Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Comment of the day -- no, year!

In response to my snarky post about Iraqis building a ‘George W. Bush Square’ in Baghdad, comes this from "rex osborne":

Not likely. On the other hand, if Baghdad ever gets their sewage system up and working again, they might want to name one of their holding ponds "The Neo-Con Think Tank."

Quote of the day

"They feel morally self-righteous, and really, they don't like Americans much." Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, on the Obama administration

Lawsuit Challenges Govt’s Right to Assassinate US Citizens

Bad idea. If the Feds can't snuff anyone, anywhere, anytime, for whatever reason, then the terrorists have already won.

Vermont Revolutionaries and the Rise of a Green Tea Party

Why is Dennis Steele running for governor of Vermont on a secessionist platform? This incident might shed a little light:

Last April, organizers for the Democratic Party in Barre, gathered in that town's Old Labor Hall, called the state police after Steele repeatedly shouted out from the crowd to his fellow candidates on the rostrum: "$1.5 billion dollars -- our pro-rata share of a failed foreign policy -- the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan -- what could be done with all that money right here in Vermont?" The cops grabbed him by the arms and hauled him away, amid fearful yells from the crowd that he might be tasered. He wasn't, but instead was booked on disorderly conduct -- for saying something no one among the Democrats wanted to hear.

In other words, DC is so corrupt, so completely complicit in the business of war, that reform is impossible. The Empire -- and it is an empire, with an obscene military budget supporting 700 bases in more than 120 foreign countries -- is rapidly self-immolating in imperial overstretch. It is too big to stop it from collapsing on itself. The sooner we dismantle the monster, the less human suffering in the long run.

GOP Takes Unprecedented 10-Point Lead on Generic Ballot

Oh, brother. General voter disgust with W and his lunatic Neocons gave us Obama, who ran on the platform, "I'm not George W. Bush!"

Now Obama's brainless Keynesianism is bankrupting us.

So now We, the Powerless, are yearning for the return of the "good old days" when Republicans roamed the Earth?

Somehow, we have to escape from the political see-saw that teeters and totters from one set of faraway, clueless busy-bodies to the other. There must be a better way. What could it be? What could it be?

More at memeorandum.

This day in history

On this date in 1962, Trinidad and Tobago gained independence from Great Britain.

Iraq is a bargain!

The pro-war, any-war crowd is glomming onto a Congressional Budget Office report that shows Obama's ill-fated stimulus has cost more than current appropriations on the ill-fated Iraq War.

Now that's a devastating argument: "Our boondoggle cost less than your boondoggle!"

Americaneocon gloats:

"And how's that "stimulus" working out? Well, the worst is yet to come."

Of course, the same is true of the Iraqi War. von Rumsfeld said it would cost $50 billion, but projected costs, including caring for the horribly wounded, will be closer to $3 trillion.

And that's not even counting the cost of future reprisals in revenge for what US forces have done to Iraq.

So when do the Iraqis begin construction of George W. Bush Square? They must be mighty grateful to their liberator, who has wrecked the Iraqi nation, including its economy. That project could provide work for Iraq's 5 million orphans.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sebelius: Time for 'Reeducation' on Obama Health Care Law

What an interesting choice of words Madam Secretary used. But she's right -- sometimes the government has to knock a little sense into the skulls of its peasants.

To tackle domestic terrorism, end foreign wars

Wait a minute -- is this man saying if we quit poking the nest, the hornets will stop stinging us?

He obviously hates America!

SC seeks money to mark Civil War anniversary

Good. Maybe this time they'll get it right.

Another arrest for video recording, this time in NC

This is the inevitable result of the militarization of law enforcement:

“The resisting-arrest conviction last week of Felicia Gibson has left a lot of people wondering. Can a person be charged with resisting arrest while observing a traffic stop from his or her own front porch?

Salisbury Police Officer Mark Hunter thought so, and last week District Court Judge Beth Dixon agreed. Because Gibson did not at first comply when the officer told her and others to go inside, the judge found Gibson guilty of resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer.

Gibson was not the only bystander watching the action on the street. She was the only one holding up a cell-phone video camera. But court testimony never indicated that Hunter told her to stop the camera; he just told her to go inside.”

This day in history

- In 1862, the Second Battle of Manassas took place during the War for Southern Independence. (Southern victory!)

- In 1999, East Timor residents voted to secede from Indonesia.

Sarah Palin at Beck's "Love Leviathan" rally

Yesterday, I wrote that Beck's rally at the Lincoln shrine was a snare and delusion; instead of a call to restore liberty by downsizing the central government, it cheered on the aggressive, unrestrained use of force at home and abroad under the fig leaf of promoting civil rights.

Sarah Palin's speech at that rally confirms my view. Here's a partial transcript:

There in the distance stands the monument to the Father of Our Country. And behind me, the towering presence of the Great Emancipator -- he secured our union at the moment of its most perilous time and freed those whose captivity was our greatest shame.

And over these grounds where we are so honored to stand today, we feel the spirit of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He, who on this very day two score and seven years ago, gave voice to a dream that would challenge us to honor the sacred charters of our liberty that all men are created equal.

Now in honoring these giants, these giants who are linked by a solid rock foundation of faith in the one true God of justice - in honoring them, we must not forget the ordinary men and women on whose shoulders they stood. The ordinary called for extraordinary bravery. I'm speaking, of course, of America's finest, our men and women in uniform, a force for good in this country and that is nothing to apologize for.

Abraham Lincoln once spoke of the mystic chords of memory stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land. And for over two hundred years, those mystic chords have bound us in gratitude to those who are willing to sacrifice, to restrain evil, to protect God-given liberty, to sacrifice all in defense of our country.

They fought for its freedom at Bunker Hill, they fought for its survival at Gettysburg and for the ideals on which it stands - liberty and justice for all - on a thousand battlefields far from home.

"Fought for its survival at Gettysburg"? H. L. Mencken debunked that lie decades ago.

In other words, if we are to believe the Beck-Palin view of history, Leviathan is the source of all good, and those who oppose it deserve to be crushed. If you're a patriotic American in the Beck-Palin mold, you understand that citizen surveillance, reconstruction at home, and militarism abroad are noble endeavors we must support with our blood and treasure.

I'm calling game, set, and match.
Quod erat demonstrandum.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Policy options dwindle as economic fears grow

Only the New York Times could print something like this as if it were serious analysis:

THE American economy is once again tilting toward danger. Despite an aggressive regimen of treatments from the conventional to the exotic — more than $800 billion in federal spending, and trillions of dollars worth of credit from the Federal Reserve — fears of a second recession are growing, along with worries that the country may face several more years of lean prospects.

Despite Federal spending? We're in trouble because of Federal spending!

Instead of letting unprofitable businesses fail, DC borrowed hundreds of billions, accomplishing nothing except propping up politically connected big business, and saddling taxpayers with even more debt.

C'mon, folks! We're not getting anywhere until we realize that DC is a millstone around our necks.

Quote of the day

"They may have the platform, but we have the dream. The dream was not states' rights." Rev. Al Sharpton, on Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' rally.

Glenn Beck is unclear on the concept

87,000 showed up at the Lincoln Memorial for Beck's rally:

Forty-seven years after Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream Speech,” Fox News host Glenn Beck stood Saturday close to the spot at the Lincoln Memorial where the civil rights leader called for racial equality, urging the nation to return to "faith, hope and charity."

Now let me get this straight -- Beck stands at a monument that deifies the man who transformed the voluntary union of States into a centralized behemoth, and invokes the legacy of a man tied closely to communists -- for the purpose of restoring liberty and small government?

One of us is realllllly missing something.

This day in history

In 1991, the Supreme Soviet, the parliament of the U.S.S.R., suspended all activities of the Communist Party, bringing an end to the institution.

Know hope.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Tea Party Foreign Policy

Like Kowalski in Vanishing Point, DC's foreign policy is about to come to a dead stop. Kowalski ended up crashing his Dodge Challenger into a bulldozer; DC is about to hit the dead-end of its credit limit. Here, Ron Paul warns us that the bulldozer we're racing toward is operated by Chinese bankers:

As many frustrated Americans who have joined the Tea Party realize, we cannot stand against big government at home while supporting it abroad. We cannot talk about fiscal responsibility while spending trillions on occupying and bullying the rest of the world. We cannot talk about the budget deficit and spiraling domestic spending without looking at the costs of maintaining an American empire of more than 700 military bases in more than 120 foreign countries. ...

Our foreign policy is based on an illusion: that we are actually paying for it. What we are doing is borrowing and printing money to maintain our presence overseas. Americans are seeing the cost of this irresponsible approach as their own communities crumble and our economic decline continues.

In the past, I've argued against DC's malignant militarism based on its effect on our civil liberties. But it's coming to the point where we have to confront the disastrous economic repercussions of empire.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair: National Debt Is ‘Top’ National Security Threat

It's always gratifying to see our message validated, especially from unexpected sources:

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen took on the rare task of declaring what he believed was the “top” threat to America’s national security going forward. It wasn’t Iran, it wasn’t North Korea, it wasn’t even some ill-defined group of factions called “terrorism.” It was the national debt.

“The most significant threat to our national security it the debt,” Mullen insisted, adding that it is “so important that the economy move in the right direction” to pay for more military spending going forward.

He's right, though not in the way Mullen intended. His concern is that The Most Fiscally Irresponsible Government in U.S. History is wrecking the economy the Pentagon parasites feed from.

Our message is that the entire central government, no matter which empty suit occupies the Awfal Office, is destroying the country, and not just the economy, but its traditions, its culture, its demographics, its faith.

It's time to salvage what we can and abandon the Titanic.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Myth of Equality

Pat Buchanan points out some inconvenient truths about human nature in his latest article. The dreaded "achievement gap" among the races just won't go away, despite the trillions spent in the government schools. I recommend you read the whole thing.

But I wonder about Pat's conclusion:

What most Americans seek is a level playing field on which all compete equally, for what we ultimately seek is excellence, not equality.

Why, then, cannot our elites accept that, be it by nature, nurture, attitude or aptitude, we are not all equal in academic ability? ...

The beginning of wisdom is to recognize this world as it is, not as what we would wish it to be.

I don't believe for a moment the ruling elite actually imagines equality of outcome to be possible or desirable. What I do believe is that they tell us things that justify their power, and nothing has worked as well as what Buchanan accurately dismisses as the myth of equality.

In pursuit of the supposedly worthy goals of equality, anti-racism, and tolerance, the ruling elite has extended its power over every aspect of our lives. How we run our businesses, what we can say in public, how much of our income we get to keep, where our kids get to go to school, who gets to live in America -- all of these vital areas of our lives depend on the rules set by our handlers, and if you don't like the rules, then you're a bad, bad person who clearly hates minorities.

They even use the myth of equality to justify the government's aggressive military policy -- Condoleezza Rice, Bush's Secretary of State, once denounced critics of the Neocon Wars as racist.

That's some handy myth they got there! So don't expect the powers that be to give it up anytime soon.

Southern Music break

Wooo-hooo! It's Friday, y'all! Loyal reader "Dutchy" wants to hear Stonewall's Way, so here it is:

"The foe had better ne’er been born
That gets in “Stonewall’s way."

via The American Catholic

Southern valor for Northern aims

Who's bleeding and dying for a government that's increasingly hostile to the very people who fight for it? From the Wall Street Journal:

Southerners disproportionately populate all the branches, while the middle-class suburbs surrounding the nation's largest cities—New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia—produce relatively few service members despite having a large percentage of the nation's youth population. ...

While ROTC has been banned from many Ivy League campuses since the Vietnam War, the military also has drawn down its ROTC programs in the Northeast and in urban areas. ROTC has become increasingly Southern and rural.

In Virginia, for example, there are 7.8 million residents and 11 Army ROTC programs. New York City, home to over eight million people and America's largest university student population, has two Army ROTC programs. The entire Chicago metro area, with its 10 million residents, is covered by a single Army ROTC program, as is Detroit. Alabama, population 4.7 million, has 10.

This is hardly a new trend. Martial traditions have long been a part of the Southern Anglo-Celtic character. As Dr. Edward Wilson observed in his autobiography:

The South continued her antebellum dream of the officer and gentleman, honorable, brave, unswerving in service to God and country. He comes to our mind, the newly graduated second lieutenant, clad in dress white, escorting his bride, pretty and sweet, out of the church beneath the raised crossed sabers of his classmates, as his proud family watches. His conduct will henceforth affirm the generally understood historical truth that we lost the War Between the States for lack of arms and the exhaustion of battle-depleted troops. Our men, and especially our officers, were nonetheless individually the finest soldiers in the world at that time. They were Southerners, men not to be trifled with.

Now you understand why commanding officers interviewed on television at Vietnam firebases so often spoke with Southern accents. (Naturalist, p. 18)

We've been clinging to our guns and religion a long, long time. The elites openly despise us, mocking the way we talk, what we believe, and whom we honor, until they need us.

Here's to the day our sacrifices are for our own, instead of for those who only use us.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

This day in history

In 1847, Liberia was proclaimed an independent republic.

Flags of the Rebellion

Click image to Texas-size it!

Old Rebel,

Attached is a picture of me and one of my brothers in the Kappa Alpha Order showing reverence for our flag during last year's Alumni Weekend festivities. My pledge class painted the board to hang in the house because the KA national office said we can't "fly the flag" anymore.

I love the blog by the way, I read it every day.

Best regards,


Thanks for the kind words, Owen, and thanks for the great picture! Your email reminds me of a famous quote: "You have not converted a man because you have silenced him."

Send me your flag pictures at rebellionblog@gmail.com

Another public official under fire

Yesterday, we noted how a city councilman in Selma, Alabama, was being pressured to resign because of his connection to that dangerous and scary pro-Southern organization called the League of the South.

Imagine that -- a public official supporting an organization dedicated to "the cultural, social, economic, and political well-being and independence of the Southern people." Can't have that!

In California, Rep. Brian Bilbray is under fire for working for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), whose purpose is to "improve border security, to stop illegal immigration, and to promote immigration levels consistent with the national interest—more traditional rates of about 300,000 a year."

There's an organization that supports the views of 55% of Americans? Horrors!

But the SPLC, the regime's outsourced Inquisition, has pronounced FAIR a "hate group," which means FAIR represents the views of the people, rather than the enlightened elite (see previous post).

Yes, this is how bad things have gotten in the last days of the DC Empire.

David Broder sends coded message to McCain

Juan McCain's fooled Arizona voters again, talking tough on immigration, and pretending he never supported amnesty for illegal alien invaders.

Short memories are a politician's best friend.

Now that McCain's snagged another 6-year term, most likely his last, he can do whatever he wants. And that's exactly the message David Broder, an establishment liberal, conveys in his "coded" message with the giveaway title, "John McCain, your country is calling":

Now that John McCain has taken care of his political business in Arizona, it is time for him to return to Washington and the responsibilities he bears as a leader of the Republican Party and the nation. He has almost complete political freedom -- a constituency that plainly will not punish him for following his own conscience.

Translation: Now that he's fooled voters into re-electing him to his last term in office, he can safely ignore his campaign promises.

One obvious area where he will be needed is his favorite field, national security. Iraq, where he was prescient and persistent, still poses challenges, and Afghanistan, where Obama badly needs a Republican partner, is likely to be in crisis before it can be called a success. Behind them looms Iran, which could be this nation's next big test.

Translation: Let's get started on the Empire's next war!

Hardly less important is the role McCain can play within his own party. In Arizona, he successfully steered the GOP away from an experiment in extremism. He needs to do this nationally as well, including taking a potentially influential role in shaping the choice of the next presidential nominee.

Translation: "Extremism" means opposition to what the ruling elite demands. So when the vast majority of Americans demand enforcement of EXISTING FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAWS, and the ruling class wants to import more voters and cheap, exploitable labor, the majority is guilty of "extremism."

As dean of the mainstream establishment media, Broder is familiar with pesky popular resistance to the ruling elite's agenda. He knows McCain will be denounced when he betrays Arizonans who believed him when he growled, "Complete the danged fence." But DC insiders know that US senators are just that -- as creatures of the 17th Amendment, they represent the establishment, not we, the rubes.

As Broder says in his conclusion, "A load of work -- but John McCain has never shirked." True -- Juan McCain can be counted on to serve his real bosses.

More at memeorandum

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Smooth sailing ahead!

Joe Biden assures Americans the economy is "moving in the right direction," and home sales drop to historic lows.

Obama proclaims the second victory in Iraq, and violence breaks out.

Is there anything the Federal government can't make worse?

Soldiers allegedly plotted to kill Afghan civilians

Lord knows the inhuman stress these men are under, so no wonder they snap like this.

But how weird is it that the ringleader is named Morlock?

Caps of the Rebellion

Three-year-old Brie!

Send me your flag pictures at rebellionblog@gmail.com

Quote of the day

"True conservatives are people of the heart who use the weapons of the mind to defend the things of the heart." Pat Buchanan

The Government's New Right to Track Your Every Move With GPS

The government's latest assault on the Bill of Rights:

Government agents can sneak onto your property in the middle of the night, put a GPS device on the bottom of your car and keep track of everywhere you go. This doesn't violate your Fourth Amendment rights, because you do not have any reasonable expectation of privacy in your own driveway - and no reasonable expectation that the government isn't tracking your movements.

And I don't care if the victim was a drug dealer -- every time the Feds acquire new power, they abuse it.

Every time.

This day in history

The British set fire to the White House and the Capitol when they invaded Washington, DC during the War of 1812.

Obama's backdoor amnesty

Realizing its scheme to push through amnesty for illegal aliens won't fly in Congress due to Southern opposition (most 287(g) programs are in the South), the comically misnamed Department of Homeland Security is simply dismissing deportation cases.

Talk about thinking outside the box!

SCLC demands Selma councilman resign

In post-racial America, you can join groups promoting the interests of Muslims, of blacks, of Latinos, even illegal aliens, and still hold political office.

But join an organization for Southerners, and you'll be hounded out of office.

Three Devastating Tax Waves Will Destroy Many

A deadly tsunami of new Federal taxes is cresting on the horizon. Read this to find out what to expect, and start planning now!

The guru of States' Rights

Meet Michael Boldin:

This February, around 300 conservative activists and candidates gathered at the Atlanta airport Hilton to celebrate the Tenth Amendment, the oft-overlooked constitutional provision that's become the philosophical underpinning of opposition to everything—from bank bailouts to federal gun laws to the new health care bill. Among the speakers were the author of The South Was Right [!]; a man who'd done time for evading taxes while running a gold and silver "bank"; and Roy Moore, the former Alabama Supreme Court justice who lost his robes after refusing to remove a giant Ten Commandments from his courthouse.

The odd man out was Michael Boldin, the founder of the Tenth Amendment Center, a tiny California think tank that cosponsored the event. Unshaven and dressed in jeans, an untucked button-down shirt, and hipster glasses, Boldin stood out from the crowd, which included the obligatory Tea Partier in a tricornered hat.

State sovereignty: It's not just for conservatives anymore.

The oh-so-selective SPLC

"Hate speech" that calls for enforcing existing Federal immigration law only incites hate crimes against illegal aliens, or so the SPLC would have us believe. But what does it have to say about a self-proclaimed radical who still stands by these incitements to violence?

- Regarding his violent radical past: "I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough." When asked if he would "do it all again," he replied, "I don't want to discount the possibility."

- Asked what would happen after the revolution succeeded and the government was overthrown, he stated he believed the government "would have to eliminate 25 million Americans who would not conform to the new order."

- He is also quoted in Wikipedia as saying, "Maybe I'm the last communist who is willing to admit it."

We know what the SPLC would say about such a person. In the spring of 1998, its "Teaching Tolerance" magazine featured this slobbering puff piece on the author of the above statements, Mr. Bill Ayers, entitled "An Unconditional Embrace." In it, the radical bomber and unrepentant communist is praised for his efforts on behalf of "social justice" and against "racism." The interview doesn't mention Ayers' violent past, but quiveringly relates how "Ayers has developed a rich vision of teaching that interweaves passion, responsibility and self-reflection."

Sounds like hate speech inciting to violence is okey-dokey with the SPLC as long as it's done for the right reasons.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shirley Sherrod declines USDA job offer

Remember this lesson, job hunters: Always decline the first offer. It makes you more desirable.

What's that? Well, of course this would work for you, too! Try it!

Andy Griffith show is turning 50

Now this is newsworthy:

"The Andy Griffith Show," arguably the greatest television sitcom of all time, is approaching the 50th anniversary of its 1960 debut.

And what's remarkable is that in the fifty years since the show premiered, the Mayberry classic has never been off the air in this country -- and the episodes still hold up. The episodes (at least the black & white ones) are every bit as funny now as they were then.


The black-and-white episodes captured much about what made small Southern towns special. The characters, from Earnest T. Bass to Briscoe Darling to Aunt Bea, always remind me of real people I knew in the farming community I grew up in. The show wasn't real, but the spirit it recreated was. (And still is, if you know where to look!)

Consumers Dropping Pay TV Services

A sign of the times:

The number of subscribers to cable, satellite and telecom TV services in the U.S. fell for the first time ever in the second quarter, according to research firm SNL Kagan.

"Although it is tempting to point to over-the-top video as a potential culprit, we believe economic factors such as low housing formation and a high unemployment rate contributed to subscriber declines in the second quarter," said SNL Kagan analyst Mariam Rondeli.

How do we survive tough times that promise only to get tougher? What will we do for entertainment without HBO?

Here's what Andrew Nelson Lytle would say:

"Do what we did after the war and the Reconstruction. Return to our looms, our handcrafts, our reproducing stock. Throw out the radio and take down the fiddle from the wall."

That's still good advice!

Quote of the day

"It's never too late to have a happy childhood!" -- bumper sticker

Could "Beat Whitey" night be racist?

It's "very possible," say police.

State Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad, D-Des Moines, backs off even more. He claims he "doesn't have enough information" to brand these attacks near the Iowa State Fairgrounds over the weekend as racially motivated. Abdul-Samad, in case you're interested, has gone on record of supporting the work of the Nation of Islam. I guess that qualifies him to judge the motivations behind all racial incidents.

So what evidence is there the black suspects who attacked whites were racially motivated? Just this:

Sgt. David Murillo stated in a report on Friday night, "On-duty officers at the fairgrounds advise there was a group of 30 to 40 individuals roaming the fairgrounds openly calling it 'beat whitey night.'"

Jammie Carroll, 36, of Polk City, was seriously injured in the 3000 block of East Grand Avenue Friday night after a group of people beat him up, causing severe injuries to his eyes, cheekbones and nose, Murillo wrote. Carroll is white, and many of the suspects are black, police said.

And it all could be just a little misunderstanding.

How the corporate media talk about Southerners

Well, it depends. Did the Southerner in question serve the Empire, or the South? Here are some examples:

The focus of MainStream Media obituaries for James J. Kilpatrick, who died August 22 in his ninetieth year, was nothing new. They zeroed in on one thing: Kilpatrick’s role in defending massive resistance to school desegregation in Virginia when he was editorials editor for the now defunct Richmond News-Leader.
This is typical of the way America’s current political elite treats Southerners of a certain generation. For example, here is the New York Times’ headline over its obituary of Dixiecrat Sen. Strom Thurmond: "Strom Thurmond, Foe of Integration, Dies at 100."

(An exception, of course, is made if the Southerner is an important Democrat—here is the NYT headline over the obituary on former Klansman Robert C. Byrd: "Robert C. Byrd, a Pillar of the Senate, Dies at 92."The same man, Adam Clymer, wrote both obituaries.)

Kilpatrick and Thurmond stood up for the South. Byrd, on the other hand, despite his, um, youthful indiscretions, went on to make West Virginia dependent on Federal pork, thus legitimizing and expanding DC's power monopoly.

That, as we all know, put Byrd on the side of the angels.

6 Reasons Conservatives Should Embrace Identity Politics

Conservative outreach efforts to minorities have been a dismal failure; supporting amnesty, affirmative action, and smiling at creeping sharia only weaken or repulse the conservative base.

So maybe it's time to try something different, says John Hawkins.

This day in history

Mexico gained its independence from Spain with the Treaty of Cordoba in 1821.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun fact!

Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan is still on the military payroll!

The chickens have come home to roost

Ever since the Neocon chickenhawks first started demanding the US invade Iraq, we've warned that a belligerent foreign policy would directly affect us at home. Sure enough, the Feral government has ratcheted up its domestic surveillance powers to bolster its "Global War on Terror." Both the Bush and Obama regimes have nullified the Bill of Rights in the name of "national security," giving our handlers in DC new powers over us, including warrantless wiretaps and "sneak-and-peek" searches of our homes and businesses.

The latest domestic impact of the Neocon Wars is their effect on demographics. The explosive (no pun intended!) growth of Islam worries many Americans. Demonstations at Ground Zero in New York and other places reveal growing fears of creeping Islam transforming our communities. Murfreesboro, Tennessee, for example, is witnessing rising fears of growing Islamic influence. However, the real point is what's causing that growth:

In the Nashville area, the Muslim population has grown to 20,000 to 25,000, fueled by the arrival of Somalis fleeing strife and the federal government's decision to resettle Iraqi refugees there after the Persian Gulf War. Central Tennessee is now home to the country's largest population of Iraqi Kurds.

Yes, read that last line again: Central Tennessee has the Empire's largest population of Iraqi Kurds. And it's the direct result of DC's aggressive foreign policy. Remember that the next time some chickenhawk calls for invading another Muslim nation -- Iran, for instance.

If the globalist elite has its way, more Muslims will be colonizing us. DC's Global Democratic Revolution has just started.

This day in history

William Wallace ("Braveheart") was executed on this date in 1305.

The ills caused by modern life

The Twelve Southerners were blind optimists.

They warned the destruction of the family farm and the resulting urbanization and industrialization of the South would destroy our humanity. The theme of I'll Take My Stand was that America's social, economic, and political policies ignored and debased human nature, creating an artificial, unhealthy world.

Problem was, they didn't go far enough in their critique of the cult of progress:

Spencer Wells, an anthropological geneticist at Cornell University and explorer-in-residence at the National Geographic Society, is hardly the first to prophesy doomsday about the unintended consequences of modern life. The contrarian backlash against scientific progress goes back centuries.

But Wells bases his arguments on biological clues, contending that our teeth, metabolism and brain capacity seem ideally designed for hunters and gathers subsisting in groups limited to about 150 people.

"Ultimately, nearly every single major disease affecting modern human populations ... has its roots in the mismatch between our biology and the world we have created since the advent of agriculture," Wells writes in "Pandora's Seed."

In our age of material plenty, that legacy has taken a dangerous new form. Today we face a molecular rebellion from within: obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and an alarming rate of mental illness. Our bodies are rejecting modernity like foreign tissue.

Rather than improving our lives, modernity has sickened and enfeebled us. And the social effects of urbanization, including globalization and multiculturalism, alienate and isolate us, as sociologist Robert Putnam has documented.

Social organization must be downsized, people need more interaction and physical activity, and enforced conformity must be abandoned. Our very lives depend upon it.

What can you do? Plenty. Learn self-defense. Get in shape. Toss starchy junk foods into the trash and adopt the paleo diet. Get involved in your community and jump-start the resurgence of local farming, local foods, and local business -- these will provide the foundation for strong local economies and communities, as well as the return of local self-government.

Know hope.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

And the Federal debt gets higher, and higher, and ...

$13,310,379,000,000.00 -- that's what the Federal debt is now. That works out to $44,000 per person.

DC is a millstone around our necks. The parasites who want to preserve their perks talk about how the central government is the source of prosperity and safety, when in fact, it's the enemy of both.

This day in history

Latvia declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

How democracy works

Polls show that 55% of Americans support Arizona's border security law.

58% oppose the war in Afghanistan.

But what is the Federal government's policy in each case? Answer: Permanent war, Open Borders. Or, as Steve Sailer so nicely phrased it, Invade the world/Invite the world.

Isn't it nice to have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Newsweek: Should Alaska Secede From the U.S.?

More proof the genie of secession is forever out of the bottle.

Southern Music break

Made it through another week! And WHAT a week!

We have a request for "The Irish Confederate Soldier."

The Irish green shall again be seen
as our Irish fathers bore it,
A burning wind from the South behind,
and the Yankee rout before it!
O'Neil's red hand shall purge the land-
Rain a fire on men and cattle,
Till the Lincoln snakes in their own cold lakes
Plunge from the blaze of battle.

Whoe'er shall march by triumphal arch
Whoe'er may swell the slaughter,
Our drums shall roll from the Capitol
O'er Potomac's fateful water!
Rise, bleeding ghosts, to the Lord of Hosts
For judgement final and solemn;
Your fanatic horde to the edge of the sword
Is doomed line, square, and column!

Hillary gets her own army

A force of up to 7,000 will provide security in Iraq when regular combat troops leave, all under the control of Hillary Clinton's State Department.

Remember when the Neocon nutjobs claimed Iraq would be a democratic, stable nation once bad ol' Saddam was no more? Forget tradition, they said; democracy is for everybody. By keeping a force of 50,000 "advisers" (read: occupation troops) in Iraq, DC is admitting it doesn't believe its own lies.

Obama Declares Victory, Sort Of, Depending On How You Look At It, In Iraq

I love the Onion. But this spoof of the latest news from the slow-motion train wreck in Iraq is so similar to the real thing, it reads like a news story:

"Granted, this is not the definitive, World War II–like victory most of us expected," Obama continued. "But there's a military triumph in there somewhere, I swear. You just have to look at it from the right angles."

Obama also noted that during the war more Iraqi insurgents died than American troops, which, he admitted, isn't necessarily the best way to determine a war's victor, but is nonetheless still preferable to the other way around.

"By the end of this month, victory, to a certain extent, will be ours, and we can finally welcome our troops back home," Obama concluded. "That is unless they are one of the 50,000 U.S. soldiers who will have to stay in the region for the foreseeable future."

Following the president's address, a car bomb ripped through an outdoor market in Baghdad killing eight Iraqis and wounding 32.

It's hard to do satire when reality is this bizarre.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quote of the day

"It’s ridiculous; it’s the last gasp of white culture." Cheech Marin, on Arizona's immigration law.

ADL calls for "major national law enforcement operation" against Obama critics

The Anti-Defamation League, which plays Twiddledee to the SPLC's Twiddledumb, brands dissent against the government takeover of health care as "extremist":

Monitoring of internet chatter, documented in this report, indicates that many militia members and other extremists believe that the recently passed health care legislation will be followed by the mass legalization of illegal immigrants, postponement or elimination of democratic elections, martial law and gun confiscation. In response, these anti-government extremists are saying, in many different forums, that they believe that violence may be, or clearly is, both necessary and justified.

That's because ANYONE who doesn't want bigger government MUST BE a blood-crazed maniac. No matter that the most violent entities of the 20th century were big, centralized governments. As Professor R. J. Rummel observes:

"The more power governments have, the more human insecurity and violence. In short: to our realization that power impoverishes we must also add that power kills."

So who's REALLY advocating violence here?

Is Obama a Muslim?

Why would people think that? Is it because wingut, howling-at-the-moon, extremist right-wingers are claiming that almost a quarter of Americans believe Obama's a Muslim?

Would you believe the oh-so-liberal Time magazine published that finding? You better.

And what about this claim?

Obama is half African by birth and Africans can understandably identify with him. In Islam, however, there is no such thing as a half-Muslim. Like all monotheistic religions, Islam is an exclusive faith.

As the son of the Muslim father, Senator Obama was born a Muslim under Muslim law as it is universally understood. It makes no difference that, as Senator Obama has written, his father said he renounced his religion. Likewise, under Muslim law based on the Koran his mother’s Christian background is irrelevant.

What wingnut, howling-at-the-moon, extremist right-wing publication wrote that about Obama?

Would you believe -- the New York Times?

Ya better believe it, pilgrim!

22 States considering immigration laws similar to Arizona's

The rebellion has begun:

Twenty-two states are now in the process of drafting or seeking to pass legislation similar to Arizona’s law against illegal immigration. This is occurring despite the fact that the Obama administration has filed a lawsuit against the Arizona law and a federal judge has ruled against portions of that law – a ruling that is now being appealed.

Is that "despite the fact" the administration's against border security, or is it more accurate to say "BECAUSE" the administration is against it?

Either way, this is hugely significant. The people of the States now see DC as nothing but an obstruction in their efforts to protect themselves from illegal alien invaders, and are looking to their State and local governments for relief.

Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and Jefferson Davis would be proud!

And the chickenhawks rejoiced!

"It remains to be seen whether the people of Iraq will be able to take advantage of the opportunity they now have to determine their own future. There are many powerful forces vying for control, and the security situation will probably get worse in the near future." Charles Johnson

"We are now witnessing increased recognition that America is on the verge of success, and the Iraq people have begun to step up to their military and political obligations. There may be more ups-and-downs of violence, but the trends are moving in the direction of transformative freedom for the region and the marginalization of terrorist violence." Americaneocon

Well, that's what the Neocons imagine. Here on Planet Earth, the US has wrecked its economy and military fighting the Neocon Wars, Iraqis cannot form a government, and Iran has gained influence in Iraq that was unimaginable just a few years ago.

Who needs victories like that?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nancy Pelosi wants mosque critics investigated

And The Lizard King seconds the speaker's motion!

Arizonans look for new direction

The present political system ignores Arizona when it depends on it, and stabs it in the back when it's invaded. Is it any wonder Arizona voters are rejecting both Democrats and Republicans? As MSNBC reports:

Arizonans continue to desert the two main political parties.

New figures Tuesday from the Secretary of States Office show 953,503 people who are signed up to vote in next week's primary listed no political affiliation. That is approaching 31 percent of the more than 3.1 million registered voters.

By contrast, independents were only about 27 percent of the electorate two years ago. And a decade ago, fewer than 16 percent of those signed up to vote had declared themselves independents.

The disdain for organized parties seems to have taken roughly equal bites out of both the Democrats and the Republicans.

What Arizonans need is an Arizona Party -- one that would stand up to Federal bullies and put Arizonans first, rather than illegal alien invaders and globalist big business.

Quote of the day

"Neoconservatism is to historic American conservatism what the public school system is to education." Snaggle-Tooth Jones, agitator, raconteur, frequent Rebellion commentator

Flags of the Rebellion

The enclosed photo was taken by a friend in the bookselling business whose heart is in photography. The Battleflag was placed on the site of Confederate earthworks overlooking a ford in the Yadkin River north of Salisbury, NC.


Click here for the exciting story of the Confederate earthworks near Salisbury. I apologize for the grainy appearance of the beautiful photo. That's the fault of my cheap scanner - Old Rebel.

Send me your flag pictures at rebellionblog@gmail.com

What do they have in common?

See if you can guess what these countries did in the year indicated:

. Australia (2007)
. New Zealand (2005)
. Ireland (2005)
. France (1993)
. India (1987)
. Malta (1989)
. UK (1983)
. Portugal (1981)

Mouse over cartoon for answer!

The Empire strikes back!

Do not defy the Dark Side of the Force:

A federal investigation of a controversial Arizona sheriff known for tough immigration enforcement has intensified in recent days, escalating the conflict between the Obama administration and officials in the border state.

Justice Department officials in Washington have issued a rare threat to sue Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio if he does not cooperate with their investigation of whether he discriminates against Hispanics. The civil rights inquiry is one of two that target the man who calls himself "America's toughest sheriff." A federal grand jury in Phoenix is examining whether Arpaio has used his power to investigate and intimidate political opponents and whether his office misappropriated government money, sources said.

Sheriff Arpaio -- and the people of Arizona -- are guilty. They're guilty of impeding the Latinization of America. Examples must be made!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Charles Johnson watch

The Lizard King is revoking a totally worthless award his minions once gave to fellow loony tune John Bolton:

In 2006, LGF readers voted to give the Anti-Idiotarian Award to former UN ambassador John Bolton, largely because of his passionate support of the US and Israel in the frequently hostile environment of the United Nations.

I feel slightly sad to announce that today, as the proprietor of LGF, I’m revoking that award. And when I say “slightly sad,” I mean “very disgusted with John Bolton.”

It was bad enough that Bolton actually wrote the foreword for hate monger Pamela Geller’s anti-Obama “book.” But the final straw was the announcement by Geller that Bolton will be speaking at her anti-Muslim rally.

Notice CJ has no problem with Bolton's current efforts to goad Israel into launching a war of aggression against Iran, an act that could spark World War III. But to cozy up to the number one name on CJ's burgeoning enemies list is just too much.

Quote of the day

"If the Obama administration gets away with this, and can add a few million illegals to the voting rolls in time for the 2012 elections, that can mean reelection, and with it a continuing and accelerating dismantling of America." Thomas Sowell

The Enduring Relevance of Affirmative Action

From The American Prospect:

Liberalism has made racial homogeneity uncool and unacceptable. Even many conservatives are made uncomfortable by lily-white gatherings -- hence the enhanced value to the right of Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steele, Condoleezza Rice, Linda Chavez, and any well-spoken Negro or Latino who consorts with the Tea Party crowd. That conservatives practice affirmative action even as they condemn it is a tribute to liberalism's handiwork.

At least, it's unacceptable for some, not all. La Raza, the NAACP, and the SPLC have no problem with racial homogeneity.

Gen. McChrystal to teach leadership at Yale

Rule number one: Be REAL careful what you say about your boss.

About that light at the end of the tunnel ...

October 15, 2007: Military: "Surge" Has Defeated Al Qaeda In Iraq

August 17, 2010: 60 Killed in Al Qaeda Attack on Iraqi Army Recruits

Will Republicans Save Us?

Of course not, says Walter Williams. For one thing, he argues, look at what Republicans have done with new majorities in the past -- rather than dismantling what the Democrats had done, Republicans consolidated and expanded big-government programs. Both parties are hopelessly mired in the racket of big government. After all, says Williams, "many Americans, including those who are Republicans, have a stake in big government control, special privileges and handouts." Exploitation of the little people is what attracted these people to DC in the first place. Why live in DC? For a piece of the action. It's the same reason people move to Vegas.

Here's Williams' killer conclusion:

Ultimately, we Americans must act to ensure that our liberty does not depend on personalities in Washington. Our founders tried to do that with our Constitution. Thomas Jefferson offered us a solution when he said, "The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. I like a little rebellion now and then."

That's precisely why previous efforts to restore liberty have failed -- we depended on our saviors in DC to save us. Only by withdrawing consent to being used and abused by DC will we ever reclaim what's rightfully ours, and that's control of our own destinies.

The word is getting out. Know hope.

10 Signs The U.S. is Becoming a Third World Country

Here's something to jolt more Americans out of their political comas. We're well on our way to becoming a Third-World country, one characterized by a repressive government of, for, and by a wealthy class of ruling elites that openly exploits the have-nots. For example, the trend of diminishing civil rights sounds all too familiar:

As the anger of the populace mounts in response to declining economic conditions and political corruption, the government counters by increasing draconian measures that restrict the political rights and civil liberties of its citizens.

In addition to rising unemployment, the disappearance of the once-mighty middle class, and a militarized police force, there's another sign the US is sliding toward Third-World status, and that's Third-World demographics.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Columnist, wordsmith James Kilpatrick dies at 89

A true-blue Southerner, conservative, and lover of the English language has died. James Kilpatrick didn't waste or mince words:

His conservative writings made him a newspaper mainstay, leading to syndication in 1964. Two years later, he left the Richmond paper to write columns full time in Washington. He also served as contributing editor to the National Review and had a monthly column in Nation's Business.

Conservatives, Kilpatrick wrote in Nation's Business in 1978, "believe that a civilized society demands orders and classes, that men are not inherently equal, that change and reform are not identical, that in a free society men are children of God and not wards of the state."

I discovered his brilliant columns while I was still in high school, and will always remember his advice to writers. He will be missed.

Unemployment by county

Click this and watch American jobs disappear.

Attacks against Mexicans inflame tensions in New York City

Quick! Guess whose fault it is that Latinos in New York are being attacked by blacks?

Wrong! The people of Arizona are to blame.

Quote of the day

"Americans have no greater enemies than Wall Street and the corporations and their prostitutes in Congress and the White House." Paul Craig Roberts

Obama: Man of the World

As you read this editorial, keep in mind it was written in praise of the president of the United States:

Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it’ll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

Is this a man who identifies with the way of life, the values, and beliefs of the people he supposedly represents?

And how'd you like that nasty and gratuitous little jab at Christian Dixie ("it'll give Alabama voters heart attacks")? In the liberal mindset, scourging the South is always praiseworthy.

Ramadan changes Michigan high school practice schedule

The reconstruction of America continues:

A Michigan high school football team is holding preseason practices in the middle of the night to help its Muslim players practice both faith and football.

The predominantly Muslim squad from Dearborn says the nocturnal regimen is a way for players to eat and drink while observing the holy month of daytime fasting known as Ramadan that started last week.

See? There's no problem with Muslim assimilation. We're assimilating to their culture just fine.

Fun Fact! Dearborn, Michigan is 40% Arab.

Easter Island's indigenous leaders want to sever link with Chile

It might be unfolding thousands of miles away, but this development on Easter Island hits home:

Community leaders on Easter Island have threatened to secede from Chile and transfer allegiance to Polynesian states in a row over land rights and immigration.

Prominent families from the indigenous Rapa Nui population have told the Pacific Islands Forum, an inter-governmental body, that they wish to renounce Chilean sovereignty and be considered part of Oceania rather than the Americas.

Hmmm. Immigration policies imposed by a remote, hostile government sparks talk of secession. Now where have we heard that before?

This is just the latest example of how ethnic and cultural ties trump meaningless political ties in the 21st century.

Wyoming's Micheli: Sheriffs are ultimate authority

This trend promises to be the next important front in the battle against a drunken, irresponsble Federal government:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron Micheli's support for a movement to recognize local sheriffs as the ultimate law enforcement authority has drawn fire from his opponents and runs counter to an emphatic warning from a federal judge in Casper.

Micheli insists the higher power of elected sheriffs is an extension of states' rights spelled out in the U.S. Constitution. In a recent interview, he said that if elected, he would appoint a state attorney general who agrees with him.

"I will appoint an attorney general who understands the 10th Amendment, and who understands states' rights, and we will do everything possible to enforce them," Micheli said.

The 10th Amendment to the Constitution specifies that all powers not expressly delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states or the people.

DC needs a little lesson about who is the boss and who is the servant.

Thanks to Dutchy for the link!

Growing up Southern

How did we survive without the nanny state? And what kept us from degenerating into anarchy without strict government supervision? Fred Reed was alive and on the move in those days, and knows the answer:

In today’s world of over-policing by militarized hostile cops, of metal-detectors and police in schools and compulsory anger-management classes and enforced ingestion of Ritalin or Prozac, King George sounds, well, dangerous. I mean, how can you let kids run around as they like, with…with….guns, (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!) and beer, and unregistered canoes without supervision by a caring adult, and…?

The answer of course is that we supervised ourselves. Within limits, anyway. I do remember lying on the roof of my father’s station wagon and looking up at the brake pedal because I hadn’t taken that unbanked downhill S-turn on Indian Town Road quite as well as I had planned.

But, being Southern kids, we boys knew how to handle guns, and the girls knew how to handle us, and though the country boys were physically tough from doing real work (consult a history book), we were not crazy in the head, as the phrase was. To the extent that adolescents are willing to be, I guess we were happy. We just didn’t know it.

The wretechedness we see today – the kid who shoots ten classmates to death, the alleged students strung out on crystal meth, the suicides, the frequent pregnancies – just didn’t happen. Why? Because (I strongly suspect) we were left the hell alone. The boys were allowed to be boys and the girls, girls. We grew like weeds, as our natures directed, and so did not have anorexia or bulimia or the sullen smoldering anger that comes of being a guy kid forced to be a girl or androgyne or flower.

Yes, we had guns. Remember in "Red Dawn," when Cuban and Russian paratroopers took over a small Colorado town, a group of kids (led by Patrick Swayze) armed themselves and fought as guerillas under the name of "The Wolverines"? Well, if our high school had been invaded, we wouldn't have had to go home to arm ourselves; we would only have had to retrieve our deer hunting rifles from the parking lot. Lots of us boys carried pocket knives in class. And guess how many shootings and stabbings we had? Zero. It would've been unthinkable. As Reed says, we supervised ourselves.

Richard Weaver had a name for the social mechanism that keeps us orderly, polite, and disdainful of external controls. He called it the tyrannizing image, and by that, he meant an internalized cultural ideal that provides a model for individual behavior. Think of Robert E. Lee and the ideal of the Southern fighting man as a role model for young people. Then ask yourself what's replaced them -- 50 Cent and Lady Gaga.

That's what the managerial state has taken from today's young people. By depriving young people of a stabilizing culture, our handlers are destroying our capacity for self-control and self-government, which creates more dependence on the government.

Think about that the next time you read an hysterical attack on Robert E. Lee or any other Southern hero. The target of such attacks isn't a hero of a vanished age -- the target is you.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Small Town Steps in because Feds Are "Failing on Immigration"

The second sentence below portends the future, one where the people look more and more to local governments to do what they once relied on the Feds to do:

Arizona is not alone in its fight for immigration reform. A lot of localities are stepping in where they feel the federal government is failing. One such town, Summerville, South Carolina, has just tentatively passed an ordinance that bans illegal immigrants from working and living there.

Walter Bailey, the town council member who proposed the ordinance tells Fox News the town needs to "send the message to Washington on immigration reform... The federal government that should be regulating immigration at our borders but has dropped the ball for whatever reason and somebody has to pick up the slack."

Actually, the Feds haven't "dropped the ball" on immigration enforcement -- instead, they've declared war against the people and have taken the side of the illegal alien invaders and their big-business enablers.

Keep it up, DC. Your treason is sparking the resurgence of States' Rights. In an age of devolution and the break-up of worn-out empires, there's only one way that resurgence can lead.

What copper wire is used for

The moment this man found out, he didn't know any more.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Secession considered as acceptable right

It's not enough that the PhDs who founded the League of the South know secession is a legitimate and moral (and sometimes necessary) choice. What matters is that everyday folks know it -- and this letter to the editor shows how quickly the idea is spreading.

Know hope.

FAIR Exposes Unscrupulous Tactics of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Finally! Now this is a job that needed to be done! Hats off to FAIR for putting this together:

The Media Department at the Federation for American Immigration Reform has just published a "Guide to Understanding the Tactics of the Southern Poverty Law Center in the Immigration Debate." (See Guide). The guide was designed to help journalists better understand the unscrupulous methods used by the SPLC to discredit organizations, like FAIR, and to attack the American people who support enforcing the immigration laws already on the books and oppose efforts to pass a mass-amnesty for illegal aliens.

No more SPLC for me!

That's what this ex-supporter said after defending his local Tea Party:

I have attended eight meetings of the Kingston/Rhinebeck Tea Party near my home town as well as one or two in my home town of Olive, New York. I did not detect a single instance of racism. There is more racism on the CUNY faculty than in the Kingston/Rhinebeck Tea Party. I very much doubt that Professor Tabb or the NAACP have done any research as to whether there is actual racism. I am a former contributer to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which made similar kinds of irresponsible allegations. I voiced my concerns to Morris Dees, the founder, directly, and have ceased any involvement with that organization.

Let's hope this is a trend!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The stunning decline of Barack Obama

This view of the growing chaos in the DC Empire says it's not just Obama's fault -- and I couldn't agree more. The economic crisis and the foreign policy mess aren't all Obama's doing, and the author does acknowledge that. The fact that 65 per cent of voters believe the United States is going down the wrong track, including 70 per cent of independents, as the author cites, argues that the widening of systemic fault lines during Obama's watch are just bad luck for Obama's legacy.

What bothers me, though, is the possibility the "solution" will come in the form of a man on a white horse -- that is, the "good, conservative" Republican so many keep imagining will save us. It could be Petraeus Maximus who gallops in to "save" the Republic -- heck, there's already a Petraeus-for-Emperor web site already up.

Petraeus might just be the one to cross the Rubicon -- or is it the Potomac?

The Great Lie

This week, Andy Hall of Dead Confederates guest-blogged for anti-Southern writer Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic (that's the dead-tree rag that employs the insufferable Andrew Sullivan). Hall started the week by laying out his bona fides to parrot the approved view of Mr. Lincoln's War -- certified scallywag, leftist politics, and anti-Southern bias. Check, check, and check! In that first post, he let it slip that he was still sore about my having pointed out the "seething hatred" he and other bloggers display toward the South and its people. He called my posting "a screeching, over-the-top, ad hominem denunciation."

Well, he showed me! Every post Hall submitted to the Atlantic this week mindlessly echoed official orthodoxy regarding the WBTS -- the enlightened forces of liberation and democracy swept through the South, meting out well-deserved thashings to white Southerners, who needed a lesson in being good Americans, blah-blah-blah. (Yes, it's the same propaganda used to justify the Evil Empire's ongoing "wars of liberation.")

Anyway, I didn't think things could get worse than that. But by golly, they did. Today, Hall featured the most sophomoric, politically correct, self-celebrating doggerel ever to assault the Internet. I'm not going to reproduce it here -- that would not only be cruel to unsuspecting readers, but would surely trip the "bad-writing" filters on thousands of computers. Here's the link for those with a trained gag reflex. Just be warned this "poetry" contains phrases such as "frenzy-butchered slaughter" and "a race's quiet-ennobled valor." (Guess which race that refers to?)

Remember -- I warned you!

Secession on Rush Limbaugh


Thanks to Blood of my Kindred for posting!

UPDATE: Billy Yank first featured this audio from Rush on his pro-Union Civil War site. The fact that he posted a modern-day call for secession and used a quote from W.T. Sherman as a warning to those who dare resist the central government today is very telling. (See comments.) I've argued for some time that the Evil Empire stakes its legitimacy and justifies its illegal acts on "glory glory hallelujah" mythology. Billy Yank just validated my argument.

La Raza demands end of 287(g) program

The press release from La Raza (translation: Das Volk) notes that the great majority of 287(g) programs, which provide local law enforcement officers the means to enforce immigration laws, is in the South. Apparently, that's supposed to be an argument against the program.

What's apparent is that the only kind of immigration enforcement the treason and alien lobbies will support will be "comprehensive reform," which means amnesty for all, leaving no immigration laws to be enforced.

Kites of the Rebellion

I was back at the beach last week flying kites and giving history lessons as well as passing out League literature. Quantrill’s Raiders is 9 feet tall and was quite a hand full in the stiff breeze.

Got lots of attention as nobody had ever seen or heard of Quantrill.

They know of him now!


Send me your flag pictures at rebellionblog@gmail.com

Southern Music break

Can you believe it's Friday already? Well, yes I can, after the week I've had! Let's start the weekend with Lynyrd Skynyrd's moody and touching version of Dixie:

Bean-Counters and Baloney

One of our favorite iconoclasts, Thomas Sowell, questions the current mania for demanding equality of outcome. It's all part of a greater scam:

In countries around the world, all sorts of groups differ from each other in all sorts of ways, from rates of alcoholism to infant mortality, education and virtually everything that can be measured, as well as in some things that cannot be quantified. If black and white Americans were the same, they would be the only two groups on this planet who are the same.

One of the things that got us started on heavy-handed government regulation of the housing market were statistics showing that blacks were turned down for mortgage loans more often than whites. The bean-counters in the media went ballistic. It had to be racism, to hear them tell it.

What they didn't tell you was that whites were turned down more often than Asians. What they also didn't tell you was that black-owned banks also turned down blacks more often than whites. Nor did they tell you that credit scores differed from group to group. Instead, the media, the politicians and the regulators grabbed some statistics and ran with them.

The bean-counters are everywhere, pushing the idea that differences show injustices committed by society. As long as we keep buying it, they will keep selling it – and the polarization they create will sell this country down the river.

Besides, the race-hustlers and multicults claim we must "embrace difference" and "promote diversity," then get bent out of shape when real differences emerge. Which is it, folks? Are different races really different, with unique talents and perspectives, or are they the same? You can't have it both ways.

Of course the real answer is that all the talk about embracing diversity is sales talk to convince us open borders is a good thing. Sowell is right that those who demand equality of outcome will generate more polarization in society, but that's not a bug in their program; that's a feature. The real prize is the political power to be had in exploiting that polarization.

Putting Government First

Pat Buchanan strips away the rhetoric and examines the real motives behind Congress' latest theft from the middle class: to prop up its own power:

If you would know where the heart of the Obama party is today, consider. In the dog days of August, with temperatures in D.C. rising above 100, Nancy Pelosi called the House back to Washington to enact legislation that could not wait until September.

Purpose: Vote $26 billion to prevent layoffs of state, municipal and county employees whose own governments had decided they had to be let go if they were to meet their constitutional duty to balance their books.

Workers their own governments thought expendable, Congress decided were so essential, it borrowed another 26 thousand million dollars from China to keep them on state and local payrolls.

A nation whose national debt is approaching the size of its gross national product, that goes abroad to borrow money to keep non-essential workers on government payroll is a nation on the way down and out.

The parasites in DC don't care they've indentured Americans to China. All that matters to them is to use the power of government to fatten their wallets. As Pat put it so bluntly:

"And folks wonder why so many Americans detest government."

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Southern Partisan Reader

Be sure to check out these great archived articles on Southern history and culture.

Illegal immigrant arrested for raping two children

One of his victims was 7 and the other was 8. What flagged him? Charlotte's terrible, racist, xenophobic 287(g)program.

But I'm still trying to make sense out of this:

Velasquez has three previous convictions for driving while impaired dating to 1997, according to a search of N.C. court records. He has also been found guilty of interfering with an emergency communication three times.

Why wasn't he deported 13 years ago?

Keep up the good work, Mr. President!

From our comments section:

rex osborne wrote: "Know hope. Know change too!

Maybe Obama's slogan had a hidden meaning that even he didn't consider."

That's the beauty of it all, Rex! Obama, true to our expectations, is right on track to being the last president of the DC Empire. His big-government, socialist policies are galvanizing conservatives. Just look at the resurgence of mainstream talk about States' Rights, nullification, and secession.

That's why I've said for some time that a vote for Obama is a vote for Jefferson Davis.

Grim Voter Mood Turns Grimmer

Here are the facts:

Americans are growing more pessimistic about the economy and the war in Afghanistan, and are losing faith that Democrats have better solutions than Republicans, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

Underpinning the gloom: Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe the economy has yet to hit bottom, a sharply higher percentage than the 53% who felt that way in January.

The sour national mood appears all-encompassing and is dragging down ratings for the GOP too, suggesting voters above all are disenchanted with the political establishment in Washington. Just 24% express positive feelings about the Republican Party, a new low in the 21-year history of the Journal's survey. Democrats are only slightly more popular, but also near an all-time low.

What has the League of the South been saying these many years? That DC's alien agenda is leading us to ruin. That the Neocon Wars are unwinnable. That outsourcing jobs and opening the floodgates to the Third World are undermining our economy and safety.

Now that our message is mainstream, and popular disgust with the criminal regime in DC is rising, it's time to move to the next step: Fire the crooks.

What Hope?

If racism is the cause of black dysfunction, then even more racism in the form of affirmative action will eliminate it.


Wrong, and abundantly so, says Amy Wax, a law professor and former neurologist. We need only open our eyes and recognize that government intervention in black communities has done more harm than good:

The black family was far more stable 50 years ago, when conditions for blacks were far worse than they are today. Black out-of-wedlock births started to climb and marriage rates to fall around 1960, long after slavery was abolished and just as the civil rights movement gained momentum. Perhaps a more nuanced explanation for the recent deterioration is that the legacy of slavery made the black family more vulnerable to the cultural subversions of the 1960s. But what does this tell us that is useful today? The answer is: nothing.

Of course, this is anathema to the race pimps, who depend on white guilt (and funding!) for their "racial justice" schemes.

Keep Your Hands Off Texas, Mr. Obama

Things are getting mighty interesting in the Lone Star State. This week, Texans did something the corporate media would prefer you never heard about. Organizers called it the "Keep your hands off Texas" rally. The "your" in that title refers to Barack Hussein Obama, but really applies to DC. From Human Events:

Hundreds of people braved temperatures exceeding 100 degrees on Monday to send a message to President Obama: “Keep your hands off Texas.”

Attendees carried signs with anti-Obama and anti-government messages, similar to Tea Party slogans:

• Rejecting Socialism is Patriotism
• I Love My Country, I Fear My Government
• Free Markets, Not Freeloaders.
• Sounds Like Marx, Acts Like Stalin, Must Be Obama

The Tea Party favorite “Don’t Tread on Me” flags were joined by the Texan “Come and Take It” rallying cry from their War of Independence against Mexico.

And there were plenty of signs that said “Hands Off Texas,” “Don’t Mess with Texas,” and “Secede.”

As the picture shows, this was a fired-up and determined crowd. Notice the beautiful Lone Star flag flying above the Gadsden and "Come and Take It" flags. And when ordinary citizens start calling for secession in the streets, you know you can say goodbye forever to politics as usual.

Readers send me emails asking if I think secession from the immoral empire will happen within our lifetimes. These days, it looks like it could be within a few months.

Know hope.

White House spokesman says critics of Obama 'ought to be drug tested'...

And supporters need to be institutionalized.

DEFICIT ADDS $165,040,000,000.00 -- IN ONE MONTH!

But everything will be okey-dokie. Just trust the Wise Ones in Washington.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

'Ground Zero Mosque' Controversy Shows America's New Nativism

Yes, that's what the cosmopolitan left says. "Nativism," according to US News & World Report editor Robert Schlesinger, is the "new Know-Nothingism" of the "demagogic right," which is spreading the "politics of fear."

Uh-huh. That's because there's only one valid opinion about immigration, which is that we can never have enough, no matter where it's coming from or under what conditions, legal or illegal. So we're to believe the "nativism" of the American majority is a bad thing while the "alienism" of globalist Neocons, liberals, and big business is an inherently good thing.

Heck, I'm so old, I remember when US News & World Report was conservative.

WWII on Facebook

Just the other day, Mrs. Rebel looked up from a newspaper article about students' poor language skills and suggested teachers motivate them by having them write essays in Tweeter talk.

Well -- here's a summary of WWII as it might appear on Facebook. Crude language alert!

Local governments confront DC

The rebellion against DC and its open borders agenda continues to spread! Check out these headlines:

SC town seeks housing ban for illegal immigrants

Florida AG proposes tougher illegal immigrant curbs

The Florida proposal is especially interesting. It would "require Florida law enforcement officials to check a suspected illegal immigrant's status in the course of a stop, or a violation of another law."

Call your local elected official about sponsoring similar legislation. As you can see by these stories, it's what the people want! For politicians, it could mean the difference between winning the election or losing it. For patriots, it could mean winning back our country, or forever losing it.

People are getting fired up. And activism at the local and State level is the only effective way to put that passion to work!

Operation 51st Star a big success!

What happens when deeds don't match promises? It's called politics as usual:

In a recent speech President Obama took credit for delivering on his promise to end the official combat mission on schedule, and vowed to meet America’s next deadline of moving all American forces off Iraqi soil by the end of 2011. “As agreed to with the Iraqi government, we will maintain a transitional force until we remove all our troops from Iraq by the end of next year,” the president said.

The reality in Iraq may defy that deadline, because many American and Iraqi officials deem the American presence to be in each nation’s interest.

“For a very long period of time we’re going to be on the ground, even if it’s solely in support of its U.S. weapons systems,” said Ryan C. Crocker, who was the American ambassador in Baghdad until 2009 and helped to negotiate the agreement that tethers the two countries and mandates that all American troops leave Iraq by the end of 2011.

Even as that deadline was negotiated, he said, a longer-lasting, though significantly smaller, presence of American forces had always been considered to be likely.

In other words, the Empire intends to hold on to its conquest -- that's why an occupying garrison will remain in the world's largest embassy.

Watch out, Washington

What do you do when the government is too big and corrupt to fix, and has rigged the system to make genuine reform impossible? Thanks to their air-tight restrictions on new political parties, the Democratic and Republican cabals guarantee that no new ideas or voices can threaten the status quo's hold on power.

What do the people do? They do that 1776 thing, that's what! From Hutch News:

Secessionist groups are no longer fringe. How can they be when 37 states have introduced sovereignty resolutions; 12 have actually passed one, including Kansas. When a Zogby poll asked if the country was so broke that even an election will not fix it, 44 percent of those polled agreed. One in 12 of our fellow countrymen believe we could be headed to another civil war or "something like it."

Do you believe we're serious now, Nancy Pelosi?

Harry Reid: "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican."

And we don't know how anyone could vote for Harry Reid.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Michelle, thy name is extravagance

Americans are upset at Michelle Obama for living it up on the Spanish coast while folks back home are pinching pennies.

But truth is, she can't help it. Her name, Michelle Obama, is an anagram of Limo Beach Meal.

There. Glad I could clear that up.

US-backed fighters in Iraq defect to al-Qaida

Mission accomplished, huh?

Federal employees earning double their private counterparts

And people wonder why we refer to Federal workers freeloaders as parasites.

Thanks to Steve for the link!

Flags of the Rebellion

Click picture to Texas-size!

Hey, Old Rebel! Today is this rebel's birthday!

Patrick Fogerty
Semper Fidelis DIXIE
Vietnam 68-69
Clan Campbell Scotland.!!

That's one sweet-looking birthday cake, Patrick! Send me your flag pictures at rebellionblog@gmail.com

Quote of the day

"Historically, from the late Roman Empire to Weimar, flagrant homosexuality has been associated with sick societies, decadent cultures and dying civilizations. Today would appear to be no exception." Pat Buchanan

Is the West waking up?

Our brain-dead, self-defeating response to 9/11 was to attack somebody, anybody. And we did. A trillion dollars and 5,600 American lives later, we're stuck in two hopeless quagmires, and we're still no safer from terror attacks.

The threat of Muslim terror attacks don't depend on denying the sovereignty of the people of Afghanistan or Iraq, but in re-establishing sovereignty over our own country. As long as DC refuses to control the borders, we are subject to whatever happens to creep in. The Germans understand this:

“Today we closed the Taiba mosque because young men were being turned into religious fanatics there,” said Christoph Ahlhaus, secretary of the interior for the city of Hamburg, at a news conference. “Behind the scenes, a supposed cultural organization shamelessly used the freedoms of our democratic rule of law to promote holy war.”

Mr. Ahlhaus said, “Hamburg cannot become a cradle for Islamists capable of violence.”

And that's exactly what the US is. The 9/11 attackers didn't come from Iraq or Afghanistan. 9/11 was originally conceived in the Philippines, planned in Germany, and carried out by 15 Saudis, two United Arab Emirates citizens, one Egyptian, and one Lebanese. They trained in Florida. Worse, they were helped by two Latino illegal immigrants, Victor M. Lopez-Flores and Herbert Villalobos, who assisted them in obtaining the documents they needed to establish residency.

So, yes, uncontrolled borders are an invitation to terror attacks. At least the Germans have learned their lesson.