Friday, September 30, 2011

Time to split the U.S. in half

Let's welcome Robert Ringer to the growing chorus calling for downsizing the DC Empire:

Those who believe in big government could take one half of the country and regulate, tax and redistribute wealth to their heart's content. Within a few short years, of course, it would become a U.S. version of North Korea, devoid of civil liberties and mired in poverty, but, hey, we all get the government we deserve.

After giving the left first choice, conservatives and libertarians could then take the other half of the country – any half would be just fine – and implement a free-market economy that would be as close to laissez-faire capitalism as possible. In a short period of time, it would become a U.S. version of South Korea (or the U.S. itself in the days of yore), with explosive wealth creation and maximum freedom for its citizens.

Let's make it the Southern half, and we're with you, Mr. Ringer!

Thanks to Jeff for the link!

Obama's latest hit

So -- some goons huddled in the darkened safety of a control room in California twiddle their joysticks as they stare at wide-screen monitors, push the "Fire!" button, and thousands of miles away, a drone launches a Hellfire rocket that scorches a convoy in Yemen. And I'm supposed to get misty-eyed and puffed up over this? From Fox News:

Senior Al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki was killed in Yemen early Friday morning by a CIA-led U.S. drone strike, marking the highest-profile takedown of a terror leader since the raid on Usama bin Laden's compound.

Fox News has learned that two Predator drones hovering above al-Awlaki's convoy fired the Hellfire missiles which killed the terror leader. According to a senior U.S. official, the operation was carried out by Joint Special Operations Command, under the direction of the CIA.

Count me in with those who are not only unimpressed by this long-distance execution, but just a little worried about its wider implications.

Obama has not only expanded the president's power to unilaterally declare war, but to eliminate enemies, citizen or no, at home or abroad, by executive order. Anwar al-Awlaki, whether we like it or not, was an American citizen with certain rights, including a right to a trial. Instead, he was snuffed by remote control. That's something to cheer? Rather than making me think of how George Washington defeated Cornwallis, this makes me recall how Stalin got Trotsky.

The greatest enemies of our freedom lurk in the District of Corruption, not in the gritty back roads of Yemen. So this is one victory celebration I'll have to pass up.

Obama: A disaster for civil liberties

Nixon imposed "affirmative action" (translation: good discrimination, as opposed to the bad discrimination of the past). Reagan signed the unconstitutional Voting Rights Act, though he'd campaigned against it, and signed into law a blanket amnesty for illegal aliens. And George W. Bush rammed through the disastrous No Child Left Behind, as well as the Senior Prescription Drug bill, two immense power grabs by the central government.

That's what so-called "conservative" presidents have done to our Constitution -- and because of the smoke screen of their ballyhooed conservatism, their core supporters didn't so much as whimper in protest.

So it only makes sense that a "liberal" such as Obama would expand the president's war-making powers, and conduct an assault on civil liberties that no conservative could ever get away with. Torture, "preventive detention" (jailing citizens before they cause trouble), and even assassination by executive order have been made into ordinary government policy, and there's even talk of applying the illegal means used to combat terrorism to the never-ending war on drugs.

Remember, it's not the Democrats or the Republicans who are the enemy of liberty. They're just the sock puppets. The puppet master is Big Government.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Support for a black Republican proves you're a racist

I guess the only way to prove you are not a bad person is to vote for leftists.

Wait a minute -- now they're saying that white liberals who're disappointed with Obama's performance are also racist.

Looks to me like it's impossible to please the anti-racist whiney-babies. So why bother trying?

Man Arrested In Sting Operation For Intending To Blow Up Pentagon

There are two disturbing undercurrents in this story about an educated Muslim hell-bound to wage jihad against "enemies of Allah."

This does appear to be yet another example of the FBI holding the hand of a disgruntled Muslim as he's led into an elaborate trap. Once again, the "plot" is exposed before the actual attack is made, and the FBI can crow they have their man.

Still, it's evident there's a lot of anger seething within the growing Muslim population in this country. It's just a matter of time until one of these plots succeeds.

Oh, wait -- that's already happened.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quote of the day

"When It's Time to Hang Tyrants, I Won't Have Far To Drive. I'll only have to go just up the road to the NC Governor's mansion, where they conveniently have some very nice oaks suitable for the kind of partisan zealot that would like to suspend elections in 2012." The Confederate Yankee, in response to Governor Perdue's threat to suspend elections.

Governor Dumpling: Suspend elections!

Okay, this is scary:

If it was a joke, North Carolina Democratic Governor Bev Perdue needs to polish her delivery.

Newly released audio contradicts the claims of Perdue’s press team that her call Tuesday for suspending Congressional elections was a joke or hyperbole. In the recording, her tone is matter-of-fact and her comments are part of a serious speech.

“Listen to the Governor’s words: She wasn’t joking at all,” North Carolina GOP spokesman Rob Lockwood told The Daily Caller. “The congressional Democrats are wildly unpopular in North Carolina, so she may have been trying to invent a solution to save their jobs from public accountability.”

The Democratic/Progressive agenda won't be enacted as long as the people have a voice -- just look at the record on same-sex "marriage" -- when allowed to vote, majorities uphold traditional marriage. The only states that have same-sex "marriages" are those where courts or out-of-touch legislators have imposed it against the people's will.

Makes you wonder if other Democrats -- say, for example, the present occupant of the White House -- are entertaining similar ideas?

Flags of the Rebellion

Click image to Texas-size!

Good morning, I wanted to share this with you. We are a group of 40-50 year old guys from Jefferson, MD who have an annual soap box derby race. This entry from H&B Racing was the winning vehicle.

Take Care,

Joe Brodell

Send your flag pictures to

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why Garibaldi rejected Lincoln

The self-proclaimed Dictator of Sicily and "Honest" Abe couldn't agree on a partnership, despite many similarities. Giuseppe Garibaldi waged a long and bloody war of forced unification on the people of the Italian peninsula to expand the Kingdom of Sardinia into modern-day Italy; Lincoln destroyed the old Republic of Republics so he could reconstruct it into a consolidated regime under the control of New England. Lincoln's War was about money and power -- as are all wars. But Garibaldi wasn't interested in fighting that kind of war, as Don Doyle reveals:

But it was the purpose of the war that seemed to concern Garibaldi most. “Could slavery not be abolished?” he asked Sanford [Lincoln's representative in Italy]. If it was not being fought to emancipate the slaves, he told Sanford, “the war would appear to be like any civil war in which the world at large could have little interest or sympathy.”

Since his arrival in Europe, Sanford had been trying to tell Seward that Europeans expected this to be a war of liberation, without which they would as soon see the nation fall apart. But to Garibaldi’s question Sanford could do no more than explain Lincoln’s legalistic apology for the federal government’s limited constitutional power to interfere with slavery in the states.

The intersection of these two narratives provides much food for thought. The relatively peaceful regional states of Italy were absorbed into a greater Italy, thanks to Garibaldi. Without a consolidated Italian nation, there would have been no Mussolini.

Sometimes I wonder what the South could have been like without Lincoln.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio plans to launch his 20th crime and immigration sweep

Despite a central government that takes the side of foreign governments against its own people, Sheriff Arpaio is taking a stand against lawless invaders.

The illegal alien invaders Arpaio stops won't be a threat to the rest of us. Arpaio is our very own Leonidas fighting a hard battle despite the odds. That kind of courage deserves our support.

Nightmare in Libya: 20,000 Surface-to-Air Missiles Missing

In its other-worldly pursuit of "democracy," the Obama Administration not only waged a war without constitutional or strategic justification, it also helped Islamic terrorists get their hands on some seriously deadly weapons:

U.S. officials had once thought there was little chance that terrorists could get their hands on many of the portable surface-to-air missiles that can bring down a commercial jet liner.

But now that calculation is out the window, with officials at a recent secret White House meeting reporting that thousands of them have gone missing in Libya.

"Matching up a terrorist with a shoulder-fired missile, that's our worst nightmare," said Sen. Barbara Boxer, D.-California, a member of the Senate's Commerce, Energy and Transportation Committee.

The nightmare has been made real with the discovery in Libya that an estimated 20,000 portable, heat-seeking missiles have gone missing from unguarded Army weapons warehouses.

Yes, 20,000 portable, easily hidden weapons are floating around in one of the most volatile regions on the planet. Could anyone out there please explain to me why we look to the bozos in DC to protect us?

Quote of the day

"World-reformers and egalitarians and multiculturalists hate borders. Globalists hate borders. But for me they are a sign that in different places men and women like to live in different ways and under different rules." Peter Hitchens

Country music gives voice to economic worries

A country music station in Hartford, Connecticut? Yes, indeed. As social and economic woes worsen, folks are tuning in to songs that speak to them about persevering through the hard times. The thing about hard times is that they make people focus on life's core questions:

"Economic conditions are definitely showing up in the music, not just in songs that talk explicitly about unemployment, but in songs that look at a search for identity and validation," says Jocelyn Neal, who runs courses in popular music at the University of North Carolina.

"It's looking for ways for these people in the song lyrics but also in the country music audience to say 'what is my purpose in life?'"

Watery abstractions don't hold up during life's real challenges. Identity and heritage are the enduring, authentic sources of our character, and thus provide purpose and direction in our lives -- especially during trying times.

That explains why socialists of all stripes work so feverishly to eradicate organic communities through open borders -- once they've wrecked the natural foundations of a free society, they can impose their own order on us. All in the name of creating Utopia.

Monday, September 26, 2011

An Open Letter to Bill O’Reilly

Valerie Protopapas' spirited and well-researched response to the biggest bully and jingoist on Fox is an instant classic. I recommend bookmarking it for future reference!

Quote of the day

"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." Voltaire

A puzzle from a regular reader

E. Talbot Buxomly poses this question:

Hey Old Reb!

Here’s one to stump you – what Western Hemisphere country comes to mind with this definition of jingoism? Here is a hint: It is north of Mexico, yet south of Canada – and bordered by two large bodies of water. If you are sharp you will get it. This definition is from the decidedly leftist Dictionary of Cultural Literacy:

“JINGOISM: Extreme or emotional Nationalism, or Chauvinism, often characterized by an aggressive foreign policy, accompanied by an eagerness to wage war. (See also Ethnocentrism.)”

Hmmm. Evidence of jingoism would include delusional blather about "exceptionalism" and possessing magical powers enabling that country to "see further than other countries into the future." What could it be?

Ben Bernanke goes all Big Brother on us

Okay, this is just creepy.

The Federal Reserve wants to monitor YouTube, Facebook,social networks, Twitter, and blogs to gauge what people are saying about it.

Did a cold chill just race down your spine? Yeah, me too.

Americans Express Historic Negativity Toward U.S. Government

Well, it's about time.

I've often wondered just how how many times, and how extreme the examples, of DC's corruption, cluelessness, and hostility toward the people must be exposed before the people decided they'd had enough.

That time is near, according to this Gallup poll. 81% are dissatisfied with the job DC is doing running the country.

But here's the real shocker: "49% of Americans believe the federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens. In 2003, less than a third (30%) believed this."

In case you missed it, that's the League of the South's core message. The very size of the central government makes it a liability. The sprawling bureaucracy in the District of Corruption cannot solve any problems -- it IS the problem.

The world-wide growth of secessionist movements marks the end of the bloody and oppressive era of big government which dominated the 19th and 20th centuries. This is an historic development that will change the way people live. The old ideology-based, militant megastates are being replaced by human-scaled, cultural-based regional states. Empty abstractions and anti-human notions as the foundations for governance are giving way to a resurgence of the real that will celebrate and nurture human needs of identity and belonging. Those core human strengths cannot be snuffed out by all the propaganda and threats members of the increasingly nervous ruling elite have thrown at us.

And they know it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why Obama's getting away with more than W ever could

It's good to be King -- and even better to be a liberal black Democrat, because you can wage war and scrap civil liberties more aggressively than any namby-pamby Republican, as Lawrence Samuels points out:

Democratic Presidents can go to war, escalate troop strength, engage in torture, rendition, illegal wiretapping or harassment of whistleblowers and so forth, but Republican Presidents can’t employ the same policies.

They say only Nixon could go to China. And Obama can make us like China.

Obama to Black Caucus: "Put on your marching shoes"

Obama's in so much trouble, he's now resorting to calls to ethnic solidarity -- and no one plays that game as well as the Congressional Black Caucus.

Sheriffs defy governor's open borders agenda

Here's the answer to an increasingly authoritarian, self-serving central government: Defiance at the local level. These sheriffs are showing us how it's done:

Three defiant Bay State sheriffs hell-bent on tougher immigration enforcement have taken an end run around Gov. Deval Patrick, traveling to Washington, D.C., to hammer out their own version of the Secure Communities program in a stinging rejection of the administration’s stand on illegals.

“The governor is out of touch on this issue, and he really and truly does not represent the interest of the people of Massachusetts on this issue,” Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said. “We’re basically saying to the governor, ‘Look. You’re entitled to your position.’ But the governor doesn’t elect us. We represent the people of our counties who elect us to do our job — public safety.”

Here in Mecklenburg County, Sheriff Jim Pendergraph instituted the 287(g) program in 1996, the first jurisdiction east of the Mississippi to do so. The powers that be, including the Latino lobby and the oh-so-politically correct Charlotte Observer, condemned Pendergraph for enforcing the law, but the people overwhelmingly approved, and expressed that approval by electing Pendergraph's successor, who continued Pendergraph's policies, and by electing Pendergraph to the county commission.

There are a couple of lessons here. Border security activists need to forget DC, because local activism is the answer. And politicians who listen to the people instead of big business and the treason lobby will win elections.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Netanyahu Loudly Condemns Palestinian Statehood Bid


"Self-determination for my people is good. Self-determination for your people is bad."

Is America A Proposition Or A Home?

Over at Front Porch Republic, Jerry Salyer poses this question:

“If particular concrete human connections are irrelevant to whether you’re American or not, and being American means accepting the view of government presented in the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence, and that view is universal in its validity, then does America by rights include the whole world?”

The answer, if you're part of the ruling elite, is "Yes!" The global democratic revolution W and his Neocons launched intended to establish DC's hegemony over the entire world -- just what you'd expect from a bunch of Trotskyites who'd infiltrated the mainstream.

Federal supremacy?

Gee, I'm so old, I remember when US News & World Report was conservative.

That once-worthy periodical has just published this argument for expanding DC's domination over the people of the States. "One size fits all," or should, is what the author seems to be saying. That's the same thing you hear from leftists.

The author would have us believe that government that's closer and more accountable to the people is somehow wasteful and ineffective, while a remote bureaucracy knows what's best for us. Funny how he leaves out little details about the gridlock, endless wars, and unpayable debt DC is responsible for.

The silver lining here is that the comments show the readers ain't buying it. Ha!

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Multicult Conundrum

Dr. Tom Fleming of Chronicles is blogging for the UK Daily Mail. A leftist, multicult British blog isn't happy about that, and has issued this stern disapproval of Fleming's paleoconservatism:

Paleo, or “old” conservatism, emerged in response to the development of neo-conservatism, an intellectual movement of former liberals who supported the civil rights movement’s drive to end Jim Crow, and the ideas embodied in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, yet opposed the call for social spending to address poverty embodied in the Southern Christian Leadership Council’s “Poor People’s Campaign.”

Today neo-conservatives generally support legal civil rights for people of colour, oppose affirmative action, and propose a relatively liberal immigration policy for documented immigrants.

Actually, the so-called "neoconservative" ideology grew out of Trotsky's vision, as documented here. So while it's true Neocons support mass immigration, it's only incidental to their vision of transforming what's left of our republic into an empire. Their version of Trotsky's permanent revolution calls for armed intervention at home and abroad to erase traditional cultures and replace them with a global culture -- which means no culture.

So while we eeeevil paleos call for non-intervention, the Neocons are providing the intellectual justification for wars that have killed hundreds of thousands of brown-skinned people.

But their intentions were good, right?

Feel your economic security slipping away?

You're not just imagining it, says Martin Hutchinson. It's very real.

But just as real is the fact that your loss of income isn't a fluke -- it's our handlers' deliberate policy to pull us down to the Third-World level.

Thanks to Dan for the heads up!

Israel agrees to a Two-State solution

From Mike Luckovitch

Do you support the "gay rights" agenda? Or are you anti-American?

This statement from GOPROUD, a pro-homosexual agenda advocacy group, spells out the real significance of the official mainstreaming of homosexuality into the Empire:

“Tonight, Rick Santorum disrespected our brave men and women in uniform, and he owes Stephen Hill, the gay soldier who asked him the question about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal, an immediate apology.

“That brave gay soldier is doing something Rick Santorum has never done – put his life on the line to defend our freedoms and our way of life. It is telling that Rick Santorum is so blinded by his anti-gay bigotry that he couldn’t even bring himself to thank that gay soldier for his service.

“Stephen Hill is serving our country in Iraq, fighting a war Senator Santorum says he supports. How can Senator Santorum claim to support this war if he doesn’t support the brave men and women who are fighting it?”

So there. All loyal Americans must not only accept, but support, the "gay rights" movement. Add that in with open borders, diversity, and affirmative action to the official catechism.

What's next? Who knows? But don't worry; our handlers will let us know what we are supposed to believe.

Obama to "allow" states to opt out of No Child Left Behind

Mainstream conservatives (translation: liberals with flag lapel pins) are just cooing about how this disastrous federal law is finally being dismantled State by State. But the details of what's actually being implemented reveal we're joy riding through a constitutional mine field:

States must commit to turning around failing schools and tying teacher evaluation to student achievement to sidestep the nation’s main public-education law, President Barack Obama said.

States that take those and other steps will be granted waivers from the No Child Left Behind law’s 2014 deadline for reaching 100 percent proficiency on standardized state reading and math exams, according to a White House statement yesterday.

No good can come of this. The "No Child Left Behind" legislation was a major assault on States' Rights. There is NOTHING in the Constitution that grants the central government the power to control the States' schools. The ONLY reaction to this illegal legislation should have been nullification. But since No Child was rammed through by George W. Bush, a mainstream conservative (see definition above), conservatives accepted it.

Obama is no dummy. Notice how he's using the partial dismantling of a disastrous mistake as an excuse to re-affirm the sovereignty of the central government over the people of the States. Notice, also, how the State legislators are rolling over in humble compliance. The poor fools think they've won something.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rick Perry attacks North Carolina barbecue!

Ok, so Perry's an amnesty sell-out, as well as yet another Israel-Firster advocating perpetual war. He's evil. I can accept that in a politician.

But this is just too much:

According to "Holy Smoke: The Big Book of North Carolina Barbecue," in 1992 when Perry was a promising Texas politician but not yet governor, he tried some Eastern North Carolina barbecue from King's of Kinston, which was served at the Republican National Convention in Houston.

"I've had road kill that tasted better than that," Perry was quoted as saying.

Yes, he was talking about eastern North Carolina barbecue instead of God's own recipe for pork shoulders, but that's still too close to home.

Cause and effect?

Two current headlines:

Obama’s favorability numbers start to drop among African Americans

Most new Texas jobs went to immigrants

But will the NAACP or Congressional Black Caucus stop supporting the big-business/big-government goal of importing cheap labor, and instead start protecting their supposed constituencies? Don't count on it!

"Guilty as hell"

And Troy Davis is probably doing time there now.

All the hoopla and hand-wringing over cop killer Troy Davis ignores basic facts, including real physical evidence the thug-huggers pretend doesn't exist, as well as eyewitnesses who knew the defendant and positively identified him as the killer. As one witness testified under cross-examination, "You don't forget someone that stands over and shoots someone."

The oh-so-politically correct marchers wearing their "I Am Troy Davis" shirts can demand compliance to their "enlightened" attitudes because, as Ann Coulter observes, "I notice that the people so anxious to return this sociopathic cop-killer to the street don't live in his neighborhood."

That pretty much sums up the hypocrisy of the "social justice" movement.

Gingrich vs Lincoln?

Liberals are SO predictable. And SOOOO historically ignorant.

Case in point: In his (pointless and doomed) bid for the Republican nomination, Newt Gingrich "declared that his ideas will be 'very big, and they’re exactly what Abraham Lincoln would have campaigned on.'”

"Honest" Abe is a liberal demigod, and the invocation of his holy name stirred Eric Kleefeld at the Talking Points Memo blog to wonder if Newt was truly worthy of the self-comparison. So Kleefeld dug up the platforms Abe campaigned under:

But beyond that, those platforms inherited the Whig tradition of what were known at the time as “internal improvements” — government investment in infrastructure. For example, the platforms called for government to aid in the large project of constructing a transcontinental railroad, to improve rivers and harbors, and to have “a vigorous and just system of taxation” in order to ensure the payment of the national debt.

The 1864 platform also declared: “Resolved, That foreign immigration, which in the past has added so much to the wealth, development of resources and increase of power to the nation, the asylum of the oppressed of all nations, should be fostered and encouraged by a liberal and just policy.”

Kleefeld's implying here that the "conservative" Gingrich can't compare himself to the saintly Lincoln, and TPM's regular readers agree. Here's my favorite comment: "We all know that if Lincoln were alive today he'd be horrified at what the GOP has become."

Really? In fact, I think Abe and Newt would be best buds if they were to meet today. It'd be like Obama getting to meet Alinsky.

For example, the "internal improvements" Lincoln was able to push through once those pesky Southerners were out of the way are what we'd today call taxpayer-funded subsidies to big business. Newt is a fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, a powerful think tank that promotes not only perpetual war but a pro-big business agenda.

Not only does Newt support the Empire's perpetual wars, he's a card-carrying member of the Treason open borders lobby demanding that Americans surrender to the "inevitable" Third-World invasion. Just as in Lincoln's time, big business has an insatiable appetite for cheap, exploitable labor.

Newt even supported declaring a national holiday for Martin Luther King, the official mascot of the welfare/warfare regime.

C'mon, libs! What else could you ask for?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Citizen Buchanan guilty of crimethink

Pat Buchanan has committed the most despicable of crimes: crimethink.

The MediaMatters (yes, two words run together -- they're THAT cool) web site has caught him red-handed quoting VDARE, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has condemned as a "hate group." VDARE, then, is excommunicated from all civil discourse, and may not influence the thinking of any right-thinking person. Therefore, Buchanan's assertion that it's wrong for big business to import cheap labor is condemned for all time.

After all, EVERYONE knows there's only one correct opinion on the subject of immigration: The more the better.

Obama: "Abraham Lincoln is the founder of the Republican Party"

Abraham Lincoln JOINED the Republican Party in 1856, which was founded February 28, 1854, as the party of federal subsidies to big business.

Want to be happier and slimmer? Get up earlier!

Science validates Ben Franklin.

Watch out for Attack Watch!

Quick! Name a web site that combines a migraine-inducing color scheme with laughably childish propaganda.

Here's a hint: It was developed by the Obama for America Committee. Yes, you shoulda guessed!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rabbani, former president of Afghanistan, assassinated

From the BBC:

Mr Rabbani was killed at his home by a suicide attacker who officials believe had concealed a bomb in his turban.

He was meeting members of the Taliban at the time. The council leads Afghan efforts to negotiate with the Taliban.

There's a lesson here: Do not let the Taliban into your home. Whether they say they just want to use the phone, or are stopping by to pay you a friendly visit, tell them to go away.

Quote of the day

"President Obama was selected before he was elected, and he is accountable to those who selected him. Why do you think Wall Street got the break? Why do you think the big three [financial institutions] were bailed out? Those were the ones who selected him. We didn’t select him. We don’t have enough money to select anybody. You’re accountable to those who select you. All politicians are." Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Of course, the Reverend is right. You don't get a nomination to be Temporary Dictator of the Empire if you don't support the Empire. Look at how the top Republican candidates offer blind support for Israel, open borders, and perpetual war.

What IS the problem with Yankees?

"Majorities of whites in every region but the Northeast say [Obama] deserves to lose in 2012."

Whose country is it?

So asks Pat Buchanan, the writer and pundit who's made a career of asking the questions no one else dares ask. He notes the country's dismal employment numbers and directly identifies the problem, which has two parts. The first reason Americans are desperate for work is that the big government/big business cabal has shipped thousands of jobs overseas.

The other part of the problem is that the same ruling elite keeps importing cheap labor:

According to analyst Ed Rubenstein of, the United States, despite an unemployment rate above 9 percent, imports 100,000 immigrant workers every single month. Numbers USA contends that 125,000 foreign workers are brought in every month.

Thus, well over a million workers are added annually to our labor force when 14 million Americans are looking for work.

As the League of the South has been warning for years, our social, economic, and political problems are not the result of a few bad elections, which can be relieved by voting for "good" candidates. Instead, our problems are the symptoms of a flawed system that has made itself immune to accountability or real reform. For example, ask yourself why same-sex "marriage" continues to spread when it has failed in EVERY popular referendum, or why we are still pumping billions into Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya despite voter opposition to these wasteful imperial adventures, or why the border continues to remain laughably porous when a vast majority of Americans demands enforcement of our immigration laws.

There has to be another way...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gov. Patrick Seen Riding In SUV During “Car-Free Week”

There are limousine liberals, and then there are SUV socialists. Guess which one the governor of Massachusetts is? On being videoed breaking his own directive to go car-free a week, Governor Patrick admitted his hypocrisy:

“You got me!” grinned the Governor.

A Modest Proposal for the Congressional Black Caucus

The almighty CBC has a well-documented record of blatant racial hypocrisy -- so this shouldn't surprise anyone:

Unhappy members of the Congressional Black Caucus “probably would be marching on the White House” if Obama were not president, according to CBC Chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.).

"If [former President] Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this problem, we probably would be marching on the White House," Cleaver told “The Miami Herald” in comments published Sunday. "There is a less-volatile reaction in the CBC because nobody wants to do anything that would empower the people who hate the president."

I have a solution for the Black Caucus -- stage a noisy, angry march on the White House, but only on the distaff side.

How to wreck a civilization

It's easy, really -- just subvert the target civilization's foundations, from its traditional demographics to its standards for social interaction and cooperation. The reason for destroying a civilization is simple: To conquer and exploit, which is much easier when the people have lost -- or abandoned -- their ability to self-govern. The parasites in the ruling elite must persuade enough people that they must submit to an all-powerful central authority to enforce equality, something no free society could ever conceive of.

As Brett Stevens reminds us, though, history has provided examples of what happens when the egalitarians manage to destroy the organic roots of a successful society in the name of forging a "better" world:

If you ever find yourself wondering why your society is falling down around you, don’t waste time on the official dogma. It is nothing but excuses.

The fact is that every empire fails the same way, which is through an environment of moral cowardice in which reality is denied in favor of dogma.

Much as in the Soviet Union or Revolutionary France, the end result is the same: an accelerating of the denial brings greater demands for the dogma, until society paralyzes itself with the poisonous effects of many bad decisions.

Problem is, traditional culture got to be that way because it works for the people who helped shape it. Having evolved over countless generations, a living culture successfully channels the attitudes, abilities, and values of its people into patterns of behavior that unify and sustain them. But with its unifying traditions and institutions destroyed, and left with nothing but theories and airy abstractions to hold it together, society collapses.

This, then, is where we're headed -- unless we change course.

Click image to Texas-size!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Quote of the day

"I went into the polls voting for the black guy, and what I got was the white guy." Michael Moore, expressing his disappointment with Obama.

But Ta-Nehisi Coates, the senior jerk editor at The Atlantic, is NOT amused.

Don't mess with this lady ...

Thanks to Dan for the pic!

Ed Sebesta watch

We haven't heard from Ed Sebesta in some time, so this rare entry at his blog, which is about as fast-paced and interesting as a melting block of ice, is welcome news. Ed wants the world to know he's had another online article published (sorry, subscription only!), which will not only deal a death blow to those eeeevil Neoconfederates, but will advance his favorite cause -- self-promotion:

I am very pleased to be published on since it will allow me to become known by a new audience of scholars and intellectuals. Much of my work is helping out people with research and they don't know that I can help them if they don't know that I exist and what resources I have.

Yes. Those wretched scholars and intellectuals have been fumbling in the dark, desperate for the light that Ed Sebesta, and only Ed Sebesta, can bring them. It is tragic they have no idea he exists, but perhaps this article will mark the beginning of a New Age. There is always hope.

Southern Music break

Is this week finally over? Yes, and somehow I survived! I'm back at the blog. Here are the Statler Brothers with a tribute to the time when men were men, and we thrilled to movies that celebrated heroes:

Everybody’s tryin' to make a comment
about our doubts and fears.
True Grit's the only movie
I've really understood in years.
You gotta take your analyst along
to see if it's fit to see.
Whatever happened to Randolph Scott
has happened to the industry.

Whatever happened to Johnny Mack Brown,
and Alan "Rocky" Lane?
Whatever happened to Lash LaRue?
I'd love to see them again.
Whatever happened to Smiley Burnett,
Tim Holt, and Gene Autry?
Whatever happened to all of these
has happened to the best of me.

"I'm about to get you"

These are people who just don't play nice:

Social media users who denounce drug cartel activities along the Mexican border received a brutal warning this week: Two mangled bodies hanging like cuts of meat from a pedestrian bridge.

A woman was hogtied and disemboweled, her intestines protruding from three deep cuts on her abdomen. Attackers left her topless, dangling by her feet and hands from a bridge in the border city of Nuevo Laredo. A bloodied man next to her was hanging by his hands, his right shoulder severed so deeply the bone was visible.

Signs left near the bodies declared the pair, both apparently in their early 20s, were killed for posting denouncements of drug cartel activities on a social network.

"This is going to happen to all of those posting funny things on the Internet," one sign said. "You better (expletive) pay attention. I'm about to get you."

This is a brutal fact the multicults don't want to acknowledge: Along with cheap labor and restaurants, the uncontrolled flow of illegal aliens from Latin America also brings us Latino corruption and violence. The same aliens who refuse to obey our laws or learn our language are establishing colonies with an imported culture that is openly hostile to our own attitudes and ways of doing things.

A case in point: Below is an illustration from a brochure (printed entirely in Spanish, of course) I picked up at a Charleston police station. It tries to warn Hispanics that in this country, you're not supposed to bribe the police.

But if we sit back and let DC and its corporate cronies have their way, such corruption will take over by sheer weight and numbers. The invaders are about to get us only because our handlers in government have betrayed us.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

How Obama can create jobs for Americans

Just enforce EXISTING immigration control laws:

“There is a surefire way to create jobs now for American Citizens: evict all illegal aliens from America and immediately open up millions of jobs for American citizens. That also forces blue collar wages up, helping millions of American families…"


Should the West Coast secede?

A liberal radio talk show host poses the question, and his listeners answer "Yes!" Here's my favorite comment:

"California is essentially a different country than the rest of the United States. My fantasy has always been that we should have one long coastal country stretching from Cabo San Lucas to northern British Columbia, rather like Chile. I already have a lot more in common with most people in La Paz and Vancouver than I do with anybody in Cleveland or Dallas, for instance. Why are we in the same country?"

Good question! I wonder the same myself nearly every day.

Talk about mixed-up priorities!

What a perfect example of the waste and idiocy of DC's pursuit of empire:

With all six of its National Guard's Black Hawk helicopters still deployed in Iraq, flood-devastated Vermont received help from neighboring New Hampshire and distant Illinois this week in bringing relief to residents stranded in 13 communities after flooding caused by last weekend's Tropical Storm Irene washed out hundreds of the state's roads and bridges.

When did the Pentagon's needs trump the people's?

The founder of the DC Empire's policy on mass murder

Sherman, of course. And don't forget that his boss, Abe Lincoln, condoned Sherman's actions.

It's those murderous policies that today's defenders of empire are upholding, whether they realize it or not.

Free investment advice!

If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in Delta Airlines one year ago, you would have $49.00 today.

If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in AIG one year ago, you would have $33.00 today.

If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in Lehman Brothers one year ago, you would have $0.00 today.

But, had you purchased $1,000 worth of beer one year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the aluminum cans for the recycling refund you would have received $214.00. Based on this, the best current investment plan is to drink heavily & recycle. It is called the 401KEG.

And as a bonus...

A recent study found that the average American walks about 900 miles a year. Another study found that on average Americans drink 22 gallons of alcohol a year. That means that the average American gets about 41 miles to the gallon! Let’s see the foreigners match this!

via the Intertubes ...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Obama's Uncle Omar getting stealth amnesty?

Hmmm ... First it was Obama's Auntie Zeituni, taking advantage of free housing despite being in this country illegally. Now Obama's illegal alien Uncle Omar just snagged himself a "Get out of jail" card.

No special treatment here, folks. Move along.

Guess that's the "First-Family" reunification policy in action.

War is good for business

You may be surprised by which corporations are making the most profit from DC's wars.

Quote of the day

"I just can't see a picture of Martin Luther King without thinking, you know, that man's terrible." Jacqueline Kennedy

C'mon, Jackie! Can't we overlook MLK's sex parties and commie friends?

Friday, September 9, 2011

ICE's new mission requires a new logo

Martin Rodriquez, an illegal alien who blocked traffic in Charlotte during a protest Tuesday, is out of jail, thanks to Obama's de facto amnesty of illegal aliens. Now Rodriquez is free to agitate for a free education and other spoils from a country whose existing laws say he shouldn't even be here. Here's the report from the Winston-Salem Journal:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers charged most of them with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and impeding traffic after several protesters sat in the middle of a busy intersection, blocked traffic and shouted chants such as "Education, not deportation!" and "The people united will never be divided!"

Because Rodriguez was one of them, he ran the risk of being deported to Mexico, a country he says he does not remember. However, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials opted not to pursue deportation proceedings against him and at least six other immigrants, attorneys handling the case said.

Welcoming Third-World colonization is now clearly the official policy of the central government. So it's only fitting we modify the logo of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).

Submitted for your approval:

Quote of the day

"The South won't have to rise again. Just remain standing while the rest of America falls." Connie Chastain

Flags of the Rebellion

Patrick Fogerty
Deo Vindice
Marines Vietnam 1968-69
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Send your flag pictures to

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photo of Robert E. Lee fetches $23K for charity

Yahoo News reports this is a record sale for Goodwill, whose volunteers told reporters they did "a happy dance" when they heard the news.

It's good to see that genuine heroes and role models from the past still command respect. Maybe there's hope ...

No word yet on what pictures of Useless Grant are going for.

Quote of the day

"Following 9/11 a sensible nation would have stopped, or severely restricted, Muslim immigration. We took the opposite approach. Two of every five foreign-born Muslims in the USA today arrived in the last ten years. Tens of thousands of them hold extremist opinions." John Derbyshire

Federal Court Dismisses Virginia's Challenge to ObamaCare

So it seems the States cannot object to any federal act, no matter how unconstitutional it may be.

Where's my hammer?

Illegal alien protesters won't be deported

Tuesday, we reported on illegal aliens blocking traffic at the busy intersection of Kings and Fourth Streets in downtown Charlotte, NC, and wondered how long until deportation proceedings would begin.

Now it turns out that they have nothing to worry about -- thanks to Obama's de facto amnesty policy of not deporting illegal aliens who haven't been convicted of major crimes, they're being allowed to continue reaping the benefits of living here, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Imagine if members of the Federation for American Immigration Reform blocked traffic in a major city to draw attention to their cause. The SPLC blog would be screaming about "right-wing domestic terrorism."

The Grey Book

Here's a very nice review of the League of the South's 'Grey Book." From Intellectual Conservative.

Mix It Up at Lunch Day

Speaking of continual, wasteful, counter-productive government intervention, the Southern Poverty Law Center has just announced yet another jihad against freedom of association in the government school cafeterias.

Who wants to bet whether it'll work this time?

DC's interventionism only makes things worse

Just consider Jack Hunter's argument for a moment:

University of Chicago political scientist Robert Pape notes: "From 1980 to 2003, there were 343 suicide attacks around the world, and at most 10 percent were anti-American inspired. Since 2004, there have been more than 2,000, over 91 percent against U.S. and allied forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries."

Is there any correlation between America's vastly increased presence in the Middle East post-9/11 and the rise in suicide attacks? Is there a correlation concerning any future terrorist attacks on the American mainland? Does government intervention actually affect people's behavior?

When it comes to American foreign policy, as long as it remains controversial to ask these common-sense questions a decade after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, our nation will have to worry about another 9/11.

That is a damning corollary to our previous post -- one that we'd better recognize and confront.

War is the enemy of liberty

Actually, it's worse than that -- the Empire's bloated military bureaucracy is itself both a burden to taxpayers as well as a threat to our freedom. Here's one leftist who jabs his fellow leftists with the fact that they're as bad as the Neocons:

Throughout American history, during just, necessary wars and wars of choice alike, civil liberties have suffered in the most extreme ways.

Yet today's left is almost willfully blind to President Obama's continuance of this trend, even despite its general tendency to be more skeptical of war; and the right, blind to the historical wartime excesses even of its least favorite presidents, is currently invoking the language of liberty and fealty to the constitution without any recognition of what is most likely to undermine it. What else but irrational blindness can explain a tea party movement that says it values liberty and fealty to the constitution, but that thinks less of David Brooks than Dick Cheney and John Yoo?

John Yoo's alien and authoritarian philosophy is a worse threat to traditional American liberty than anything Jane Fonda or Huey Newton ever dreamed up, yet the pro-war, any-war crowd idolizes him, as this post by Dr. Douglas of American Power illustrates. In fact, Yoo's actual legacy is to undermine the rule of law and the protection of individual rights, while increasing the power of the central government.

Further, the ongoing assault on our traditional rights has spilled over from "anti-terrorism" into other areas of law enforcement, such as drug crimes.

I wonder how Dr. Douglas would feel if Yoo's "enhanced interrogation" techniques were used against suspects accused of publishing suggestive pictures of underage women?

I prefer the principle of the presumption of innocence, thank you, to the heel-clicking conformity of a militaristic state.

And no, this is not pacifism or liberalism; it's a principle that Southern conservatives once lived by. James Madison, author of the Virginia Resolutions affirming States Rights, said this:

Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. ... No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.

Standing armies are the greatest threat to liberty. Reclaiming our rights begins by remembering that hard fact of life.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fun fact!

Charity Navigator gives the Federation for American Immigration Reform 4 out of 4 stars.

However, it gives the Southern Poverty Law Center only 2 out of 4 stars.

This day in history

In 1822, Brazil declared its independence from Portugal.

Self-determination for me, but not for thee

Tensions mount as Serbs in the northern area of Kosovo increasingly desire reunification with their ethnic brethren. However, the president of Kosovo won't even discuss it.

So Albanians in Serbia have the right to secede, but the Serbs in Kosovo do not. Now that's hypocrisy.

Question of the day

Should the INS be a LITTLE MORE CAREFUL about who it allows in? Let's ask the folks at the Carson City IHOP:

A third National Guard member has died from injuries suffered in a shooting rampage that took place at a Nevada IHOP restaurant, according to the Carson City, Nev. sheriff. The shooting spree has now left five people dead, including the shooter, and left seven wounded. ...

Carson City resident Eduardo Sencion, who worked in nearby Tahoe and had no criminal history, entered the restaurant with an AK-47 and began shooting, then ended it by shooting himself in the head. ...

Investigators are also looking into Sencion's mental health history, as his family members have indicated that he had a history of mental illness. [Sheriff] Furlong also added that Senicon was born in Mexico, but was here in the United States under a U.S. passport.

Four American citizens lost their lives because of this latest example of lax immigration enforcement. How many more will it take before we've learned our lesson?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time to stand up for freedom of speech!

David Yeagley is a conservative activist and writer who happens to be the g-g grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle. He has just announced he is suing those who conspired to deny Jared Taylor and his American Renaissance organization a facility for their annual meeting here in Charlotte last January.

In my humble opinion, this is an open-and-shut case. Even the oh-so-politically correct oracles at the Charlotte Observer editorial staff knew it was wrong for Charlotte mayor pro tem Patrick Cannon to use his political power to deny AmRen a conference room.

Even worse, the far-leftists who specialize in bullying opponents into silence held a victory rally which was attended by another public official, Willie Ratchford of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee:

The people who conspired to deny Jared Taylor's First Amendment rights need to be taught a lesson. This case deserves our financial and moral support!

Illegal alien invaders block traffic in Charlotte

For 30 minutes today, illegal immigrants blocked traffic around Central Piedmont Community College near downtown Charlotte as they demanded amnesty.

These people seem to think that because they broke in line, we're obligated to reward them.

On the lighter side of the news, 15 of the protesters were arrested. Let's see if deportation hearings follow.

W.T. Sherman: Just the right amount of crazy!

"First-Rate Madness" by Nassir Ghaemi makes the argument that mental illness produces better leaders. Don't know if I buy that but a Salon interview included a response that caught my attention. The response was in contrast to those historians who praised Sherman for his March to the Sea as a brilliant war strategy. But this psychologist blames his manic-depression:

In the book you use Gen. William Sherman, and his burning of the South during the Civil War, as an example of someone who was successful largely because of his manic depression. Why?

At that point, the classic strategy for war, from Napoleon onward, had involved large armies of men directly assaulting each other in frontal assaults or flanking moves. That was basically what Lee and Grant did. But Sherman [likely as a result of his mania] decided to fight what's since been called "total war." He actually avoided the other army in his march through Georgia and the South and instead burned Atlanta and destroyed farms. That had two effects: the direct destruction of the economic capacity of the South to fight the war and striking terror in the lives of the civilians. That kind of economic and psychological warfare hadn't been thought of before. Sherman also allowed his communication lines to be cut, which wasn't part of the traditional military strategy. These were very radical notions that broke the back of the South and were the most influential factor in ending the war.

You could also argue that Sherman's decision has led the world down a very misguided, tragic path.

You can criticize him for that. Total war had a very negative influence in the 20th century, and 21st century. We're still living with it. I'm not trying to say that everything these leaders did was great, but I'm saying they had a great impact.

Thanks to Gail for forwarding!

Obama's little ray of hope

This headline in the Washington Post reflects how most of us feel: Obama ratings sink to new lows as hope fades.

Public pessimism about the direction of the country has jumped to its highest level in nearly three years, erasing the sense of hope that followed President Obama’s inauguration and pushing his approval ratings to a record low, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

More than 60 percent of those surveyed say they disapprove of the way the president is handling the economy and, what has become issue No. 1, the stagnant jobs situation.

But there's one segment that likes what it's seeing from the Obama White House -- though it admits it wants even more from him. Guess who? If you guessed La Raza (translation: Das Volk), you guessed right:

While he supports President Obama's new position on deportation of illegal immigrants, Valley attorney and La Raza chairman Danny Ortega said the prime goal remains comprehensive immigration reform.

Ortega said Friday he agrees with Obama's decision to focus on deportation of illegals with criminal records and review many cases of those who are students, were brought into the United States as children by their parents or whose work permits have expired.

So a de facto amnesty of millions of illegal aliens isn't enough for the reconquistadors. Surprised?

Monday, September 5, 2011

This day in history

In 1836, The Republic of Texas made miltary hero Sam Houston its first president.

Which makes me wonder -- who'll be the next president of the Republic of Texas?

Who hates Ron Paul?

Apologists for big government, that's who.

You expect it from the globalist left, which condemns anyone who questions its totalitarian agenda as "fascist."

But globalist neocons despise Ron Paul as well. Check out this shrill rant:

Ron Paul is loathsome to me on foreign policy, but even more we learn over and over again that's he's anti-Semitic, and even Will Wilkinson attacks him as racist. I just can't stand people like that. A foreign policy that excoriates U.S. support for Israel turns quickly into a crude copy of neo-communist Jew-bashing eliminationism.

Wait -- Ron Paul is "anti-Semitic" just because he opposes sending American taxpayer dollars to a wealthy nation? Dollars, by the way, that we don't have, and must borrow from the Chinese. Instead of backing up such a lurid and libelous accusation, there's a link to this unhinged screed from David Horowitz:

For years the Texas crackpot, Ron Paul, has been attacking America and Israel as imperialist powers — the Great Satan and the Little Satan, and calling for America’s retreat from the battle against our totalitarian enemies. At the recent CPAC conference Paul’s Jew-hating storm-troopers swarmed the Freedom Center’s table to vent their spleen against Israel as a Nazi state. Now Paul is making a priority of withdrawing aid for Israel — the only democracy in the Middle East and the only reliable ally of the United States.

Ah, yes, David Horowitz, that champion of freedom who wanted protesters against the invasion of Iraq rounded up and jailed as traitors.

Horowitz' statement quoted above just oozes with lies and illogic. For example, Horowitz refers to Ron Paul's supporters as "Jew-hating storm-troopers." And how do they supposedly attack Jews? By characterizing the government of Israel's policies against Palestinians as "Nazi." Now what kind of Nazi uses the word "Nazi" as an accusation? Wouldn't real Nazis use the term approvingly?

But that pales in comparison to the other-worldly insanity of the last sentence claiming Israel is America's "only reliable ally." What is David Horowitz smoking? Surely he's aware Israel gave the Soviet Union vital US secrets in exchange for the release of Soviet Jews. What kind of ally is that?

And what kind of "conservative" advocates self-destructive policies that only benefit alien powers?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Enforcing the law is racist!

The Southern Poverty Law Center has issued a fatwa against Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. Deal's sin was to name Phil Kent of Americans for Immigration Control to a state panel responsible for enforcing the Georgia’s immigration laws. The AIC, according to the SPLC's breathless condemnation, is a "hate group"!

Even more chilling, says Heidi Beirich, is that one of the leaders in the AIC is also a member of the League of the South.

Horrors! What's scarier than an organization committed to working peacefully within the system to restore the traditional political principle of limited government?

Apparently, the SPLC's working definition of hate is "wanting to enforce existing federal law."

Beirich & Co. have NO PROBLEM with members of ethnic advocacy groups making actual statements of racial hatred. For example:

"Power is not given to you, you have to take it! People say to me when I was on the senate floor when I was in the senate, why do you fight so hard for affirmative action programs. And I tell my white colleagues: because you're gonna need them. Remember, 187 is the last gasp of white America." Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party

"California is going to be a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn't like it should leave." Mario Obledo, co-founder of MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund)

Where are the fatwas against Torres and Obledo?

Note that these in-your-face threats come not from citizen activists, but from affluent men holding powerful political offices.

That's because, despite the misleading name, those are the Southern Poverty Law Center's real clients.

The return of the city state

A long, long time ago, a man named Aristotle observed, "To the size of states there is a limit, as there is to other things, plants, animals, implements, for none of these things retain their natural power when they are too large or too small."

News flash: The DC Empire is a prime example. It's too big, and its crazed leaders want it to grow even more.

And folks wonder why we're facing economic, political, and demographic disaster.

The good news of the 21st century is that the old 19th- and 20th-century paradigms of the megastate is forever wrecked on its own bloody record.

This town in Italy gives us an example of how things might be, with a return of the human scale to political and economic organization. Here's to the courageous souls in Filettino!

Thanks to Michael C. for the link!

Coddling Muslim bullies

Read this account of a journalist suffering an attack by a pack of Muslims in Toronto, and how the oh-so-politically correct police pampered the Muslims.

You'll agree with me that Third-World assimilation is not a problem, because Europeans are assimilating just fine to their colonizers.

Thanks to Bernie for the heads up!

Friday, September 2, 2011

From the Department of Huh?

Actually, this rates a "double-huh?"

The motto of the Southern Poverty Law Center blog Hatewatch is, "Keeping an Eye on the Radical Right." So how come it's featuring this post on a hate crime against a lesbian allegedly attacked by two Muslim immigrants?

And in view of the SPLC's ongoing fund-raising human rights projects of championing both "gay" and Muslim interests, how long until they figure out that Muslims are the most intolerant of any group against homosexuals?

Unless it's blacks -- but that's another story, isn't it?

You are the enemy

The Federal government knows what it likes and what it doesn't like, and it doesn't like traditional America, as these headlines make startlingly clear:

IRS allowed $4.2 billion in credits to undocumented workers

Gibson Guitar CEO - Obama admin told us our problems would 'go away' if we used foreign labor

Federal judge temporarily blocks tough Alabama immigration law

Libya Rebels Round Up Black Africans

Here's yet another embarrassing fact for you "humanitarian interventionists" out there:

Rebel forces and armed civilians are rounding up thousands of black Libyans and migrants from sub-Sahara Africa, imprisoning them in makeshift jails across the capital and accusing them of being mercenaries for Moammar Gadhafi.

As the rebels and their Transitional National Council (TNC) struggle to maintain credibility in a post-Gadhafi Libya, they have been targeting black Africans for weeks now.

But, hey, it's okay -- DC and its allies now control Libyan oil, so sacrificing a few thousand sub-Saharan Africans is no big deal. Besides, it's all done in the name of global liberation, so it must be all right. Right?

Okay, I'm finished. You can go back to condemning opponents of empire as racist.

Communist Party endorses Obama

Yes, the official paper of the Communist Party of the USA embraces Obama's election as "historic," and fervently endorses his re-election because without Obama, the CPUSA would be "on the defensive." With Obama, radicals can push for the Dream Act, amnesty for illegal alien invaders, and socialized medicine -- measures that will strike at the heart of America's traditional, conservative majority.

As Mao observed, the revolutionary is like a fish who can only prosper when swimming in a favorable sea, and the Democrats have been toting water for the radicals -- radicals such as this gentleman, for example.

Poll: Majority expects "major" political uprisings

Admitting "the U.S. political system is broken," 51% of Americans foresees major unrest within the next 10 years. If we continue doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results -- that is, looking to the central government to work miracles and solve the very problems THAT IT STARTED, then, yes, uprisings could very well break out.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Good War wasn't so good

With over 60 million killed, eastern Europe delivered to communism, and a severe blow to Western civilization itself, the Second World War is nothing to celebrate. It's Pat Buchanan at his revisionist best.

Keeping it real

One of the major themes of this blog is that the artificial lifestyle of modern Americans is unnatural and unhealthy. The principles of centralized control, one size fits all, and lives centered around corporate conformity create a bizarre, anti-human world. The junk we're peddled from industrialized farms owned by big agriculture is slow-acting poison, pure and simple. There's a better way.

One of the ways a Southerner can rebel is to live in a way that's compatible with who we are, and that includes a traditional, or "paleo" diet. It certainly works for me, and this article in The American Conservative is a good introduction.

While I'm on the topic, Confederate Colonel offers some good advice on living the Southern lifestyle in an alien, hostile, and artificial environment. Scroll down to the links on the right.

The League of the South compromise

My, but things are getting ugly in DC!

Obama's re-election strategy will stress that the American people are "sick and tired" of Washington, and will focus on attacking Congress.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress will hammer Obama's dismal record and remind voters of his even more dismal poll numbers.

Always concerned about compromise and taking the middle of the road, the League of the South proposes a path that combines both positions:

Fire them all in 2012!

Keep your Southern heritage in the closet!

If you don't want trouble, that is. That's the implied threat in this coy little op-ed, which says that areas dominated by "Latinos, African Americans and Asian Americans" (??!!) are places "you might want to avoid" if you have an SCV license plate in Texas.

Cute, huh? Violence by minorities is a natural response to the sight of an SCV license tag, so whites had better show "a little sensitivity for our current cultural climate."

No double standard here. Move along.

"Federal government"? No, it's your "Federal family"

Sorry, but this clumsy PR effort to endear us to the murderous regime in DC makes me think of "Big Brother" or "Uncle Joe" Stalin, not "Father Knows Best."