Friday, October 22, 2010

Southern Music break

Wooo-hooo, it's Friday, y'all! Loyal reader shadowviper wanted ol' Waylon, so here he is with "The Old Unreconstructed."


Anonymous said...

Dutchy sez,
I believe that should be "UNreconstructed"!

Old Rebel said...

Dutchy, you're right. Fixed it! Thanks.

shadowviper said...

♪ at a little creek called bull run, we took their starry rag, to wipe our horses down with but I ain't here to brag♪

figured ya would like that one reb

Anonymous said...


No doubt then that you grinned at that scene in "Ride With the Devil" when someone tied the candy cane flag to his horse's tail and whooped it up on Main Street in Lawrence, KS.

- Dutchy

shadowviper said...

yep, that was a good movie