Monday, October 18, 2010

Older Voters Set for Historic Turnout

Which demographic group has the motivation and conviction to turn things upside-down this election? Older Americans who don't like what's happening in DC are part of an electoral tsunami that will break the records.


Jared said...

But how many of them will do the right thing and call for the end of the social security entitlement program?

Cleophus said...

At this point in time...none of them will. But the time is coming in the next 10 or so years when the WWII generation will be completly gone, and a substantial number of the early baby boomer generation that grew up on what a god Roosevelt was will be gone. Then,the demograpics will be ripe for the paradigm shift in politcal thought to occur, and then we can begin to return this country to a Constitutional Republic, hopefully having lost the baggage of the 14th, 16th &17th amendments. It's coming....... great shifts in public political thought take time to sink in and be absorbed into the masss consciousnes, but it IS coming!!
Of course this is all predicated on the fact that we will still be a republic of 50 states, that very well may not be, we could very easily be 5 rebpulics of 10 states.....Who knows what shape it will take, but it's coming!!!