Thursday, November 1, 2012

What's your conspiracy?

The SPLC's Hatewatch blog is guffawing at some of the conspiracy theories floating around the web about Super-Storm Sandy:

"It's punishment for gay rights - no, for Obama's attitude toward Israel - no, it's an excuse to confiscate guns - no, it's an excuse to cancel the election."

Oh, those silly right-wingers and their conspiracies! Enlightened lefties don't believe in conspiracies.

But wait - what's this? Why, it's a video of a discussion about Matthew Heimbach's efforts to organize a White Student Union at Towson University. Matthew and Jared Taylor face Marc Lamont Hill, the moderator; Julian Lewis; Lecia Brooks, of the Southern Poverty Law Center; and James Peterson. The "discussion" pretty much consists of Heimback and Taylor responding to the shrill, smug accusations of the four Grand Inquisitors.

At 23:30 in, talk turns to race and crime. When Heimbach and Taylor point to Department of Justice studies that document the disproportionate crime rate of blacks, Lewis asserts that those numbers are "skewed against blacks," and that the actual crime rate is the same among races. The SPLC's Brooks does not dispute this assertion.

So, if whites are committing crimes at the same rate as blacks, police must be ignoring thousands of murder victims who were killed by whites. Those same police are too busy racially profiling blacks so they can skew crime statistics.

No evidence is offered to back up that incredible claim. But if it's true that law enforcement personnel all across the nation are getting away with this, it would be the biggest conspiracy in the history of the world. Even bigger than Sandy.


rex osborne said...

Remember about fifteen or sixteen years ago when Hillary claimed there was a "vast right-wing conspiracy" against poor old Bill?

I don't seem to recall the Super Profitable Lawsuit Center calling her a conspiracy theorist.

Old Rebel said...

rex osborne,

And you won't. For the left, it's no enemies to the left.

swampcat said...

Marc Lamont Hill was the moderator? Didn't he recently write an article called "The 10 Most Overrated White People"? Oh, I'm sure he was completely fair and unbiased.