Friday, April 30, 2010

Stand Up for Arizona!

I say, stand up for Pat Buchanan! No one nails hypocrites and sell-out politicians with such courage and much-needed bluntness:

... where Arizona has made it a misdemeanor to be in the country illegally, in Calderon’s country it is a felony that can get you years in prison. Where illegal aliens in America regularly protest under Mexican flags, no foreign resident of Mexico may demonstrate against the regime.

Where immigration is changing the ethnic balance of this country, in Mexico immigrants are not allowed in who could upset “the equilibrium of the national demographics.” Where Americans demand we treat illegal aliens firmly but fairly, Guatemalans caught in Mexico are often treated with a brutality bordering on sadism.

We really do not need any lectures on morality or human rights from Mexico. But what is the matter with our leader that he will not defend his country?

No doubt, Obama despises the real America. He's almost as contemptible as George W. Bush.

Puerto Rico a Potential 51st State?

Yet more proof the US Congress is run by the criminally insane:

The United States’ unemployment rate remains high at 9.7 percent. States are in the unfair position of having to take immigration law into their own hands. Americans are angry about the overspending in D.C., increased taxes, an aggressive health care bill, and proposals for “cap and trade.” But despite all of these looming issues, what legislation does Congress plan to tackle today, April 29? H.R. 2499 (Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009), a piece of legislation that may allow Puerto Rico to become a state.

So when do we get to vote on NOT being a State?

Flags of the Rebellion

(Click for bigger image)

Confederate Memorial Day in Florida

Policing for Profit

Government parasites are becoming more aggressive:

It’s called policing for profit and it’s happening all across America.

Police and prosecutors’ offices seize private property—often without ever charging the owners with a crime, much less convicting them of one—then keep or sell what they’ve taken and use the profits to fund their budgets. And considering law enforcement officials in most states don’t report the value of what they collect or how that bounty is spent, the issue raises serious questions about both government transparency and accountability.

Asked. Answered.

"What kind of country are we becoming?" Mary Bauer, legal director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, announcing a lawsuit against Arizona's border security law.

This kind:

Alejandro Enrique Ramirez Umana was sentenced to death Wednesday by a jury in Charlotte after being convicted of racketeering in connection with the murders of two men who "disrespected" his gang signs. Officials said he tried to kill witnesses from jail and attempted to sneak a knife into the federal courthouse in Charlotte. U.S. Marshals found the knife attached to Umana's penis, officials said.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Illegals Threaten To Murder Americans With Axes and Shovels

Is this a taste of what we can expect on May Day?

Thanks to Ted for the link!

Bill Clinton Sees 'More Immigrants' As A Way To Reduce Deficit

Gag alert! Remove all children from the room before clicking on the link, and whatever you do, lock up your women, because Bill Clinton's back! And as usual, he's up to no good:

Former President Bill Clinton enthusiastically weighed into the blistering national debate on immigration today with a resounding assertion that America needs more immigrants -- not fewer -- to ensure its long-term fiscal future.

Actually, illegal immigrants cost taxpayers -- illegals have run up a net fiscal deficit of almost $10.4 billion, or $2,700 per illegal household.

But then, Bill Clinton and the truth never did get along that well.

And let's not forget that Clinton's not only a liar, but a certified left-globalist, the sponsor of what he called a “Third American Revolution,” whose ultimate goal was to make whites a minority in America. Here's how he put it in June, 1997, as quoted in The Tennessean:

“Along with our founding, which was an act of genius, and the freeing of slaves in the Civil War and the long civil rights movement, this will arguably be the third great revolution of America if we literally can live without having a dominant European culture.”

And what if we can't? Go away, Bill.

From Minnesota to Georgia, Politicians Lend Support to Arizona Immigration Law

The battle lines between the people of the States and the DC ruling class couldn't be any clearer than this:

Meanwhile, in Georgia, which had 480,000 illegal immigrants last year -- sixth in the nation -- Republican candidate for governor Nathan Deal said he supports Arizona's new law and would like to see it in the Peach State.

"As governor of Georgia, I'd work to pass and sign similar legislation," Deal said in a statement released Tuesday. "The new Arizona law is called 'controversial,' but 70 percent of Arizonans approve of it. I think there would be similar support in Georgia for such legislation. Our public services are stretched beyond their limits during these tough economic times, and our open borders result in our states and counties importing poverty. Local taxpayers foot the bill for these significant additional costs."

Like Obama's socialized medicine scheme, globalism will be forced on an unwilling people -- at least, that's the plan.

Illegal immigrants plan to leave over Arizona law

Sounds like the law's working to me!

But this is like when a neighbor puts in a security fence and burglar alarm -- local burglars will simply prey on the unprepared. Now it's up to the other sovereign States to install their own security measures.

Either that, or wait for DC to enforce the border. (Just kidding!)

The revolt of the elites

Gordon Brown, Britain's Prime Minister, is already struggling in a hotly contested election. Now he's put himself in deep doo by dismissing a supporter who expressed concern about immigration as "bigoted," not realizing he still had on a wireless microphone. Brown, a self-described "internationalist," revealed the disdain politicians have for the unwashed masses they manipulate for their own agendas.

Meanwhile, in New York, a State Senator caught in mid-tantrum accused Republicans of being white supremacists who were part of the "forces of evil" he valiantly opposed.


How typical. Question our handlers' agenda, and you're condemned as backward, bigoted, and racist. Only "little people" value community, heritage, and nation. Our cosmopolitan handlers, meanwhile, see themselves as the enlightened Masters of the Universe.

How sweet it is to catch them in the act of inserting foot into mouth. Ha-ha!

When the government is broken,...

Secession has worked in the past, and it can work again. Unfortunately, there are many parasites feeding off the present system, and they don't want the option discussed. From Nolan Chart.

Signs of the Rebellion

This is a picture I took today in Augusta, GA. Gotta love that name!

Send me your flag pictures at

Hispanics plan massive May Day rallies

How DARE those gringos try to enforce their laws!

This article couldn't make it any clearer that these people's loyalty is not to America, but to their ethnic group:

U.S. Hispanics and Democratic lawmakers furious over Arizona's harsh crackdown on illegal immigrants expect huge weekend rallies across the United States, piling pressure on President Barack Obama to overhaul immigration laws in this election year.

Protest organizers said on Wednesday outrage over the Arizona law -- which seeks to drive illegal immigrants out of the state bordering Mexico -- has galvanized Latinos and would translate into a higher turnout for May Day rallies in more than 70 U.S. cities.

"The marches and demonstrations are going to be far more massive than they otherwise would have been," said Juan Jose Gutierrez, a Los Angeles rally organizer who runs an immigration assistance company.

Read that last line again. These are the people who're part of the Reconquista, politicians willing to sell their souls for votes, and those who are in the business of colonizing America.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mexico's Immigration Law: Let's Try It Here at Home

Under Mexican law, it is a felony to be an illegal alien in Mexico. If the Mexican government doesn't like our immigration laws, maybe we should adopt theirs. Ha!

South of the Border

Justin Raimondo is the editor of, which normally focuses on the hidden costs and dangers of DC's foreign wars. So what's the connection between our disastrous open borders policy and our disastrous interventionism? Just this:

An estimated six million illegal immigrants have flooded the US in recent years – in sheer quantitative terms, this represents the biggest single threat to our national security. And yet the merest suggestion that something ought to be done about it is met with cries of outrage by the liberal media and the usual suspects, i.e. the Big Business lobby, which thrives on a pool of unlimited cheap labor, the "La Raza" crowd, which is basically arguing for a policy of open borders, and the Roman Catholic Church, which seeks to replenish its fast-emptying churches with a fresh crop of congregants.

Mexico is a seething cauldron that is already overflowing onto American soil; the national government in Mexico City appears to be losing control, even in popular tourist areas. The drug cartels are successfully challenging its monopoly on the use of force in every area of the country. When the whole place starts to come apart at the seams, do we really want a policy of open borders in place?

The solution Raimondo offers reflects how DC's insane interventionism is tied up with the illegal immigrant problem:

Okay, you might ask, so what’s your solution to the problem, Mr. Smarty-pants? A logical question, with an inescapably logical answer: stop trying to protect Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan and start protecting our own border with Mexico. Make the border airtight. In short, start using the resources of the federal government to carry out its one-and-only legitimate function: securing and protecting our borders.

And, I'd add, the same with Israel: Let the Israelis worry about Israel's security. We have enough problems of our own.

How To Renounce Your Citizenship

... and why you shouldn't do it. First, here's how it's done:

More and more Americans are giving up their citizenship, a recent New York Times article noted. According to the article, 502 expatriates gave up their citizenship in the last quarter of 2009, more than twice the total for all of 2008. In 2004, Brendan I. Koerner explained how to renounce your citizenship.

The oath reads: "I hereby absolutely and entirely renounce my United States nationality, together with all rights and privileges and all duties of allegiance and fidelity." The renunciation must take place in a foreign country, and the State Department reserves the right to reject the citizen's attempt to ditch their citizenship.

Did you catch that last part? What seems like the individual's ultimate act of defiance is actually just another futile act, one that can be dismissed by the very government the individual wishes to escape.

I have other problems with this. It's the US government that's illegitimate, that has turned against its own people, exporting their jobs, spying on them illegally, and orchestrating a demographic revolution against the people's wishes and interests. DC is what's "un-American," and we should never let them think otherwise.

Better, I think, to hold up our true legacy of the rights proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. That way, our fellow citizens and the world can see it is the regime in DC that has renounced America.

Texas lawmaker to introduce border security bill

The Arizona Rebellion is spreading:

A Texas lawmaker says she plans to push for a law similar to Arizona's get-tough immigration measure.

San Antonio Express-News and Houston Chronicle report Wednesday that Republican Rep. Debbie Riddle of Tomball says she will introduce the measure in the January legislative session.

The new Arizona law would require local and state law enforcement to question people about their immigration status - and make it a crime for immigrants to lack registration documents.

Riddle says if the federal government did its job "Arizona wouldn't have to take this action, and neither would Texas."

The multicult left and their corporate sugar daddies continue to paint border security legislation as motivated purely by irrational hatred. But the plain truth is that people are terrorized by the floodtide of criminals pouring in from Mexico and Central America, and are nearly bankrupted by the additional costs of paying for immigrants' heavy tolls on public assistance. Pat Buchanan laid it all out in yesterday's column.

The Federal government deserves a pink slip for its failure to enforce the law.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whose Country is This?

Leave it to Pat Buchanan to ask the questions and state the facts that matter to real people, but fake journalists and bought pundits won't touch:

With the support of 70 percent of its citizens, Arizona has ordered sheriffs and police to secure the border and remove illegal aliens, half a million of whom now reside there.

Arizona acted because the U.S. government has abdicated its constitutional duty to protect the states from invasion and refuses to enforce America’s immigration laws.

“We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for Washington to act,” said Gov. Jan Brewer. “But decades of inaction and misguided policy have created an unacceptable situation.”

We have a crisis in Arizona because we have a failed state in Washington.

What is the response of Barack Obama, who took an oath to see to it that federal laws are faithfully executed?

He is siding with the law-breakers. He is pandering to the ethnic lobbies. He is not berating a Mexican regime that aids and abets this invasion of the country of which he is commander in chief. Instead, he attacks the government of Arizona for trying to fill a gaping hole in law enforcement left by his own dereliction of duty.

Waking up to the fact that the DC empire is a failed state is the first step toward reclaiming our rights and protecting our civilization.

Read the whole thing -- it's a welcome breath of fresh air in a stale atmosphere dominated by our sell-out government.

Arizona reacts to a long train of Federal abuses

This opinion piece from Oregon's Statesman Journal is typical of the ruling elite's attitude toward the American people, and oh-so-typical in exposing its profound ignorance of the Constitution and history.

Claiming that "Arizona's immigration witch hunt challenges federal authority," the anonymous editorial writer starts the piece with this headache-inducing display of government-supremacist arrogance:

Though it has been settled law since the Civil War ended that a state cannot secede from the union, Arizona's extreme action suggests it imagines it can.

Given this existential loophole, Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill that unilaterally gives her state the power to enforce federal immigration law ...

Once again, we're supposed to believe that Constitutional issues are settled by bayonets and cannons. In fact, the Civil War only proved that an industrialized nation was able to defeat an agrarian nation in a grinding, four-year war.

One thing the writer does get right, however, is the significance of Arizona's border security legislation. The Federal government has utterly failed in its duty to enforce existing law. No one can deny that. Since the authority to enforce the border is one of many powers delegated to the Federal government, DC's failure to fulfill its duty is ample reason for Arizona to resume that power. To the writer, however, Arizona is guilty of trying "to usurp the federal government's authority to legislate immigration laws." The bias toward big government blinds its apologists to the truth of the matter.

However, all the defenders of the central government care about is propping up DC's hegemony. The writer concludes by suggesting how the Obama administration can sabotage Arizona's border security efforts:

But it will be left to the federal government to counter Arizona's immigration witch hunt. The Obama administration can do this by refusing to take custody of any non-violent illegal immigrants whom local police charge with "misdemeanor trespassing" - the immigration offense the new law creates.

While such a stance isn't likely to produce a surrender like the one at Appomattox Court House that ended the Civil War, it could force Arizona's governor and lawmakers to end their legislative insurrection.

Again, this op-ed does indeed correctly outline the central issue: This is the first real battle between the people of the States and the hangers-on of the decaying central government. What happens in Arizona will affect all of us.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Flags of the Rebellion

Happy Confederate Memorial Day from Georgia!

Send me your flag pictures at

Whose security?

Obama assures Israel's defense minister that defending Israel's security is in America's interests. However, Obama opposes Arizona's efforts to protect its people. Not sure how that fits into Obama's oath to uphold the Constitution.

Meanwhile, a new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds that 60% of voters nationwide agree with the Arizona law.

It's time to make a fuss in our State legislatures! We may FINALLY have their attention.

Tea Party civics and the logic of lawyers

Ohio Republic features this interesting entry regarding the opinions of a prominent New York lawyer on secession. I don't agree with all the points, but check out his somewhat off-beat interpretation of the 10th amendment and his equally unique argument for the sovereignty of the States.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group

Check out the latest Facebook page:

With their tendency to smear, distort, falsely associate, and lie about anyone with a pro-liberty agenda... it is safe to say that the SPLC is a group centered around promoting hate, aggression, and collectivism. Privacy Type:Open: All content is public

I think we've finally found a group of people that truly do "hate us for our freedom"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

‘This Is Alabama. We Speak English.’

And the street signs are also in English. So why is the state giving drivers’ license exams in 12 different languages? Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim James asks the common-sense question ...

From The Other McCain

If Rachel Maddow doesn't like it, it's gotta be good!

“Bring Your Pieces to Church” Sunday

Great article on our tradition of self-defense. From the Tennessee League of the South:

Imagine the following scenario: At church this Sunday, while reviewing the list of announcements and upcoming events for your church, your pastor added, “Oh, and don’t forget: on Sundays we have our regular target practice. Make sure to bring your rifles. Make sure to bring your pieces to church.

Absurd, right? Not so. It used to be the American way. For example, a 1631 law in Virginia required citizens to own firearms, to engage in practice with them, and to do so publicly on holy days. It demanded that the people “bring their pieces to the church.” Somewhere along the line we have lost this mindset. Today the ideas of church and arms are assumed to be at odds, as if loving your neighbor has nothing to do with the preservation and defense of life and property.

You'll want to read the whole thing! Great ammo the next time you see a gun-grabbing editorial in the paper.

La Raza: Arizona law "not the answer"

The National Council of La Raza (translation: Das Volk) has issued a press release denouncing Arizona's immigration enforcement law, which takes the handcuffs off Arizona law enforcement personnel, allowing them to protect Arizonans from illegal aliens.

While La Raza thinks the law goes too far, it's too little, too late for rancher Robert Krentz, who was murdered last month by illegals trespassing on his property.

La Raza claims the law is "not the answer." Of course it isn't -- solutions are never the answer. Enforcement of our laws is not the answer. Americans standing up to defend their country is not the answer.

The only politically correct choice is to surrender to invasion. Anything else is racist.

Federal vs. State government: Which is more representative?

Draw your own conclusion:

54% of American voters opposed Obama health care plan (which DC passed anyway).

70% of Arizona Residents Support Illegal Immigration Bill (which their State legislators passed).

Arizona governor signs immigration bill

God bless Arizona:

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Friday signed an immigration bill that would empower state and local police to stop people suspected of being illegal immigrants, in what opponents say will lead to racial profiling.

The measure would require proof of legal status and make it a crime to be in the state without documentation.

Brewer, a Republican, said that despite the controversy surrounding the state’s toughest piece of legislation against illegal immigration, it was in the best interest of the state.

“We cannot sacrifice our safety to the murderous greed of drug cartels,” Brewer said during a press conference Friday, adding that she will not tolerate racial profiling.

Meanwhile, back in the District of Corruption, our handlers aren't happy.

Friday, April 23, 2010

America, come home

Even this advocate of a strong Federal government says it's time to de-centralize.

Former supporters repulsed by the SPLC

The SPLC's partisan propaganda has become so extreme, even supporters are turned off.

Here's an open letter from a former donor to the IRS requesting the agency investigate the SPLC:

I urge you to investigate the Southern Poverty Law Center. I contributed to them in good faith for many years in the 1980s and 1990s because I believed them to be an anti-bias and anti-KKK organization. However, as a member of the Tea Party movement, I now learn that they are calling me ugly names because I do not believe in their socialist political program.

And here's a one-time supporter puzzled by the SPLC's fearmongering against civil libertarians who are driven not by racial hatred, as the SPLC implies in all of its cowardly smears, but by concern for the Bill of Rights. Citing the Obama administration's policy of "prolonged indefinite detention” (the effective gutting of habeas corpus), the writer concludes the SPLC is the enemy, not the defender, of individual rights:

Yet, Ron Paul, and Judge Napolitano, who have pointed out the horrendous overthrow of our Civil Liberties this measure would entail, are painted by SPLC as anti-government extemists, while the Obama Administration is described in a SPLC report as “Liberal”.

I'd add one little correction: Neither the SPLC nor Obama are "liberal"; both are authoritarian globalists.

Get your latest Obama jokes!

Q: What's the main problem with Barack Obama jokes?
A: His followers don't think they're funny and everyone else doesn't think they're jokes.

Q: Why does Barack Obama oppose the Second Amendment?
A: It stands between him and the First.

Q: What's the difference between Rahm Emanuel and a carp?
A: One is a scum sucking bottom feeder and the other is a fish.

Barack Obama: He has what it takes to take what you've got!

Q: What's the difference between Greta Van Susteren and Barack Obama?
A: Greta only talks out of one side of her mouth.

Q: What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?
A: A fund raiser.

Q: What's the difference between Obama's cabinet and a penitentiary?
A: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers and threats to society. The other is for housing prisoners.

If Nancy Pelosi and Obama were on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it started to sink, who would be saved? ... America !

Obama's campaign slogan "Yes we can" has become "Yes you will."

H/T to Ashley!

ACLU: Immigration law promotes racial profiling

The ACLU just reached a new level of mind-numbing insanity:

The Arizona chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union says it may mount a constitutional challenge if Gov. Jan Brewer signs into law an immigration bill now on her desk.

The bill requires law enforcement officers to ask the immigration status of people they stop and allows them to arrest those who do not have documentation that they are in Arizona legally.

The posturing from the multicult left on this issue absolutely floors me. Can we agree that illegal immigration is a bad thing? Uncontrolled, it allows all sorts of dangerous criminals into the country -- drug gangs, auto thieves, and murderers -- just look at what happened to rancher Robert Krentz, who befriended illegal aliens.

Clearly, the ACLU hasn't looked at a map recently. If it did, it would realize Arizona shares a border with Mexico. Where else are illegal aliens going to come from?

Here's the ACLU in action on December 7, 1941:

Tribute to Senator Sam

Sam Ervin died on this date in 1985 at the age of 88 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. "Senator Sam" was one of the last of the conservative Democrats, and was a great champion of the South and the Constitution.

E.D. Hirsch, Jr., in his book, Cultural Literacy, paid this tribute to Sam Ervin for his role in the Watergate hearings:

"The words he quoted were spoken by that great defender of the American colonists, William Pitt the Elder, and they became permanently etched in my mind in a Southern drawl that rang like poetry:

'The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the force of the Crown. It may be frail; its roof may shake; the wind may blow through it; the storms may enter, the rain may enter, but the King of England cannot enter.'

I can still hear Ervin saying, 'But thuh King of Inglun kennawd ennuh.'"

In addition to his heroic stance against the authoritarian Richard Nixon, Senator Ervin sponsored the Southern Manifesto in 1956, in which he argued that Federal intrusions into education would set dangerous precedents that could only lead to unlimited government power. Today, that same government has not only taken over vast sections of American industry, including auto manufacturing, finance, and health care, but also claims the power to ignore the Bill of Rights.

Too bad we didn't listen.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Farah v. Morris Dees

Joseph Farah of World Net Daily turns the tables on the SPLC, which attempted to slam him for being a leader in the "Patriot" movement. ("Patriot" is a derogatory term to the SPLC.) In response to the SPLC's assertion that he "could not be reached for comment," Farah shoots back:

Could not be reached for comment? Let me state unequivocally and for the record, the gutless, little cowards at the Southern Poverty Law Center with their $300 million annual budget never had the courage to call me, leave a message or send an e-mail! I would have been amused to answer the accusations of Dees or one of his little minions. Anyone who knows me understands how much I like to mix it up with those who disagree with me. Could not be reached for comment, indeed. Larceny and cowardice are the trademarks of Dees and company.

Biff! Bam! Pow!

Imperial Death Watch

Lib Dems Leader Clegg: Britain Must Stop Doing US Bidding -- even Air Strip One wants out from under Uncle Sam's thumb.

Quote of the day

"Any group that says, 'I'm young, I'm Democratic, and I'm a socialist,' is all right with me." ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis, to the Young Democratic Socialists, the youth branch of the Democratic Socialists, the U.S. branch of the Socialist International.

But if WE accuse them of being socialist, it's racist. (Anyone out there know how that works?)

Mexican government condemns Arizona legislature

Seems the kleptocracy in Mexico City thinks it can interfere in Arizona's affairs. It doesn't like Arizona's proposed law to halt the floodtide of illegal Mexicans (see previous post).

This is not the first time the Mexican government has admitted it's conducting a full-scale invasion of El Norte and expects to control the territory it has reconquered. In 2007, then-president Felipe Calderón brazenly announced:

“I have said that Mexico does not stop at its border, that wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico,” he said. “And, for this reason, the government action on behalf of our countrymen is guided by principles, for the defense and protection of their rights.”

This is so in-your-face, even a blind man could see it. Both Mexico City and the District of Corruption have teamed up against the people of this country.

What is to be done? Obama knows!

The overjoyed masses stand united behind their leader as he summons us forward toward a more perfect union! Let us all resolve to support President Obama, who works tirelessly to improve our democracy and redistribute our wealth!

And guess who the beneficiary is of all this redistribution?

Thanks to Harold for the graphic idea!

Will others follow Arizona's lead on immigration?

As it becomes brutally clear the Federal government stands in the way of border security, it's more and more up to the people of the States to take matters into their own hands. Arizona's legislature has passed a no-nonsense bill that only awaits the governor's signature -- and the other States see this as an example they can follow:

Now that Arizona lawmakers have passed what's considered some of the toughest immigration legislation in the country, other states are watching to see whether they should follow in the state's footsteps or stand back.

Arizona's bill orders immigrants to carry their alien registration documents at all times and requires police to question people if there's reason to suspect they're in the United States illegally. It also targets those who hire illegal immigrant day laborers or knowingly transport them.

This is earth-shaking. First of all, it reveals the growing rift between the central government and the people of the States over yet another explosive issue, in this case, DC's Open Borders agenda. Furthermore, it illustrates where this split will inevitably lead us: The Huffington Post spells it out in Arizona Becoming First State to Secede From Union.

Arizona has boldly taken the initiative. The alternative, for Arizonans and the rest of us, is the further loss of jobs, security, culture, and liberty.

It's time for Dixie to be a nation

That's what this young man proclaims, and I couldn't agree more. From the Tuscaloosa News:

As for President (Barack) Obama being a Marxist, well, he is. If you govern according to Karl Marx's 'Communist Manifesto,' you're a Marxist. In fact, that is what the federal government has been doing for over a century. It is Marxism, even when we do it. How sad that those who profess to love liberty have accepted, even demanded, its tyrannical chains.

President Jefferson Davis said that the Cause of the South would reassert itself. The Tea Party, and talk of nullification and secession, is proving him right. These principles are not pathological, but quintessentially American. That folks outside the South are invoking them speaks volumes in that regard. Sadly, we, Southrons are behind the curve. May God grant Dixie a name and place among the nations of the earth — and soon.

It may be sooner than anyone thinks. Who would've predicted in 1985 that the Soviet Union, judged a superpower by the rest of the world (and US intelligence), was a hollow shell facing imminent collapse?

Consider DC's massive debt, demographic upheaval, and imperial overstretch of its exhausted military, and draw your own conclusions.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Physicians who love Obamacare

From Proceeding Boldly:

The American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association are both enamored of the Obama administration's quest to socialize medicine. This position would seem curious, given the large majority of clinical physicians is strongly and vocally opposed.

Something wicked and perverse hijacks every bureaucracy. I worked in Organizational Development at a large insurance company, and witnessed firsthand the ironic tension between organizations and those that the organizations supposedly serve. Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy says:

"In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in control and those dedicated to the goals the bureaucracy is supposed to accomplish have less and less influence, and sometimes are eliminated entirely."

Been there. It is a fact. And that's what we're seeing with the Federal government, which is the most extreme case of a detached, self-serving, parasitic bureaucracy the world has ever seen. Obamacare is just its latest project.

Why we need decentralism

One of the lessons of the old 20th century is that centralized power inevitably leads to tyranny and war. Most people would prefer NOT to live under such a regime. So let's make it easier to vote with your feet. From Ohio Republic.

Health-care mandates could be 'null and void'

As the man said, it ain't over till it's over. The sovereign people of the States still possess the power -- despite what our handlers and their mouthpieces would have us believe -- to stop an out-of-control central government:

A group of Americans who believe the federal government overstepped its constitutional bounds in passing the recent health-care legislation is rallying allies to a bold and controversial initiative: state nullification of the federal law.

"Now that health-care reform has been signed into law, the question people ask most is, 'What do we do about it?'" said Michael Boldin, founder of the Tenth Amendment Center, in a statement. "The status-quo response includes lobbying Congress, marching on D.C., 'voting the bums out,' suing in federal court and more. But the last 100 years have proven that none of these really work, and government continues to grow year in and year out."

You'll want to read the whole thing. Of course, any article with the subtitle "Rebellion in America" is worth reading.

Visualizing Obama's budget cuts

Confused by the fancy rhetoric about Obama's promised budget cuts? I know I am! So here's a clever video that puts the numbers in perspective. Short, sweet, and eye-opening!

Flags of the Rebellion

N.C. reenactors camp at Trail of Faith, Valdese, NC. From this past weekend.

Send me your flag pictures at

Massive government corruption hidden by focus on Goldman-Sachs

Obama's succeeded in disguising DC's crony capitalist policies with a "power to the people" facade. Whether a Republican or Democratic regime pushes the buttons, the central government's control machinery still connects to the overloaded nervous system of a confused, cowering population that obeys and surrenders its liberties and hard-earned cash on demand. Be sure to read the last paragraph: (After you take your blood pressure meds!)

It just so happens that Chris Dodd is also one of the main players in Congress pushing for new, sweeping government regulations of the nation's financial sector--a move that has the GOP demanding to see records of SEC contacts with Dodd, Congressional Democrats, the White House, the DNC, and the NYT.

But who is regulating government? If Chris Dodd is one of the heavyweights behind the push for government regulation, then who is there to regulate the actions of corrupt politicians who benefit handsomely from sweet deals while at the same time giving Wall Street firms assurances that should they get in trouble again, the government will always be around to bail them out?

It is important to note that the new regulatory bill contains language that promises permanent and automatic taxpayer-funded bailouts should the firms ever again experience a 'crisis.' Americans For Tax Reform is urging the defeat of the bill.

For an interesting left-populist view, check out The Business of America Is Kleptocracy, which comes to the same conclusions as the above piece. It also offers a more comprehensive view of the rotten regime in the District of Corruption, including how the politically connected profit from DC's insane, counter-productive foreign policy. It contains this little gem that neatly sums up how modern America works: From Each According to His Gullibility – To Each According to His Greed.


The Slippery Definition of Extremist

James Bovard proves that the current definition of an "extremist" is anyone who disagrees with the government:

Prior to September 2001, anyone who suggested that the U.S. government lead a crusade to “rid the world of evil”would have been labeled both an extremist and a loon. But when George W. Bush promised exactly that three days after 9/11, the media cheered and his approval ratings soared.

Prior to November 2001, anyone who suggested that the president had the power to suspend the right of habeas corpus and perpetually detain anyone he accused of serious wrongdoing would have been considered an extremist. But Bush’s executive decree on enemy combatants made this the law — or at least the policy — of the land.

Prior to 2002, anyone who suggested that the U.S. government create a Total Information Awareness database of personal information on tens of millions of Americans would have been considered an extremist. But federal spy agencies rushed forward with exactly such plans, and the feds have stockpiled far more data on citizens.

But by any objective definition of "extemist," which would denote the advocacy of views that deviate significantly from those of most people, there's no doubt the Federal government is the true extremist in American politics.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Tribe Rising?

In a New Yorker review of several books on white America, Kelefa Sanneh wonders if America is witnessing “the slow birth of a people.” Pat Buchanan agrees:

For after a year of battering as “un-American,” “evil-doers” and racists, and praise from talk-show hosts and Sarah Palin as “the real Americans,” Tea Party America seems to be taking on a new and separate identity.

Ethnonationalism — the recognition of an embryonic people that they are different from their neighbors, and the concomitant drive to live apart — is, as Arthur Schlesinger Jr. wrote 20 years ago, a more powerful force than any ideology, be it communism, fascism or democracy.

Ethnonationalism is the pre-eminent force of the age we have entered, the creator and destroyer of empires and nations. ...

Now Southerners are proudly commemorating ancestors who fought and fell in the Lost Cause and demanding recognition of Confederate History Month. And state governors are acceding.

In 2004, when Howard Dean reached out to “guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks,” Shelby Steele wrote that this was “absolutely verboten. Racial identity is simply forbidden to whites in America” because of their history and white guilt.

This, Sanneh suggests, is changing. The imputation of racism to Tea Partiers has not intimidated or cowed them.

Charles Johnson calls Buchanan's piece racist. He fails to say why it's racist for whites to think of themselves as white, but then I have never grasped the mind of Charles Johnson, whether he's insulting Tea Party protesters, or cheering on the murder of innocent Muslims.

The latest threat against Democrats

Guess which racist, bloodthirsty Tea Party extremist threatened trouble if Obama doesn't comply with his demands? Here's the threat:

“We’re going to make it uncomfortable for the Democratic Party. There’ll probably be civil disobedience. There will probably be a number of different actions. What we have to do is we have to break through this wall of silence, because we’re invisible.”

Wait -- that wasn't a Tea Party yahoo -- that was Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D - Mex.) demanding amnesty for illegal aliens.

My bad! But after all, Tea Party activists have caught so much flak for comparing Obama's agenda to communist and nazi programs, Mr. Gutierrez' previous assertion that Border Patrol agents were like the “Gestapo” sounded similar.

States can't block federal mandates

Many have documented the SPLC's money-making. However, our concern is the SPLC's mission of delegitimizing opposition to big government. In this extraordinary piece, Mark Potok drops the pretense of fighting for the oppressed and asserts a doctrine that brands Potok as a government supremacist. Judge for yourself:

If the federal government oversteps its bounds, some in Oklahoma want to be ready. That's the idea behind a nascent effort to create a state militia that would fend off any infringement of state sovereignty. Oklahoma tea party leaders have promoted the idea and, remarkably, some state lawmakers support it. ...

If this sounds familiar, it's because we've been here before. The effort is about states attempting to block federal mandates — in this case, it seems, by force. Oklahoma need not bother. The issue was decided long ago — at Gettysburg.

In other words, might makes right. Lee lost to Meade, therefore, we must forget the Bill of Rights, with its strict limits on what the central government can and cannot do, and its guarantees of the ultimate sovereignty of the people of the States. For Potok, as with all partisans of empire, what matters is who has the biggest guns.

The mote that is in thy brother's eye

The SPLC sets new standards for "chutzpah." Here, they criticize the compensation of VDARE's Peter Brimelow. That's a pretty outrageous comment from a group whose founder commands $350,000 a year, and luxuriates in this mansion.

And for jaw-dropping, Bizarro-world level hypocrisy, what could beat the SPLC, of all people, claiming that Joseph Farah "stokes fear" in his WorldNetDaily articles?

My head hurts.

The American descent into Marxism

Now here's a little historical irony for you! From Pravda:

It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American descent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.

The final collapse has come with the election of Barack Obama. His speed in the past three months has been truly impressive. His spending and money printing has been a record setting, not just in America ' s short history but in the world. If this keeps up for more than another year, and there is no sign that it will not, America at best will resemble the Weimar Republic and at worst Zimbabwe .

These past two weeks have been the most breath taking of all. First came the announcement of a planned redesign of the American Byzantine tax system, by the very thieves who used it to bankroll their thefts, losses, and swindles of hundreds of billions of dollars.

The proud American will go down into his slavery without a fight, beating his chest, and proclaiming to the world, how free he really is. The world will only snicker.

The irony of this article appearing in the English edition of Pravda (Russian on-line newspaper) defies description. Why can a Russian newspaper print the following yet the American media can't/won't see it?

Confederate Memorial Day at Landmark Baptist Church

You are cordially invited to the Confederate Memorial Day Services and Barbeque at Landmark Baptist Church, Archer, Florida.

Click here for details. Click here for the magnificent flag display at Landmark Baptist Church.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mark Potok and the Hijacking of ‘Hate’

Believe it or not, many of the people the SPLC has smeared are actually good, hard-working people with families -- and concern for their loved ones motivates their activism, rather than "hate." From The Other McCain.

Quote of the day

What I talk about are the liberal intellectuals, the ones who portray themselves and perceive themselves as challenging power, as courageous, as standing up for truth and justice. They are basically the guardians of the faith. They set the limits. They tell us how far we can go. They say, ‘Look how courageous I am.’ But do not go one millimeter beyond that. At least for the educated sectors, they are the most dangerous in supporting power. Leftist renegade Noam Chomsky, on how liberals prop up the Empire

UPDATE: And here's a case in point.

The answer to Obama's problems

Distrust of government is rising, the economy's in tatters, formerly docile State governments grow increasingly bolder in resisting the central government -- what to do? How can DC distract its peasants and muzzle dissent?

I know -- how about a new war?

Objection from a drunken sailor

For those who think golf is more fun than a funeral

Obama's catching grief for playing golf rather than attending the funeral of Polish president Kaczynski. Drudge has this to say:

Mr. Obama has played golf far more often [32 times already] than former President George W. Bush. In his eight years in office, Mr. Bush played just 24 times. His last time as president was Oct. 13, 2003.

But the more time he spends on the golf course, the less time he spends growing the government. Better to have Obama stuck in sandtraps than us mired in deeper debt!

Look, ma! We're mainstream!

From Pew Poll: Trust In Government Hits Near-Historic Low:

Americans' trust in government and its institutions has plummeted to a near-historic low, according to a sobering new survey by the Pew Research Center.

Only 22 percent of Americans surveyed by Pew say they can trust government in Washington "almost always or most of the time" -- among the lowest measures in the half-century since pollsters have been asking the question.

And an increasing number -- almost 1 of every 3 people -- say they believe government is a major threat to their personal freedoms and want federal power reined in.

It wasn't that long ago that members of the League of the South were dismissed as unpatriotic conservatives because we warned that our handlers in DC, rather than medieval goatherders in Iraq and Afghanistan resisting foreign occupiers, were the greatest threat to our liberty and prosperity. Our contention that overgrown government is inherently destructive and oppressive would be greeted with dismissive smiles.

And when we raised the banners of States' Rights and secession, most patriotic Americans shook their heads in puzzlement.

But this is the freest, most prosperous nation in the history of the world!

Then a funny thing happened. The lies were exposed.

The public realized the US Patriot Act effectively neutered the Bill of Rights. Also, as a $9 trillion Federal deficit loomed before us, people finally woke up to the fact that our freedom and prosperity were hollow shells, fictions used to keep us silent and content.

These days, however, talk of distrust of big government, nullification, States' Rights, and even secession stir the marketplace of ideas, revealing an alternative to the two big-government/big-business parties, an alternative we'd forgotten was our true legacy. As Judge Napolitano was quoted in an earlier post, "Freedom must be defended from every assailant in every corner of this country, from outside the country, from inside the country, and especially the government."

Welcome aboard, fellow citizens. We've been waiting on you.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Judge Napolitano on the unconstitutional Patriot Act

"In the long history of the world only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its maximum hour of danger. You are that generation. This is your role. Now is that time. Freedom must be defended from every assailant in every corner of this country, from outside the country, from inside the country, and especially the government."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another NAACP tantrum

Pender NAACP president Rachel Stephens demands the Pender County, North Carolina school board chairman Tom Roper resign over NAACP allegations of discriminatory hiring of teachers. That's not news -- the NAACP is famous for its bullying of public officials.

What's newsworthy is that the board isn't knuckling under. The chairman not only refuses to resign, but counter-demands the NAACP apologize! And instead of kowtowing in response to the charges, the board actually demands proof:

“It's been a lot of innuendos and anonymous this and that,” Roper said. “We've asked them (the NAACP) on multiple occasions to engage to discuss these issues, and they haven't. We've provided everything they've asked. This issue is behind us.”

Stephens said the group refuses to meet with the board until Roper resigns.

A white public official with a backbone? What's this world coming to? And how do you like the sheer arrogance of the NAACP's position -- admit your guilt, then we'll talk about the charges.

But this comment takes the cake:

Stephens has said that she believes black students in the schools system should have more teachers of their race to inspire their learning. Roper said Pender County schools only hires the most qualified candidates, regardless of race.

If any white made such a statement, the media would be howling about blatant racial discrimination. But the NAACP is so used to getting its way, its members can say or do just about anything.

Hat tip to Bernie for the heads up!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Obama makes light of anti-tax protests

Fine. We'll just make light of him.

Your Southern music break

Hey, it's Friday, y'all! I'm ready to sing the Bonnie Blue Flag! Here's a classic version from Gods and Generals:

We are a band of brothers and native to the soil
Fighting for our Liberty, With treasure, blood and toil
And when our rights were threatened, the cry rose near and far
Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star!

For Southern rights, hurrah!
Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star.

"Bonnie Blue Flag" is a song and a flag (and a goal!) the Tea Party movement needs to adopt.

Obey your Commander in Chief!

While this blog proudly celebrates the South's martial heritage, it just as energetically denounces militarism as an instrument for advancing the power of the Federal government. Garry Wills, in his new book, Bomb Power, gives this example of how DC's misuse of the military directly threatens our traditional liberties:

"The President has no power, as Commander in Chief, over any civilian. Yet so common is the assumption that he does that when I wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Times saying that the President is not my Commander in Chief, I received abusive mail saying I was clearly not a citizen of the United States and I should leave the country. Loyalty to the Commander in Chief is now equated with loyalty to the country, though it is clearly a form of disloyalty to the Constitution."

Liberals understand this, and use Southerners' and conservatives' veneration of fighting men to manipulate us. For example, check out E. J. Dionne, Jr.'s defense of that most despised and intrusive of DC's control mechanisms, the Infernal Revenue Service:

Who are the men and women of the IRS? They are the people who collect the revenue that allows the government to finance our troops who are in harm's way, help our wounded warriors, pay Grandma's Medicare bills, cover the costs of keeping our food and drugs safe, and do so many of the other things the vast majority of us want our government to accomplish.

Yes, if you support our troops, you have to support the work of the Internal Revenue Service.

The Imperial Cult of the US presidency, which many trusting conservatives cheered on when W held office, now glorifies a hard-left globalist. Could Obama have imposed the takeover of the auto, finance, and health industries without the new power and prestige Bush and Cheney bequeathed to the office of the President?

Is freedom at peril in a nation when the head of the armed forces commands a private army, and claims the power to imprison any American citizen on mere suspicion?

We, the people, put ourselves in this predicament, and only we can get ourselves out.

Tax day brings out tea party protests

We had a Tea Party protest here in Charlotte yesterday. It hit the same notes as most other Tea Parties:

Speaker after speaker bashed Washington and what they described as its big-spending ways.

“Congress has turned into one big crack house,” Neil Braithwaite told the crowd. “Congress assembles to get more of their drug of choice, which is your hard-earned money.”

Don Rosenburg of Get Out of Our House, a group that wants to replace every member of Congress, called the two major parties “different sides of the same coin.”

But Republicans clearly hope to capitalize on the protesters’ energy.

A dozen candidates – all Republicans – were invited to introduce themselves on the lawn of the old City Hall. They hope the movement’s energy translates into votes.

“I believe it will help,” said Sen. Bob Rucho, a Mecklenburg Republican. “What it does is energize people. This is what’s engaging a lot of people who haven’t been in the system.”

I laugh through my tears when I read stories like this.

Everyone knows DC is the real problem, but over and over, people let themselves be sidetracked.

"Hey, I know! Let's vote Republican!" To which I say, "Again?"

Here's a suggestion: Since we know what the real problem is, let's try a real solution:

Which is the worse for children, Obama or Pope Benedict?

The left is howling that the Pope resign because of continuing charges of cover-up of child abuse. Independent Country wonders why Obama remains immune from similar charges:

Because American politicians know SO MUCH about this area, I charge that they deliberately and intentionally sought these outcomes in Iraq:

* To persecute gays in Iraq, who were generally tolerated under Saddam
* AS WELL AS Christians, also tolerated under Saddam

And in Afghanistan, original home of Al Qaeda, I charge that American politicians willfully sought:

* the return of the opium fields that were successfully eradicated by the Taliban
* the return of boy-slave-rape, another practice successfully suppressed by the Taliban

Pope Benedict is under pressure to resign for some pedophile cover-ups. President Obama, on the other hand, is enabling the rape of young boys in Afghanistan.

Which leader is more responsible for DELIBERATELY causing human suffering?

Obama extends hospital visitation rights to same-sex partners of gays

Don't look now, but same-sex "marriage" has just been made the de facto policy of the Federal government:

President Obama mandated Thursday that nearly all hospitals extend visitation rights to the partners of gay men and lesbians and respect patients' choices about who may make critical health-care decisions for them, perhaps the most significant step so far in his efforts to expand the rights of gay Americans.

I wonder how they're going to explain the constitutionality of this royal decree?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Federal judge rules National Day of Prayer unconstitutional

The assault on traditional America accelerates:

The National Day of Prayer, honored in the United States for more than a half-century, is unconstitutional, a federal judge in Wisconsin has ruled.

In a 66-page opinion issued Thursday, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb said the holiday violates the "establishment clause" of the First Amendment, which creates a separation of church and state.

The opinion comes in a case filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Wisconsin-based group of self-described "atheists" and "agnostics."

Since the days of Lincoln, the Constitution (like the Declaration) has been transformed from a tool for preserving society into a tool for destroying it.

Lesson learned: To preserve some what's left of traditional society, it's time to break away from the monster in DC -- before it completes its revolution.

Michelle Obama backs diversity on Supreme Court

Brace yourself for a gripping and astonishing statement from Michelle Obama:

WASHINGTON — US First Lady Michelle Obama Thursday said she favored diversity on the nation's top court, wading into risky political waters as her husband weighs his second pick to the bench.

Asked in an interview with MSNBC television her preference for the upcoming nomination to the Supreme Court, Obama said of President Barack Obama: "I think he knows what he's doing in this instance."

"Diversity in this country is a good thing whether it's gender or race or socio-economic background or religion. You know, that's the world I come from," she said.

Yep, pretty risky stand to take there -- daring to enter the hostile environment of MSNBC and openly advocating diversity.

And then -- shades of Joan of Arc! -- she has the courage to stand by her man as he picks the most qualified minority to replace Justice Stevens on the Supreme Court.

Who says the age of heroes is past?

Hating the government finally goes mainstream

Not only is it about time, but well deserved -- after all, it's clear the government hates us, so why shouldn't we return the favor? Of course, the Democrats and their toadies in the liberal media will try to paint dissent with the "r" word:

This year, the political parties and the press will not be caught off guard. Republican politicians will address tea party rallies, Democrats will denounce the supposed puppeteers of the movement and the press will look for hate speech.

But few will glean the real meaning of the protests or the booming support for Ron and Rand Paul.

It's not about the Pauls themselves or the guys with the "Don't tread on me" flags It's about the people at home who might not be willing to march in the park or join the next Paul money bomb, but who don't blame the folks who do.

Libertarian sentiment has finally gone mainstream.

A movement that said that people should do whatever they wanted as long as it didn't hurt anyone else couldn't compete during the culture wars that began in the 1960s.

But after two wars, a $12 trillion debt, a financial crisis and the most politically tone-deaf president in modern history, Americans may have finally given up on big government.

As the man says, "Finally!"

No pro-Confederate opinions allowed at White House

The official demonization of the South continues:

"In view of the president's moving statement regarding Holocaust Remembrance Day, does he believe it is right for the Washington Post's columnist, Robert McCartney, to compare the Confederate States of American to Nazi Germany?"

That was one of two questions prepared by Les Kinsolving, WND's correspondent at the White House, to ask at today's daily press briefing with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

The second question was, "Is the president aware of Frederick Douglass' statement of "many colored men in the Confederate Army … real soldiers, having musket on their shoulders and bullets in their pockets."?

But Kinsolving was allowed to ask neither question, as Gibbs declined to recognize him. That was while he was recognizing Urban Radio for five questions and NBC, the New York Times and Fox News for four each.

Looks like the Obama administration doesn't want to upset its base with the facts.

Flags of the Rebellion

Camping on the Congaree River, SC.

Send me your flag pictures at

Divide and conquer

Thomas Fleming sums up Afghanistan's history of frustrating anyone crazy enough to want to conquer and rule it:

Military men have told me that General McChrystal is an excellent officer, but his job—subduing Afghanistan—is not only impossible: It is not worth the doing. Two misinformed and ignorant American presidents have sent their countrymen to die in the rocks and stones of Kabul, protecting the right of child-molesting warlords to grow the opium that is poisoning the soul of Europe and America. Yes, we shall lose face in withdrawing. This is something that Messrs. Cheney and Rumsfeld might have thought about before going in, something that President Obama’s advisors might have considered before beefing up the mission. So far the government admits that our own First Afghan War has cost about $300 billion and 1,000 lives. The whole of Afghanistan is not worth a red cent to the American people, much less the life of one American helicopter pilot. It is time to cut and run.

Sadly, it looks like Obama's in the same predicament as LBJ was in Vietnam -- escalate and "prove" your resolve, or be denounced as soft. So we can only look forward to losing more lives and billions of dollars.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Arizona Bill Aims to Outlaw Illegal Immigrants in State

Here's the latest battle between the people of the States and the globalists in DC:

The Arizona House on Tuesday approved a bill to crack down on illegal immigration by making it against state law to be in Arizona without legal immigration documents.

House Republicans advanced the measure on a 35-21 party-line vote. The Senate approved a similar measure in February but must concur to changes made in the House before sending it to Gov. Jan Brewer.

Supporters celebrated the bill as a measure to protect the state from violent criminals.

Arizona's struggling economy has driven many illegal immigrants from the state. But as the economy rebounds, "so too will the illegal immigrants -- larger, stronger and more destructive than they were several years ago," said Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills.

"We need to put this law in place now so that when the new illegal immigrants come, we're prepared to do battle with them," he said.

Meanwhile, DC plots to undo local efforts to stop the floodtide.

Department of Defense issues troubling new policy on supremacists in the military

Every American should be concerned about this new directive from the DOD:

Military personnel must not actively advocate supremacist doctrine, ideology, or causes, including those that advance, encourage, or advocate illegal discrimination based on race, creed, color, sex, religion, ethnicity, or national origin or that advance, encourage, or advocate the use of force, violence, or criminal activity or otherwise advance efforts to deprive individuals of their civil rights.

This will be a major blow to civil rights.

First of all, any member or contributor to the Congressional Black Caucus will be prohibited from joining because of its blatant discrimination against Jews and Asians.

And how about supporters of La Raza (translation "Das Volk")? Here's what the La Raza website says about the origin of its name and purpose:

The term “La Raza” has its origins in early 20th century Latin American literature and translates into English most closely as “the people” or, according to some scholars, as “the Hispanic people of the New World.” The term was coined by Mexican scholar José Vasconcelos to reflect the fact that the people of Latin America are a mixture of many of the world’s races, cultures, and religions.

It turns out Vasconcelos believed such a mixture superior to Europeans:

"... any professor can prove that the groups of children and youth descended from Scandinavians, Dutch and English of the American universities are much more slow, almost clumsy, compared with the children and mestizo youth of the south."

Compare that with, to take a random example, members of the League of the South. Instead of presenting themselves as superior to other ethnic groups, they cheerfully agree with the Cracker Culture image of the brawling, hard-drinking, anti-intellectual Southerner.

It would be a shame for the military to allow only League of the South members to serve, while excluding blacks who contributed to members of the Congressional Black Caucus or Latinos who unwittingly joined a racial supremacist organization. It just doesn't seem fair.

Researchers find link between Latino employment and black urban violence

Demographic and economic research confirms what folks with eyes and common sense already knew -- but it's nice to see scholarly validation:

LSU Sociology Professor Edward Shihadeh and Ph.D. candidate Raymond Barranco have published a study titled "Latino Employment and Black Violence: The Unintended Consequence of U.S. Immigration Policy," in the March 2010 issue of Social Forces, the field's preeminent journal.

The study confirms that Latino immigration and dominance of low skill jobs have displaced blacks from low-skill labor markets, which in turn led to more violence in urban black communities. According to their analysis, this is traceable to U.S. immigration policies over the last several decades.

Notice that these conclusions didn't come from an immigration control group, but from sociologists engaged in university research. As a matter of fact, the authors disassociate themselves from any kind of political agenda:

"This is not a blame game. We do not advocate restricting the flow of Latino migrants in either direction. This is what triggered the flow of events in the first place. There is no reason to deprive this country of the rich contributions made by Latinos.

Which makes me wonder -- what will the NAACP have to say about this? Will it abandon its Open Borders/amnesty position, and advocate immigration policies that protect, rather than harm, black communities?

Or will it face its constituents and yell, "Never mind this! Look! There's someone flying a Confederate flag!"

A little bit of reality about Texas secession

Larry Johnson has some snark to throw at Texan patriots seeking self-determination:

Texas must be so unique that it doesn’t really need the United States, right?

Well the Texas Legislature didn’t think so in March of 1866 when it voted to rescind the previous decision to secede and went even further to specifically declare the right to secede “distinctly renounced”.

I'd like to add a little reality to Mr. Johnson's "reality": The government of every Southern State was set up while under military occupation after the war. Therefore, any surrender of rights, especially the right of self-determination, cannot be considered legal -- no contract made at the point of a gun can be considered valid.

North Carolina also had to renounce its right to secession in its 1868 Constitution during Reconstruction. We were under military occupation at that time. Coincidence? Conquering armies have a way of making people do things against their own self-interest.

But there's more: The puppet governments forced to renounce secession and proclaim "the supremacy of the Constitution" were themselves declared "illegal" by the Radical Republicans in March, 1867, which would further invalidate any ordinance those governments enacted.

Bottom line: The Federal government is legally limited to the powers delegated (not surrendered!) to it by the sovereign States. Those of us opposed to DC's unconstitutional power-grabs know we have the right to do so. However, those who believe the Federal government can define its own powers put themselves in the position of accepting whatever it says.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Okla. tea parties and lawmakers envision militia

Oklahoma legislators propose a state-authorized militia "to help defend against what they believe are improper federal infringements on state sovereignty."

Talking States' Rights is good, but walking it is even better.

Maxine Waters spills the beans!

The expressions of her associates at the end of her rant are priceless.

12 reasons why the Republic of Texas will succeed

Here's reason number 11:

In case of a foreign invasion, we have the Texas National Guard and the Texas Air National Guard. We don’t have an army but since everybody down here has at least six rifles and a pile of ammo, we can raise an army in 24 hours if we need it. If the situation really gets bad, we can always call Department of Public Safety and ask them to send over a couple Texas Rangers.

You'll want to read the whole thing.

Left & Right: Prospects for Peace

American Conservative presents the thoughts of noted conservatives opposed to DC's belligerent foreign policy, including Thomas E. Woods Jr., Stephen Walt, and Paul Gottfried. They're all definitely worth reading, though they're pretty much in agreement that a left/right coalition against war seems unlikely now. After all, Obama's getting no heat from the left for his escalation of the war Bush began.

William Lind's observations are worth special attention:

Several years ago, I remarked over lunch to the Third Secretary of the Russian Embassy that America is now a one-party country. He replied, “Yes, it’s quite obvious.” Russians know what one-party states look like.

America’s one party is the Establishment Party, which is also the War Party. Why is it for war? In part, ideology—the third great totalizing ideology of the 20th century, “democratic capitalism.” In part, hubris. And in part, because war is a racket that pays well—if you are a member of the Establishment.

True, but what he does not spell out is how the racket works at home. Our handlers in DC announce how they held the Constitution under a magnifying glass, and when the light hit it just so, they discovered new and wonderful rights for all citizens. Then they proclaim the power to enforce those new rights.

It just so happens that in enforcing the new rights, the government steals more traditional rights.

It's the same with foreign policy. The Empire proclaims that everyone on Earth has the same rights, no matter their heritage, and that only the Empire possesses the overabundance of goodness to enforce those universal rights. It might look like an invasion and occupation, but it's really liberation. Trust us.

Obama's militarism proves that electing Democrats will not halt DC's militarism, just as Bush's promotion of No Child Left Behind and Prescription Drugs for Seniors proved that electing Republicans won't stop the growth of socialism.

DC is the enemy of peace and freedom. Until we pull the plug on this monster, things can only get worse.

Immigration is the answer to every problem

Social Security is just another government program about to go bust. What to do about all those Boomers looking toward retirement?

Well, if you're a brainless liberal (oops! I'm repeating myself again!), you advocate opening the floodgates on the southern border. That's what Robert Reich wants to do:

This is where immigration comes in. Most immigrants are young because the impoverished countries they come from are demographically the opposite of rich countries. Rather than aging populations, their populations are bursting with young people.

Get it? One logical way to deal with the crisis of funding Social Security and Medicare is to have more workers per retiree, and the simplest way to do that is to allow more immigrants into the United States.

So the fix for a rapidly collapsing Ponzi scheme is yet another Ponzi scheme. Ignore the cultural, economic, and political repercussions of accelerated demographic revolution. What happens when that wave of Third-World immigrants wants to retire?

Surely another liberal genius will have the answer when that time comes.

Morris Dees: A Life Fighting Poverty

What do wealthy liberals pay for when they donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center? For one thing, they help pay for Morris Dees' mansion. Check out this slide show featured on Ken Silverstein's blog, and you'll agree that Dees has certainly won the battle against poverty.

Monday, April 12, 2010

US newspaper, TV news executives gloomy about future

Tear-jerker alert! The corporate media's in ever-deepening doo:

Nearly half of US newspaper and broadcast TV news executives believe their organizations will fold within 10 years unless they find new revenue streams, according to a survey released on Monday.

Forty-six percent of the executives surveyed by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism said they could remain solvent for more than 10 years.

Seventeen percent said they could go out of business within a decade without "significant new funds, revenue streams or partnerships" while 24 percent put their life-span at three to five years.

Six percent said they could last one to two years while one percent said they risked going under in less than one year.

The local rag here in Charlotte is rigidly and arrogantly anti-Southern, anti-conservative, and always pro-tax, pro-government, pro-illegal alien. Always. They bray about being open-minded and tolerant, but are in fact ideologically inflexible. For example, during the debate over the Confederate Battleflag in Columbia, South Carolina, EVERY Charlotte Observer reporter and editorial writer denounced the flag -- even the Sports page demanded it come down!

So the hell with them. The Internet gives us access to news and opinion free of liberal bias. And the dinosaur media are upset we're not buying their propaganda?

Those Darn Confederate Conservatives!

Cokie Roberts sees popular resistance to ObamaCare growing -- especially in the South -- and she doesn't like it one bit:

You have these fourteen states attorneys general saying that they want to have the court overturn the recently passed health care law. I must say, I was just with my grand kids at Fort Sumter, and the notion of nullification made me extremely nervous because it was, of course, the first step toward the Civil War. But that is going to be a huge question before the court this fall...

The assumption is that ANY resistance to Federal power-grabs forces the central government to hammer uncooperative subjects. For their own good, of course. And it's the victims' fault when the government resorts to violence.

Cokie sounds like one of the Manson women defending her psychopathic idol.

The Federal Con Job

How an unholy alliance of Congress and the big banks swindled the American people.

Readers with elevated blood pressure are cautioned to self-medicate before viewing.

Sheriff To Texas Border Town: 'Arm Yourselves'

As if it were needed -- here's more confirmation we can't trust DC to protect us from invasion along the Mexican border:

Along the border, fears are growing that the escalating drug violence in Mexico will spill into the United States.

Last month, a well-known rancher was murdered in southeastern Arizona. Authorities suspect an illegal immigrant did it.

The murder prompted governors in New Mexico and Texas to send forces to the border. This week, the Mexican government sent dozens of police and soldiers to the Juarez Valley to restore order.

For many on both sides of the border, the fear is very real.

Last week, residents held a town-hall meeting in Fort Hancock, Texas — a sleepy agricultural town on the border, about an hour southeast of El Paso, that looks like the bleak set of No Country for Old Men.

A couple hundred people crowded into the grade-school gym to hear a chilling message from Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West.

"You farmers, I'm telling you right now, arm yourselves," he said. "As they say the old story is, it's better to be tried by 12 than carried by six. Damn it, I don't want to see six people carrying you."

And notice this is from the usually liberal NPR!

Ron Paul chastises at GOP conference: Conservatives ‘like the empire’

The good:

The conservatives and the liberals, they both like to spend. Conservatives spend money on different things. They like embassies, and they like occupation. They like the empire. They like to be in 135 countries and 700 bases.

Don’t you think it’s rather conservative to say, ‘Oh it’s good to follow the Constitution. Oh, except for war. Let the President go to war anytime they want.’ We can do better with peace than with war.

We can't have it both ways, folks. Government is like a pot-bellied pig: Control it, set definite boundaries, watch its diet, and you'll raise a cute little pet. However, feed it too much, and you'll have yourself a hogzilla that can challenge you for control of your own home. Similarly, if you want a small government that stays within its constitutional constraints and protects your rights, you don't want to fatten it with unlimited military funding. Such a government will grow out of control, and your efforts to limit it will make you just one more impediment to be dealt with.

The bad:

He was met with both disapproval and applause during the Southern Republican Leadership Conference for describing conservatives as hypocritical when they call for a return to Constitutional values while supporting foreign wars. ... Whenever the boos grew loud enough, Paul returned to his "humble" foreign policy stance.

Honoring martial virtue is a conservative value, but cheering on counter-productive wars is not. Too many conservatives have allowed themselves to be swept off their feet by the allure of power -- and then they wonder why a government that controls an obscenely overgrown military abuses its power at home.

The ludicrous:

Eying another bid for president after a run in 2008, Paul is telling Republican activists that "the American people have awoken" because Washington won't address the nation's fiscal crisis.

"The reason why the American people have awoken ... is because the country is broke and the people in Washington won't admit it."

C'mon, Ron -- DC is an unholy, irredeemable mess. The fight to reclaim our way of life and restore liberty can only be waged at the local level.

Gallup poll: Obama hits new low

I wonder why? View results here.

With 1 in 5 Americans out of work, Obama issues over a million green cards

In case you're still wondering whose side DC is on:

The Department of Homeland Security has just reported that during 2009, they issued 1,130,818 new Green Cards to foreign nationals, allowing them to work legally in this country. That number represents the fourth highest number of cards issued in one year.

750,000 of the new Green Cards were given to the families of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.

The top four recipient nations are as follows:

-China…receiving 64,238

In Feb. 2009, the financial institution Merrill Lynch announced that the nation’s actual unemployment rate had reached 13.9 percent. A year later, that number had risen to 17.3 percent.

Can there be ANY doubt that nothing will be done to stop our dispossession until we fire DC and take responsibility for our own security?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Were Confederate soldiers terrorists?

Yes, says Roland S. Martin, CNN Political Analyst and Resident Genius. Here's why:

Osama bin Laden is a terrorist.

Osama says he's angry US troops are occupying Muslim lands.

Confederate soldiers fought to repel US troops who'd invaded Southern lands.

Therefore, Confederate soldiers were terrorists. As Martin concludes, "Same language; same cause; same effect." End of discussion.

I swear I'm not making this up. See for yourself.

Yes, this is what passes for logic these days. Amazing.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wise Words from a Southern Patriot

Good advice for Pat Buchanan (see previous post) and for all of us:

No Southerner should ever think he will be allowed to defend his homeland and her people without being insulted for it. If you're going to defend the South, you must be prepared to defend it down to the last boll weevil on the scraggliest cotton patch in front of the most decrepit tar-paper shack in Mississippi.

So widespread is anti-Southern prejudice, especially among the intellectual elite, that the man who presumes to defend the South might as well begin by foreswearing any further ambition in life. Assume at the outset that you will be denounced and castigated and exiled to outer darkness, and resolve that this daunting prospect will not deter you from your duty.

Ask yourself this, my Southern friend: Who are these people who insult you, your friends and your family? Why does it give them so much pleasure to insult you? And why do they imagine that you will let the insult pass by unnoticed? - Robert Stacy McCain

via Saberpoint.

Intolerant tolerance

When Pat Buchanan argued that Virginia seceded because Lincoln raised an army to invade the South, rather than to protect slavery, the liberals howled. But that's expected. What's worrisome is what Alan Colmes advocated in response:

“Has Buchanan, who is certainly no stranger to racial controversy, finally stepped over the line?” asks Alan Colmes’ blog, Liberaland. “Should MSNBC disallow further commentary from this man?”

No deviation from the statist, liberal mindset will be allowed.

Another hate crime in New York City

Girls from a black gang attack elderly Asian women.

I wonder how the SPLC will spin this one? Maybe, "Hate crimes against Asians increase. Extremist nativist hate speech to blame."

Wouldn't put it past them.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Obama Criticizes Virginia Governor for Slavery Omission in Confederacy Month Proclamation

Sensing weakness, Obama decides it's time to pile on Virginia:

President Obama says Virginia's governor made "an unacceptable omission" when he proclaimed it Confederate History Month without mentioning slavery.

"I don't think you can understand the Confederacy and the Civil War unless you understand slavery," said Obama, the nation's first black president. First lady Michelle Obama is descended from a South Carolina slave.

Find another place for May Day prayer

Here's a great letter published on World Net Daily:

What kind of man was Lincoln for Christians to honor with their prayer day? From a standpoint of faith, Mr Lincoln was a notorious infidel who spent most of his life scoffing at the gospel message and mocking God's ministers. ... From a standpoint of political policy and statesmanship, Lincoln provoked and prosecuted an immoral and unconstitutional war that killed 600,000 Americans, including one-fourth of young men in the South, and then blamed it on God in his second Inaugural Address. He was an unbeliever who destroyed limited constitutional governments in America. Of course, secular hagiography has turned Lincoln into the demi-god of the all-powerful government that dictates our lives, by power of the sword, down to what prayers, if any, may be uttered at a high-school commencement or football game.

Expose the Lincoln Cult, and we undermine the rotten regime Lincoln founded.