Saturday, October 27, 2012

Those Muslim immigrants you ordered are on their way

Think the Afghan War is a failure?

Well, it isn't. Remember, DC has a different notion of success than ordinary folk. It's true Afghan interpreters and other collaborators (as well as their families) have received death threats from a resurgent Taliban. To protect them, Congress has authorized at least 7,500 special immigration visas. As with any big-government program, there have been problems implementing it. Only a few Afghans have received their visas. Up to now.

But that was then. As one unnamed US official was quoted in this Washington Post article, those special visas are now a "top priority."

So even though a friendly government in Kabul isn't a likely outcome of DC's longest war ever, more Third-World immigration is. And of course, those 7,500 visas are just a start - when the extended families of those collaborators get wind of this, they, too, will seek refuge in the land of the food stamps and the home of affirmative action.

Oh, and the unfortunate history host nations have had with a growing Muslim population won't be a problem, thanks to America's status as the "exceptional nation." In America, EVERYONE who comes here shares our values. Well, maybe there are exceptions, but only bad, bad people remember things like that.

Here's an idea: Let's invade Syria next!

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