Monday, October 25, 2010

Lakeside Lutheran Church in Harrisburg plans final service after sale to Muslim community

More proof that assimilation is not a problem, because we're assimilating just fine to our colonizers:

The church is being sold because of a dwindling congregation, another sign of the changing face of mainline houses of worship across the nation.

Protestant flocks are shrinking, being replaced by other denominations and religions. Lakeside is being sold to a Muslim community....

The church is being sold to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, an Islamic religious movement that believes the long-awaited Messiah arrived more than a century ago.

Akram Khalid, president of the York/Harrisburg Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the Ahamdiyya Muslim community, said his group plans to use the building almost immediately “as is.”

I wonder how long that steeple will last.


Anonymous said...

This is the heart of the matter. The Evangelical Lutheran Church, who are Lutheran in name only and similar to the American Episcopalians, would most likely view this as "providence" and a "further need for diversity training."

The "enlightenment" has had horrible repercussions for white people, and it is time that it is acknowledged.

When Christian white nationalists get snobby with white Heathens and racial Darwinists, one should always ask them "What are the social positions of the faith you were raised in?"

Religion and politics will not save our people. It will only be through individual will and a willingness to use force. The future of our people will only be decided from the ground up.

Anonymous said...

What does race have to do with any of this?

-Maryland Confederate