Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quote of the day -- no, 21st century

"Secession is back as an issue in politics." Ed Sebesta, noted scholar, researcher, and flag designer


Anonymous said...

What does it mean when you and Ed Sebesta agree?

Old Rebel said...


The Age of Aquarius, I think. Or maybe those Mayans were right.

Northwestern Localist said...

I like his questionnaire, It will definetely help in my choice for president. That is if the union still exists in it's present form.

Old Rebel said...

Northwestern Localist,

I really wonder what kind of response he'll get, if any. I mean, how many candidates for Temporary Dictator will say they plan to display the Confederate Battleflag at the White House?

What strange world does this man inhabit?

Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

He. Even he.

"This is a good sword, Haleth, son of Hamas."

"There is always hope."

"It is history that teaches us to hope." (General Robert E. Lee)

Harold Thomas said...

Here is an opinion from north of the Ohio River:

I will be very surprised if any Presidential candidate -- even Barack Obama -- will take notice of the poll, let alone respond to it. It reeks of single-issue politics at its worst. If there is anything that has gone right about politics the last few years, it is that we've been starting to move away from litmus tests.

For what it's worth, here is how I would answer the poll:

(I expect that many of you will disagree with some of my opinions)

Yes: 2,3, and 11.

No: 1,7,9, and 10.

Undecided: 6 and 8.


4 & 5: Membership in such organizations is not an automatic disqualifier -- judicial appointments should be made on the basis of their understanding of the law and how it should be interpreted.

12: The causes of the WBTS are too complex to discuss within the scope of an "interpretation" at a battlefield site, which should be confined to an understanding of what the armies did on that field that day. To discuss slavery out of the context of the tariffs, Northern and Southern views of foreign policy, the interests of the New York banks, Lincoln's determination not to seek a peaceful resolution, the nature of racism on both sides, and the Founders' view of states rights, secession, and nullification is to promote a bias (most likely Ed's).

Any sensible candidate would do what I did not -- just ignore it.

Old Rebel said...

Snaggle-Tooth Jones,

Great vid! Great message!

Old Rebel said...

Harold Thomas,

Good points. I'm sure Sebesta will have as much success with this as he has with his Wile E. Coyote attempts to stop the practice of sendign presidential wreaths to the Arlington Confederate Memorial.

And Obama cannot afford to further stir up white conservative opposition.

Anonymous said...

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

Sounds like they're scared of you now.

shadowviper said...

Man that guy is such a douche bag, personally I could care less if a united states president observes our confederate holiday, Mississippi pretty much closes shop so piss on em

Northwestern Localist said...

Old Rebel,I was being a little facetious. No self respecting lilly livered weasel of a polititian would go any where near that questionaire.

Northwestern Localist said...

Snagle Tooth, now you've got me digging out my lord of the rings dvd again. My better half will be shaking her head and saying you are watching that AGAIN?

shadowviper said...

maybe there will be a t.v. special titled [[ 1 NIGHT WITH ED ]]