Saturday, November 30, 2013

Are Reality Defying Libertarians Doomed To Extinction?

Ilana Mercer unmercifully skewers libertarian ideologues who imagine 'tis nobler to cling to an otherworldly theory than to confront reality.

Deny reality too many times, and sooner or later, it's going to bite you.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Chinese Women Flock to the U.S. to Give Birth

This expose of how aliens are playing the system in this country is from that notorious right-wing hate publication Time Magazine:

The U.S. is one of the few nations where simply being born on its soil confers citizenship on a newborn. That policy has spawned a birth-tourism industry, in which pregnant foreigners flock to American hospitals to secure U.S. passports for their babies. Although the foreign couple can’t acquire U.S. nationality themselves, once their American-born offspring turn 21 they can theoretically sponsor their parents for future U.S. citizenship. Another perk: these American-born kids can take advantage of the U.S. education system, even paying lower in-state fees for public universities, depending on where they were delivered. (California is a popular birth-tourism destination because of its well-known university system.)

More rich Chinese than ever are sending their families and money abroad. One study of Chinese millionaires found that half had either emigrated or were thinking of doing so. Boston Consulting Group estimates that Chinese have some $450 billion stockpiled overseas. What’s driving the exodus? Some wealthy citizens are spooked about the impact of an anticorruption campaign on their murkily sourced income. Others worry about the long-term risks of raising their kids in a polluted environment with dirty air, water and food.
While this travesty goes on, we're being assured that this is exactly what the original sponsors of the 14th amendment intended. Instead of wearing a "Kick Me!" sign, this country wears a sign that says "Colonize Me!" Pathetic.

Quote of the day

“The most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated Southern woman.” — Sir Winston Churchill

Media bias? What media bias?

This report from CNS News is enough to make you think the corporate media have an agenda:

When Crystal Mangum falsely accused several Duke lacrosse players of rape in 2006, there were 160 major television news stories in the first five days after the players were arrested, but in 2013, when Mangum was convicted of murder and sentenced to 14 years in prison, there were only 3 major television news stories, a difference in coverage of 5,233%.

When the Duke lacrosse-rape story broke in March/April 2006, it was huge news, garnering massive, widespread coverage by the networks ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as by FOX, CNN and MSNBC, and the print press, such as USA Today, New York Times and Washington Post.
Remember when the Duke non-rape case story broke, and those tenured radicals strutted their outrage at the patriarchy and "white privilege"? They got awfully quiet when police investigations proved Mangum was lying.

The media's silence on this is rather damning.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quote of the day

"Sharing memory, whether with a partner, parent, or friend, allows you to index or back up some of that memory. This fact also underscores just how much you lose when a loved one passes away. When you lose a spouse, a parent, a sibling, you are also losing part of yourself and the shared memory you have with that person." Rebecca Schwarzlose, a neuroscientist

Obama FBI Partners with Leftist SPLC

How hostile and alien is the central government? This article reveals just how DC views us:

The magnitude of this Obama administration’s “progressive” radicalism becomes more evident with each passing day. In recent months, there has been a drastic spike in acts of both anti-Christian and anti-conservative discrimination and intimidation on military bases across the country. This mounting harassment is not being carried out at the hands of regular enlisted folk but, rather, at the hands of high-ranking officials who, in their official capacity, are targeting Christian and conservative organizations and individuals in an effort to silence them.

It has long been suspected that the Obama administration is using propaganda circulated by the roundly discredited Southern Poverty Law Center, or SPLC, a left-wing extremist group that, in recent years, has adopted two primary goals: 1) raising truckloads of money and 2) smearing as “domestic hate groups” dozens of mainstream Christian ministries like the Family Research Council, or FRC, and the American Family Association, or AFA.

This suspicion has now been verified.
It's a good idea to read the publications of left-wing groups just to see what they're thinking. It doesn't take long to figure out that the SPLC views most Americans as backward, violent haters. With the central government cozying up to the likes of the SPLC, it's clear that citizen surveillance and increased government intimidation can only escalate.

And folks wonder why we advocate secession.

Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1862

To the People of the Confederate States of America:

“Once more upon the plains of Manassas have our armies been blessed by the Lord of Hosts with a triumph over our enemies. It is my privilege to invite you once more to His footstool, not now in the garb of fasting and sorrow, but with joy and gladness, to render thanks for the great mercies received at His hand. A few months since, and our enemies poured forth their invading legions upon our soil. They laid waste our fields, polluted our altars and violated the sanctity of our homes. Around our capital they gathered their forces, and with boastful threats, claimed it as already their prize.

The brave troops which rallied to its defense have extinguished these vain hopes, and, under the guidance of the same almighty hand, have scattered our enemies and driven them back in dismay. Uniting these defeated forces and the various armies which had been ravaging our coasts with the army of invasion in Northern Virginia, our enemies have renewed their attempt to subjugate us at the very place where their first effort was defeated, and the vengeance of retributive justice has overtaken the entire host in a second and complete overthrow.

To this signal success accorded to our arms in the East has been graciously added another equally brilliant in the West. On the very day on which our forces were led to victory on the Plains of Manassas, in Virginia, the same Almighty arm assisted us to overcome our enemies at Richmond, in Kentucky. Thus, at one and the same time, have two great hostile armies been stricken down, and the wicked designs of their armies been set at naught.

In such circumstances, it is meet and right that, as a people, we should bow down in adoring thankfulness to that gracious God who has been our bulwark and defense, and to offer unto him the tribute of thanksgiving and praise. In his hand is the issue of all events, and to him should we, in an especial manner, ascribe the honor of this great deliverance.

Now, therefore, I, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States, do issue this, my proclamation, setting apart Thursday, the 18th day of September inst., as a day of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God for the great mercies vouchsafed to our people, and more especially for the triumph of our arms at Richmond and Manassas; and I do hereby invite the people of the Confederate States to meet on that day at their respective places of public worship, and to unite in rendering thanks and praise to God for these great mercies, and to implore Him to conduct our country safely through the perils which surround us, to the final attainment of the blessings of peace and security.

Given under my hand and the seal of the Confederate States, at Richmond, this fourth day of September, A.D.1862.”


Thanks to Bernie for forwarding!

Jack Hunter’s Mea Culpa at Politico

As this excellent commentary puts it, "Jack had two options" when the totalitarian media denounced this him for his pro-Southern loyalties. What Hunter chose to do is regrettable, and here's why.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Philadelphia Mayor Says ‘Knockout’ Attacks ‘Will Not Be Tolerated Here’

What's Mayor Nutter talking about? Doesn't he realize that "Knockout" attacks are just a myth? Here's the proof:

"A column on reports that while the game does exist, there is no hard data to support the notion that it is a growing trend that has reached epidemic levels.
And by "epidemic levels," Slate means "when it happens to a black person," such as Trayvon Martin, whose death proved that millions of black kids are killed by whites every day. Maybe every hour.

"It also refutes the suggestion by some news organizations that some of the attacks have been racially motivated." Who are you going to believe, a professional journalist of a leftist rag, or a bunch of victims? Like this one. And this one. And these. Ignore them.

"Unruly" Crowd Attacks Border Patrol Agents

The barbarians are no longer at the gates -- they're muscling their way inside:

A crowd of more than 100 people pelted Border Patrol agents with rocks and bottles as they tried to cross into the U.S. illegally, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The incident happened Sunday in the Tijuana River channel, near the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

According to CBP, a Border Patrol agent ordered the Mexican nationals to stop, but they continued walking into the U.S.

Officials said the agent fired a PepperBall Launcher, but it did not deter the crowd.
I'm reminded of a line from Robert Goldston's The Russian Revolution: "The essence of a revolution is that no one will any longer obey the orders of the old government." (p. 110) The ancient regime of Anglos is crumbling, having lost its sense of identity and self-confidence. Illegal aliens know this, and are determined to escape their own dysfunctional cultures so they can take up residence in a more prosperous, more orderly one.

But what happens when a critical mass of people who cannot create or sustain an orderly culture become the majority? Guess we're all going to find out.

Why I am Not a Libertarian

Hurrah for Nathan Schlueter of Hillsdale College! Schlueter tackles 10 libertarian articles of faith and examines them in this article published at The Imaginative Conservative. Libertarian article of faith #3 (actually, #1 for the libertarians I've encountered) is that "society" does not exist:

“Only individuals exist, therefore there is no such thing as a ‘common good.’” The statement reflects the corrosive nominalism that Richard Weaver decried in Ideas Have Consequences, and which fatally undercuts the principled limits to coercive authority identified above. Every human association, whether a marriage, business partnership, or sports team, has a common good, or why would it exist?

Common goods are not substantial entities standing over and against individual persons; they are the good of individual persons. But this does not mean common goods are always divisible into individual shares, like a cake. An orchestra, a marriage, an army cannot be divided without being destroyed. Within such associations individual persons exist as bandmates, spouses, and soldiers.

The common good of the political association consists in the ensemble of conditions in which persons and associations can more easily flourish. These are nicely summarized in the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States: “to . . . establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”
As I wrote to Jacob Hornberger a few years back:

Here’s a challenge for all the multiculturalists, whether you call yourself a Neocon, a socialist, or a libertarian. Why not put your beliefs on the line and start your own little multicultural nation-state? For the first time in history, unrelated peoples will come together to create free institutions out of thin air.

For safety purposes, we'll put the whole experiment on an island. Since culture, and especially ethnicity, are supposed to be irrelevant, I get to choose who populates this island. Let’s make a diverse society composed of: all the inhabitants of Watts, balanced by the residents of all of the gated communities in Los Angeles; 50,000 each of Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites; 100,000 each of Hutus and Tutsis; 20,000 each of Ibo and Yoruba from Nigeria; 10,000 Turks, balanced by 5,000 Greeks and 5,000 Armenians; and finally, just to add a little extra spice to this multicultural stew, 50 pro-Kelley Objectivists and 50 pro-Peikoff Objectivists.

The multicults can then bring in their top-notch tolerance trainers to lecture these pioneers about the noble philosophy of individual liberty. Then we'll release them so they can let freedom ring all over their new land. I’ll watch and document the results – from a safe distance.

What would we see after six months? After six years? Would it look like Fantasy Island, or the Island of Dr. Moreau?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Understatement of the day

"When someone brings a sawed-off shotgun to the area and assaults someone or robs someone, there is a concern." James Griffin, who witnessed a coach and his soccer team robbed by three "teens" in Stockton, California.

The Militarization of American Police Increases

Police departments are scrambling to get leftover armored trucks from the Iraq War -- a graphic illustration of how a militaristic foreign policy feeds a repressive domestic policy.

Also worth noting is how symbolic these behemoths are of the regime they serve -- they're too big to navigate many streets, can't go over some bridges, are top-heavy and unstable, and their massive weight makes them expensive to maintain. 5 mpg? Folks will see these things lumbering through town and think, "It's time to downsize!"

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Govt Lawyers: Americans Have No Right to Challenge Surveillance

So it's come to this:

Government lawyers are demanding that the US District Court immediately throw out an ACLU lawsuit against NSA surveillance, insisting that there is no avenue by which “ordinary Americans” could even theoretically challenge its legality.

The ACLU is arguing that the surveillance, involving collecting every phone record of every American, exceeds the authority the NSA has under either the Patriot Act or the Constitution.
The principle enunciated here is stark and simple: The government, not the people, is sovereign. That principle was established in 1865 by force and fraud--U. S. Grant supplied the force, and his boss, Abe Lincoln, provided the fraud in the flowery and deceptive language of the Gettysburg Address.

Now we're under a regime that claims it can spy on us and indefinitely detain us at will. That sound you just heard was the death throes of the Bill of Rights

Protest scheduled tomorrow against Thomas Watson statue's permanent relocation

The "progressive" [translation: milquetoast commie] Creative Loafing has published an article on a protest against the removal of Thomas Watson's statue from the front of the Georgia capitol:

State officials' plans to remove a statue outside the Georgia Capitol that has long paid tribute to Georgia politician, author, and self-described white supremacist Thomas Watson is expected to face opposition this weekend.

Two groups, the Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of the South, have scheduled a demonstration tomorrow to oppose the state's decision to relocate the controversial Watson statue from the Georgia State Capitol's front steps.
It's outrageous that the State of Georgia is bowing to pressure groups to chuck its own history down the memory hole. Blotting out the existence of individuals deemed unpopular to the regime is all too reminiscent of Stalin.

Also outrageous is the article's choice of background information. In the above snippet, the references to the CofCC and the League link to an official fatwa by the oh-so-objective Southern Poverty Law Center. Lord, give me strength...

Here's an idea: Wouldn't it have been fairer and more objective to link directly to those groups' own sites? Then readers could make up their own minds.

I know, I know, the politically correct bovines who read Creative Loafing need to be told what to think by the proper leftist authorities. But I can dream, can't I?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Diversity vs. humanity

"Diversity" is the ultimate value of our otherwise humdrum and bleak existence -- that is, if you swallow whole the claims of leftists and diversity consultants. Meanwhile, in the real world, the project backed by big government and big business to import submissive subjects and cheap labor is wrecking community spirit and cohesion, as this Michigan State University study documents:

Because homophily [the tendency of people to bond with those like themselves] and proximity are so ingrained in the way humans interact, the models demonstrated that it was impossible to simultaneously foster diversity and cohesion “in all reasonably likely worlds.” In fact, the trends are so strong that no effective social policy could combat them, according to Neal. As he put it in a statement, “In essence, when it comes to neighborhood desegregation and social cohesion, you can't have your cake and eat it too.”
The icing on the cake for big government is that by purposely sabotaging community cohesion, it prevents the formation of popular opposition. Call it sociocide, the deliberate murder of society, which leaves in its wake masses of deracinated, isolated individuals. It's what radical libertarians imagine as the natural state of humanity, that nothing exists but laminated, unrelated, sovereign individuals.

Leviathan, to justify the Leviathan super-state, is artificially creating a Hobbesian jungle where the life of man is indeed "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short."

Jackie, we hardly knew ye

Here's a Kennedy conspiracy theory that actually makes sense.

Quote of the day

“This precedent is going to be used, I fear, to change the rules on consideration of legislation, and down the road — we don’t know how far down the road; we never know that in a democracy — but, down the road, the hard-won protections and benefits for our people’s health and welfare will be lost.” Senator Carl Levin, Democrat from Michigan, warning of the dangers of scuttling the Senate's rules.

The corrupt, short-sighted politicians in D.C. have torn down another foundation wall so they can ram through their agenda, unaware of the long-term damage they're doing. That's what they do on every other issue, from open borders to the latest military adventure. Sooner or later, the cumulative damage will make the entire structure collapse.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Obama approval rating hits all-time low

The people's opinion of Congress keeps sinking lower and lower. Now Obama's approval rating is spiraling downward, too:

As President Barack Obama's approval rating hits another all-time low, a new national survey also indicates that Americans say the President has less power than congressional Republicans when it comes to shaping events over the next year.

According to a CNN/ORC poll released Thursday, 41% of Americans approve of the job the President's doing in the White House, the lowest level for that crucial indicator in CNN polling. Fifty-six percent questioned say they disapprove of Obama's performance, an all-time high in CNN surveys.
As the slow-motion train wreck of ObamaCare unfolds, we're going to see even lower numbers. What I want to know is this: How much more can the people stand?

Cartoon of the day

Abolitionist Porn

John Derbyshire eyeballs the actual motives of abolitionists and "civil rights" agitators, using their own words to show what these people really were. A must-read!

Quote of the day

"I will never, ever forgive the Labour party for allowing this mass immigration with no demands put on what people should be paid when they come to this country. I will never forgive them for destroying the jobs of my mates." Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gettysburg Address: Still Balderdash after 150 Years

James Bovard has penned an even better riposte to the Lincoln myth than H. L. Mencken's -- and that's saying a lot. Check it out and see what you think.

US May Have Let 'Dozens' of Terrorists Into Country As Refugees

Hey, I think "Al-Qaeda in Kentucky" has a certain ring to it! Just one more surprise consequence of D.C.'s policy of "Invade the World/Invite the World":

Several dozen suspected terrorist bombmakers, including some believed to have targeted American troops, may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the United States as war refugees, according to FBI agents investigating the remnants of roadside bombs recovered from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The discovery in 2009 of two al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists living as refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky -- who later admitted in court that they'd attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq -- prompted the bureau to assign hundreds of specialists to an around-the-clock effort aimed at checking its archive of 100,000 improvised explosive devices collected in the war zones, known as IEDs, for other suspected terrorists' fingerprints.
D.C. is committed to replacing its ornery and unmanageable white population with the Third World anyway. So why not toss a few terrorists into the mix? Our handlers can sell it to a gullible public as "Diversity with a little bite to it." It's like putting jalapeno on your taco.

VIDEO: “Knockout Game” hits another victim in D.C.

We were warned about this, but chose to ignore it. Now, in part thanks to the mainstream media's cone of silence on the issue, it's spreading. From Gretawire:

A 27-year-old woman says Thursday night she was on foot when a group of teens, also on bikes, came up. One punched her hard in the back of her head. But she was not knocked out either, telling ABC7 she was left with a sore head and neck.

However, videos from elsewhere show victims who were completely knocked out cold — like in New York and New Jersey.

Now, D.C. police are saying to watch out for it here.
When a bad, bad person named John Derbyshire tried to raise our consciousness about this sort of thing, he was denounced as a bad, bad person. Good people know better than to notice certain things.

Now we may have no choice but to notice it. Maybe it'll go away if we all start to ignore it again?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FISA court order that allowed NSA surveillance is revealed

Here are the latest repercussions from Edward Snowden's revelations about D.C.'s illegal citizen surveillance. From the Guardian:

The NSA's metadata trawl was approved by a judge who felt the agency was asking for 'exceptionally broad' permission to tap into electronic communications.

A secret court order that authorised a massive trawl by the National Security Agency of Americans' email and internet data was published for the first time on Monday night, among a trove of documents that also revealed a judge's concern that the NSA "continuously" and "systematically" violated the limits placed on the program.

The order by the FISA court, almost certainly its first ruling on the controversial program and published only in heavily redacted form, shows that it granted permisson for the trawl in part beacause of the type of devices used for the surveillance. Even the judge approving the spying called it a “novel use” of government authorities.
It's good that this information is coming out, but it's kind of sad that we have to depend on foreign news sources to learn these things. Remember when the press was a watchdog over government abuses of power? (Think Watergate.) These days, the lapdog press wants nothing more than to please its master. If it takes lying about nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, or ignoring certain facts, fine.

Notice that a FISA judge rubber-stamped this gross violation of Americans' privacy. Still think we can rely on the federal government to protect us from the federal government?

Why Texas will Secede from Union

"As I speak, the United States is dissolving."

Monday, November 18, 2013

A special kind of stupid

Thanks to Dan for forwarding!

Protests widen against Obama-backed Common Core education reforms

Here's a question you can pose to candidates for State and local office: Do you support centralized control of education? Anyone who answers "Yes" (like this NC RINO, for example) is NOT a conservative, but a government supremacist. Fortunately, popular resistance to "Common Core" is rising:

A fierce battle in New York is the latest sign that populist resistance to the Obama administration-backed Common Core education reforms shows no signs of slowing — and that the opposition isn’t limited to red states.

Since 2010, 45 states have adopted the Common Core benchmarks for proficiency in English and math for schoolchildren at the end of each grade.

Critics say several states are experiencing buyers’ remorse after complaints from parents and scholars that the reforms are untested and poorly designed and put additional burdens on teachers and students. They also say Common Core represents a federal government intrusion into an area traditionally operated at the state and local levels.
There's already organized opposition to this latest D.C. power grab here in North Carolina. We need to stop Fed Ed while we can.

Quote of the day

"We have replaced the corny with the trashy and called it progress." Jim Goad

Potentially Fatal ‘Knockout’ Game Targeting Strangers May Be Spreading

Can you imagine the reaction if gangs of white kids were targeting elderly blacks? I can just see Mark Potok posing in front of the cameras, just bristling with indignation as he shows off his superior morals. But since this dangerous fad involves black kids attacking defenseless whites, the media is blind to the racial implications. Here's CBS, for example:

A terrifying new ‘game’ that’s already caused deaths in Syracuse, St. Louis and New Jersey is sweeping the nation, and it preys upon unsuspecting people walking the streets, anywhere.

A recent report from New York-based CBS 2 shed light on the growing trend, displaying unsettling footage of teens participating in this game – which goes by the name ‘Knockout’ – and involves randomly targeting passersby, with the ultimate goal being to knock them out with one punch as they walk by.
Teens. Got it.

D.C. now the capital of the 1%

The federal bureaucracy produces NOTHING, but enriches itself at our expense. There's a lot of money to be made enforcing bad laws, from ObamaCare to the NDAA. Thanks to the explosive growth of the D.C. bureaucracy spawned by 9/11 and never-ending "social justice" programs, the D.C. area has attracted more 1 percenters than any other part of the country. Yes, it's boom time for the politically connected:

So much money to be had if you know where to look.

The avalanche of cash that made Washington rich in the last decade has transformed the culture of a once staid capital and created a new wave of well-heeled insiders.

The winners in the new Washington are not just the former senators, party consiglieri and four-star generals who have always profited from their connections. Now they are also the former bureaucrats, accountants and staff officers for whom unimagined riches are suddenly possible. They are the entrepreneurs attracted to the capital by its aura of prosperity and its super-educated workforce. They are the lawyers, lobbyists and executives who work for companies that barely had a presence in Washington before the boom.
This is a totally artificial boom fueled by OUR tax dollars. D.C. is a gigantic tick feeding off the American people. This is a shocking illustration of Pournelle's Law, which says that bureaucracies tend to grow to the point where they become self-serving.

The funny thing is that we're the ones who finance this parasite. In return, we get endless war, illegal surveillance, and demographic revolution. Pretty funny, huh?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

'Duck Dynasty'-backed candidate wins Louisiana congressional election

Good-bye Tea Party, and hello to the new kingmaker -- Duck Dynasty:

Vance McAllister, a political newcomer with the backing of the popular "Duck Dynasty" TV family, was elected as Louisiana's newest member of Congress Saturday night.

According to the Louisiana Secretary of State's website, McAllister led establishment candidate Neil Riser 59.7 percent to 40.3 percent -- a difference of over 17,500 votes -- with 976 of a possible 981 precincts reporting.
Happy, happy, happy!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Quote of the day

"One of the great satisfactions about being on the right wing is the knowledge that even if we lose and the revolution finally arrives in its fullness, the useful idiots are going to be the first ones lined up against the wall and shot." Vox Day

Feinstein promotes bill to strengthen NSA's hand on warrantless searches

Once again, we see how foolish it is to look to DC to protect our liberty--especially when DC is run by leftist politicians:

A Senate bill promoted as a surveillance reform would codify the ability of the National Security Agency to search its troves of foreign phone and email communications for Americans’ information, and permit law enforcement agencies to search the vast databases as well.

The Fisa Improvements Act, promoted by Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who chairs the Senate intelligence committee, would both make permanent a loophole permitting the NSA to search for Americans’ identifying information without a warrant – and, civil libertarians fear, contains an ambiguity that might allow the FBI, the DEA and other law enforcement agencies to do the same thing.
Not only does this bill expand the central government's power to surveil and thus better control its subjects--something all government supremacists yearn to do--it also could be beneficial to Feinstein's husband, whose company has reaped the rewards of other legislation Feinstein voted for.

And the ruling elite wonders why we despise it so.

Remittances to Latin America explode

Not only are illegal immigrants depressing wages and taking jobs, they're also bleeding the U.S. economy by taking vast sums of money out of circulation by sending it back home:

The amount of money U.S. immigrants send to their families in Latin America has more than doubled since 2000, and the cash flow home -- except to Mexico -- has recovered from a considerable drop during the Great Recession, a 13-year survey of remittance trends shows.

For years, remittances have far outpaced foreign aid in helping lift people out of poverty in Latin America, the study released Friday by Pew Research Center notes.

In 2011, remittances totaled $53.1 billion, more than eight times the amount of official aid, the report says.
Do you think the American economy could have used that $53 billion?

Legalizing illegal immigrants is the solution to Obamacare

The mask is slipping off:

Rep. Jared Polis said Friday the key problem with health care right now is that illegal immigrants aren’t included in Obamacare, and said part of the solution is to pass a bill granting them citizenship rights.

The House is debating a GOP-written bill that would allow Americans to keep their health plans that have been canceled under Obamacare, but Mr. Polis, a Colorado Democrat, said the chamber should instead be looking at ways to make sure everyone in the country is covered by the Affordable Care Act — including illegal immigrants.
Amazing how the leftist agenda dovetails, isn't it?

Flags of the Rebellion

John sends this dramatic picture of a 1994 Battle of Resaca re-enactment.

Click image to Texas-size!
Send your flag pictures to

Friday, November 15, 2013

Quote of the day

"The transnational progressive expects to maintain and expand modern, enlightened, prosperous, liberal society while opening up the borders that shelter that society to unlimited numbers of the least assimilable and most reactionary, most traditional and hidebound, least economically productive cultures on the face of the Earth. This wouldn't be so bad, or so insane, did they not at the same time insist that nothing be done to even try to assimilate the immigrants from those cultures to modern, enlightened, liberal values." Tom Kratman, from A Desert Called Peace.

A few examples:

'Die, my daughter, die!' An old-world 'honor killing' in modern St. Louis

"Honor Killings: Islam Misogyny"

Serious Crimes of Illegal Aliens

4 Things You Need To Know about MS-13 and This Mexican Cartel

Kinda puts other problems in perspective, doesn't it? I mean, a botched health care project and a deficit are big, but a slow-motion invasion aided and abetted by the federal government is ten times worse.

Majority of Israelis believe solo strike on Iran can succeed

Just what we need:

Israel Hayom-New Wave Research poll finds 52.4% of the Israeli Jewish public is in favor of an independent strike on Iran's nuclear facilities • Some 52.5% support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's position regarding tensions with the U.S. over Iran.

A new survey has found that the majority of Jewish Israelis believes the government's hard-line position regarding the Iranian threat is justified and that if need be, Israel is capable of mounting a unilateral strike on the Islamic republic's nuclear facilities.

The Israel Hayom-New Wave Research poll found that 52.4 percent of the Israeli Jewish public is in favor of an independent strike on Iran's nuclear sites and 68.8% believe an Israeli military strike on Iran would be successful.
I've always wondered what Armageddon would be like. Maybe we'll all get to find out.

This day in history

In 1777, The Continental Congress approved the Articles of Confederation.

It's worth noting Article II:

Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled.

The Constitution that replaced the Articles also incorporated the principle that the general, or federal, government was NOT sovereign. Its powers were only DELEGATED (not surrendered) to it by the people of the States. The Tenth Amendment replaced Article II:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

That's about as crystal clear as it could be.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

All US talk on ‘Iran’s nuclear program’ are OBVIOUS lies

Here are three easily proven facts to counter arguments for a US invasion of Iran. Memorize them, and keep then handy:

1.President Obama lied to Israeli media a week before his March 2013 visit: “We think it would take over a year or so for Iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon.” This repeated claim is a lie because it opposes all 16 US intelligence agencies’ most current official National Intelligence Estimate (NIE – these are updated when intelligence suggests status change), all IAEA official reports from their full-time monitoring of all Iran’s nuclear material and plants, and several definitive official US reports.

2.US “leadership” in government and corporate media continuously lie with the claim Iran’s president threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.” This claim is easily proved as a criminal lie by simply reading the October 2005 speech in question. The speech’s text is crystal clear in context and content: if Israel continues to suppress Palestinian rights, Israel’s government will go down the path of Iran under the Shah, the USSR, and Iraq under Saddam.

3.The US overthrew Iran’s democracy from 1953 to 1979, and then used Iraq to attack, invade, and attempt to conquer Iran from 1980 to 1988. The US is responsible for the deaths of one million Iranians from these unlawful Wars of Aggression.
We have yet to gauge the full damage done by the Bush-Obama wars, and haven't even started to recover from them. All we need is another war to send us off the cliff--and I don't mean just the financial cliff--remember, domestic surveillance and the totalitarian NDAA are the DIRECT RESULTS of the Neocon Wars. I dread to see what's left of our liberty and economy after Barack's Iranian War.

Tiny Muslim minority in Maryland fails to force holidays on everybody else ...

... at least for now. But you can bet they'll try again. And again. Until they win, and then the battle will be over and settled. From The Daily Caller:

Public schools in Montgomery County, Maryland won’t close for two major Muslim holy days because attendance records show the increase in absences among all students on those days is completely negligible.

The issue has been festering for several weeks now. On Tuesday, a group of Muslim families spoke at a meeting of the Montgomery County Board Of Education, reports CBS DC. They and other supporters of the calendar modification want to add Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr as official school holidays.
Yes, the majority is against the forced observance of Muslim holidays. But consider the two sides here: The Muslims are fiercely dedicated to what they consider to be the One True Way. The majority, on the other hand, is dedicated to the feel-good squishiness of "tolerance."

So how long until the growing Muslim population gets what it wants? It's just a matter of time.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

do you got insurance?

Now this is funny! The Onion has created these satirical ads for ObamaCare which portray mostly white folks acting moronic and faux hip. Check out the copy for the one pictured above, entitled "Club Med" (get it? "Med"? Ha-ha!):

"Yo, Mom, do I got insurance?
My girlfriend broke my heart
so me and the bros went golfing
and my buddy broke my head.
Good thing Mom made
sure I got insurance.
Now you can too.

Thanks obamacare!"

Wait a minute--this is FOR REAL? It's not an Onion spoof? The federal government really thinks these idiotic ads will save ObamaCare? Wow.

I guess it only makes sense that the half-wits who duct-taped this big-government program together would produce ads this embarrassing.

Commenter Slim nails it:

Bad grammar, fruity looking male models, dumb scenarios, promoting casual sex... This is right on target for 'obamacare'. It looks and reads like a junior high school project.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Congressional Approval Sinks to Record Low

Gallup has a new poll:

Americans' approval of the way Congress is handling its job has dropped to 9%, the lowest in Gallup's 39-year history of asking the question. The previous low point was 10%, registered twice in 2012.
I bet polyps and IRS auditors are more popular than Congress.

Government Spying Causing Self-Censorship Among US Writers

It was inevitable:

In the wake of revelations about intrusive government surveillance, many American authors are worrying about the freedom of the press and some simply are avoiding controversial topics.

A new report from the PEN Center and the FDR Group entitled “Chilling Effects: NSA Surveillance Drives U.S. Writers to Self-Censor” finds that 85 percent of surveyed writers are worried about government surveillance of Americans, and nearly three-quarters (73 percent) “have never been as worried about privacy rights and freedom of the press as they are today.”
If this story had come out during a Republican administration, the leftists would be screaming that the Tea Party had outlawed freedom of speech. But it happens during a Democratic administration--Obama's, to be more specific--and there's not a peep from them.

Florida school board votes to remove General Nathan Bedford Forrest's name

This is a good thing, and for a number of reasons.

Unlike the vote taken on this same issue in 2008, the whites on the school board instantly capitulated to the perpetually offended, thereby saving a lot of unnecessary time and trouble debating the issue's merits. Lesson learned: Facts don't matter. Only feelings do.

Besides, how can we make any progress in this country if these conservatives keep road-blocking every step toward racial justice? The unanimous vote to toss Forrest's legacy down the memory hole shows how far we've come. Now we can hit the gas pedal and get to the mountaintop even faster.

Finally, we can expect to see minority children learn more now that their school no longer honors a Southern hero. Omotayo Richmond, who led the effort, put it this way:.

"Now is the time to right a historical wrong. African-American Jacksonville students shouldn't have to attend a high school named for someone who slaughtered and terrorized their ancestors for one more school year."
The minorities in that school will undoubtedly see their self-esteem go through the roof. More important, the black-white performance gap will disappear, since everyone knows it was being perpetuated by nothing more than the name of the school they attended.

Book Interview: 'Restoring Our American Legacy'

The Daily Bell interviews Ron Holland on his new book Restoring Our American Legacy. Holland discusses how you can protect your wealth & liberties in these perilous times.

Ron Holland is a contributing editor to several newsletters dealing with political and investing topics and author of several books, including Escape the Pension Trap. Originally from North Carolina, Ron lived in Geneva from 2003 to 2004 and divided his time between the US and Europe until 2012 when he moved to Toronto. Ron has developed and introduced several innovative investment products to investors in the US, including the first Swiss-franc denominated variable annuity portfolio licensed in the US. In his writing and conference presentations, Ron emphatically advocates global investment diversification into foreign currencies and non-US markets as essential for protection from the US government's growing debt. Holland is particularly concerned about the vulnerability of retirement funds in the US, and consults to leading financial solutions providers seeking to provide viable options for citizens seeking protection. Ron's latest book, Restoring Our American Legacy, will be available in digital format in November, 2013.

Monday, November 11, 2013

On Veterans' Day

Dynamite post from Russ Longcore today. Here's a sample:

Today, November 11th, is Veterans Day. It is not to be confused with Memorial Day, which was begun as Decoration Day by families of the Confederate States of America as they decorated the graves of their soldiers who died in the War of Northern Aggression. Veterans Day coincides with Armistice Day, which was the day that hostilities ceased in WWI…the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 1918.

Today Americans are supposed to honor all veterans who have “served” in all branches of the US Military. But do all veterans DESERVE honor? All “service” is not equal.

Today, you will see and hear people make comments like: “Tell a veteran ‘thank you’ for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.” Sounds so right…so patriotic…so sincere…and yet it is MOSTLY WRONG.

Thanks to Earl for the heads up!

Kerry: Obama Willing to Attack Iran At Any Time

No matter which psychopath occupies the Oval Office, DC is a mad-dog regime. Iran is NO THREAT to the US. Anyone advocating a US attack on that country is a lunatic.

What a perfect illustration of today's Quote of the day.

What would the Founders think of this news story?

Imagine their reaction if Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, or Patrick Henry saw this in their morning newspaper:

Federal grant will keep two police officers in Statesville schools

They might say, "Hold! What business does the federal government have with education? And why are police officers needed in the government schools?" Here's what the article says:

School resource officers in North Carolina, usually assigned to high schools and middle schools, strive to reduce violence by enforcing the law on school property. They also serve as positive role models, educating students on the dangers of substance abuse, and promoting acceptable social behavior.
An entire book could be written on the implications of that single paragraph. "Reduce violence?" Why do teachers permit violence in the classrooms? And why do we look to the paramilitary police department to serve as role models to young people?

Yes, this Brave New World we're in is VERY different from the old days. And not for the better.

Quote of the day

"Americans need to understand that they have lost their country. The rest of the world needs to recognize that Washington is not merely the most complete police state since Stalinism, but also a threat to the entire world. The hubris and arrogance of Washington, combined with Washington’s huge supply of weapons of mass destruction, make Washington the greatest threat that has ever existed to all life on the planet." Paul Craig Roberts

As Washington Sinks, Governors Rise

Not my headline!

No, that infamous stronghold of neo-Confederate thought known as the New York Times used that headline to describe the growing political power of the States. The article says the States are doing the jobs they were intended to do despite--and perhaps because--DC is increasingly irrelevant and incompetent:

Washington these days is the symbol of governmental failure, rocked by a shutdown, legislative paralysis and the disastrous debut of President Obama’s health care program. Public opinion of Mr. Obama and members of Congress is on a steady decline.

But something different is taking place in statehouses. ...

“Right now, governors are the most popular political players in the country, mainly because of the dysfunction in Washington and because the public perceives governors as being bipartisan, pragmatic and able to work things out,” said Bill Richardson, a former governor of New Mexico.
Like the Soviet Union, the DC Empire is so overgrown it cannot compete with smaller, local decision-making authorities. Our post on the "11 Americas" pointed out the different cultures that emerged during the Colonial period; cultures that still persist today. As Sam Brownback of Kansas is quoted in the article, it is easier to build consensus at the state level than it is at the federal level. The natural consensus arising from shared cultural values is the reason.

The 19th and 20th centuries were the age of conquest and consolidation, of a militant "one-size-fits-all" mentality. Isn't it preferable to work toward peaceful, freely-chosen policies rather than trying to force policies on others?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

There's never been an America

In American Nations, Colin Woodard proposes that there has never been "an America," but actually 11 Americas. The ways of speaking, thinking, and governing not only differ among these 11 distinct Americas, but often clash--1861 was just the biggest clash (at least, so far).

Woodard argues that the different cultures established when these "nations" were colonized not only explain current political conflicts, but suggest such conflicts can only get worse. He foresees shifting alliances among these nations, with the Deep South and Yankeedom as the two "superpowers." The other regions often align with one of these two and act as swing votes.

Woodard's description of the different "Americas" is not especially flattering, but does note some important facts. Here's a sample:

Yankeedom: Founded on the shores of Massachusetts Bay by radical Calvinists as a new Zion, Yankeedom has, since the outset, put great emphasis on perfecting earthly civilization through social engineering, denial of self for the common good, and assimilation of outsiders.

Tidewater: The coastal regions in the English colonies of Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and Delaware tend to respect authority and value tradition. Once the most powerful American nation, it began to decline during Westward expansion.

Greater Appalachia: Extending from West Virginia through the Great Smoky Mountains and into Northwest Texas, the descendants of Irish, English and Scottish settlers value individual liberty. Residents are “intensely suspicious of lowland aristocrats and Yankee social engineers.”

Deep South: Dixie still traces its roots to the caste system established by masters who tried to duplicate West Indies-style slave society, Woodard writes. The Old South values states’ rights and local control and fights the expansion of federal powers.
Woodward concludes: “With such sharp regional differences, the idea that the United States would ever reach consensus on any issue having to do with violence seems far-fetched. The cultural gulf between Appalachia and Yankeedom, Deep South and New Netherland is simply too large.”

Here's an idea: What say we each go our own way, so that EVERYONE gets what they want, rather than continuing to fight for domination over the other?

Htiler's health insurance gets cancelled

Most of the "Hitler rant" parodies aren't done well and few are funny. This one is the exception--not only is it hilarious, it matches the text with what's going on in the video better than any I've ever seen. From ClashDaily.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Surveillance State Puts U.S. Elections at Risk of Manipulation

If Obama aimed his spy agencies at world leaders, is it possible he could target domestic political rivals as well? Conor Friedersdorf argues it's already happened.

But of course, OUR government would never do anything that evil.

Would it?

Flags of the Rebellion

Christopher sent this a couple of weeks ago, and I overlooked it. It's a great shot!

Click image to Texas-size!
Taken today at a produce stand 4 miles south of Blowing Rock, NC.

Send your flag pictures to

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hispanic officers may have targeted 'white boy'

If "racism" is defined as what the empowered white majority does to disempowered brown and black minorities, then as whites become a minority in the DC Empire, the definition will have to change. This story of aggressive officers in New Mexico determined to find who knows what in a suspect's rectum suggests that change is well on its way. Here's what the man endured:

1. Eckert's abdominal area was x-rayed; no narcotics were found.
2. Doctors then performed an exam of Eckert's anus with their fingers; no narcotics were found.
3. Doctors performed a second exam of Eckert's anus with their fingers; no narcotics were found.
4. Doctors penetrated Eckert's anus to insert an enema. Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers. Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool. No narcotics were found.
5. Doctors penetrated Eckert's anus to insert an enema a second time. Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers. Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool. No narcotics were found.
6. Doctors penetrated Eckert's anus to insert an enema a third time. Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers. Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool. No narcotics were found.
7. Doctors then x-rayed Eckert again; no narcotics were found.
Doctors prepared Eckert for surgery, sedated him, and then performed a colonoscopy where a scope with a camera was inserted into Eckert's anus, rectum, colon, and large intestines. No narcotics were found.
Throughout this ordeal, Eckert protested and never gave doctors at the Gila Regional Medical Center consent to perform any of these medical procedures.

Here's how the victim's attorney described what happened:

"This is essentially medical anal rape, numerous times over a 12-hour period. I can't imagine anything more horrifying than what happened to our client. It's just sadistic."

The apparent justification for the search, Kennedy said, was that police believed Eckert's buttocks were clenched during the traffic stop.

But, she said, it's also possible the officers just didn't like how her client looks.

"Maybe the officers who did this don't like him living in their community," said Kennedy. "He's a white boy, a scraggly white boy, and all these officers are Hispanic. It's a New Mexico thing."
What loyalty should people have toward institutions that have turned against them?

What The Nation’s First Electoral Map Reveals About Today’s Partisan Divide

A long lost, color-coded map of the 1880 presidential election reveals the basis of today's Red State vs. Blue State divide. The map is definitely worth a look. Here's what it shows:

“That era was basically the last time the parties were as strong as they are now,” says Seth Masket, a political scientist at the University of Denver and colleague of Schulten's. “We’re not talking about slavery or the aftermath of the Civil War,” he says, but “we are talking about fundamental ideological differences about what this country stands for.”

This was the era when a “solid South” emerged, although back then the parties were flipped, and white Southerners flocked to the then more conservative Democratic Party (in red on the map). The 1880 election, between Republican James Garfield and Democrat former Civil War general Winfield Scott Hancock, was remarkably close--with Garfield eking out the popular vote by the smallest of margins (48.3% vs. 48.2%). The biggest issue of the day was a debate over the tariff, which Republicans backed. More importantly, the election was viewed as a referendum on the painful process of Reconstruction.
So, with slavery no longer an issue by 1880, the nation split once again on the tariff issue. Sound familiar? As much as the apologists for empire would have you believe they speak for the forces of liberation, the tariff debate had a long, long history, plainly showing the two sides were fighting an economic war rather than a noble crusade to free the slaves.

Tariffs became shorthand for an agenda of an aggressive, pro-big business central government as opposed to a peaceful, decentralized system of government. The historical record is hard to ignore--since Lincoln's successful counter-revolution of 1865, the US has abandoned the principles of Thomas Jefferson and instead pursued a policy of subsidies, intervention at home and abroad, and ever-bigger, more intrusive government.

Today, we're seeing that unsustainable system in its final stages of collapse.

Six of 11 counties in Colorado vote to secede

Of course, the vote in Colorado was mostly symbolic--but it says a lot about people's attitudes toward our bloated and ineffectual status quo.

Look for more such movements with even more focus and determination.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Leading Pro-Immigrant Congressman Severs Ties With DREAMer Groups; Calls Them Manipulative, Racists

It's always enjoyable to sit back and watch your enemies go at each other's throats. From Fox News:

U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, the vocal proponent in Congress for a change in policy that would give undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as minors a chance to legalize their status, has cut off ties with two groups that have coordinated provocative protests in recent months.

Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois, on Monday evening issued a press release announcing that he was no longer going to work with the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA) and their affiliated advocates at ...

Gutierrez said the leader of NIYA, Mohammad Abdollahi, who was born in Iran and raised in Michigan, has expressed racist [anti-white] views on the Internet, and bragged about how hard it would be for the United States to deport a gay person to Iran.
Make no mistake about it--these people hate and despise us. In a way, you can't blame them. What white liberals label as "tolerance" is viewed as weakness by the colonizers and invaders.

Quote of the day

"When I was a Revolutionary Marxist, we were all in favour of as much immigration as possible. It wasn't because we liked immigrants, but because we didn't like Britain. We saw immigrants - from anywhere - as allies against the staid, settled, conservative society that our country still was at the end of the Sixties." Peter Hitchens

More than a fake conservative can stand

Andrew Sullivan unfriends Ron Paul. What provoked Sullivan? It seems Sullivan was repulsed by Paul's advocacy of the ideals of a dangerous, seditious radical named Thomas Jefferson:

And tonight, I have to say, the respect I had for Ron Paul was obliterated by the following inflammatory rhetoric:

"Jefferson obviously was a clear leader on the principle of nullification. I’ve been working on the assumption that nullification is going to come. It’s going to be a de facto nullification. It’s ugly, but pretty soon things are going to get so bad that we’re just going to ignore the feds and live our own lives in our own states."
Yes, Sullivan really did reject this as "sedition." America's founding principle is just too much for the pro-homosexual, pro-war Sullivan. So no matter that DC is out of control, claiming the power to toss its subjects in jail indefinitely, wage war on the whim of the temporary dictator, and claim unlimited power. Paul's endorsement of live and let live galls Sullivan, who endorses activist government while posing as a conservative.

News bulletin: Conservatives do not support same-sex "marriage," socialized medicine, or demographic revolution. Period.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

CIA made doctors torture suspected terrorists

Reason #2,915 to secede--DC is depraved. From The Guardian:

Doctors and psychologists working for the US military violated the ethical codes of their profession under instruction from the defence department and the CIA to become involved in the torture and degrading treatment of suspected terrorists, an investigation has concluded.

The report of the Taskforce on Preserving Medical Professionalism in National Security Detention Centres concludes that after 9/11, health professionals working with the military and intelligence services "designed and participated in cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment and torture of detainees". ...

The report lays blame primarily on the defence department (DoD) and the CIA, which required their healthcare staff to put aside any scruples in the interests of intelligence gathering and security practices that caused severe harm to detainees, from waterboarding to sleep deprivation and force-feeding.
Oh, it's not torture--it's just "enhanced interrogation." Sure it is--until these techniques, like drones, are applied at home.

Notice how ANYTHING can be justified as long as the holy words "national security" are invoked. They're even mightier than "civil rights."

East Libya Declares Autonomy from Tripoli

Peoples around the world are re-examining their ties to oversized governments and choosing to reclaim historical, authentic identities. The people of Cyrenaica can point to a history that goes back to pre-Roman times. After leading Libya's revolt against Gadhafi, they are now throwing off the corrupt rule of Tripoli:

Top provincial leaders in Eastern Libya have announced to formation of an “autonomous regional government” that will operate in parallel with the central government in Tripoli, the latest step toward independence in post-war Libya.

So far the movement is insisting they will stop short of outright secession, but today’s ceremony saw Libyan flags conspicuously absent, replaced by the flag of independent Cyrenaica.
The one-size-fits-all ideology of the 19th and 20th centuries spawned overgrown governments based on force. The 21st century is dismantling those dying regimes with voluntary, culture-based systems. Tired of empire, and its endless cycles of fear, terror, taxation, debt, and war?

There's a better way.

Colorado conservatives want to secede

Secession is on the ballot in Colorado. True, it's not REAL secession from the Evil Empire, but as we've argued before, it's an ice breaker. I consider secession from a city, county, or State to be the gateway drug to the real thing. So this is a start:

Voters in 11 counties in northern Colorado are being asked if they want to secede from the state. Ten counties in conservative, rural northeastern Colorado would theoretically form a 51st state known as North Colorado. Moffat County, located in the northwest corner of the state, would become a panhandle for neighboring Wyoming.

The plan has no chance of becoming reality. Among other things, it would also require statewide and congressional approval. But approval or even a close vote at the county level would send a loud message of growing grassroots conservative anger toward a more liberal Denver-based Democratic establishment that has taken up controversial measures related to gun control, gay rights, and green energy.

Similar secession measures have been floated in a number of other states in recent years -- a reflection of the country's growing ideological and partisan divide.
The genie is out of the bottle. Our time has come. Now the real work begins.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fast-food industry wants cheap foreign workers

They sell us artery-clogging, fattening junk while demanding even cheaper labor from the Third World. These people care as much about this country as they care about your health.

Here are the main supporters of amnesty for illegal alien invaders:

NCCR’s chairman is Chip Kunde of Darden Restaurants--which owns brands like the Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Longhorn Steakhouse, Seasons 52, the Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze, Eddie V’s, and Yard House. Other members include:
•Vice Chairman: Mary Schell of Wendy’s
•Treasurer: Cicely Simpson of Dunkin’ Donuts
•Secretary Lynn Liddle of Domino’s Pizza
•Past Chairman: Mike Starnes of Denny’s
•Board members: Donald Balfour of Waffle House, Steve Hilton of McDonald’s, Craig Prusher of Church’s Chicken, James Richardson of White Castle, Patrick Sheehy from Cracker Barrel, Mark Simpson of Texas Roadhouse, Dan Colegrove of DineEquity, Inc., which owns IHOP and Applebee’s, and Joe Taylor of Brinker International, Inc., which owns Chili’s and Maggiano’s brands
•Chairman Emeritus: Steve Brigandi of Jack in the Box

Is slavery evil? It depends

Slate magazine has an article on Lord Dunmore's emancipation proclamation, which was issued during the American War of Independence. It's interesting how the analysis of Dunmore's proclamation mirrors that of Lincoln's decades later:

Dunmore’s proclamation turned out to be “practical rather than moral,” as the historian Sylvia Frey has put it. Dunmore accepted only the slaves of patriots, refusing to take loyalists’ slaves who did not have their owners’ permission. (The British often returned slaves to masters who remained loyal to the crown.) When the British Parliament debated a bill to arm slaves as a military-wide policy, members roundly rejected it by a vote of 278 to 107. Edmund Burke expressed the view of many when he announced in the House of Commons “the horrible consequences that might ensue from constituting 100,000 fierce barbarian slaves to be the judges and executioners of their masters.”

"Practical rather than moral" well describes the actual motivations behind Lincoln's more famous Emancipation Proclamation. In fact, what Lincoln did can better be described as downright hypocritical, as Lincoln himself noted:

Abraham Lincoln's direct statements indicated his support for slavery; He defended slave owners' right to own their property, saying that "when they remind us of their constitutional rights [to own slaves], I acknowledge them, not grudgingly but fully and fairly; and I would give them any legislation for the claiming of their fugitives" (in indicating support for the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850).
In fact, when Lincoln engineered the illegal secession of West Virginia from Virginia in 1863, he helped create the last slave-holding state. General George McClellan led the occupation of Virginia's northwestern counties in the early months of the war. McClellan blatantly proclaimed that the slaves of Union loyalists would NOT be freed. In his proclamation to the Union men of West Virginia, issued May 26, 1861, he even assured them his army would enforce slavery:

"The General Government cannot close its ears to the demand you have made for assistance. I have ordered troops to cross the river. They come as your friends and brothers—as enemies only to armed Rebels, who are preying upon you; your homes, your families, and your property are safe under our protection. All your rights shall be religiously respected, notwithstanding all that has been said by the Traitors to induce you to believe our advent among you will be signalized by an interference with your Slaves. Understand one thing clearly: not only will we abstain from all such interference, but we will, on the contrary, with an iron hand crush any attempt at insurrection on their part."

That was not simply McClellan's personal opinion. As Colonel Rutherford B. Hayes noted in his journal, "Nobody in this army thinks of giving to the Rebels their fugitive slaves. Union men might perhaps be differently dealt with-probably would be."

So slavery was okey-dokey as long as it was practiced by good Unionists.

And, as Kevin Levin reminds us, the US has a long history of defending its investment in the institution of slavery. During the War of 1812, the British again liberated slaves. The anger Americans felt toward this tactic is reflected in The Star-Spangled Banner:

The third verse speaks directly to the British policy of liberating slaves in the Chesapeake region of Maryland and Virginia and their recruitment into the army.

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion,
A home and a country, should leave us no more?
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The “land of the free and the home of the brave” takes on a whole new meaning after reading this verse. I suspect that you will never hear our anthem quite the same way.
Levin is right. When I hear that screeching, warbling song, I can't help but think of the hypocrisy of those who try to portray the WBTS as the virtuous North versus the evil South.

Pentagon training manual: white males have unfair advantages

Imagine a deluded soul who claims to despise the Mafia, but gets teary-eyed about the bravery of its gunmen. That's pretty much what housebroken conservatives do when they rage about DC's assaults on our liberty but insist true patriots support the regime's wars and armed forces.

This story should open some eyes about what those armed forces are armed to enforce:

A controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers teaches that "healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian" men hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail about a so-called "White Male Club."

“Simply put, a healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian male receives many unearned advantages of social privilege, whereas a black, homosexual, atheist female in poor health receives many unearned disadvantages of social privilege,” reads a statement in the manual created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).

The military document advises personnel to “assume racism is everywhere, every day” and “notice code words for race.” They are also instructed to “understand and learn from the history of whiteness and racism.”

“Assume racism is everywhere, everyday,” read a statement in a section titled, ‘How to be a strong 'white ally.'"

“One of the privileges of being white is not having to see or deal with racism all the time,” the manual states. “We have to learn to see the effect that racism has.”
DC has pursued an egalitarian agenda since it squared off with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Our handlers decided that the best way to counter Soviet ideology was to emulate it. Thus was born the Civil Rights Revolution, which birthed open borders, the homosexual rights movement, and a domestic army of race hustlers.

Check out who authored the diktats from the Pentagon's new manual:

I obtained a copy of the manual from an Equal Opportunity officer who was disturbed by the course content and furious over the DEOMI’s reliance on the Southern Poverty Law Center for information on “extremist” groups.
In other words, another leaker who couldn't stomach what his government was doing made the courageous decision to expose what was going on--much like Edward Snowden. And just as in the Snowden affair, the heel-clickers will howl that only unpatriotic, hating extremists oppose what "our" armed forces are doing. That's because the post 9/11 definition of a patriot is a person who supports all of the Pentagon's urges, no matter how totalitarian and self-destructive they are.

Finally, click on the following story if you aren't convinced the US military, like every other tentacle of the DC Empire, is a force of evil:

Two men married at West Point chapel for first time

Are you mad enough yet?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Obama: "I’m Very Good at Killing People"

He'd better be. To be an effective temporary dictator, ordering hits on people who can't strike back is essential:

President Barack Obama bragged to his aides that he's 'really good at killing people,' according to explosive claims in a new book about the 2012 presidential campaign.

The revelation comes at a time when Obama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, has faced increasing criticism for his use of drones to target insurgents and terrorist suspects, particularly in Pakistan and Yemen.

The London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates that Obama has authorized 326 drone strikes. Since 2004, CIA unmanned aerial vehicles have killed 2,500 to 3,600 people - including up to 950 civilians.
While we've criticized Obama for many failings, we've never thought of him as unqualified for this job.

An honest leftist

It's always good to know exactly where you stand. When you're standing in front of a bull's eys, it's helpful to be made aware of that fact. This leftist blogger drops the pretences and admits what his real aims are:

The white race is a reification of supremacy. Its very foundation is the power that whites wield. To assert the white race’s right to exist is to defend its place of dominance in the world, because its dominance is the ESSENCE of the race. To protect the white race is to protect inequality, colonialism, exploitation, racism. It IS oppression. It IS racism. It IS injustice. And it is dying. Anti-racist practices are killing it.

Anti-racism is anti-white, and we should embrace that. As for the charge of genocide? Accept it. You can argue against it, but what’s the point? Any conscionable person should want the white race destroyed.
So, who's the hater here? Who's promoting genocide?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Quote of the day

"[Pat] Buchanan sees the country he grew up in and loved passing away, and he wants to raise his voice in its defense." - Tom Piatak

Friday, November 1, 2013

Stop the Thought Crime in Tennessee!

The Southern National Congress will hold its sixth session this weekend at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee. Tennessee State Senator Frank Nicely and Representative Judd Matheny will address the Congress.

Most folks will read that news and nod at just another group of citizens working peacefully within the system. But for some, it means it's time to hit the panic button. From The Tennessean:

Two Tennessee lawmakers were scheduled to speak at a Southern secessionist group’s meeting this weekend, and while a representative for one claims he’s spent a month trying to get his name off the event’s announcement, the other is ready to go and supports preparing Tennessee to part ways with the United States.

A website for the Southern National Congress says Rep. Judd Matheny, R-Tullahoma, and Sen. Frank Niceley, R-Strawberry Plains, will discuss their proposed legislation at the group’s sixth session, today through Sunday at Fall Creek Falls State Park. But critics are concerned about the organization’s secessionist philosophy and ties to the League of the South, listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its desire to create a white-led nation.
In addition to invoking the totally objective SPLC, the article also notes that the "Tennessee Anti-Racist Network" wants to shut down the Congress. Here's how the Tennessean article describes the group and what it advocates:

The Tennessee Anti-Racist Network, a coalition of community groups and individuals who want to tell white supremacists they are unwelcome in the state, drew attention to the event after seeing it advertised online. The same group staged a counter-rally against the League of the South this month in Murfreesboro.

“Ultimately, we don’t want elected officials to speak at extremist hate events,” said member Darlene Neal. “Really? We have to say this out loud? It’s unbelievable, but we believe it because we’re living it.”
Scroll to the bottom of the article and check out the comments. Eek! Secessionists! Southerners! And there's a hate group lurking nearby!

Lord, give me patience...

It's comical how folks imagine dastardly motives for those seeking to restore self-government by downsizing a federal government that's illegally spying on its citizens and waging perpetual war.

Yet, no one bats an eyelash at the "Tennessee Anti-Racist Network," which openly works with communists. On its web site, TARN proudly lists its allies, including the ominously named "Workers' Power." The following should give you an idea of what "Workers' Power" members want, in their own words:

Preston Gilmore is a communist committed to winning freedom in our lifetime. ... Jeremiah Carter is a local student/worker. He is a member of the Nashville State Community College Leftist Student Union and of Workers' Power, and an organizer for the Wobblies; he was part of the Occupy movement. Jeremiah stands for a communist movement that distances itself from the state with the creation of counter-institutions, militant class struggle, and a re-analysis of contemporary capitalism.
So when we're told there are people out there who want to withdraw consent from our oh-so-benevolent central government, we're supposed to go screaming into the night, but when we encounter REAL extremists promoting totalitarianism and the most bloodthirsty ideology in history, well, that's okay.

But the most dangerous and incendiary comment on this news story comes from Brian Hughes, who's identified as a "Top Commenter": "Maybe we should stop caring about the Southern Poverty Law Center deciding who's a hate group and who isn't..."

Whoa there, mister! You want folks to start doing Google checks, reading the actual statements of individuals and groups in the news, and making up their own minds about issues instead of obeying the proclamations of their betters in wealthy think tanks? Do you know where that could lead?

I don't know. But I'd like to find out.