administration's policy of "prolonged indefinite detention” (the effective gutting of habeas corpus), the writer concludes the SPLC is the enemy, not the defender, of individual rights:

Yet, Ron Paul, and Judge Napolitano, who have pointed out the horrendous overthrow of our Civil Liberties this measure would entail, are painted by SPLC as anti-government extemists, while the Obama Administration is described in a SPLC report as “Liberal”.

I'd add one little correction: Neither the SPLC nor Obama are "liberal"; both are authoritarian globalists.

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