Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Axis of Cluelessness

If you think you can keep your head from exploding, check out Americaneocon today. He's blaming Obama for Iraq's spiral into sectarian chaos. In response to yet another suicide bombing of Shia pilgrims, he snarks: "Hey, great job Barack Hussein. That precipitous withdrawal is working exactly as planned."

Whoa. He's got some heavy, jaw-dropping obliviousness going on here. We're supposed to believe the instability in Iraq isn't George W. Bush's fault. It's not the Neocons' fault. And Americaneocon and the countless other laptop bombardiers who cheered on the Iraq invasion are equally blameless.

No. Because Obama is sticking to Bush's timeline for withdrawing from Iraq, it's Obama's fault Iraq is fracturing along sectarian faultlines - something the omniscient Neocons dismissed prior to the invasion.

My head hurts.

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