Wednesday, December 5, 2012

England’s Mumford & Sons channel Dixie roots

Garden & Guns, a lively and well-written web site that specializes in Southern culture, has a great feature story on the English folk-rock group Mumford & Sons. I've featured this group in one of our Southern Music Break posts, and thoroughly enjoyed the Garden & Guns article. It's a great introduction to this unique and talented group.

Here's the takeaway quote, from band member Winston Marshall:

“The South is a lot like Ireland. I have no family, no connections at all. But within a week you meet everyone’s relatives. That never happens in England. Some of my best friends are here [in England], and I’ve never met their families.”

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Anonymous said...

The England, along with the other nations of the British Isles whence much of our culture here in the South springs, was once very similar to the one traditionally found here. No doubt the growth of the Leviathan state, with its uprooting and destruction of local culture, custom, and community, is at the root of it, just as it is here.

David Smith