Saturday, May 26, 2012

More antifa arrests

Here's the latest on the Marxist thugs who terrorized a peaceful meeting at a Chicago suburb restaurant.

During the Anti-Racist Action attack, an 80-year-old woman was pushed down to the ground. Guess they couldn't find any cripples in wheelchairs.


Anonymous said...

The antifa scum were reportedly all hooded, so I'm guessing they were able to track down the perpetrators by the odor.

Would be nice to see some civil actions arise out of this as well. Break those punks.

Southron said...

The linked article quotes Markie Popunk lamenting that the attack set back the cause of anti-racism.

Yea, Markie, ARA is well intentioned, they just took their noble ideals a little too far -- sort of like Stalin and Pol Pot. Certainly they would never qualify as a hate group.

Old Rebel said...


We can hope!

Old Rebel said...


Yes, very interesting. Almost as interesting as the enthusiasm the SPLC showed for Marxist thugs who illegally disrupted Dr. Kevin McDonald's classes: