Monday, May 31, 2010

NATO troops called in to protect Serbs in Kosovo

Here's what happens to the former majority when it becomes the minority:

NATO peacekeepers and police separated thousands of ethnic Albanians and Serbs in the divided Kosovo town of Mitrovica on Sunday during the worst ethnic unrest since the country's independence two years ago.

Ethnic Albanians were protesting against Serb local elections, backed by Belgrade, in the northern part of the country where Kosovo's central government has no authority.

Kosovo, a former Serbian region with a mainly ethnic Albanian population of 2 million, declared independence in 2008 but is not recognised by Belgrade.

Fortunately, this can't happen here. Thanks to American Exceptionalism™ the laws of human nature do not apply in America. In a proposition nation founded on equality, a change in demographics could never change the political climate.

Except in Aztlan (formerly known as Arizona), as we saw in the pro-amnesty protests this weekend:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Who voted to end DADT?

Here's a breakdown. One glance at the map tells the whole story: It's the liberal Northeast vs. The South and the Mid-West. Notice which sections of Texas voted for and against.

Thanks to Harold for the heads up!

Flag of Rebellion deemed "offensive"

No, not the Confederate Battleflag, but the Gadsden Flag! From MyEastBay of Rhode Island:

The Warren Fire Department drew fire Friday morning when members raised one of the nation’s oldest — but these days, controversial — flags from one of three flagpoles they maintain at the Warren Town Common.

Their flying of the Gadsden Flag, a Revolutionary War-era flag depicting a coiled rattlesnake with the slogan “Don’t Tread On Me” below it, angered some residents because though it was originally created to protest the British government prior to and during the American Revolution, it has become a symbol to some of the American Tea Party movement. That conservative movement questions many of the policies, particularly fiscal, of the federal government.

The least whimper of opposition to the central government will be denounced as offensive, backward, racist, etc.

Justice Officials Voice Concerns About Immigration Law to Arizona AG

Further proof that DC is part of the problem, not the solution.

'Civil Rights' and Total War

"Civil Rights" is a holy word in the theology of secular America. But as we have long argued, it's really code for a messianic, all-powerful central government -- in other words, an empire. Here's a powerful confirmation of that argument by William Grigg:

"I was satisfied, and have been all the time, that the problem of war consists in the awful fact that the present class of men who rule the South must be killed outright rather than in the conquest of territory...." ~ William T. Sherman ... to General Philip Sheridan, as quoted in The Soul of Battle by Victor Davis Hanson

William Sherman's march to the sea, writes Victor Davis Hanson approvingly, was a war of "terror" intended to destroy an aristocratic Southern culture he hated because of its impudence in resisting the central government's authority.

Although rarely acknowledged as such, Sherman could be considered America's first "civil rights" crusader. This isn't an endorsement of Sherman; it's an indictment of contemporary "civil rights" ideology

It gets better. Sherman's crimes, followed by the illegal plunder of Reconstruction, set the stage for future conflict between white Southerners and the newly-freed slaves:

The occupied South was where Washington field-tested methods later used to "liberate" and "pacify" the Philippines, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries through mass slaughter and military dictatorship.

By January 1877, embattled southerners had managed to gain sufficient political traction to extract an end to the military occupation as the price of supporting a compromise awarding Rutherford B. Hayes the electoral votes he needed to prevail over Samuel Tilden (whose popular vote tally exceeded that of Hayes by roughly 164,000 votes).

Two months after Hayes was inaugurated, federal troops were withdrawn, and the Reconstruction plunderbund dissolved. A little more than a year later, Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act forbidding the use of the Army as a domestic law enforcement body.

Jim Crow could be considered – at least to some extent – another example of "blowback" from Reconstruction, which did much more to exacerbate than alleviate racial hostilities in the South.

More than a century later, DC continues to see itself as a noble liberator, when in fact its heavy-handed interventions at home and abroad aggravate existing tensions. Clearly incapable of learning from its mistakes, DC will stop interfering in other people's affairs only when its suicidal policies inevitably cripple it.

Friday, May 28, 2010

How Obama is accelerating the collapse of the Empire

Obama's naiveté and muddled worldview make him ill-prepared to play global hardball, so other nations now see America as weak and confused, as documented here. Meanwhile, the brain-dead and blind central government continues military and fiscal policies that look more like sabotage than governance, leading to hard, inescapable realities such as this:

For the first time since World War II, it was not the United States that pulled the rest of the world out of negative growth, but China. The U.S. has emerged from the financial carnage as the most heavily indebted nation on Earth, and China as its leading creditor with an unprecedented $2.4 trillion in foreign reserves.

And let's not overlook the growing popular disgust with DC, as evidenced by State legislation opposing DC's policies on illegal immigration and mandated health insurance. Obama's radicalism is opening people's eyes and fueling patriotic resistance to an increasingly corrupt and anti-American regime, and has even brought secession back into the mainstream.

Which is precisely why I urged voters to engage in legal monkeywrenching by voting for Mr. Obama.

He's done more for the Cause than any other single individual I can think of. So keep up the good work, Mr. President!

These people are insane!

The U.S. Senate has voted to shovel another $60 billion and Lord knows how many American lives down the Afghan rat hole.

Two more Census workers blow the whistle

Magicians aren't supposed to reveal how they do their tricks. The same is true of government workers. Here's how Obama has fooled us into thinking he's tamed unemployment:

Each month Census gives Labor a figure on the number of workers it has hired. That figure goes into the closely followed monthly employment report Labor provides. For the past two months the hiring by Census has made up a good portion of the new jobs.

Labor doesn't check the Census hiring figure or whether the jobs are actually new or recycled. It considers a new job to have been created if someone is hired to work at least one hour a month.

One hour! A month! So, if a worker is terminated after only one hour and another is hired in her place, then a second new job can apparently be reported to Labor.

Gee, I almost miss George Bush. His lies were so blatant, only the war-crazed believed him. Obama is a slicker politician.

Southern Music break

Hey, y'all, it's Friday! Mary (LostinUtah) wants to hear Southern Star by Alabama. This song will touch anyone who yearns to return to the South. (I'm in Charlotte, and I feel the same way sometime.)

Oh, Southern star, how I wish you would shine
And show me the way to get home

Oh, hey my D.J. friend, would you play me one more song
And let my mind just go and drift away
Now we all have a dream and a place where we belong
Somewhere we can go and escape

Massachusetts Senate passes crackdown on illegal immigrants

Wait a minute -- Massachusetts? The state that gave us Ted "the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset" Kennedy, the man who was posthumously awarded the Order of the Aztec Eagle by Mexican President Calderon for his efforts for Mexicans, has had enough illegal immigration?

Does that mean it's now okay for Southern States to do the same?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

DOJ Lawyers Draft Challenge to AZ Law

This is despite 63% of Americans supporting Arizona's law.

Obama was supposed to be the "people's president"! But then, he didn't specify which people he intended to serve ...

Arizona leaders should start drafting their own response.

"No leadership,Too Many Secrets"

This interview illustrates pretty well the frustrations of trying to take effective action to solve a problem at the local level (Plaquemine Parish, LA) and being frustrated by the feds:

Thanks to Robert for the heads up!

Both parties packing pork into war-funding bill

Here's how corrupt and unsalvageable the Federal government has become -- and notice it all centers around war, the central purpose and activity of empire:

Lawmakers in both parties are using President Obama's war-funding request to advance unrelated pet initiatives like money to help secure the U.S.-Mexico border and to prevent teacher layoffs.

In the House, Obama's $63 billion request for war funding, disaster relief and aid to nations like earthquake-ravaged Haiti and war-torn Afghanistan has swelled to $84 billion under a draft measure being readied for a key panel vote on Thursday.

Democrats such as House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey, D-Wis., are pushing $23 billion to help school districts avoid teacher layoffs, along with $6 billion to make up for a funding shortfall in Pell grants for low-income college students and lesser amounts to hire border-patrol agents and help Mexico fight drug cartels.

Deficit? What deficit? Don't you know there's an election to win?

Leviathan Democracy

Think elections safeguard our liberty? Guess again, says James Brovard:

The bigger government grows, the more clueless citizens become. The contract between rulers and ruled is replaced by a blank check. Government becomes an elective dictatorship, and elections merely signify whose turn it is to trample the Constitution. Because people have been taught to expect their rulers to save them from all perils, they cheer any action that either boosts their benefits or assuages their fears. Because the media relies on government “news” handouts, it ignores most official abuses and instead whines about the perils of citizens distrusting their masters.

All You Need Is About Four Percent

Here's how Texas Independence can be achieved in our lifetime. From DumpDC.

The Cold Civil War

These United States are in a cold civil war.

Just look at the issues dividing Americans these days. Newbie politico Rand Paul dived into hot water with his comments about that holiest of holies, the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Government supremacist Rich Lowry sanctified that act as "the last spasm" of the Civil War, which was also brute force dressed up in the finery of noble-sounding intentions.

In fact, the Civil Rights Act gutted the 10th Amendment, magnified the power of the Federal government over our lives, and lit the fuse for the "gay rights" movement, Open Borders, and quotas. Those consequences, hardly unintended, enflame almost every current political dispute, and they in turn can be traced to the unresolved questions and scars from the original Civil War.

As the man said, "The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form."

Croatia: Government moves to legalise incest

Here's the next frontier of marriage equality.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feds Issue Terror Watch for the Texas/Mexico Border

The geniuses in DC finally realize you can't have Homeland Security without border security. From FoxNews:

The Department of Homeland Security is alerting Texas authorities to be on the lookout for a suspected member of the Somalia-based Al Shabaab terrorist group who might be attempting to travel to the U.S. through Mexico, a security expert who has seen the memo tells

The warning follows an indictment unsealed this month in Texas federal court that accuses a Somali man in Texas of running a “large-scale smuggling enterprise” responsible for bringing hundreds of Somalis from Brazil through South America and eventually across the Mexican border. Many of the illegal immigrants, who court records say were given fake IDs, are alleged to have ties to other now-defunct Somalian terror organizations that have merged with active organizations like Al Shabaab, al-Barakat and Al-Ittihad Al-Islami.

So -- the Federal government is saying that the job it refused to do for so many years now belongs to Texas. Got it.

Readers of this blog will recall how the porous Mexican border played a role in 9/11. Think DC has finally learned its lesson?

North Carolina Becomes 18th State Pushing Arizona's New Immigration Law

Here's some more good news:

The home state of Americans For Legal Immigration PAC's (ALIPAC) President William Gheen has joined the rapidly growing list of states that are rushing to follow Arizona's lead of cracking down on illegal immigration with state laws.
North Carolina now becomes the 18th state that ALIPAC has documented moving forward with a version of Arizona's controversial, yet popular immigration law. Numerous scientific and certified polls indicate 60-81% public support for local police enforcing immigration law as the Arizona bill does.

NC's Senate Joint Resolution (SJ 1349), filed by NC State Senator Don East (R-Surry), and would allow a version of Arizona's immigration bill (SB 1070) to be filed during the short session of the NC Legislature this year. This resolution has 12 sponsors already and room for more lawmakers to add their names.

You can send a supportive email to State Senator East at:

Arizona Gets Border Soldiers; None for Texas

Now what could explain this?

After repeated requests for help, President Barack Obama has agreed to send 1,200 National Guard troops to Arizona's border with Mexico. But so far, the president hasn't responded to Texas' request for assistance.

Gov. Rick Perry has sent letters to Obama, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano requesting National Guard troops for the Texas-Mexico border.

Almost a year and a half after the first letter was sent, Perry hasn't received an answer.

Actually, a cold shoulder IS an answer.

And of course, the answer is obvious: Arizonans passed and support real enforcement; Texas has not.

Texas Governor Perry has already suggested the ultimate solution to DC's scorn. Looks like it's time Texans stop begging their masters for help and take things into their own hands.

Obama to aides: "Plug the damn hole"

Not sure if Obama meant sending robots to stop the flow of oil in the Gulf or sending troops to stop illegal aliens in Arizona.

Either way, he's feeling political pressure to FINALLY take action.

Poll Finds Americans Pessimistic, Dissatisfied with Washington

I didn't write that headline! No, this is from CBS's Political Hotsheet:

Americans are frustrated with nearly everyone in Washington - including President Obama, Congress, and the Democratic and Republican parties - and have become increasingly pessimistic about what the future holds, according to a new CBS News poll.

Seven in ten Americans are dissatisfied with the way things are going in Washington, including 22 percent who say they are "angry" about the situation. Just 15 percent overall approve of the job being done by Congress.

Imagine you're a small business owner with an employee or contractor with a record like the Federal government's. How long would you continue to tolerate such sub-standard performance? And on top of all that, imagine that same contractor kept unlocking the doors and windows at night so the "virtuous poor" could reap the benefits of the business you and your family had built up for generations. After all, they're just "undocumented customers." And all customers are alike, right?

How fast and how hard would you hit him with that pink slip?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Immigrant exodus: Lack of jobs has Mexicans headed home

The Latinization of the South is inevitable. Self-deportation is impossible. Assimilation into the global empire is futile.

Guess someone didn't get the memo:

Arizona officials say they are overrun with Mexicans. In Hoke County, though, Mexicans seem to be heading home - and some business owners miss them.

Raeford mobile home park owner Isidoro Basurto said scores of Mexican families have re-crossed the border in the past year, resigned to tougher immigration enforcement and a bad economy north of the Rio Grande.

Lesson learned? These people didn't come here to share the "American Dream." They came here illegally to make a quick buck. Turn off the benefits of breaking the law, and they'll leave on their own.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obama the Neocon

Addressing graduating cadets at West Point today, Obama asserted the US seeks a new "international order." He made it clear that his new international order means perpetual war to impose globalist egalitarianism:

We believe, "that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." (Applause.) And that truth has bound us together, a nation populated by people from around the globe, enduring hardship and achieving greatness as one people. And that belief is as true today as it was 200 years ago. It is a belief that has been claimed by people of every race and religion in every region of the world. Can anybody doubt that this belief will be any less true -- any less powerful -- two years, two decades, or even two centuries from now?

And so a fundamental part of our strategy for our security has to be America's support for those universal rights that formed the creed of our founding. And we will promote these values above all by living them -- through our fidelity to the rule of law and our Constitution, even when it's hard; even when we're being attacked; even when we're in the midst of war.

And we will commit ourselves to forever pursuing a more perfect union. Together with our friends and allies, America will always seek a world that extends these rights so that when an individual is being silenced, we aim to be her voice. Where ideas are suppressed, we provide space for open debate. Where democratic institutions take hold, we add a wind at their back. When humanitarian disaster strikes, we extend a hand. Where human dignity is denied, America opposes poverty and is a source of opportunity. That is who we are. That is what we do.

Yes, he's tossing raw mean to the Neocon chicken hawks. For more on what this means, see here and here.

Three year old law in Virginia targets illegal immigrants much like Arizona's SB 1070

Obama warns Arizona's anti-illegal immigrant law could lead to racial profiling. The Southern Poverty Law Center claims the law is "brazenly unconstitutional and will undoubtedly trample upon the civil rights of residents caught in its path."

However, we already have a good idea of the impact Arizona's law will actually have, thanks to Prince William County in Virginia:

For the last three years, a county in Virginia has remained under the radar in the immigration debate even though it has a law almost identical to Arizona's immigration law.

The ordinance in Prince William County was passed in 2007. It initially required police to check the status of detainees they suspected of being undocumented immigrants but one year later it was revised.

Officers now question all criminal suspects about their immigration status once an arrest is made.

In 2008, the University of Virginia conducted a survey to see what effects, if any, the Prince William County law had. It concluded initial fears about racial profiling did not happen.

It also show that schools saw a drop in English as a second language enrollment. There was also a drop in uninsured mothers giving birth and individuals turned over to immigration and customs enforcement.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Friday, May 21, 2010

In 410-4 Vote, House Approves Millions in Extra Funding for Israel’s Missile Defense

This is insane:

The first phase of development, test runs, and manufacture of the system is expected to cost NIS 800 million, meaning the US funding will pay for materially all of this phase. The $205 million is above and beyond the roughly $3 billion in military aid the US sends to Israel annually.

Apparently, defending Israel's borders is more important than defending Arizona's borders. And you have to wonder: Why doesn't Israel pay for this itself? Why can't it borrow the money from China, rather than us?

Democrats Give Standing Ovation to U.S Criticism

Yesterday morning Mexican President Felipe Calderon addressed a joint session of the U.S. Congress. During part of his speech he stated that he strongly disagreed with the recently-passed anti-illegal immigration law in the state of Arizona. For that swipe at a U.S. state’s decision to take a stand against illegal immigration, the Democrats in attendance gave Calderon a standing ovation, as shown in the video.

Take note that at about the 20-second mark of the clip, there is a woman wearing a turquoise-colored top standing up. That person is former Arizona governor Janet Napolitano, who is of course now the Secretary of Homeland Security.

via Examiner

Southern Music break

Hey, it's Friday, y'all! Here's "The Legend of the Rebel Soldier."

In a dreary Yankee prison
Where a rebel soldier lay
By his side there stood a preacher
Ere his soul should pass away
And he faintly whispered: Parson
As he clutched him by the hand
Oh, parson, tell me quickly
Will my soul pass through the Southland?

Thanks to Jeff for the link!

Another goooooood reason not to fly

In addition to TSA perverts peeping at your parts, there's this.

Squeamish conservatives

Here's the biggest difference I see between leftists and conservatives: Leftists pursue their goal with a "damn the torpedoes" determination. Conservatives, on the other hand, break formation and scatter if the purity of their actions is questioned.

If a conservative points out that lefists march with violent radicals, the leftists' reply is, "So what?" Then they'll shoot back, "We don't care what THEIR goal is; OUR goal is a lofty, noble ideal."

However, when leftists accuse conservatives of having questionable members, the conservatives surrender without a struggle.

Here are a couple of examples of how leftists march onward, no matter what conservatives say. (Examples of conservative squeamishness are too numerous to list.) Back in January, the Southern Poverty Law Center wrote approvingly of a boycott against Dr. Kevin McDonald at Cal State Long Beach. The SPLC article specifically mentioned the Party for Socialism and Liberation as one of the organizers of the boycott. That group's web site spells out its dedication to the bloodthirsty aims and methods of international communism, and even features iconic images of Vladimir Lenin and Che Guevara, both mass murderers.

That wasn't a fluke. A few years back, SPLC spokesghoul Mark Potok was interviewed by Socialist Worker magazine, which has no problem proclaiming its totalitarian goals:

The ISO stands in the tradition of revolutionary socialists Karl Marx, V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky in the belief that workers themselves--the vast majority of the population--are the only force that can lead the fight to win a socialist society.

The Russian Revolution of October 1917 remains to this day the most decisive event of the international workers' movement.

The standard story we hear about the Russian Revolution of 1917 is that it was a coup. The real history of the Russian Revolution can teach us a lot about both the potential for ordinary people to take action and the hope for a better world.

The "better world" Lenin and Trotsky forged required the peacetime murder of 126 million souls.

And we allow ourselves to be silenced by a shrug of the shoulders and an impatient, "So what?"

Ariz. Governor to Obama, Napolitano: 'Do Your Job!'

Fox interviews Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona. Whoa! Feisty and direct, Brewer spells out the problem and why her State had to enact its controversial legislation to protect its people. They had tried repeatedly to work within the system: After numerous requests to DC for help with illegal aliens, she and her staff had been completely ignroed.

I think Arizona has finally gotten Obama's attention.

Here's a suggestion, governor -- why don't you take the next logical step and assume the entire job of governing Arizona?

Many fear recent in-fighting may be death knell for SCLC

And now, on the lighter side of the news:

The Southern Christian Leadership is in a very public fight with itself, a battle that some fear will kill one of the nation’s premier civil rights groups. ...

In the past six months, two feuding factions have called a string of news conferences. They have made almost weekly trips to the courthouse to argue over who is on the board of directors and who is not; over who has control of the SCLC, and who does not.

On Monday night, the rift took a bizarre turn when one of those up front in the fight, Rev. Markel Hutchins, welded shut a back door to the SCLC headquarters on Auburn Avenue and put heavy chains and padlocks on gates to the parking lot. The next day at a news conference, he proclaimed himself SCLC interim president, chief executive officer and chief financial officer, saying a faction of the organization’s board had named him to those posts.

By Tuesday night, both sides of the fight were suggesting they may seek criminal trespass warrants against each other.

Whoooooeee! This story's got it all: Federal and State criminal investigations, flaring tempers over misuse of funds, over-grown egos that have marinated too long in self-congratulation and media adulation -- I mean, how could it get any better?

Mexico to US: Do as we say, not as we do

Wolf Blitzer actually presses Mexican President Felipe Calderon on his nation's blatant hypocrisy. Calderon tries to evade the fact that Mexico kicks out illegal immigrants, but Wolf pushes the pedal to the metal and gets Calderon to admit the truth. Real journalism! Miracles and wonders!

WOLF BLITZER: So if people want to come from Guatemala or Honduras or El Salvador or Nicaragua, they want to just come into Mexico, they can just walk in?

CALDERON: No. They need to fulfill a form. They need to establish their right name. We analyze if they have not a criminal

precedent. And they coming into Mexico. Actually...

BLITZER: Do Mexican police go around asking for papers of people they suspect are illegal immigrants?

CALDERON: Of course. Of course, in the border, we are asking the people, who are you? And if they explain...

BLITZER: At the border, I understand, when they come in.


BLITZER: But once they're in...

CALDERON: But not -- but not in -- if -- once they are inside the -- inside the country, what the Mexican police do is, of course, enforce the law. But by any means, immigration is a crime anymore in Mexico.

BLITZER: Immigration is not a crime, you're saying?

CALDERON: It's not a crime.

BLITZER: So in other words, if somebody sneaks in from Nicaragua or some other country in Central America, through the southern border of Mexico, they wind up in Mexico, they can go get a job...


BLITZER: They can work.

CALDERON: If -- if somebody do that without permission, we send back -- we send back them.

BLITZER: You find them and you send them back?


Beware an 'American Style' Federalized EU

A word of advice to Europeans, from our old friend Ron Holland:

Don't make the mistake we made. A voluntary union or confederation of sovereign states approved by a vote of the state or nation's citizens can have many advantages but when this becomes a forced union, you can be assured that one day in the future, military force will be used to keep you in line. Hasn't Europe suffered enough already from wars caused by national politicians and economic and banking elites, why add another level of political scum to the volatile mixture.

The next Sherman's March could be heading your way!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

In Arizona, the Lines of Secession are Being Drawn

From DumpDC:

Boycotts and embargoes between nations is a very serious and potentially dangerous matter. Such actions are usually a sign of worsening relations, and often a precusor to confrontation or even war. The left is taking measures against Arizona that the us has only rarely pursued — against Japan in the 1930s, against South Africa in the 1080s, and currently against Iran and Cuba.

Such treatment of American citizens who disagree with the left on a political issue is frightening, and hints at the actions the left will take against any entity or individual who defies them. More immediately, it delineates the line between traditional Americans and leftist Americans. It is the line that will one day, perhaps sooner than expected, mark the boundary between two separate nations.

Speaking of drawing the lines of secession, this made the news today:

Former state Sen. Scott Pruitt -- a candidate for Oklahoma attorney general -- plans to announce on Thursday that, if elected, he will sue the federal government for all expenses his state incurs as a result of illegal immigration, Fox News has learned.

Which suggests why Dr. Chuck Baldwin sees secession as inevitable.

The revoluciónary is right

Vox Day explains why DC, whether Republicans or Democrats are in power, is imposing floodtide immigration on us:

Throughout history, when an occupying power has wanted to destabilize and destroy a nation, it has settled a foreign people in its midst. The seeds of the Balkan conflict were sown when the Turks planted Albanian Muslims in Kosovo to uproot the Christian Serbs who had long defended the borders of medieval Christendom and had more than once turned back the tide of an expanding Ottoman empire. The Soviet Union under Stalin methodically encouraged Russian emigration into the occupied Baltic states in a campaign of long-term Russification, to such an extent that nearly 30 percent of the populations of Latvia and Estonia were Russian.

Hat tip to Saberpoint!

The spirit of 'Meck Dec' still lives on

The mainstream press has no problem celebrating secession from Britain:

By 1775, disputes between American colonists and the British were at a tipping point. Thomas Polk, commander of the Mecklenburg militia, called for a council of local leaders to gather at the Mecklenburg courthouse on May 19, 1775, to discuss grievances against the crown. That same day, news arrived in Charlotte that Americans had been killed by British troops at the previous month's battles at Lexington and Concord.

This news spurred the predominantly Scotch-Irish leaders, who already had a long history of fighting British rule, to move beyond debate to action. That night, local leaders drafted and signed a document called the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, fondly known as the "Meck Dec."

At noon on May 20, 1775, Thomas Polk stood at the Mecklenburg Courthouse and read aloud the declaration to the public: "... the citizens of Mecklenburg County do hereby dissolve the political bands which have connected us to the Mother Country, and hereby absolve ourselves from all allegiance to the British Crown..." By this act, Mecklenburg declared itself "a free and independent people," more than a year prior to the Declaration of Independence.

But take another look at the original North Carolina flag shown above. There's a little more to the story of May 20th:

The April 17th secession of Virginia caused even staunch Unionists in North Carolina to accept the inevitability of a break with Washington, and debate ended at 6PM when by unanimous vote, the convention adopted an Ordinance of Secession penned and presented by Burton Craige of Salisbury at the request of Governor Ellis. Craige was a strong Southern rights advocate as was part of the 1860 Goldsboro convention of the Southern Rights party which called for North Carolina ’s secession.

Though rejecting a lengthy document which enumerated the reasons and justifications for North Carolina’s sovereign action, including Lincoln’s unconstitutional and coercive actions against the States, Craige’s ordinance simply repealed the one in 1789 by which the State had voluntarily joined the third union (Articles of Confederation, Constitution, Confederacy).

Immediately after passage of the Ordinance, Major Graham Davee, private secretary to Governor Ellis, threw open a window on the west side of the building and related the news to “Ellis Artillery” Captain Stephen Dodson Ramseur. One hundred cadenced discharges marked the occasion of North Carolina reclaiming her independence; and this was followed by a ten gun salute to the other independent States. Within a short time it was announced that the convention had adopted the Constitution of the Confederate States, whereupon a twenty-gun salute was commenced.

May 20th was a much-revered date in North Carolina --- Ada Amelia’s Diary entry of Tuesday, May 21st, 1861 mentions that “the centenary celebration is near at hand. It is likely to be hereafter marked by a still more solemn and important event in the history of the State. It will be known, we trust, as the anniversary not only of the first, but of the second and crowning declaration and act of independence for the old State.

(Cape Fear Historical Institute, "Wilmington on the Eve of Secession”)

L.A. Mayor Dismisses Warning That Arizona Could Cut Off Power Over Boycott

Now this is getting interesting:

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Wednesday defiantly rejected a warning by a top Arizona utilities official that the state could cut off power to Los Angeles should the city proceed with its boycott of all things Arizona.

Spokesman David Beltran told Fox News that the message didn't even warrant a response.

"We're not going to respond to threats from a state which has isolated itself from the America that values freedom, liberty and basic human rights," Beltran said.

Uh, you got that exactly opposite, Sparky -- in fact, 59 percent of Americans approve of Arizona's new illegal-immigration law.

So it's Villaraigosa who's against the rest of America, the America defined by Western civilization and the rule of law. Villaraigosa was once a member of MEChA, which openly calls for La Raza (translation: Das Volk) to unite in the name of ethnic solidarity and secede from the US.

Sounds like Antonio's picked a fight he can't finish.

Multiculturalism Reaches Its Dead End

Have the multicults pushed their agenda a little too far? Joe Hicks thinks they're finally getting pushed back:

All the noise from the left that Arizona’s new immigration law is racist may have started a healthy backlash.

Many Americans have had it up to here with being called racists or being told that they’ve gotta bend a knee to any and every crazed leftist claim.

Hicks' piece lists several examples of blatant ethnic and racial bias that, if committed by whites, would trigger screaming headlines in the corporate media and riots in the streets of Los Angeles and New York.

BP fields 10,000 ideas from the public

I absolutely hate on-line user forums. I have 3 expensive pieces of software whose help screens include links to dedicated forums. That way, instead of getting an answer to your problem, you trudge through screen after screen of suggestions from people with nothing better to do than spout off stream-of-consciousness "fixes." 95% of the suggestions make you want to rip your hair out: "Have you tried re-booting?" "Your configuration file must be corrupt." "Just hit the 'undo' key!"

Companies have found these "blind-leading-the-clueless" online forums a lot cheaper than maintaining a help desk in Calcutta with reps named "Sue" and "Bob" reading scripts to irate customers.

Since that approach works so well for modern computer software, why not try it for other man-made disasters, such as oil spills? By golly, BP has resorted to just that:
BP has received thousands of ideas from the public on how to stop the blown oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, but some inventors are complaining that their efforts are getting ignored.

Oil-eating bacteria, bombs and a device that resembles a giant shower curtain are among the 10,000 fixes people have proposed to counter the growing environmental threat.

Oil-eating bacteria? And actor Kevin Costner suggests BP use a "big vacuum cleaner." I suppose making a movie disaster (as opposed to "disaster movie") like Waterworld uniquely qualifies Costner to make suggestions like that.

Ok, here's my suggestion: Launch thousands of gerbils in little canoes into the Gulf, where they can use little buckets to scoop up the oil.

Note to BP: Send my reward through PayPal. (See link above. No, more to the right. Oh, just email me.)

Here's an email from a regular reader who actually knows something about the oil industry:

Yeah, BP is killing us here as an industry. You know the real root cause behind this accident, IMHO? After acquiring Amoco and Arco, two great old American companies with lots of practical Southerners running their operations, most people found BP too miserable to work for and left for greener pastures. Therefore, irreplaceable practical experience was lost and it finally caught up with them. A few dumb mistakes and a stultifying organization and you've got the recipe for disaster - I was referring to BP there, not the US govt.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama to graduating high school students: "Your papers, please"

Because the security of Beloved Leader is more important than that of Arizonans.

Arizona Official Threatens to Cut Off Los Angeles Power as Payback for Boycott

Holy cow! A public official with a backbone!

If Los Angeles wants to boycott Arizona, it had better get used to reading by candlelight.

That's the message from a member of Arizona's top government utilities agency, who threw down the gauntlet Tuesday in a letter to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa by threatening to cut off the city's power supply as retribution.

Gary Pierce, a commissioner on the five-member Arizona Corporation Commission, wrote the letter in response to the Los Angeles City Council's decision last week to boycott the Grand Canyon State -- in protest of its immigration law -- by suspending official travel there and ending future contracts with state businesses.

You can email your support to Mr. Pierce at

The growing antagonism between different regions over this explosive issue is the latest sign the Empire is unravelling ...

Obama sides with Mexican president against Arizona

From ABC News: Mexican President Felipe Calderon took the unusual step Wednesday morning of criticizing an American law while visiting the White House, saying cooperation is needed to fix the US-Mexican immigration issue but "such laws as the Arizona law that is forcing our people to face discrimination. If we are divided, we cannot overcome these problems."

Obama's response? Did he defend the people of Arizona? Hardly:

"In the 21st century, we are defined not by our borders, but by our bonds. So I say to you and to the Mexican people, let us stand together."

More bad craziness from the Lizard King

Speaking ex cathedra, Charles Johnson has condemned those "wingnuts" who claim the present Commander-in-chief's policies are weakening the United States:

We are playing with dynamite by demonizing our president and dividing the United States in the process.

What, then, would His Lizardship say about a book entitled, "How the Obama Administration Threatens Our National Security"? As one reviewer summarized:

Dr. Hanson’s latest book, How the Obama Administration Threatens Our National Security, illustrates the peril that America’s leftist, superficial commander-in-chief has produced. Both President Obama’s ignorance and ideology now endanger the nation’s autonomy along with the world’s peace.

Problem is, the author, Victor Davis Hanson, is a Neocon chickenhawk who scurried to Johnson's defense when the Lizard King denounced patriotic Americans who'd supported the Neocon's foreign policy, but, in the aftermath of those wars, rejected their globalist domestic policies.

As I wrote at the time, Hanson and Johnson understood the real aims of the Neocon Wars, which was to put Americans in the service of the global democratic revolution. News flash: America is part of the same globe as Iraq and Afghanistan.

What happens now that Hanson slams Obama for insufficient bloodthirstyness? All eyes are on the Lizard King.

Winston-Salem man observes Confederate memorial day

Apparently this aspiring journalist is actually succeeding at being both more politically correct AND dumber than the ones at the Charlotte Observer. No mean feat.

Thanks to Robert for the link!

Secede to Avoid Violent Collapse

Think the riots in Greece and the resulting economic turmoil in Europe aren't going to affect you? Guess again! From Third Palmetto Republic.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Is Not Amnesty

It’s Worse! What La Raza and its big-business sugar daddies demand is legalization of Latino colonization. From VDare:

Every second an illegal alien is in this country they are guilty of “unlawful presence” under the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act and are here in the “improper time or place” under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The former bars an alien from legally immigrating to this country for 3 years if they have been here illegally for 180 days or less, and 10 years if they have been here longer. The latter imposes criminal and civil penalties including fines and imprisonment of up to 6 months for the first offense and 2 years for subsequent offenses.

An amnesty properly defined, would still require illegal aliens to leave the country, but waive the criminal penalties.

Here' a recent example of amnesty for illegal immigrants:

Malaysia was swamped by illegal aliens, with estimates ranging from 600,000 to over a million. In 2004, the Malaysian government issued an amnesty of sorts: illegals had 3 months to leave—later extended due to the Tsunami—or else they’d be caned.

That's amnesty. La Raza demands an ex post facto legalization. And we know what that would lead to, thanks to "family reunification."

The Great Consolidation only emboldens powerful

Ross Douthat concludes something we've been writing about for years - that with big government, solutions are never the answer, because the only conceivable response to any problem is to increase the power of government -- even though government is what caused the problem:

The CIA and FBI didn't stop 9/11, so now we have the Department of Homeland Security. ...

If Robert Rubin's mistakes helped create an out-of-control financial sector, then naturally you need Timothy Geithner and Lawrence Summers -- Rubin's protégés -- to set things right.

Once a system grows sufficiently complex, it doesn't matter how badly our best and brightest foul things up. Every crisis increases their authority, because they seem to be the only ones who understand the system well enough to fix it.

But their fixes tend to make the system even more complex and centralized, and more vulnerable to the next national-security surprise, the next natural disaster, the next economic crisis.

Which is why, despite all the populist backlash and all the promises from Washington, this isn't the end of the “too big to fail” era. It's the beginning.

Douthat is right -- up to a point. Yes, DC, like the EU, continues to expand and consolidate. But! How long can this go on? The rumblings about secession and States' Rights are still making the parasites in the bowels of DC nervous -- and for good reason. Cushy jobs are hard to come by in this economy. (And who's responsible for the housing and financial crisis that wrecked the economy?)

When all authority to decide and act is centralized in the hands of a few bureaucrats in government, the entire system, unable to respond to a crisis, will come crashing down from its own dead weight. "Decentralize or die" will be replaced by "Secede or go down with the Titanic."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paul Rand wins!

From a reader:

This comment was from DNC Chairman tonight:

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine painted the Kentucky race as a victory for “the far-right Republican segment of the electorate” calling Paul a nominee “whose ideas are outside of the political mainstream.”

Kaine is exactly right about "whose ideas are outside of the political mainstream". That's why Paul won!

Maybe one day they will get it, even the republicans.


Maybe they will. We are living in days of miracles and wonders.

Miss Oklahoma for Miss Confederate States of America

Miss Oklahoma is a "huge believer in states' rights." You go girl!

Miss Oklahoma was asked a question about Arizona's immigration law by a Hispanic judge. Note that his question is booed by the audience. The judge then asked the audience to wait for the question which ultimately was whether this is an issue best handled by the states or the feds? He clearly thought asking the question that way would lead to the feds as the answer, but it backfired on him. Also note that while the audience response to her answer was mixed, her supporters seemed to clearly outnumber her detractors.

From Conservative Heritage Times.

Rand Paul's making war-bloggers nervous

Despite endorsements from Dick Cheney and the rest of the Rockefeller Republicans (or is it BECAUSE of it?), Rand Paul seems poised to win his bid for a Senate seat in Kentucky. Oh, how the globalists will howl!

When will they ever learn?

From a PBS interview:

JEFFREY BROWN: And, finally, General, I understand that you're a -- you're something of a student of history. Alexander the Great was in Afghanistan. He founded the city of Kandahar.

The British were there. The Soviets were there. No one left, I don't think, feeling like they had done all they had wanted, and some left in real defeat.

What -- what -- what gives you confidence that the American experience will be different?

GENERAL STANLEY MCCHRYSTAL: I think what we want is very different.

I think that, when people talk about graveyards of empires, we're not an empire, and we don't desire anything for Afghanistan, except Afghan sovereignty. And I think that changes everything.

What we want is an Afghanistan that can defend itself, an Afghanistan that can develop its own resources, human and physical. And so it goes back to strategic partnership. And I think that that allows us a tremendous opportunity to be successful.

This reveals the same mindset. It's about a young soldier who fought Islamic extremists in Afghanistan:

He was an ordinary 18-year-old from an ordinary family when he marched off to war in Afghanistan.

He did so with the assurance that not only was he protecting his own country's security, but was bringing peace and happiness to an oppressed people, too.

"On my first mission, we had to secure an escape route for refugees who were fleeing the area under attack by the resistance, so my initial impression was that we were, indeed, protecting peaceful Afghans from 'Islamic extremists.'"

But by the time Nikolai Lanine and the rest of the Soviet army pulled out of Afghanistan 16 months later, his faith was shaken, his feelings conflicted.

Graveyard of empires? Nah. We're different. Our motives are pure!

Pelosi supporters claim she'll become more powerful by losing

Maybe this strategy isn't as crazy as it sounds. It worked for Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Home School, Sweet Home School

William Murchison hits the bull's eye with this one:

As I addressed a home school graduation exercise the other day, I thought—more than once—ah, good old human nature at work once more.

It’s what happens when institutions fail or give the distinct impression they’re about to. Customers head for the exits: not all of them, maybe just a handful. Yet those who do flee, taking their hopes and their children with them, tend to be people of sharp and quick perception; the kind you want around as much and as long as possible. Their departure evacuates the institution in considerable degree of priceless qualities—sense of mission, dedication to task, willingness to work and to sacrifice.

The overgrown, over-centralized institutions of the 20th century are indeed dying quickly -- that's why there's so much talk about secession in this country. By sticking its tentacles into everything, DC spread itself too thin, and now its empire is collapsing all around it, as evidenced by the slow-motion disaster in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the lemming-like fiscal policies of all levels of government.

The militarization of the police


The militarization of American society has its consequences. Here's what will inevitably happen when it infects law enforcement:

Seven-year-old Aiyana Jones was asleep on the living room sofa in her family's apartment when Detroit police searching for a homicide suspect burst in and an officer's gun went off, fatally striking the girl in the neck, family members say.

In this case instead of performing police work (that is, staking out the property and arresting the suspect when he attempted to leave - as he eventually almost certainly would - without incident) the cops decided to use their "flashy SWAT tools" and storm the house, despite apparent obvious and clear knowledge, just as at Waco, that there were known-innocent persons inside.

From Americans' slavish submission to "our" Commander-in-chief, to the sick worship of state power displayed in "war porn" snuff videos, the reconstruction of America from a republic to an empire has long been poisoning our morals and destroying our liberty. Now it's obvious it's undermining our personal safety as well.

UPDATE: American troops in Afghanistan are more restrained in use of force than US SWAT Teams.

Thanks to Chuck Demastus for the heads up!

Dale Peterson

Whoa! Pro-gun, anti-illegal alien, pro-family farm! We need more candidates like this.

Rand Paul Leads "Establishment Candidate" In KY Senate Race

The mood of the country is changing. Kentucky is a good example, where the choice for US Senate is pretty stark: There's Trey Greyson, a pro-war, big-government candidate endorsed by the Republican establishment (including the venomous Dick Cheney), and then there's Rand Paul, the anti-interventionist, small-government candidate. In the words of Trey Greyson:

I support the Patriot Act, and he doesn't. He thinks that a nuclear Iran is not a threat to our national security. I think it is.

Who in his right mind would vote to submit to DC's de facto nullification of the Bill of Rights, and to expand DC's bloodthirsty, insane, and counter-productive wars? The answer, thank God, is a distinct minority:

Kentucky Republicans look to be headed the same direction taken by the GOP in Utah, where Tea Party activists pushed out the established Republican contender. Rand Paul leads Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson by double-digits in polls, less than a week before primaries in the Bluegrass State.

Let's hope this is just the beginning of a flat-out popular rejection of the direction the central government has been taking us. I'm ready for a resurgence of freedom. It looks like many others are, too.

Quote of the day

“The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity.” Rollo May

Monday, May 17, 2010

Iran Nuclear Fuel Deal puts DC in check

Curses! Foiled again! Now the Neocons will have to make up new excuses to attack Iran.

Obama's aunt given OK to stay in United States

It pays to have connections in post-racial America:

A Boston immigration judge has granted President Barack Obama's aunt, Zeituni Onyango asylum, clearing the way for her to stay in the United States and possibly to become a US citizen, her lawyers said today.

"I'm tired," said Onyango, whose case caused a stir when it was revealed sad been living illegally in a South Boston public housing complex.

She had applied for political asylum in 2002, but a judge rejected her application in 2004 and told her to leave the country.

Instead, she lived quietly in the public housing project until it was revealed shortly before the 2008 election that she was here illegally. She quickly became a lightning rod in the national debate over illegal immigration.

Living here illegally. At public expense. Got it.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, and forget everything you've seen and heard.

San Diego can't swallow its own medicine

San Diego wants to boycott Arizona, but when Arizonans boycott them in return, they don't like it. Typical liberal hypocrites!

Arizona tourists are biting back against San Diego for its city council's decision to boycott the Grand Canyon State over its immigration law signed by Gov. Jan Brewer last month.

Would-be tourists have notified the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau and some hotels that they are canceling their scheduled travel to the coastal vacation destination, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

And San Diego officials don't like it one bit:

That has tourism officials urging Arizonans to consider the resolutions as merely symbolic and local politics at work.

"We're in a very tough environment already because of everything else going on, and we don't need another negative impact to our industry," ConVis President Joe Terzi told the Union-Tribune. "This affects all the hardworking men and women who count on tourism for their livelihoods, so we’re saying, don't do something that hurts their livelihoods."

All together now: Awwwwwwwwwww!

Thanks to Jeff for the heads up!

Cockfighting bust in Arizona

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is up to no good again, denying Mexicans the right to enjoy their native culture. In a raid on an illegal cockfight, Arpaio's deputies seized roosters, drugs, weapons and cash, as well as 20 illegal immigrants.

Sounds to me like Arpaio needs some tolerance training. Doesn't he know we should respect all cultures?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thomas James DiLorenzo on Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Authoritarianism and Manipulated History

This interview provides a great introduction to Di Lorenzo's work, as well as to the Lincoln myth and its role in legitimizing Big Government. From Right Side News.

Centralized Futility

In a move that comes as no surprise, the economic house of cards built by the New World Order is once again teetering toward outright collapse. Just as the 2008 bailout of Wall Street was simply an exercise in buying time for a corrupt system, the Europeans have attempted to pledge €1 trillion to rescue their socialist experiment. Part of this bailout is coming from our fellow rulers in DC and NYC who fear their goose will be cooked as well.

Despite this, the investors are seeing full well that bailing out nations is a whole new scale of nanny state that not even the richest nations/empires can sustain. Today it is Greece, tomorrow it will be England, Spain, and Portugal, and soon the American Empire must face the music. Do Southerners or any other sane people want to still be a servant of DC when that day comes?

Unreconstructed Carlton

Friday, May 14, 2010

The snot heard 'round the world

Condoleezza Rice can complain the State Department doesn't have enough blacks, and Dave Winfield can argue there aren't enough blacks in baseball, but if a white Protestant points to the objective fact that his ethnic group isn't represented on the Supreme Court, well, that's "racism and bigotry." That is, if you believe the latest article of faith from Charles Johnson, Chief Oracle and Grand Inquisitor over at Little Green Footballs.

Stick to your comic books, Charles.

Southern Music break

Beautiful Irish whistle in this arrangement! Kathy Mattea does it right, highlighting the song's Celtic influence. The melody is from the Irish tune, "The Boy with the Auburn Hair."

He's fighting for his own true love
His foes he does defy
He is the darling of my heart
My Southern soldier boy

But should he fall
In this our glorious cause
He still would be my joy
For many a sweetheart mourns the loss
Of a Southern soldier boy

I hope for the best
And so do all
Whose hopes are in the field
I know that we shall win the day
For Southerns never yield

Obama's Death Star is fully operational

Here's all the evidence you need to see we're no longer living in the America that once was:

The Obama administration’s decision to authorize the killing by the Central Intelligence Agency of a terrorism suspect who is an American citizen has set off a debate over the legal and political limits of drone missile strikes, a mainstay of the campaign against terrorism.

The notion that the government can, in effect, execute one of its own citizens far from a combat zone, with no judicial process and based on secret intelligence, makes some legal authorities deeply uneasy.

Since the "War on Terror" is global, it's only a matter of time before the president zaps an American citizen here at home, either with the Death Star or some old-fashioned method.

I can't think of a more chilling illustration that the Federal government exists to expand its power, rather than to protect its citizens.

New target of rights erosions: U.S. citizens

Remember the good old days of the Bush-Cheney regime, when he-men and "real" patriots cheered on the government's use of pre-emptive war, wiretapping, and so-called "harsh interogation methods"? Back then, EVERYONE knew such measures were aimed only at Muslims.

Well, those days are over. Today, the government is using the Bush-Cheney arguments to expand its nifty new powers over American citizens as well, effectively nullifying the Bill of Rights:

Barack Obama claims the right to assassinate Americans far from any battlefield and with no due process of any kind. The Obama administration begins covertly abandoning long-standing Miranda protections for American suspects by vastly expanding what had long been a very narrow "public safety" exception, and now Eric Holder explicitly advocates legislation to codify that erosion. John McCain and Joe Lieberman introduce legislation to bar all Terrorism suspects, including Americans arrested on U.S. soil ...

The oh-so-politically-correct Charlotte Observer is just fine with such measures, now that they're "liberal" policy. In today's editorial, for example, it lambasts the NRA, which is holding its convention here in Charlotte. One of the NRA's sins, beside its original one of supporting the right of individual self-defense, is that "after the failed Times Square bombing, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg asked Congress to support a measure to stop anyone on terrorist watch lists from legally buying guns...", and the organization opposed the mayor. Imagine that -- the NRA actually believes the government cannot take away rights based on mere suspicion. How barbaric. How -- unprogressive.

Now that the left is backing the totalitarian measures once associated with Republican government, the patriotic right is waking up to what's happening. Let's just hope it isn't too late.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Afghan war costs now outpace Iraq's

It's now $6.7 billion in Afghanistan and $5.5 billion in Iraq per month, bringing us to a cumulative cost of $1 trillion.

Here we are facing an invasion on the southern border and massive unemployment, and this is the best use of our borrowed money?

UPDATED: Times Square bombing case leads to immigration arrests

Seems Faisal Shahzad had a little help with his botched attempt at jihad. The FBI has arrested suspects “next door to public housing” in an “ethnically mixed neighborhood” in Brookline, Massachusetts:

As many as four people were detained in FBI raids across the Northeast in connection with the failed Times Square bombing, officials told CBS News.

Authorities searched a Massachusetts home and gas station, detaining two men on immigration violations, FBI spokesperson Gail Marcinkiewicz said, though she would not say whether they were directly involved in the plot.

"The searches are a product of evidence that has been gathered in the investigation subsequent to the Times Square bombing investigation," said Marcinkiewicz.

What? "Immigration violations"? You mean there's a link between uncontrolled immigration and terrorism? Whoda thunk it?

UPDATE: Fox News learns of "direct connection" between Pakistanis arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Times Square bombing attempt.

via The Other McCain

Iraq violence set to delay US troop withdrawal

Seems Operation 51st Star has hit a snag:

The White House is likely to delay the withdrawal of the first large phase of combat troops from Iraq for at least a month after escalating bloodshed and political instability in the country.

And I thought the reason for staying was that the invasion of Iraq was such a sparkling success, no one wanted it to end.

New York Town Makes English the Law

Once again, local government does what the Federal government won't do -- enact the will of the people.

Immigration vs. Teen Employment

Immigrants are doing the jobs teenagers want to do:

The summer of 2010 is shaping up to be worst summer ever for the employment of U.S.-born teenagers (16 to 19 years old). But even before the current recession, the share of U.S.-born teens in the labor force – working or looking for work – was declining. A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies finds that competition with immigrants (legal and illegal) explains a significant share of this decline. The fall in teen employment is worrisome because a large body of research shows that those who do not hold jobs as teenagers often fail to develop the work habits necessary to function in the labor market, creating significant negative consequences for them later in life.

A government that gave a damn about its own people would halt ALL immigration until the economy improves.

Health Care Reform to Cost $115 Billion More Than Originally Projected

Uh-oh! ObamaCare is going to cost more than we were told.

Funny, but Bush did the same thing with his Prescription Drug plan. So they both lied to push through their agenda. This author suspects the same.

Tell me again what difference it made to vote for Obama?

Majority supports Arizona law

Rather than rolling over and submitting to invasion, most Americans choose to rage against the dying of the light:

A poll conducted by the Washington, D.C.-based, nonpartisan Pew Research Center indicated that 63 percent nationally support allowing police to question anyone they think may be in the country illegally and that 59 percent approve of Arizona's new illegal-immigration law ...

49 percent of Democrats would favor the law's passage in their own state.

Most Republicans polled indicated they approve of the three provisions and the law itself, while 45 percent of Democrats said they approve of the law and 46 percent said they disapprove.

Are you listening, State legislators? Maybe we need to make sure they hear what the people demand ...

Flags of the (rapidly growing!) Rebellion

The sign on the tailgate changes your driving experience!

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Send me your flag pictures at

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Kagan shouldn’t join the Supremes

First of all, she's a managerial statist. Justin Raimondo warns she's an enemy of civil liberties:

Suffice to say here that, in Kagan’s world, it’s okay to proscribe certain expressions if (1) the government can show an overriding public interest in doing so, and (2) if the motives of government officials can pass the test of self-interest – or, at least, give the formal appearance of neutrality. ...

Given the predicament in which we find ourselves today, with the Constitution under assault from every side – from the neocons on the right, who want to outlaw “subversion,” and dispense with habeas corpus, and from some “progressives” who see government power as a panacea, especially now that they’re in control of the national government – Kagan is the last person we need on the Court.

And Southerners have additional problems with Kagan. William Cawthon writes:

Last year the Southern Senators voted 16 to 8 against confirmation of Elena Kagan, President of Harvard, as U. S. Solicitor General. For purposes of this analysis, the Southern Senators represent the eleven principal Confederate States (which include Florida and Texas), plus Kentucky and Oklahoma, or, in other words, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. This is the definiton of the South used by the Congressional Quarterly, which I have found it to be the best delineation of the modern South politically. This South of 13 States has approximately one-third of the U. S. populaton.

The non-Southern Senators voted for her confirmation by a vote of 53 - 15.

The U. S. as a whole voted for confirmation of Kagan by a vote of 61 - 31.

This dramatic difference between the South and the rest of the U. S. has been a very frequent occurrence in Congress since Obama took office, and stretches back on quite a number of issues of the first importance since I began my study of Congressional votes (principally with regard to the divergence of the Southern vote) with the 1965 Immigration Reform Act.

A New York Times front page article in today's edition talks about "the New York City bloc" on the U. S. Supreme Court. If Elena Kagan is confirmed as a Justice on the Court, four of the nine Justices of the Supreme Court will be from New York City, which is unprecedented.

The imbalance of the U. S. Supreme Court is extreme in other areas as well.

The overwhelming majority of the Justices are from the Northeast. I believe I read recently, seven of the nine are from the Northeast (before the retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens, who is from Chicago).

Kagan is just one example of how Southerners are not represented in DC.

A Flood of Inattention

One of these ...

... is not like the other ...

The American Taliban are coming

Yesterday's video of Mexican students attacking American kids who dared display the US flag on Cinqo de Mayo provides insight into the reality of the radicalization of second-generation immigrants. Most of their parents entered this country illegally, and the kids naturally have humongous chips on their shoulders. (For an idea of how big those chips are, take a look at this or this.) And the scoop on the Times Square bumbler, I mean, bomber, suggests what we can expect from those immigrants whose co-religionists face death from robot drones operated by heroes 8,000 miles away -- and it's not pretty:

The Obama administration, the US intelligence machine and US public opinion also refuse to acknowledge facts on faraway grounds at their own peril. The drone war over Pakistan - covert, mercenary and a mix of both - is considered not only by Pashtuns but by most of Pakistani public opinion for what it is: a US-conducted war - an extra-judicial, systematic mass killing of "unknown", "invisible" people. The Obama administration is not even acknowledging whether it is revaluating this strategy. ...

The age of the virtual jihadi nomad is a go. Forget the Osamas; now it's the time for the Shahzads. Illegal, covert drone wars are bound to spawn - spin or no spin - a terrible, absurd and deadly string of blowback. Lookout, the American Taliban are coming.

And that's assuming they're not already here ... Say, how's that "Invade the world/Invite the world" thingy going for ya? Because the two come as a matched set -- you support imperialism, you get multiculturalism, too.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Other States Taking Cue From Arizona Law

South Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, Missouri,and Idaho follow Arizona's lead:

A controversial law passed in Arizona giving state and local police the right to arrest anyone reasonably suspected of being an illegal immigrant is catching on nationwide, with lawmakers and others in several states considering similar legislation.

Concerned about the federal government's failure to secure the nation's borders, legislators and political candidates from Georgia to Colorado have introduced bills to beef up local immigration enforcement, have promised to do so or said they would support such legislation if offered.

Call, email, fax, and visit your representative and make your demands known!

Flags of the Rebellion

Picture of a vintage postcard; undated; from Pensacola, Florida.

Send me your flag pictures at

Is the War Coming Home?

Remember when W assured us the US had to invade Iraq because it was better to fight them over there than over here? Now it looks like we have to fight them in both places -- and it's no mystery why, says Pat Buchanan:

Taking a cue from George W. Bush, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said of the Times Square bomber, “We will not be intimidated by those who hate the freedoms that make … this country so great.”

This was the mantra after Sept. 11. We are hated not because of what we do in the Middle East, but because of who we are: people who love freedom and stand for women’s rights. ...

U.S. Marines were not attacked by Hezbollah until we inserted those Marines into Lebanon’s civil war. No Iraqi committed an act of terror against us before we invaded Iraq.

Osama bin Laden declared war on us, first and foremost, to end the massive U.S. presence on sacred Saudi soil that is home to Mecca and Medina.

Some may insist this was not his real motive. But, apparently, the Saudis believed him, for they quickly kicked us out of Prince Sultan Air Base.

As for the Taliban, they would surely make short work of Lady Gaga. But their stated grievance is the same as Gen. Washington’s in our war with the British: If you want this war to end, get out of our country.

It's amazing how people can fool themselves.

Mexican Students Knock U.S. Flag to the Ground

Reconquista? What Reconquista?

Oh, THAT one ...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Why we oppose DC's interventionism

At Least 111 Killed in Attacks Across Iraq

Here are three reasons to reject the global democratic revolution of the Bush and Obama regimes: DC's wars weaken our civil liberties at home, kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and end up creating the very situation we supposedly went in to prevent. What Christian can support a government that slaughters so indescriminately? And if that doesn't bother you, consider this: Iraq will be radical Iran's close ally, dominated by a hostile Shiite government.

If all that is just too much to remember, you can distill it into one simple fact: Intervention always blows up in our face. Always.

Confederate Memorial Day in North Carolina

The powerful crescendo and the rippling colors of the original North Carolina flag at 2:25 are guaranteed to send shivers down the spine of any Tarheel.

From the North Carolina League of the South:

One-quarter of all Southern war dead were North Carolinians. These sons, brothers, husbands and fathers numbered 20,000 who would never see home again, another 21,000 died of disease, and countless others were maimed for life. These patriotic Americans, usually ill-clad, half-starved and poorly-armed, fought long and hard to protect their families, homes, farms, State, country; and most of all, their inheritance of political liberty and government by the consent of the governed handed down from the Founders.

“First at Bethel, farthest at Gettysburg, and last at Appomattox.”

In the battle (Gettysburg) of the first day, Captain Tuttle’s company (26th North Carolina) went into action with 3 officers and 84 men; all officers and 83 of the men were killed or wounded.

On the same day, and in the same (Pettigrew’s) brigade, Company C of the 11th North Carolina lost 2 officers killed and 34 of 38 men killed or wounded. Captain Bird of this company, with the 4 remaining men, participated in the charge of the 3rd of July (Pickett’s) and of these the flag-bearer was shot, and the Captain brought out the flag itself.

The loss of the 26th North Carolina at Gettysburg was the severest regimental loss during the whole war.

"Deaths in the Confederate Army," Confederate Veteran Magazine, page 434.

Holder: Feds may sue over Arizona immigration law

This is so jaw-dropping bizarre, it hurts to read it:

Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday that the Justice Department was considering a federal lawsuit against Arizona's new immigration law.

"We are considering all of our options. One possibility is filing a lawsuit," Holder told NBC's "Meet the Press." Possible grounds for the lawsuit would be whether the Arizona law could lead to civil rights violations, he said.

What principal would tolerate an agent than not only failed its duty to act on the principal's best interests, but actively opposed them? The powerful La Raza, the government of Mexico, and back-stabbing big business have all declared war on the people of Arizona. Who speaks for them? Their best option -- their ONLY option -- is their local State government.

How much more proof do we need that DC deserves a pink slip?

15 things you should know about “The Race”

Thanks to taxpayer subsidies, supporters in both big government and big business, La Raza (translation: "Das Volk") wields a whole lotta power. Michelle Malkin lets us in on some secrets about this frightening, hiding-in-plain-sight conspiracy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stand With Arizona!

Here's one thing you can do -- support the Arizona BUYcott:

“We see this as a statement about State’s rights, about freedom, and the right of people in one State to take action to protect their way of life as they see fit. We are proud to stand with Arizona and to support them with a BUYcott!”

Lieberman Proposes Law to Preemptively Strip Citizenship from Terror Suspects

We have to destroy our freedoms in order to save them. That's what Joe Lieberman (Ind. - Pentagon) says:

Sen. Joe Lieberman seized on renewed fears of a terrorist attack to announce his latest legislative gambit: the "Terrorism Expatriation Act" -- or "TEA" -- which would revoke the citizenship of any American "who is found to be involved with a foreign terrorist organization as designated by the State Department."

The measure came less than two months after Lieberman's introduction, with Sen. John McCain, of another radical bill: The "Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010," which would grant the president the power to order the arrest, interrogation, and imprisonment of anyone -- including a U.S. citizen -- indefinitely, on the sole suspicion that he or she is affiliated with terrorism, and on the president's sole authority as commander in chief.

If this passes, our right to a trial by jury hangs on the whim of the President of the United States.

Who trusts Obama that much? Not me.

Let's not forget that a "suspect" is someone the government accuses of a crime -- and the Bill of Rights was crafted to prevent the government from abusing its power over citizens.

Our descent into Soviet tyranny just gained a little more speed.

The cavalry is on its way!

Salvation is nigh! Liberty-loving Republicans are working feverishly to restore sovereignty to the people of the States and downsize the Federal government:

On Thursday a group of House conservatives from the Republican Study Committee (RSC) announced the launch of the 10th Amendment Task Force -- a project of the RSC -- designed as a means for legislators to change tactics on downsizing the leviathan federal government. ...

The task force will develop and promote proposals that aim to disburse power, decision-making, and money away from Washington back to states, local governments and individuals.

In related news, Cheech and Chong have teamed up with NORML to determine how we can reduce marijuana use in the US.

I mean really, Republicans? The party that gave us the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security, and No Child Left Behind is going to save us from big government?

via The Other McCain

A culture worth defending

Who made the following statement about the difference between Western and Islamic cultures?

“When South Park got threatened last week by Islamists incensed at their depiction of Muhammad, it served — or should serve — as a reminder that our culture isn’t just different than one that makes death threats to cartoonists. It’s better.”

1 - Dr. Michael Hill, President, League of the South

2 - Bill Maher, host of Real Time

3 - Peter Brimelow, VDare

4 - Pat Buchanan, MSNBC

5 - Gordon Baum, Council of Conservative Citizens

Click here for the answer.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Iraq: Controlled Devolution or Uncontrolled Disintegration

Yes, we're all sick and tired of hearing about Iraq. But the break-up of Iraq holds an important lesson for us here at home:

Iraq always has been an artificial country ever since its creation in the early part of the 20th century by the British, who pushed together three unrelated provinces of the old Ottoman Empire so they could get control of Iraq’s oil. Only the iron fist of Sunni Arab dictators, the last of which was Saddam Hussein, held the country together – that is, until the U.S. invasion in 2003 ended the Sunni reign. The Kurds have never really wanted to be part of Iraq, and most of the Shi’a want, at minimum, some autonomy from the central government.

Iraq was and is an artificial country because the three groups that constitute it do not share common values and a common history. The mutual trust that makes a republican government possible just isn't there.

The same results occur when demographic revolution erodes trust. The rising political and social turmoil here in America is only a taste of what's to come as the undigested Latino influx grows and demands greater control.

The good news is that as the Empire wrecks itself on its own greed and pride, authentic political institutions can rise up from the ruins.