Monday, August 5, 2013

The Lincoln Lover's tee shirt

Kevin Levin's Civil War Memory blog features numerous posts praising Lincoln and celebrating the Northern conquest of the South. It also devotes quite a bit of bandwidth to lampooning Southern heritage, which is why I refer to Levin and his camp followers as the League of the Anti-South.

In a recent post, Levin mocked a new tee shirt from Dixie Outfitters that includes a picture of Stonewall Jackson and a map of the Confederacy. The usual band of bozos chimed in to comment that the shirt is "stupid looking" and proof that P.T. Barnum was right.

At the end of his snarky little post, Levin wrote: "This has me thinking. Perhaps I should come up with a t-shirt design for the Civil War Memory community. Hmmm…I wonder what it would look like."

Always eager to help, I whipped out a design for a tee shirt appropriate for a site that celebrates Saint Lincoln, Northern triumphalism, and the nation Lincoln founded by conquest. It reflects Robert E. Lee's prediction that the new centralized government would be "aggressive abroad and despotic at home." The historical record has vindicated Lee, and current events prove the spiral of interventionism at home and abroad is accelerating. Here's the "Lincoln Lover's tee shirt":

I sent the design to Levin in a comment to his original post. But would you believe the ingrate deleted my comment? I reckon some folks just can't handle the truth.


Miguel D'Anconia said...

I've always thought of making a tee shirt with lincoln and obama's face on the front with the words "The destruction of the republic was started by a senator from Illinois and was completed by a senator from Illinois" on the back.

Paul said...

He was mad that you didn't put Lincoln above the depiction of the globe.

Old Rebel said...

Miguel D'Anconia,

I like that! I bet folks would pay for a tee shirt like that.

Old Rebel said...


Good point.

The Georgia Cavalier said...

So Levin thinks that Southern culture is a joke, does he? His own culture, so-called, is a plastic abomination that showers death and misery around the world. It would be a pathetic joke if it weren't so evil.

Old Rebel said...

Georgia Cavalier,

Yeah, but he -- and many others -- remain convinced their ideals are SO noble that they're blind to the harm they do.

On that note, check out my flash fiction piece over at Fiction365.

The Georgia Cavalier said...

Old Rebel, I read your flash fiction piece, and I am heartily glad to note that the small-brained specialist, Dr. Joni Lingg, and her conniving clique are on their way to well-deserved extinction. Thanks for a good read. :-)

Old Rebel said...

Georgia Cavalier,

Thank you! Makes my day.

Anonymous said...

Want one!!!!

Anonymous said...

You should read Tenn's SF story "The Liberation of Earth". This was foreseen.

Northwestern Localist said...

I just replaced my old and loved picture of the great Abraham Lincoln.

This was my old one, courtesy of Rebellion Blog.

Anonymous said...

The fasces, a bundle of bound sticks, sometimes with an axehead poking out, has been the favoured symbol of the statists ever since the etruscan empire.

It features just about everywhere in US symbolism.

It symbolizes strength through unity; everyone acting toghether as one. The core of the statist fantasy is that we have not only a common goal, but if you all do exactly as _I_ say we'll achieve it.

"E pluribus unum","from many, one" is the literary equivalent.

Old Rebel said...


Yes, those symbols of Roman and Fascist power are hard to overlook, aren't they? Funny how they've become sacred to liberals.

But to them, the State is more important than the people it rules.