Friday, October 22, 2010

Are you crazy?

The escalating brouhaha over Juan Williams reveals much about the actual extent of freedom of speech in the last days of the Empire. You are free to say anything you want about regime-certified enemies, such as Christians and Southerners, but any opinion that falls below the standard of "embracing diversity" is taboo.

When Vivian Schiller, the CEO of National Public Radio, said that Williams’ comments should have been “between him and his psychiatrist," she expressed the accepted party line that anyone who deviates from the thought of the ruling elite is insane.

Actually, good, housebroken citizens are supposed to believe that anyone who disagrees with transforming America into another Third-World nation is a "xenophobe," and that anyone who opposes same-sex "marriage" is a "homophobe." Traditional beliefs and common-sense observations must be condemned as irrational, hateful, and unenlightened. Thus, we must parrot our betters, or be dismissed as being off our rockers.


Anonymous said...

Typical liberal hypocrisy!!!!

Big Chief said...

These Schiller-type folks are going to keep pushing until they get a revolution or a civil war. Perhaps that's what they want . . .

Jared said...

I'm sorry, but I just don't get the cries about "free speech" in this case. The First Amendment does not give you immunity from being fired by your employer if you say something they don't like. It protects you from government censorship. Just because Juan Williams can't publish anything as an analyst for NPR anymore doesn't stop him from publishing his work somewhere else. Don't misunderstand me; NPR ought to be publicly denounced for what they did, but to say or imply that Mr. Williams' Constitutional rights were violated is taking it too far.

PalmettoPatriot said...

I agree with Jared.

There is no freedom not to be fired for saying something your boss finds offensive. And employer has a natural right to fire an employee for any reason.

Now, what this hypocritical of the Leftists? Of course. But that's a different issue.

And do I ever agree with Williams? Perhaps we both like fried chicken. That's about it, I would guess.