Friday, April 29, 2011

Tornadoes kill over 300 in the South

The latest toll is 306. Be sure to check out the reaction to this over at the Bonnie Blue Blog.


JRA said...

When can we expect the typical black profilers to begin commenting on how the tornadoes disproportionately killed or injured black homeowners based on racist zoning and housing practices?

Anonymous said...

Watching from a distance I feel more than compassion. My heart breaks and eyes tear. You realize how much you love the South, my father's homeland, when you witness the destruction and feel it rip you inside out.

Yet, I know that God strengthens those that He loves, in mysterious ways. The trees would all be weak were it not for the adversity they face. So it is with His own! May He bless and comfort all those that have been afflicted and especially those that have lost loved ones!!