Saturday, July 2, 2011

League of The South – I Was Wrong

From the Confederate Colonel:

In the past, I have written a number of times about my disagreement with the stated objectives of the League of The South. I now find myself having to say that for the current situation of this nation, I was wrong.

What has changed?

What could have changed the Colonel's mind? Here's his surprising answer.

It takes a big man to announce to the world that he's changed his mind.


Dan Hill said...

The southern culture is still strong. With the advent of TVA and their power distribution grid, which they say brought prosperity to the ignorant, poor country folk of the south, the south began to change. Remember on a Saturday or Sunday evening folks would gather under a shade tree in the yard. Now they are inside in the air conditioner, which also allowed the influx of heat intolerant northerners, further watering down our culture.
They are watching a bunch of guys in suits with so much crap wrote on them they could not find their fly if they had to pee, inside a car going in circles. Remember when nascar was a bunch of characters who used to run white mule at night. Or a guy going 90 mph,in a $40,000 boat down the lake acting like he has bumped a bee hive jumping up and down, high fiving himself just cause he caught a fish. Remember when you used to walk down to the river and float worms with a cane pole.
But just let there be a hurricane or tornado. or flood and the power is out, you see the real south. Folks come out and help each other get things back in order. Trouble is, as soon as REA has the juice back on, we go back in the AC and turn on the get stupid tube.
And then you have the kid sitter, from hell, the public school where our kids go while both man and wife are busy trying to make enough money to buy crap we don't need to get by. I remember one teacher at our school telling our kids she was going to wipe out talk like ain't and ya'll cause it just showed you were from the ignorant section of the country.
Someday soon, the big plug is going to be pulled out of the socket. I garauntee you, the south will truly rise again, when it happens.

Anonymous said...

The south is rising and has been for along dang time. I believe in more stronger traditional southron ways and midwest ways including the american indian way. I despise the gummit and the takeover of the confederates states/sovereign/indian territory. In fact I fully back american indians allowed to fully speak all tribal languages and the southron peoples continue to speak and use southron dialect. Nacar stanks because it too tookover the Dixie ways in the way I see it , they won't let the confederate flag fly , when I have old racing car shows of Darlington showing people were having a dang ole time racing in dixie land and the flag is seen and all are having fun and participating in dixie events.. One of my favorite up to date is the monster jam truck the Equalizer , he flies the confederate flag I was lucky enough to git the picture because I noticed it and very happy to save it. After I heard of all the nonsense of people wanting to remove a flag out of ignorance, nascar would'nt be existing if it were'nt for the south and the moon shinin runnin ! Aside from the corporatized nascar its so lame anyway ! For $4.00 I got a bunch of old race shows on dvd/tape and the dukes of hazzard are something I watch all the time .. I got almost the whole dang series. Now Im getting my first rebel helmet tradin the other one in. No dopey skulls or new south look or northern infiltration look , just ole rebel dukes of hazzard colors.. Its actually hard to find these things. But to see and find evil dc and all its smut , that sure is dang easy to find everywhere ..The south NEEDS to stand on cultural identity , not allow any foreign invaders, they should not be tolerated. The southron peoples and traditional new comers who understand the southron heritage in some length , not the phony north that is being encouraged to drown the south out just like they did to our first peoples the american indians. who also were beat into submission and forced to except most of dc evil. I also would encourage the NON use of egyptian symbols that flood our nation , which are ritualistic/satanistic and not of god replace them with american made and god or american meanings not some coded batcrap again mainly the north does this , and its been excepted across the nation.. as a traditionalist standing firm with only the american indian , western life, and southron traditions and ways only. And a small note, the american indian as the tribal designations wish to conduct their ways as they once were before they were so called federally recognized by non other then evil dc ! ~ cowboymav~