Sunday, July 22, 2012

Are We "Neo-Confederates"?

Our latest link is to Stogie, an old friend. His blog is "Confederate Gray." In his latest post, he poses an interesting question about the term "Neo-Confederate," which is supposed to be an accusation:

If those who identify the South as their true homeland, who else might bear the "Neo" label? Some ideas:
  • Tibetans who want their country back from China should be called "Neo-Tibetans."
  • Hawaiians who want their nation back are "Neo-Hawaiians."
  • The South Vietnamese who want to be free of their Communist masters are "Neo-South Vietnamese."
  • Up until the 1991, when the Soviet Union unraveled, Latvians might have been called "Neo-Latvians" and Ukrainians "Neo-Ukrainians."

Ya skewered 'em, Stogie! Looking forward to your future posts.


Stogie said...

Thank you, my friend and Southern brother!

PalmettoPatriot said...

What about the LGBT Confederates? Their sacrifice for Dixie should never go unforgotten. lol

Anonymous said...

Yes, anything that doesn't promote the loud, obnoxious,vapid, vanilla sameness (no offense to vanilla!) of the rootless Valley Dude/Dudette talking "multi-cultural" mainstream, is considered bigoted and racist. In fact being called that or Neo-Confederate by the likes of them is actually a compliment!

David Smith

Southron said...

Our enemies like to attach the term "neo" to us to suggest "neo-Nazi." Perhaps we should start calling them what they quite commonly are: neo-Communists.

Anonymous said...

Not me. I'm a Paleo-Confederate!

- Dutchy