Friday, October 29, 2010

Brace yourselves for the post-election shock

How big is the economic tsunami headed our way? Check out these indicators, which are so obvious, even a government economist can see how bad it is.

Worse, as Pat Buchanan warns here, the political turmoil will only exacerbate the economic turmoil. The inflation heading our way will be as destructive as a giant wall of water flattening everything in its path. And it's deliberate -- it's the last resort the Fed has:

[I]f liberal Democrats are right and deficits are the correct Keynesian cure for recession, why have Obama deficits of $1.4 and $1.3 trillion failed so dismally? Paul Krugman says they are not large enough. Perhaps, but the country is about to end the experiment.

The Federal Reserve, having used and broken every tool in its toolbox, including doubling the money supply and setting interest rates at near zero, will now bet the farm on inflation, starting Nov. 3.

Both parties have lost the mandate of heaven, and neither knows if its economic philosophy even works anymore.

We are in uncharted waters. The country is up for grabs.

Add to this toxic mix the simple fact that we've hobbled ourselves with only two political parties that may as well be clones. Thus, our options in dealing with unprecedented circumstances are limited. The monolithic political system with DC perched on top has eliminated all choices that don't involve ceding even more power to a corrupt, wasteful, and self-serving central government.


david7134 said...

Notice that corn is up 40%.What is our governments reaction to this? Why to pass a regulation allowing 15% ethanol in gas!! What a country.

Of course the progressives/communist consider cotton a dangerous crop as it leads to global warming, or cooling, or climate change, or earthquakes, or volcanos, or malaria, I can't keep up with it.

Justin said...

The annihilation of the dollar offers the best hope for succession. As long as the dollar reigns supreme, and is used to pay off the states, succession is impossible.

Old Rebel said...


They don't care about humans. Gaia is more important.

Old Rebel said...


The regime is self-destructing as fast as it can.

Too bad more people can't see what's happening so we could act now and avoid greater turmoil.

Anonymous said...

Ain't self destructing fast enough for me! We'll put that corn to good use someday - turn it into real money!

Popcorn, you lookin' down on all this?

R. Wade said...

So what your saying is that if the republicans win there will be mean just like when George Bush was handed Florida to win in 2000?

I don't seem to recall all the violence and such then..why now?