Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Arizonans look for new direction

The present political system ignores Arizona when it depends on it, and stabs it in the back when it's invaded. Is it any wonder Arizona voters are rejecting both Democrats and Republicans? As MSNBC reports:

Arizonans continue to desert the two main political parties.

New figures Tuesday from the Secretary of States Office show 953,503 people who are signed up to vote in next week's primary listed no political affiliation. That is approaching 31 percent of the more than 3.1 million registered voters.

By contrast, independents were only about 27 percent of the electorate two years ago. And a decade ago, fewer than 16 percent of those signed up to vote had declared themselves independents.

The disdain for organized parties seems to have taken roughly equal bites out of both the Democrats and the Republicans.

What Arizonans need is an Arizona Party -- one that would stand up to Federal bullies and put Arizonans first, rather than illegal alien invaders and globalist big business.


Northwestern Localist said...

Amen to that Old Rebel

Anonymous said...

Man, that "Arizona Party" sure had a nice ring to it, Old Reb. How about a Tennessee "Volunteer Party," or something.

Dustin in Nashville

Jack Burns said...

I'm interested in just what you think the Federal government should do? Send a battalion of Marines or Army regulars? Install gun towers and pill boxes?

Could send out Arizona Rangers on horseback, I suppose. Shoot 'em on the spot. Women, Stonewall Jackson said "Kill 'em. Kill 'em all."


Old Rebel said...

Jack Burns,

You managed to sneak in a clumsy smear against the South and create a straw man of the border security issue in one short posting.

How's this? At a minimum, the Feds should get out of the way and not interfere with Arizona's attempts to stop the invasion of their State.

Is that asking too much?

Old Rebel said...

Northwestern Localist,


Old Rebel said...


Every State could use at least one party that represented the people of that State, instead of the ruling elite in DC.

It would be nice to have a choice for a change!

Jack Burns said...

I didn't smear the South. Jackson is a favorite of mine in history. I've been a proud Southerner all my life.

The comment is meant to illustrate a point, one that's apparently beyond your grasp.

Arizona wasn't getting the job done before all of the Federal stuff. In fact, neither the Feds nor Arizona's State government has a sufficient plan.

Frankly, saying you're going to shoot on the spot might in fact slow them down. Of course, then again, they're used to being shot at by drug dealers, so maybe not.

Texas Rangers knew how to handle the problem of Mexican cattle rustlers. They shot 'em and stacked the bodies in the town square in Brownsville. They shot 'em all....

Anonymous said...

Jack Burns,

"Arizona wasn't getting the job done before all of the Federal stuff. "

Um, that's what SB 1070 is for? You seem to be confused about the sequence of events here. Arizona reacted to the Feds' inactivity. The Feds moved to prevent that with their lawsuit.

And I would think that before the Mexicans would allow themselves to be shot down, they'd just stay in their own country. They want our country, but they're not suicidal.

Dustin in Nashville

Anonymous said...

this is were the american third position comes in.
please join us at you will be greeted by a huge "support arizona" logo on the front.