Monday, November 12, 2012

The League of the South's message takes root

As predicted on this very blog (see here and here), the election of BHO has mainstreamed the League's message that secession is the only answer to DC's excesses.

While a Romney win would've pacified conservative opposition to an out-of-control central government, the triumph of the Obama electorate has won more conservatives to the cause of local self-determination.

Here's a case in point. This excellent article by Peter Morrison was published on the VDare web site. Check it out:

"[L]iberals are at war not with just the conservative core of this country, but rather with God and Nature. You simply cannot, in perpetuity, take more and more people out of productive work and onto the government dole. Just as the Soviet Union fell, and Rome with its bread and circuses fell, this government will fall, and a remnant of the American people may, with God's help, redeem some portion of our founding vision."
Mr. Morrison is absolutely correct. The DC empire is rapidly self-destructing. So we all have to ask ourselves: Why would anyone choose to stay on the Titanic?


James McGrath said...

This was the best possible outcome there could have been. As you write, a Romney win would have made many people go back into their intellectual coma, thinking everything would be ok, and if Romney by some miracle had got the economy going, the resulting immigration would have just made things even worse, and he would have signed an amnesty just as Obama will next year.

So, now we have a whole lot of people shocked to their cores, unsure of what the hell has happened to 'their country', which is in fact, no longer their country. It is a foreign land, ruled by an alien who hates them.

The sooner the whore of Babylon is destroyed, the better. The sooner the states of that poisoned entity called the United States is destroyed the better for all of us.

james McGrath said...

Even though my heart wanted to see that hateful alien thrown out of the White House with that insufferable wife of his, my mind knew, that Obama must win.

We have lost, the war has been won, by them. Trying to take the White House now would actually be counter productive. The Republicans must lose national elections,(Whilst winning state elections and local elections) They must lose the House of Representatives and the Senate must remain in Democrat hands.

Only this way will we be able to destroy this unholy union, paving the way for a renaissance.

It is the same in Europe, we must see the socialists win, we must, because the 'conservatives' are even worse.

Conservatives pretend to be 'right wing', they pretend to be for our 'issues', but they are worse.

In the last 12 months, the Conservative led government in Britain allowed over half a million people into the country last year!

Half a million???

Even Labour in their spiteful rage against their own people never did that. And these scum got into government promising to bring immigration DOWN!!!!

So, no more voting for the 'respectable' right, never again.

I wish the Front National well, I would vote for them

I wish the Golden Dawn well, I would vote for them

I wish Jokkib well, I would vote for them

But I will never vote for the Gaulists, the Christian Democrats, the Popular Parties, the Conservatives or anyone who is guaranteed to betray us.

So we might as well vote for the hateful left, allow them to finish the job, allow space for the Golden Dawns and Front Nationals to open up.

Anonymous said...

But, the pro marijuana curmudgeons in the south and the north will ruin everything. The anti-abortion crowd doesn't seem to notice that the babies being born to our enemies will grow up to be the troops that kill our loved ones. Leave the freakin' weed crap alone and let our enemies get all the abortions and use all the contraception they want.

It's pretty stinkin' bad when strangers think they have more of a say in whether a woman gets an abortion or not than the father. Pay attention to what's going on with fathers rights!

If a father doesn't have any say over whether his child is born, why should everyone else's voice matter. Individual accountability over this issue should rule.

Old Rebel said...

James McGrath,

"Whore of Babylon" is right on the mark. This resurgence of interest in secession shows that DC has lost its legitimacy in the eyes of its subjects. Its days are indeed numbered.