Monday, March 26, 2012

Maybe it's time for Arizona to secede

After Americans have exhausted themselves electing country club Republicans to local office and hoping the nine Supreme Beings might restore some of their stolen rights, they may have to actually get off their rear ends and re-claim what's rightfully theirs. Here's one American veteran who's reached the end of his rope:

No, I'm not a secessionist but it wouldn't take much to make me one. I'm getting sick and tired of illegal immigrants, and some politicians, trying to make our state and country into something I and others put on a uniform to preserve and protect and for which others gave the ultimate sacrifice. To make matters worse, they're stealing our tax dollars to do it!

As Ed Sebesta has observed, "Secession is back as an issue in politics." Let's prove him right.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, when the game is already rigged, why waste time and money fighting in a losing effort? Yes, we believe in the rule of law, but the law is no longer The Law, if you know what I mean, and we should no longer have to feel ourselves bound by it. Is that scary? Yeah, but so is living in a "nation" where lawlessness masquerades as law.

Again, nullification and secession are the only solutions to this flawed paradigm of tyrannical indivisibility. Enough is enough!

David Smith