Thursday, November 15, 2012

Secession petitions surge after Obama win?

It's obvious that the sudden surge of secession petitions has driven the Empire's apologists totally mad. They simply cannot conceive popular resistance to the central government that is OBVIOUSLY the fount of all that is good.

The Charlotte Observer, for example, is so shell-shocked by North Carolina's petition receiving the 25,000 signatures required for an official response that it can only respond with tired, recycled slogans. Here's the lede of the Observer editorial on the secession drive:

Seceding from the United States? One pundit wise-cracked, "Hasn't that been tried before?"
Clever, eh? But it gets worse. Check out these DEVASTATING arguments from the Observer editorial, followed by my response:

"Remember, we had a Civil War to settle that issue nearly 150 years ago."

So, constitutional law is settled by brute force? By that reasoning, John Wilkes Booth legally ruled Lincoln's election invalid.

"The new movie "Lincoln" could be a good flick to see as an apt reminder."

Yes, whenever there's a debate about the historical record, or the Founder's intent in drafting the Constitution, rigorous research in the form of going to the movies is always the best approach.

"The Civil War ended and the union was kept intact."

Wrong. The Civil War destroyed the voluntary union of free people, and established the supremacy of the federal government, backed by the subsidy seekers in industry and banking.

Expect to see a whole lot more such nonsense and historical illiteracy as DC inevitably sinks deeper in corruption and bankruptcy.


Anonymous said...

Wrong .. its not the civil war ,, that is the north's in general term .... Its the "War Between the States" is the proper term and if in anytime to make this known as a very important fact, it would be now. The historical accuracy of this also shows the states rights fight and the difference between the two sides. Watching the Lincoln movie is not a good thing , its just oddly as symbolic as the lion king movie. The two Usurpers , Lincoln is the first and the man in the white house who was put there is usurper number two. Odd his so called term (actually fraudulent and fake president that he is) is actually up in 2016 or is it ? Part of my point is to get the real facts out of the war between the states and in fact why not start promoting stamps with that name , or at least from a southern peoples or dixie side of things. If the north wants to refer to the war as Civil , then let them after all it's there version as they want to see it. Keeping within the truth and traditions of southron peoples stamps from the south side may be a great way for Dixie to be put on the map as such . Perhaps the term north or yankee can be turned into something good. And Secession in the north is a joke with their petitions , they are the Union who have wanted their fake president in the white house , now they turn around and sign petitions ? Serious ? Being raised in the north , I see many are good and if they learned the facts they may in turn side with the south , but many even when sympathising with the south may only just do that . They still prefer much of the north way of life and that is fine that is part of what makes up America. But let Dixie be dixie and let people who want to lead a simple traditional good life do so and let that life be respected. We are not collectivist , as the usurper says. Individuals and traditional in many ways and a distinct peoples, lets start bringing in more irish and scots perhaps the white population can grow strong again and strengthen the peoples as a whole. Many people think of Lincoln in the north as a tyrant , and they are seeing that more , however that doesn't mean they except the south or dixie they way the traditional south does . Many in the south are with the north in being against her own people .. So they need to be taught first then the northerners can learn and decide. cowboymav

Anonymous said...

Thelonging for genuine freedom & independence NEVER ceases - esp. inthe csae OF a people, especially an OPPRESSED people.

We are now dominated by the SELF-CHOSEN Nazi-like Marxist Elites of the Wealthy & Super-Wealthy, whose main WEAPON and tool is the anti-Christian (indemically) Corporation (ALL of them exist for ONLY ONE reason: MONEY, and the endless lust for POWER, in ALL forms). And we must learn that money IS a dangerous DANGEROUS WEAPON, NOT just "something" for fun and a "godd time." WE ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE AND DON'T SEEM TO REALIZE IT. We must UNITE as human beings and work together or literally DIE.

Do you care? Or do you simply not believe me, and that I'm just some kind of "nut," just some kind of "fool," that you can ignore, safely. I am warning you, you cannot. If you do not act NOW, you will NEVER be able to. DO IT NOW OR DIE. It's that "simple." But with Wisdom & Care. Can you handle it? Only time and patience will tell . . . SJIV