Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Tancredo Moment

Many agree this country needs a viable third party. But in Colorado, Tom Tancredo is poised to make the Constitution Party the governing party. Here's how close the race is:

For weeks, polls have consistently shown Tancredo in second place. A few have shown him nipping at the Democratic front-runner’s heels. In late October, Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm, showed Hickenlooper winning 47 percent of likely voters to Tancredo’s 44 percent — well within the survey’s margin of error. Republican nominee Dan Maes received just 5 percent.

The bottom line is that Tancredo's campaign is not a boon for the cause of smaller government -- he's a hawk on foreign policy, and endless war is what keeps us indebted economically and politically to the ruling elite.

That said, the rise of a viable third party does indicate growing desperation on the part of the system to stay in power. Change is coming, and rearranging the deck chairs won't keep the Titanic afloat.


Anonymous said...

HA! That danged Republican is a SPOILER and should just drop out and throw his support to... to... oh, whomever!

Their team, our team, your team, even my team - I care NOT ONE WIT!!! The fix is still in for the ruling elites regardless of the election outcomes; you really think they don't have a game plan with several backups and layers of redundancy to neutralize the entrance of the Tea Partiers into "power"?! Only difference is everybody nowadays either knows or suspects there is no pea under any of the shells. When a certain percentage of The Disgruntled come to truly accept this, the playing field and the rules will have to be changed.

Mike Foster said...

Good analysis, Old Rebel.

Don't vote for Tom Tancredo - Doug Newman

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, the only reason he is running under the "constitution party" was because he missed the deadline to submit papers that would have allowed him to run in the Republican primary, or something to that effect.

If he wins, don't be surprised if he "switches" parties.

Northwestern Localist said...

Well he.., that's why I come here. I was rooting pretty hard for Tancredo for someone not living in that state.

What say you Snagle Tooth? I value your opinion.

Old Rebel said...


Sadly, candidates like Tancredo are nothing but a distraction.

Old Rebel said...

Mike Foster,


Old Rebel said...


Good point. He really isn't offering anything that the two establishment parties aren't offering (not that they'd actually deliver once elected!).

Old Rebel said...

Northwestern Localist,

Yes, I'd like Snag's take on this.