Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Second War Between the States has begun

Governors of States that respect gun and property rights are openly appealing to individuals and businesses to leave high-tax, anti-freedom sinkholes such as California and New York, and to take refuge in more hospitable States, namely, in the South. And no, I'm not the only one to interpret this trend as a new WBTS. From Fox News:

Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry attempts to lure California businesses to the Lone Star state with the promise of lower taxes and fewer regulations in the latest of what's been dubbed the second war between the states.
Here's the larger significance: Those who do not want to live in post-American, socialist Multicultistans are moving to States that still respect tradition and liberty.

It's the General Pemberton phenomenon: A disuniting and recombination of people into bluer and redder States. And it's happening before our eyes.


Anonymous said...

Not all gun owners from the northern territories are actually pro south , pro dixie or any thing pro in that sense. They still maintain yankee we are gonna get the south and force our ways and cultural or multicultural venues on the southron peoples. Even though the notherners in general like the gun rights and even many on left are not liking the usurpers takeover over or they just say its a little far. That is as far and perhaps the oh they don't like to pay for other peoples bad drug or whatever problems, but they still like the usurper in the white house (man pretending to be president) whom by the way is unlawfully ocuppying the white house but then again the whole system is a lie and sham. However , my point in fact is most of the yankees, which some are cool , nice and somewhat understanding and sympathetic and so on, will turn the south into a joke . I wouldn't want them on the south side, in fact they are so happy let them stay in the north and enjoy what they advocated , and they should be the ones whom should have to take the lesser of two evils. Besides voting is NOT a RIGHT it is a privilege and til people get that , which they are to arrogant not to bc there lineages have died and they boast about fighting in wars that free this nation... I say screw them , whatever they fell for the crap and its sad and there is sympathy , but very little bc if I recall the Indians were not stomping evilishly upon its own land but got invaded but oh how soon they forget that . WE are NOT all Americans , just because one fights in a war that is either justified in who's eyes , does not make one an American. immigrants are by choice ethically so , which at any point one can go to freakin china and become oh so ONE with them then call themselves freakin chinese. Sorry it doesn't work that way. The north will use all of the war stuff to claim there american status so called, but I expect the south to think and know different. I was raised in the north , and was taught all the yankee props, I am furious and go up against a lot of people and they are rather suprised and baffled . I am not liking the oh fact the left new grads are saying we get free health care blah blah and then they say we inherited a bad economy .. Folks its was never ever this bad in many many many years . Bush was lied to , and he did not do things great , but they sure as arent nearly as evil and disgusting and unamerican as this prick in the white house. I got dixie in my parents who are from country and south, and indian blood in me .. So I feel it flow and dixie is my home ! Forever , a duke of hazzard ! If things get real bad, Im gonna start me a moonshinin!

Gwst said...

I actually think that the income-to-sales-tax conversions that several Republican governors are proposing have this outcome in mind, pushing the moochers and takers to bluer, more welfare-friendly states.

Let the Great Separation begin! :-)

Gwst said...

An interesting take on secession:

Anonymous said...

"The Second War Between the States has begun."

From your mouth, to God's ears.

Snaggle-Tooth Jones

Anonymous said...

God save the south !