Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This day in history

In 1987, Robert Mugabe was sworn in as Zimbabwe's president.

And they all lived happily ever after. Didn't they?

The US defense industry has nothing to do with defending America

It makes me crazy to hear some uber-patriotic airhead tearfully proclaim that "our" troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Belgium, or wherever are fighting to protect our freedom. What nonsense. The truth is the reverse: The Pentagram's overseas adventures take our tax dollars to poke hornet nests that provoke counter-attacks at home and abroad, which the Feral government then claims as justification for more citizen surveillance, more militarization of local police, etc.

The War Nerd notes that the US "defense" industry is nothing but a red-white-and-blue welfare program for the politically connected. The $400 billion it demands for the F-35 fighter jet, which Rand corporation analysts warn “can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run,” is pure payola for Lockheed Martin. No wonder the War Nerd throws his hands in the air in disgust:

This has been a classic week in the defense procurement industry. The armed services are trying to boost their worst aircraft, the totally worthless F-35, by trashing their best, the simple, effective, proven A-10 Warthog. ...

It makes no sense. I’ll just say that right up front. The reason it doesn’t seem to make any sense is that it doesn’t. There are no secret reasons here, no top-security considerations that justify any of this. It’s corruption, pure and simple. The sooner you understand that the US defense industry has nothing at all to do with defending America, and everything to do with making Dick Cheney’s buddies even richer, the more quickly you’ll be able to understand what’s going on.
Whether it makes sense or not, the F-35 is the future of DC's air power because massive spending is what DC does. The house-trained right will trot along in whatever direction their reins are tugged, and will happily support this latest "defense" boondoggle. And the domesticated left will swallow all the happy talk about the US military as the vanguard of the global democratic revolution, a cause that Saint MLK himself would endorse. It's a win-win for Big Government and Big Business. Who cares about the poor dumb slobs who get stuck with the bill?

Quote of the day

"You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life." - Winston Churchill

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sebesta exposes SCV scandal

Ed Sebesta has yet another earth-shaking investigative expose on the Sons of Confederate Veterans. His latest blog post features an article on Ron Wilson's conviction for fraud. Then, to illustrate what he terms "What type of people are attracted to the Sons of Confederate Veterans," he links to some stories about the questionable behavior of another SCV member. No charges were filed, nor were any convictions made in the second case, but Sebesta smugly concludes he's dealt the SCV a death blow. Yep -- that's what he sees in these stories about two wayward SCV members.

Want some REAL scandal? Check out the links below about the powerful, over-funded, scandal-ridden NAACP:

Former President of NAACP Gets 6-Month Sentence for Loan Fraud

NAACP Chapter President is Ex-Judge Defrocked For Taking Bribes

Mississippi NAACP Leader Sent to Prison for 10 Counts of Voter Fraud

The Downfall Of Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis

NAACP President Mfume resigns in wake of sexual favoritism charges

What conclusions can we draw from these stories about the content of the character of NAACP members?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Quote of the day

From Foreign Affairs:

The first marker of a fragile state is a concentrated decision-making system. On its face, centralization seems to make governments more efficient and thus more stable. But that stability is an illusion. Apart from in the military—the only sector that needs to be unified into a single structure—centralization contributes to fragility. Although centralization reduces deviations from the norm, making things appear to run more smoothly, it magnifies the consequences of those deviations that do occur. It concentrates turmoil in fewer but more severe episodes, which are disproportionately more harmful than cumulative small variations. In other words, centralization decreases local risks, such as provincial barons pocketing public funds, at the price of increasing systemic risks, such as disastrous national-level reforms. Accordingly, highly centralized states, such as the Soviet Union, are more fragile than decentralized ones, such as Switzerland, which is effectively composed of village-states.

States that centralize power often do so to suppress sectarian tension. That inability to handle diversity, whether political or ethnoreligious, further adds to their fragility.
Ahem. Toldja.


From those rascally iconoclasts at Taki's Mag:

On December 19th during the year’s final press conference, Obama burped up the following bold statement:

"Like the rest of America, black America, in the aggregate, is better off now than it was when I came into office."

The facts paint a different picture:

• Black home-ownership rates are 6% lower now than in 2009.
• The black workforce, in aggregate, decreased 10% from 2007 to 2012.
• The quotient of blacks living in poverty has increased 5% during his reign.
• In constant dollars, black income has dipped 4.5% during his presidency.
• Blacks’ median net worth plummeted 34% during the “Obama recovery” from 2010-2013.
• The number of blacks on food stamps has skyrocketed 48% with Obama as president.

Miraculously, Obama retains an 84% approval rating among blacks, which we must all assume has absolutely nothing to do with his skin color.
What nerve! At Taki's, they present reality instead of president-approved rhetoric. What foul villainy will they commit next? I don't know, but I'll be waiting impatiently for the next outrage.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Small is not just beautiful...

... it's also more nimble and efficient than the gargantuan. And that's the problem with empires -- "big" is all they understand, but the bigger and more centralized they become, they inevitably grow more ponderous and unwieldy. In an article entitled, Critical decisions after 9/11 led to slow, steady decline in quality for Secret Service, the Washington Post concludes that centralization has mired the once-shining Secret Service in a bureaucratic swamp:

Where the Secret Service had been a gem of the Treasury Department for more than a century, its post-9/11 transfer to the sprawling new Department of Homeland Security suddenly forced it to compete for money and attention with bigger and higher-profile agencies focused on immigration and airport security.

The changes set in motion during that critical period after 2001 led to a slow, steady slide in quality, leaving an agency that, according to a DHS report released on Dec. 18, is “stretched to and, in many cases, beyond its limits.”
It's ironic that the excuse for centralizing the Secret Service, as well as many other security-based departments in the federal government, into a mega-bureaucracy called "Homeland Security" was 9/11, itself the inevitable blowback from DC's policy of overseas meddling. But perpetual war is also inevitable for an empire, which must wage war to constantly expand or lose its reason for existence.

That's the choice we have in the 21st century: Empire, with the slow strangulation of liberty and prosperity through war, citizen surveillance, and over-regulation, or self-determination for all peoples, with minimum bureaucracy and respect for the cultures and sovereignty of all nations. When people see their choice -- or even realize they HAVE a choice -- they see the status quo a little more critically. And that's why the ruling elite doesn't want a debate at all, and why it and its toadies try to preempt debate by demonizing advocates of small government. But try as they will, catastrophic failure is looming. We can hear the grinding of its worn gears and see the wreckage it's creating at home and abroad. Tick, tock...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!

The Charlotte Observer has a human interest story in today's issue titled "Christmas on Wheels." It features a picture of the above SUV topped with Santa in his sleigh and a Christmas tree, all covered in lights. There's a little background on the owner, and how he started decorating his car so elaborately for Christmas.

The Observer somehow failed to point out two stickers on the back, If you click on the image above, you can see that the owner has a First National and a sticker that says "American by birth, Southern by the grace of God."

That's what this blog is all about -- paying attention to those things the corporate media would rather you not know. As we approach a new year, we're looking forward to continuing that proud mission. But for now, I'll leave you with my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Rand Paul Gets Cuba Right

At some point, it was inevitable that Americans had to realize a simple fact of life: The Cold War with the Soviet Union is over. Problem is, some politicians don't seem to know the Soviet Union is over. So this opinion piece over at The Intellectual Conservative is a welcome bit of sober analysis:

The non-interventionist position on Cuba is simple. Is Cuba the 51st state? No. Then what form of government they have is outside our realm. While we would, of course, prefer that Cuba adopt a freer form of government, and we are free to work toward that end in a normal diplomatic manner, it is not our place to use hostile means, and an embargo is hostile, to attempt to actively bring this about.
Is it time to realign fronts in a shifting world? Yes.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Holder Decrees Crossdressing Protected Under Federal Law

The Permanent Civil Rights Revolution has found yet another front. Now the Justice Department has taken up the vital right to dress in the traditional clothing of the opposite sex, a vital right recently discovered in the Constitution. And Holder's just the man to defend this sacred right:

Attorney General Eric Holder has issued an edict, through a memorandum, that cross dressing and transsexualism is now protected under federal civil rights laws which were designed to protect women from sex discrimination. Existing federal law provides no statutory support for treating cross-dressers and transsexuals as the law treats female victims of discrimination.

This means that the Justice Department could now, for example, consider the decision by a school or church to not hire a transvestite as a violation of federal law.
The big question is: What other exotic practices are Constitutional rights we didn't know we had? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jeb Bush announces he's "exploring possibility" of running for president

Isn't democracy wonderful? Now we, the sovereign people of the United States, can decide whether Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warrne, or Jeb Bush will wage more war in the Middle East, expand domestic surveillance, and usher in more Third-World immigrants.

Democrats demand better protections for transgender illegal immigrant children

No, this isn't an Onion satire on looney liberals -- it's the real thing from The Washington Times, via Steve Sailer. My, what a brave, new world we're creating...

Monday, December 15, 2014

In Washington, political dysfunction and grim outlooks are the new normal

Political sclerosis is setting in on the banks of the Potomac. It's no surprise to readers of this blog that the DC Empire continues to show symptoms of further decay. From the Washington Post:

The November elections brought significant changes to Washington and to many states. What they did not produce was any greater sense of optimism on the part of the public about the state of American politics. If anything, they produced the opposite.

A new report from the Pew Research Center lays out the evidence in clear and unrelenting detail. The survey of attitudes at the close of the year offers a reminder to political leaders, and especially prospective presidential candidates, that among their biggest challenges ahead will be finding ways to begin to restore faith and confidence in the political system.

Four in 5 Americans say the country is more politically divided than in the past. Although that is no worse than it was two years ago, it is far gloomier than it used to be. Scroll back to the early days of President Obama’s tenure in the White House, and the differences between then and now are particularly stark.
And so the rotten notion of the Hegelian megastate loses legitimacy. Looks like it's going to go out with a bang rather than a whimper. The hundreds of thousands of murdered civilians, torture victims, and the oppressed cowering in fear under US-backed dictatorships aren't going to miss it.

This day in history

In 1989, a demonstration that turned into a popular uprising in Romania began the downfall of Nicolae Ceausescu.

Congress Quietly Bolsters NSA Spying in Intelligence Bill

A "do-nothing" Congress? Not at all. Our handlers representatives are quite busy making sure someone's keeping tabs on what we say and do -- all to better protect us from Islamomeanies, of course. Its latest act is yet another assault on the Bill of Rights:

Congress this week quietly passed a bill that may give unprecedented legal authority to the government's warrantless surveillance powers, despite a last-minute effort by Rep. Justin Amash to kill the bill.

Amash staged an aggressive eleventh-hour rally Wednesday night to block passage of the Intelligence Authorization Act, which will fund intelligence agencies for the next fiscal year. The Michigan Republican sounded alarms over recently amended language in the package that he said will for the first time give congressional backing to a controversial Reagan-era decree granting broad surveillance authority to the president....

The provision in question is "one of the most egregious sections of law I've encountered during my time as a representative," Amash wrote on his Facebook page. The tea-party libertarian, who teamed up with Rep. John Conyers last year in an almost-successful bid to defund the National Security Agency in the wake of the Snowden revelations, warned that the provision "grants the executive branch virtually unlimited access to the communications of every American."
Yes, once again, the federal government has vast power to spy on its citizens. And please notice that this clear violation of the 4th amendment was sanctified by the patron saint of housebroken conservatives, Saint Ronald of Reagan. And I'm not picking on Reagan, no more than I pick on Obama. The job of the temporary dictator is to expand the scope of the federal government. Just as Reagan talked about promoting conservatism while quietly promoting big government, Obama fools liberals into supporting the national security state.

Guess who wins every election? DC, that's who.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Quote of the day

“It is the nature of political bodies always to see the evil in the opposite group, just as the individual has an ineradicable tendency to get rid of everything he does not know and does not want to know about himself by foisting it off on somebody else. . . . The mass State has no intention of promoting mutual understanding and the relationship of man to man; it strives, rather, for atomization, for the psychic isolation of the individual. The more unrelated individuals are, the more consolidated the State becomes, and vice versa." Carl Jung

Sociologist Robert Putnam has already researched the real-world effects of diversity on a society's political health. In a paper entitled "E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty-first Century," Putnam documented the following negative results of increased diversity:

- Lower confidence in local government, local leaders and the local news media.
- Lower political efficacy – that is, confidence in one's own influence.
- Lower frequency of registering to vote, but more interest and knowledge about politics and more participation in protest marches and social reform groups.
- Higher political advocacy, but lower expectations that it will bring about a desirable result.
- Less expectation that others will cooperate to solve dilemmas of collective action (e.g., voluntary conservation to ease a water or energy shortage).

Remember: The above civic disorders are not unfortunate by-products of diversity, but the intended results of importing alien cultures. And our handlers in DC know this. To them, social breakdown in not a bug of multiculturalism, but a feature. Wreck society, which is a spontaneous, natural order, to pave the way for big government to maintain an artificial order.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Annual Angry Heisman Trophy Rant!

I don't usually cover sports, but this self-described "unhinged rant" from Dan Phillips is priceless. Definitely worth your time.

FDNY drops physical test requirement amid low female hiring rate

More insanity committed in the holy name of equality. From New York, naturally:

The Fire Department has stopped requiring probationary firefighters to pass a job-related physical-skills test before getting hired — a move that critics derided as a lowering of standards.

The move by first-year Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro, which allows probies to fail components of the Functional Skills Training test but still graduate from the Fire Academy, comes amid criticism of the department’s low hiring rate of women.
Yes, if I were trapped in a burning building and the 100-pound woman in a NYFD uniform couldn't pull me out, I would find great solace in the knowledge that I was going to die for a good cause. Lord help us.

Its own communist economy ultimately sabotaged the Soviet Union, and the ideology of equality will do the same to the DC Empire, which derives its legitimacy from its other-worldly mission of universal equality. The pity is that so many innocent will suffer along with the ones perpetuating this idiocy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Republicans stab constituents in the back on amnesty

Surprise, surprise -- despite the noise they made about "stopping Obamnesty," the GOP (Government of the Plutocrats) has funded Obama's amnesty plan for illegal immigrants:

The Republican leadership in the House of Representatives has cut a deal with Senate Democrats on a government funding bill that will permit funding for the implementation of President Obama's unilateral amnesty of as many as five million illegal aliens through at least Feb. 27, 2015.

By contrast, the bill also uses Congress's power of the purse to prohibit the administration from moving forward with regulations that would effectively outlaw incandescent light bulbs.
Who represents the people in DC? No one.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CIA Used “Rectal Feeding” As Part Of Torture Program

Your tax dollars at work, courtesy of the ghouls in the CIA, where the routine torture of suspects took on some strange practices:

Water wasn’t the only thing provided rectally. Food and other nutritional supplements were also delivered rectally to break hunger strikes, particularly in the cases of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and Majid Khan.
Remember, this is about OFFICIAL US POLICY about how to treat detainees who haven't even been charged with a crime. Innocent people were forced to endure waterboarding, ice baths, and hundreds of hours of standing sleep deprivation. Feel the pride.

Little wonder DC's embassies and occupation forces around the world are bracing themselves for reaction to even more shockiing disclosures.

Why I Quit the Left

Here's a full confession from a former leftist activist on why she couldn't stomach radical leftist activism any more:

I feel compelled to criticize is only one very specific political phenomenon, one particular incarnation of radical leftist, anti-oppressive politics.

There is something dark and vaguely cultish about this particular brand of politics. I’ve thought a lot about what exactly that is. I’ve pinned down four core features that make it so disturbing: dogmatism, groupthink, a crusader mentality, and anti-intellectualism. I’ll go into detail about each one of these. The following is as much a confession as it is an admonishment. I will not mention a single sin that I have not been fully and damnably guilty of in my time.
It's an interesting, if lengthy, read. The bottom line is that Social Justice Warriors are humorless, totalitarian, and so detached from normal human ties that they are dangerous to themselves and others. They're today's Red Guards from the disastrous Chinese Cultural Revolution. As Barney Fife would say, SJWs need to be "nipped in the bud."

Democrats should dump Deep South and consider letting region secede

No, that's not the League of the South saying Dixie should be allowed to govern itself, freeing both North and South to pursue its own course. THis time, the call for devolution comes from the left-leaning Daily Beast. He doesn't suggest it nicely, but his bottom line is hard to argue with:

It's time for the Democrats to dump Dixie, says a columnist for the Daily Beast news website.

Michael Tomasky writes that U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu's loss in Saturday's runoff proves that Louisiana and other parts of the Deep South have become a "reactionary, prejudice-infested place."

Tomasky notes, as did the New York Times and, that with Democrat Landrieu's loss, the party of Andrew Jackson and Jimmy Carter no longer controls a single U.S. Senate seat in the Deep South, which excludes Virginia and Florida by various definitions. (The GOP also controls every governor's mansion and legislative chamber from Texas to North Carolina.)

Tomasky suggests the South should not be part of the United States anymore -- just because it doesn't vote the proper way.
Face it, Congress is hopelessly gridlocked. If the North wants same-sex marriage, as well as amnesty, Social Security, and a free puppie for every illegal alien invader, they'd be able to provide those goodies if the South didn't get in the way. Until the clashing regions agree to an amicable parting of the ways, neither side can get what it wants.

Think of it as no-fault divorce for regions otherwise trapped in a failed empire.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Obama Extends NSA Spying Powers Yet Again

Only Nixon could make nice with Red China without enraging conservatives. And only Obama can expand the surveillance state without liberals howling in protest.

America Is Coming Apart at the Seams

Here's the diagnosis from a liberal writer at BloombergView:

It was the most Republican of times, it was the most Democratic of times.

That's the U.S. right now, a nation heading in two diametrically opposed directions. Where you live in the country has always influenced how you live. But divergent public policy choices, rooted in sharp partisan conflict, are heightening the geographic distinctions.
Over at The American Conservative, Ron Dreher notes the same trend in his article entitled Democratic Party Disappears in South. Even more interesting that both writers acknowledging the growing split is that both agree on the underlying cause, and that is two different visions of the future they want. Blue America, best exemplified by California, can't wait to be reconstructed by random waves of colonizers. Red America, as noted by BloombergView, is the South, which is just as determined to preserve its traditional culture and demographics. But each side impedes the other in DC.

Here's an idea: Why not let each go its own way? Wouldn't everyone be happier? Just a suggestion.

Blood is Thicker than Water, Chapter - aw, who knows?

Once again, an immigrant turns against the "Proposition Nation" he claims to be loyal to. From Fox News:

A Naval engineer is facing charges that he gave an FBI undercover agent posing as an Egyptian intelligence officer secret documents about the new Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier while discussing how to sink the vessel with a missile.

Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, 35, of Yorktown, Va., was arrested Friday on an FBI affidavit that reads like it came from a Tom Clancy novel.

Federal prosecutors in Virginia say that during his conversations with the undercover, Awwad arranged to use a dead-drop location along a secluded hiking trail to pass secrets about the Ford, which is being built in Virginia for delivery to the Navy in 2016.
How can ANYONE feel loyalty to a squishy, constantly changing country that can't even defend its own borders? And what else can foreigners see here other than a huge, rotting corpse ready to be picked clean?

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quote of the day

"As of 2007, black-on-white violent crime was nearly 40 times as common as the reverse. But liberals can’t give up their myth, for it sustains their pretensions to moral superiority. It defines who they are." Pat Buchanan

A date which will live in infamy

In 1975, Indonesia invaded East Timor with US arms and US approval, leading to the death of 200,000 Timorese Christians.

Give us your tired, your poor, your ethnic conflicts

In Kansas City, a Muslim boy was struck and killed by a Somali Christian driving an SUV. Seems the driver intended to continue his people's ongoing battle against the majority Muslims of Somalia. From The Kansas City Star:

The driver of the SUV, Ahmed H. Aden, a 34-year-old Kansas City truck driver, told police after his arrest that he had been searching for men who’d threatened him nine days earlier. And he said he planned to kill those men if he found them, according to court records.

Aden told police that he intentionally struck Abdisamad, but he had mistaken the teen for one of the men who had threatened him. Members of the Somali community said that Aden long was known to have made frequent and violent threats against Muslims and the mosque, occasionally even threatening the mass slaughter of worshipers.

Jackson County prosecutors charged Aden with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, leaving the scene of an accident and unlawful use of a weapon.

Abdisamad’s uncle, Abdinajib Dirir, said the family, who had emigrated from war-torn Somalia, was devastated.

“There are no words to describe,” he said. “This is a community that fled a violent situation. Now we’re facing violence in the United States."
What? Ethnic violence in the United States? What can we do about it? Fortunately, the leftists over at Little Green Footballs have the answer:

Ugh, this appears to be based on ethnic hatreds. We have enough problems of our own without importing any foreign conflicts. I hope they throw the damned book at anyone—Muslim, Christian, Jew, whatever—that perpetrates this type of violence.

You want to come live in the U.S.? Fine, come on in. You’re welcome to stay as far as I’m concerned, but don’t bring your hate baggage with you. It needs to be made crystal clear that such behavior it won’t be tolerated, period.
So we continue to open the door to anyone who feels like living here as long as they promise not to continue whatever ethnic conflicts are raging in their native lands. Got it.

I have a better idea. Back in 2006, a Muslim lad drove his SUV into a crowd of students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, injuring nine people. He confessed his intent was to "avenge the deaths of Muslims worldwide." Therefore, the solution to this problem of importing ethnic conflicts is to outlaw SUVs. Why not? It makes just as much sense as outlawing guns to eliminate violent crime. Besides, what else CAN we do? I can't think of anything, and it's obvious the federal governeent can't either.

Friday, December 5, 2014

House Approves Expansion of Military Operations Against ISIS

And you thought Congress was deadlocked! There are some things Congress does well, and voting for war is on the top of the list:

In a 300-119 vote, the House has approved the newest annual military spending bill, pumping another $585 billion into the Pentagon for assorted wars, including the newest war against ISIS.

The bill also includes an extension of the authorization for the Pentagon to train and arm “moderate” Syrian rebel factions, which was supposed to expire on December 11. The bill will extend the deadline through 2016.
Ever wonder why we say the DC Empire is all about perpetual war? Because it is.

Stand With Hillary!

When I first watched this, I just knew it was a spoof. It had to be. I mean, really - a country song with boot-wearing musicians singing an anthem to Hillary Clinton? And a cowboy takes a sledgehammer to a piece of glass, declaring "We have to break that ceiling" ? And it gets worse. Check out this line explaining WHY the Heartland must support Hillary Clinton for president:

'Cuz our American Dream is at stake.

Yes, they really sing that. What's laughable about this shameless toadying to Southerners is that Hillary clearly despises the South, its traditions, and its people. Using our music to lure us into supporting someone so opposed to our interests hits a new low in national politics. And you didn't think it was possible to get lower than the last election.

Go ahead - try and watch the whole video without gagging. I double-dog dare ya:

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Texas leads coalition of states in lawsuit against Obama immigration actions

While the make-believe representatives of the people in DC manage little more than empty symbolic displays against Obama's imperial diktat, the people of the sovereign States are actually standing up to the Big-Business/Globalist campaign to drag this country into the Third-World:

Texas Gov.-elect Greg Abbott announced Wednesday that Texas is leading a 17-state coalition suing the Obama administration over the president's executive actions on immigration.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Texas on Wednesday, and names the heads of the top immigration enforcement agencies as defendants.

Abbott, in a news conference in Austin, said the "broken" immigration system should be fixed by Congress, not by "presidential fiat."

He said President Obama's recently announced executive actions -- a move designed to spare as many as 5 million people living illegally in the United States from deportation -- "directly violate the fundamental promise to the American people" by running afoul of the Constitution.
I'm proud to say that North Carolina is part of that lawsuit. Is your State on board? If not, contact your State legislature. Only local action can stop Zuckerberg, Soros, Gates, Buffett and the rest of the Billionaire Boys Club - not to mention their Cultural Marxist allies.

Quote of the day

"There are no police here. We trusted the police to keep it peaceful, but they didn't do their job." Ferguson store owner

Who can blame the police? Surrendering to mob rule is the only way to avoid more civil rights lawsuits. Every law enforcement officer now realizes that if he does his job and stands up to looters, he could end up like Darren Wilson, no job, no severance pay, and with federal prosecutors snuffling around for civil rights charges.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Congress plans symbolic action against Obama

Like the malignancy it is, the Imperial Presidency continues to metastasize the corpse of the old republic. We've long since abandoned the now-quaint notion that only Congress can declare war. When Obama proclaimed he had the authority to launch a war against the latest Middle Eastern boogeyman, ISIS, we barely heard a peep of dissent. Later, when Obama flipped his earlier assurance that he wasn't "an emperor" and realized he did have the power to change national immigration policy on a whim, a few voices challenged him.

But now we can see that challenge wasn't in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson's Republicans standing up to John Adams' Federalists - it was more along the lines of the grandiose threats you'd see in a WWE arena. If you have the stomach, read how far the people's representatives have fallen:

Congressional Republicans are developing plans to use their funding authority to challenge President Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration.

House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) shared his strategy with members Tuesday morning, but told reporters afterward that no final decisions have been made. Aides privately described a two-step process that will allow Republicans to rebuke the president and keep the government open after the current spending agreement expires next Thursday.

Aides privately described a two-step process that would begin with a bill to ban the White House from changing immigration laws, a largely symbolic effort to curb Obama's executive authority that would be quickly discarded by the Democratic-controlled Senate. The bill is being pushed by tea party conservative Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.).
Yes, you read that correctly: All Congress is contemplating is a "largely symbolic effort."

The reason is obvious. Our republican traditions are eroding because all power has centralized in DC, something the Founders sought to avoid at all costs. Today the people are voiceless. Both wings of the ruling elite want the same thing, perpetual war and perpetual immigration. Our so-called representatives like donations from armaments makers and big businesses slavering over the prospect of an endless glut of cheap, exploitable labor. The Democrats support Obama's diktat because it will supply them with more voter-clients. And the Republicans aren't about to stand in Obama's way because they want cheap workers.

That's why there will be no real opposition to Obama. And that's why we, the people, have no say in the matter.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This day in history

In 1859, bloodthirsty psychopath abolitionist patriot John Brown was hanged for his raid on Harper's Ferry.

Monday, December 1, 2014

How Iraq Explains Ferguson

Rod Dreher admits that he was once as blind to the facts of the Iraq War as liberals today are to the truth about Michael Brown and Ferguson. The "need to believe" that one is virtuous in upholding certain ideals is sometimes just too strong.

Thousands rally for independence in southern Yemen

Holy cow, I simply cannot keep up with all the secession movements popping up all over the world. Now South Yemen is clamoring for self-determination.

First communism, now the megastate. Slowly but surely, the bloody legacy of 19th- and 20th-century ideology is being dismantled and discarded. Know hope, my friends.

The Future of Multiculturalism

If you're curious about the future our handlers in DC plan for us, here are two news stories that reveal what we can expect. In "liberated" Afghanistan and Iraq, the DC Empire is doing its utmost to force multiculturalism on ungrateful populations. But it simply isn't working. In Afghanistan, for example, the DC's puppet government is rapidly collapsing:

Unable to form a new government, the new president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, settled for the next best thing on Sunday: He fired the old one.

As Mr. Ghani dismissed most of the ministers, another important Afghan official was on the verge of being ousted. The Kabul police chief offered his resignation amid an escalating pattern of Taliban suicide attacks in the capital.

Afghanistan’s recently inaugurated leaders — a president, a chief executive, and two vice presidents — have struggled to make basic decisions as the security situation has deteriorated here.
DC's official ideology cannot grasp that before a country can come to "We the People" creating a political order, there must first be a culturally unified people. In Afghanistan, the Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, Aimak, Turkmen, Baloch, Pashai, Nuristani, Gujjar, Arab, Brahui, and Pamiri peoples refuse to abandon their actual, historical identities in the name of globalist democracy.

And DC's best efforts in Iraq, despite squandering billions, have produced nothing but grimly comic results:

Iraq's Prime Minister said Sunday that the country's army has been paying salaries to at least 50,000 soldiers who do not exist, the latest sign of corruption in a force that the U.S. hopes to help contain the Islamic State militant group.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told the country's Parliament that the practice was revealed as part of a preliminary investigation, and that further probes would likely show "more and more" false names.

"Ghost soldiers" refer to people whose names appear on military rolls and who are paid salaries, but are not in military service. The Washington Post reported that the practice is often carried out by officers, who pretend to have more soldiers on their books then they really do and pocket the extra salary.
DC's plans for world domination hinge on successfully imposing multiculturalism at home and abroad, as we've pointed out before. This is not conspiracy theory, nor is it conjecture - it's simply a matter of taking the Empire's spokesmen at their word. For example, NATO's supreme commander, General Wesley Clark, said this of Bill Clinton's bombing campaign against Serb civilians in 1999: "There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That's a 19th-century idea and we are trying to transition it into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states."

Multiculturalism, like communism, cannot exist without violence. As long as there is an artificial force propping it up, it will appear to survive. But once people are free to self-organize, which they will always do, multiculturalism will fail. Count on it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Protestors torched Michael Brown family's church during Monday night's Ferguson protests as pastor blames white supremacists

In Ferguson, facts don't matter. What does matter is any grievance, no matter how bizarre or unfounded, that's entertained by a perpetually offended Black person. The latest is Rev. Carlton Lee:

The Missouri church attended by Michael Brown’s father and his family was one of a dozen or so buildings burned to the ground during Monday night’s protests in the wake of a grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson.

While the majority of the buildings destroyed on Monday were in downtown Ferguson, the Flood Christian Church is located some three miles away from the protests in a remote section of Country Club Hills.

Pastor Carlton Lee, who has been a vocal advocate for the Browns since their son was shot in August, has said he believes that white supremacists rather than protesters were to blame for the destruction.

Why does Rev. Lee say this? What facts does he present? Well, none, really - but it's his "belief" that White supremacists torched his church, so the media gives him a forum. And don't you know that when further mindless violence erupts, the media will be aghast and demand an investigation into the roots of Black anger. And so it goes.

US drone strikes – the facts on the ground

Whatever the apologists for the DC Empire say it stands for, this is what it does:

The drones came for Ayman Zawahiri on 13 January 2006, hovering over a village in Pakistan called Damadola. Ten months later, they came again for the man who would become al-Qaida’s leader, this time in Bajaur.

Eight years later, Zawahiri is still alive. Seventy-six children and 29 adults, according to reports after the two strikes, are not.
It's also true that no matter how many times DC's mouthpieces say so, those who oppose the Empire are not motivated by blind, irrational hatred of freedom, minorities, or universal brotherhood, but by recognition of the terror and oppression DC unleashes at home and abroad.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

13 Facts About Ferguson the Media Will Never Tell You

From Newsmax:

1. Surveillance video showed that shortly before the confrontation, 18-year-old Brown stole cigarillos from a convenience store and shoved a clerk who tried to stop him.

2. The autopsy report showed that Brown had marijuana in his system when he died.

3. Officer Wilson, driving to the call of a medical emergency, first encountered Brown walking in the middle of a street and told Brown and his friend to walk on the sidewalk. Brown responded with an expletive.

4. Wilson chose to confront Brown only after he saw the cigarillos in his hand and recalled the radio report of a robbery at the convenience store.

5. Wilson said when he tried to open his car door, Brown slammed it back shut, then punched Wilson in the face.

6. Fearing another punch could knock him out, Wilson drew his gun, he told the grand jury, and Brown grabbed the gun, saying "you are too much of a pussy to shoot me."

7. An African-American witness confirmed that Brown and Wilson appeared to be "arm-wrestling" by the car.

8. Another witness saw Brown leaning through the car's window and said "some sort of confrontation was taking place."

9. After Wilson fired a shot that struck Brown's hand, Brown fled and Wilson gave chase. Brown suddenly stopped. An unidentified witness told the grand jury that 6-foot-4, 292-pound Brown charged at Wilson with his head down. Wilson said Brown put his hand under the waistband of his pants as he continued toward Wilson. That's when Wilson fired.

10. A witness testified that Brown never raised his hands.

11. Gunpowder found on the wound on Brown's hand indicated his hand was close to the gun when it fired. According to a report, the hand wound showed foreign matter "consistent with products that are discharged from the barrel of a firearm."

12. Judy Melinek, a forensic pathologist who reviewed the autopsy for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, said the gunpowder "supports the fact that this guy is reaching for the gun, if he has particulate matter in the wound."

13. Wilson said Brown was physically uncontrollable and "for lack of a better word, crazy." He said that during the confrontation, he was thinking: "He's gonna kill me. How do I survive?" Legal experts say police officers typically have wide latitude to use deadly force when they feel their safety is threatened.

I can hear Charles Johnson gnashing his teeth already...

Priorities in Ferguson

In response to "It's mayhem out here," a puzzled reader asks "Where are the police???"

The police are busily showing restraint. After all, Attorney General Eric Holder has already announced a federal investigation of the Ferguson PD. What's more important, protecting lives and property, or avoiding a civil rights lawsuit?

Quote of the day

"Dang if that kid didn't start running right at the cop like a football player. Head down." Witness testifying to the Ferguson grand jury.

"It's mayhem out here"

Welcome to Ferguson, where the locals are looting in the name of social justice. Notice the reporter's consternation at thugs who're expressing their anger at "the man" by stealing from their own people:

Monday, November 24, 2014

Quote of the day

"Every time this country has pardoned illegal immigrants, crime and black unemployment have gone through the roof. Don’t believe me? Check the statistics from Reagan’s congressionally-approved amnesty package. Not only did three times as many illegal immigrants as were promised become legal through the undiscovered intricacies of chain immigration, but the crime rate soared and black unemployment went through the roof." Stacy Washington, talk radio host.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

SNL Mocks Obama

Hey, SNL can still be funny! Check out its parody of Obama's Executive Order to legalize 5 million illegal immigrants:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

White supremacists arrested in Ferguson

More disturbing news from Ferguson:

Two men suspected of buying explosives they planned to detonate during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, once a grand jury decides the Michael Brown case, were arrested on Friday and charged with federal firearms offenses, a law enforcement official told Reuters.

Word of the arrests, reported by a number of media outlets Friday, came ahead of the grand jury's widely anticipated decision on whether the white police officer who fatally shot Brown, an unarmed black teenager, should be indicted on criminal charges.

The Aug. 9 slaying of 18-year-old Brown under disputed circumstances became a flashpoint for U.S. racial tensions, triggering weeks of sometimes violent protests in the St. Louis suburb by demonstrators calling for officer Darren Wilson's arrest.
Oh, brother, I can hear Mark Potok now, with his voicebox set to full outrage. The actions of these violent nutcases will be used to discredit the entire conservative movement. I'm just puzzled that this story hasn't been ballyhooed in the mainstream media. Odd...

But wait - what's this?

Against this backdrop of heightened tensions, according to a law enforcement source, two men described as reputed members of a militant group called the New Black Panther Party, were arrested in the St. Louis area in an FBI sting operation.
Oh, that explains a lot. But I'm sure the SPLC will issue trembling denunciations of these domestic terrorists ... any time now ... wait for it ...

Friday, November 21, 2014

UKIP Emerges as Major Political Power

The people of Britain have an alternative to the pro-immigration, pro-European Union parties. Nigel Farage's U.K. Independence Party scored a major political victory yesterday:

The populist U.K. Independence Party won its second seat in the British Parliament early Friday with a striking victory that threatened to destabilize the Conservative Party of Prime Minister David Cameron.

The right-wing party, known as UKIP, won a parliamentary by-election in Rochester and Strood in southern England, in a contest prompted by the defection of a lawmaker, Mark Reckless, from the Conservatives. ...

In response to the rise of UKIP, Mr. Cameron has already toughened his position on immigration and the European Union, the two main issues on which UKIP campaigns.
Looks like there are still some in Britain who refuse to go gentle into the night of Third-World colonization. Here's to you, chaps.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Has the Democratic Party Given Up on the South?

They might as well, says the New York Times:

This region has become so solidly Republican, particularly since President Obama was elected, that there isn’t much left there for the Democratic Party to defend or salvage. For instance, prior to the 2010 midterms there were 54 Blue Dog Democrats in Congress. In the outgoing Congress, there are only 19 left, including eight from the South....

After the midterms, The Associated Press provided this tally:

“In January, the G.O.P. will control every governor’s office, two U.S. Senate seats, nearly every majority-white congressional district and both state legislative chambers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas.”
This assessment echoes Pat Buchanan's post-election observations. Both Buchanan and the Times conclude the South is becoming "solid" again, though this time under the Republican banner instead of the Democratic one. And the Times piece ends with this: "We are self-sorting ourselves into hardened, impenetrable citadels of ideological sameness."

True. But isn't division what one would expect from importing diversity? Those who expected DC's insane immigration policies to lead to Kumbaya-style group hugs are in for a real shock.

Majority Sees DC as Dysfunctional

Image from Listverse

You'd expect voters to feel some relief after blowing off a lot of built-up steam in the recent midterms. But they don't - in fact, pessimism has ratcheted up. To a huge majority, D.C. means corruption, waste, and tragi-comical dysfunction:

The recently concluded midterm elections cost billions of dollars, generated thousands of different headlines and resulted in Republicans winning control of the U.S. Senate. But they didn’t change much else – especially the public’s attitudes about politics in Washington, D.C., according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. Consider:

•More than three-quarters of Americans say the election won’t substantially change the nation’s direction;
•More say they have less confidence that elected leaders in Washington will start working together to solve problems
Again, we're seeing why more voters look to their State legislatures to get things done. That's the ONLY way we can get anything done on a growing list of pressing problems from illegal immigration to domestic spying.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Legacy of Slavery - or Liberalism?

One of my favorite iconoclasts, Thomas Sowell, rips up liberal know-it-all Nicholas Kristoff:

New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof asserts that there is “overwhelming evidence that centuries of racial subjugation still shape inequity in the 21st century” and he mentions “the lingering effects of slavery.” But before we become overwhelmed, that evidence should be checked out....

Kristof’s other “overwhelming” evidence of the current effects of past slavery is that blacks do not have as much income as whites. But Puerto Ricans do not have as much income as Japanese Americans. Mexican Americans do not have as much income as Cuban Americans. All sorts of people do not have as much income as all sorts of other people, not only in the United States, but in countries around the world. And most of these people were never enslaved.
Sowell then marches out some cold, hard facts demonstrating how Blacks in the US were better off BEFORE the Civil Rights Revolution. Despite the rhetoric that heralded that revolution, it in fact increased Black dependence on government and devastated Black families. Worse, it siphoned off the most capable Blacks into the White mainstream, which culturally, intellectually, and financially impoverished Black society. Not only are we still seeing the effects of that today, it's getting worse.

But try explaining that to Al Sharpton, Morris Dees, Jesse Jackson, or any other merchants of perpetual resentment.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Financial settlement for family of Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan

Only in America.

Thomas Duncan lies about having been exposed to Ebola, then makes his way to Texas where he's given FREE TREATMENT. He dies of Ebola, which has a 70% mortality rate. So what does his family back in Africa do? They sue the hospital, of course. The hospital decides to settle out of court:

The undisclosed settlement paid by Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital is described by attorney Les Weisbrod as 'a very good deal' for Duncan's four kids and parents. It comes just a month after the 42-year-old Liberian national died of Ebola at the Dallas hospital.
The "multifaceted" agreement includes - now get this - a new charity for Ebola victims to be funded by the Texas Health Resources Foundation, and a fuzzy promise to make a movie about Duncan's death.

We are the world's crazy rich uncle.

Quote of the day

“That patriotism which is not a carnal adhesion to specific landscapes is rhetoric designed by semi-educated men to spur the illiterate on towards the slaughterhouse.” - Don Colacho

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Cold Civil War, ctd.

The electoral map shows that things are so different in this country from generations past that they're really the same. What separates the two regions? Culture. From the Washington Post:

We are used to our current political divides, but in many ways the political alignment of 1896 also makes economic sense, with the richer northeastern states supporting more conservative economic policies. Even in a world in which parties have static positions on issues, there is no obvious way that liberal New Yorkers, say, should vote: should they follow the 1896 pattern and support business-friendly policies that favor local industries, or should they vote as they do now and support higher taxes, which ultimately redistribute money to faraway states with more conservative values? A similar conundrum befalls a conservative Mississippian or Kansan in the other direction. In that sense, it perhaps is plausible that, although economic issues have been and remain most important in any particular election, social issues can be the determining factor that can, over a century, reverse the electoral map.

The Big Money Behind the Push for an Immigration Overhaul

Think the big corporations and pressure groups pushing for amnesty are motivated by compassion for the huddled Hispanic masses? Think again - what drives them is their insatiable appetites for cheap, exploitable labor. If they win, the poor and middle class will take another painful hit to their pocketbooks. That would mean more money for obscene profits and executive bonuses:

When President Obama announces major changes to the nation’s immigration enforcement system as early as next week, his decision will partly be a result of a yearslong campaign of pressure by immigrant rights groups, which have grown from a cluster of lobbying organizations into a national force.

A vital part of that expansion has involved money: major donations from some of the nation’s wealthiest liberal foundations, including the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Open Society Foundations of the financier George Soros, and the Atlantic Philanthropies. Over the past decade those donors have invested more than $300 million in immigrant organizations, including many fighting for a pathway to citizenship for immigrants here illegally.
A true picture of who's behind this drive would forget the propaganda shots of dewy-eyed Hispanic toddlers and focus instead of George Soros and the Koch brothers picking the pockets of middle class workers.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Something for DC apologists to consider

The Obama regime comes clean on DC's illegal and immoral acts after 9/11. After years of outright denial, as well as a shameless barrage of weasel words like "enhanced interrogation," the US government admits to what everyone already knew about its use of torture:

In a two-day presentation in Geneva, the American delegation acknowledged that the United States had tortured terrorism suspects after the Sept. 11 attacks. It emphasized, however, that the government had since tightened its rules, including with a 2005 statute against using cruelty and a 2009 executive order by President Obama that limits interrogators to a list of techniques in an Army field manual.
Confession is good for the soul, but the Evil Empire has none. It lied about torture and WMD in the past, and will lie again.

Remember this the next time you're asked to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Pentagon Is Considering Ground Troops in Iraq

Lord help us, here we go again. Pray for the poor people of Iraq, who are about to be liberated once again, whether they like it or not.

White Hippie Progressive Trayvon Supporter Rebuked by Angry Black Woman

This is priceless. I can't imagine a better illustration of how other-worldly the Cultural Marxist agenda is. Watch the delusional White SJW robotically recite the leftist catechism, only to be dressed down by an ABW. Too funny!

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Oh, dear. Ed Sebesta has caught me red-handed. He says I'm guilty - that is, G-U-I-L-T-Y - of "playing with the facts" on European secession movements. Here's his post, entitled Neo-Confederates play with the facts on secession:

The League of the South is reporting on a recent Catalan vote on secession.

The headline proclaims "81% of Catalans Vote for Secession." Is that true? No.

The facts are in this article:

Turn out was very low as reported in "Newsweek."

"Turnout was also relatively low, at around 2.23 million out of 5.4 million potential voters."
The reason the turn out was low was because it wasn't a real ballot. It was at places run at by pro-independence groups and not official polling places.

This is another League of the South headline:

"Venice votes to cut ties with Italy"

Playing with the facts, huh? Where to start? Whenever you respond to anything Sebesta writes, you have to realize you've chosen to deal with a swirling mass of half-baked notions and, um, "creative" interpretations of the facts. It's like trying to organize a bucket of squirming worms. So you just pick a spot in his dizzying narrative and go from there.

We'll start with my "misleading" headlines. For one thing, I didn't compose them. Both were taken from the original headlines from the news articles I linked to. For example, the original Business Insider headline was "81% Of Catalans Vote For Independence From Spain In Symbolic Referendum." In my post, I quoted the original source stating that the vote was "a simulated referendum." And the original headline from the PressTV report on the Venetian vote was "Venetians call for independence from Italy." I linked to both stories so readers could see for themselves.

Did I pick two unrepresentative sources that were biased toward the secessionists? Here's the BBC's headline from its article on Catalonia: "Catalonia vote: 80% back independence."

And Time Magazine's story bore the following headline: Catalonian Vote for Independence Could Lead to Compromise

There were two votes. Both were for self-government. In fact, here's what Time had to say about the self-determination effort in Catalonia: "The results represented a triumph for the pro-independence movement, not only because they managed to pull it off in the face of fierce Spanish opposition, but because the returns were so overwhelmingly in their favor: nearly 80.76% answered those two questions in the affirmative."

Guess we can only conclude that PressTV, the BBC, and Time are all Neo-Confederate news organizations.

Sebesta clutches to the report that turnout was low in the Catalan vote, ignoring the fact that Madrid refused to allow a referendum. The Catalan self-determination movement still managed to round up over 40,000 volunteers to conduct the vote. That's quite an accomplishment in the face of threats from the central government.

Funny how Sebesta poses as a champion of "democracy," yet stands with Generalissimo Francisco Franco to deny self-government to minorities.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DC Mandates Same-Sex "Marriage" on South Carolina

Once again, DC usurps State sovereignty and imposes its radical egalitarian agenda on the people AGAINST THEIR WILL:

Federal Judge Richard Gergel of Charleston overturned state law and ruled Wednesday that couples of the same sex have a right under the U.S. Constitution to marry in South Carolina.

Allen Wilson, the state’s attorney general, said that he will file a quick appeal.
The bright side of this story is that South Carolina's attorney general has the backbone to resist this completely unconstitutional intrusion, unlike many other attorneys general, including (ugh!) Roy Cooper, North Carolina's attorney general (and future FAILED candidate for governor).

What "Immigrant rights" really means

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Illegal immigrants faking crimes to stay in Charlotte

The illegal alien invaders have a nifty new trick up their sleeves for bilking American taxpayers. From a WSOC-TV investigation:

It’s called a U-Visa, and the government hands out 10,000 of them a year to victims of certain -- mostly violent -- crimes and their family members. Fernandez and his mother received theirs’ in July and it immediately began opening doors....

A U-Visa is good for four years and just filling out an application can delay or stop deportation proceedings altogether.

Not surprisingly, that's led to a flood of applications at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, where they have had more than 700 thus far in 2014.
Oh, good. We needed another flood of scams perpetrated by our colonizers. And I have to admit I've never heard of the U-Visa, which sounds like it was designed to encourage fraud and further colonization. I cannot keep up with all the idiotic schemes our back-stabbing government has concocted. It staggers the mind.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Urgent Congressional Action Needed to Defund Obama Amnesty

The U.S. House will reconvene on Thursday.

President Obama is still threatening to give an executive amnesty to 5-6 million illegal immigrants in December, perhaps before. The main tool Congress has to stop him is to defund it.

Tell your representative to defund amnesty NOW, so that it cannot be implemented in the Lame Duck Session. Tell them not to approve any funding plan that might allow Obama to fund amnesty.


Please do it ASAP. There is no time to lose.

If Obama gets away with his administrative amnesty, he will have destroyed the Constitution and almost guaranteed a One Party Socialist Government with a few years.

This is very important. Please Act now. Click here to look up your representative's contact info by zip code.

81% Of Catalans Vote For Independence

These numbers are hard to ignore - not that that's going to keep supporters of the dying megastate from dismissing them - but it's clear the rising tide of self-determination has hit the shores of Spain. From Business Insider:

Nearly 81% of 2.25 million Catalans who participated in a simulated referendum Sunday said they wanted autonomy from Spain, according to preliminary results cited by the Financial Times and other news outlets.

Catalan Vice President Joana Ortega announced the results of the vote on Monday morning at 12:30 a.m. with just over 88% of the returns in from polling stations, according to the Spain Report. 80.72% of Catalans voted yes-yes to a two-part question asking if they wanted Catalonia to be a state and if they wanted that state to be autonomous.
What's funny is how both the left and the US corporate media sneer at European self-determination movements. In this case, they're taking the same position as Generalissimo Francisco Franco - who, like the 19th- and 20th-century megastate he held together by terror, is still dead. They just don't know it yet.

Two Nations Emerge

Last Tuesday, the last Southern Democrat went the way of the Dodo bird in the Deep South. And White Democrats are getting hard to find anywhere below the Mason-Dixon line. As the New Republic reports in its latest issue, the Solid South has arisen once again, this time for the Republican Party. Not that the GOP is a desirable or capable champion of Southern values, but folks see it as the best deal going. What's significant is that North and South are slipping away from each other like two tectonic plates along a fault line.

Stay tuned. This is going to be interesting.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Venetians call for independence from Italy

The spirit of self-determination is haunting Europe. Now it's Venice's turn to shake up the globalists:

The leader of the Venetian independence movement has called for the secession of the wealthy and industrial northeastern Italian region of Veneto from Italy.

Italy “must leave our territory” and “give our people freedom to decide. It is an act of democracy and freedom,” said Alessio Morosin on Friday.

"The Veneto is self-governed as an independent state - it was called La Serenissima, an organization that has a distinguished history, and that had nothing to do with Italy for 1,100 years. Meanwhile our attachment to the Italian state is no more than 148 years. It's absurd compared with our history," he added.

Morosin said Venetian officials are concerned that Italy’s paralyzing economic crisis would also affect Veneto, adding that the region’s independence from Rome will improve its economic situation.
I bet ol' Benito is spinning in his grave...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Obama Seeks $5.6 Billion to Double Number of Ground Troops in Iraq

Here we go again. Let me know when you've had enough.

When Fall the Mighty

Here in Charlotte, folks are being treated to the spectacle of two high-and-mighty lefties going down in flames. This is not only highly entertaining, but quite instructive.

Above is a picture of Heath Morrison, the ex-Superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools, next to a picture of Mayhem from the Allstate ads. (They really look alike, don't they?) Anyway, not that long ago, Morrison invited Tim Wise to come to Charlotte and lecture Whites about how eeevil they are. Wise, who is just a little butterball of smug superiority, apparently wasn't enough. So Morrison tried to bring in Glenn Singleton, a "Critical Race Theory" huckster who eclipses even Tim Wise in heavy-handed and tendentious grandstanding. Fortunately, enough opposition rose up to keep Singleton's noxious presence out of CMS schools - at least for the time being.

Earlier this week, Morrison unexpectedly announced he had to quit his job because of "family issues." When pressed, he explained he had to look after his ailing mother.

My BS detector nearly blew a circuit breaker.

Turns out CMS has just compiled a report documenting how Morrison had misled the Board of Education about cost overruns on pet projects. Worse, the report claimed Morrison had created a "climate of fear" among CMS staff. One assistant told investigators that she was constantly in tears from Morrison's verbal abuse. So while Morrison was conducting "anti-bullying" indoctrination for CMS students, he was bullying his underlings.

The other big news is that Patrick Cannon, who pled guilty to multiple counts of bribery while mayor of Charlotte, has been placed under house arrest for voting despite being a felon. Cannon, you'll remember, was the public official who leaned on area hotels to deny the civil rights of Jared Taylor and others to hold a conference in Charlotte. Local pundits are trying to figure out why Cannon filed an absentee ballot knowing full well it was illegal to do so.

I have a guess. Cannon is the type who thinks he can get away with anything. He thought he could get away with taking bribes, and apparently imagined it was a fluke that he got caught. I believe that by voting, he was trying to prove he was still bulletproof, and could fool the people at least one more time. Turns out he was wrong.

Gridlock Leads Voters Out of Washington

Those scary people who want the States to assume more authority from DC are just a bunch of extremist neo-Confederates who must be shunned, if not exiled. Right?

Well - it turns out there are quite a few left-leaning folks who also realize that DC is so corrupt and moribund that the people of the States have little choice but to roll up their shirtsleeves and do for themselves what DC will not or can not do. Ex-New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is one of them. Writing in the Bloomberg View, he notes with approval (and more than a little immodesty) a number of local efforts he backed that won the approval of majorities in several States:

Here's the big news from Tuesday’s election: Faced with gridlock in Washington, more and more voters are turning to states and municipalities to do the work that the nation's capital seems increasingly unable to do. ... I would have preferred to see Congress pass an expanded earned income tax credit, which is the most effective way of increasing real incomes for low-wage workers. But after it did nothing, voters decided to take matters into their own hands. Waiting for Washington is like a Samuel Beckett play without any of the intrigue or humor -- just absurdity. And voters have seen enough.

I share their frustration, and as a strong believer in the idea that cities and states are the laboratories of democracy, I share their determination to act. This fall, I supported state-level efforts on several ballot measures designed to bypass Washington on three major issues that are hurting the country: gun violence, obesity and political polarization.
Now, I don't care for most of what Mr. Bloomberg is pushing here, but then I have no problem with people in the Northeast and West Coast opting for an agenda that people in the mid-West and South would find repugnant. But Bloomberg's core idea here is what matters: National consensus is dead. There is only frustration to be found expecting DC to pass legislation supported by majorities in all 50 States. It ain't happening. The only solution is devolution, and it is coming, like it or not. Best to prepare, because it's only going to grow. Tick-tock...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Cold Civil War Has Begun

This article from the New York Times nicely summarizes the growing divide between the North and the South:

For generations, Southern Democratic politicians could count on doing better at the ballot box than the national party, which had long been abandoned in the South in presidential elections. No longer....

The inability of Southern Democrats to run well ahead of a deeply unpopular Mr. Obama raises questions about how an increasingly urban and culturally liberal national Democratic Party can compete in the staunchly conservative South. It raises serious doubts about whether a future Democratic presidential candidate, like Hillary Clinton, can count on faring better among Southern white voters than President Obama, as many political analysts have assumed she might.
When Obama issues his mid-December diktat granting amnesty to some 40 million new Democrats illegal aliens -- as the Hispanic Fifth Column within the Democratic Party increasingly demands -- look for that divide to widen, and for the Democratic Party to vanish below the Mason-Dixon line.

A Tale of Two Shootings

Coachella, California is a small community 120 miles east of Los Angeles. It is 97% Hispanic. It's the site of two recent shootings. One of the shootings is a matter of utmost concern. It troubles the good folks at the SPLC, who think of nothing but "Fighting Hate, Teaching Tolerance, and Seeking Justice." The other shooting didn't merit a blip on the SPLC's Hatewatch page. See if you can guess which is which:

1- At 5:00 AM Tuesday, bullets hit a local mosque. No one was hurt. No threats were made before or after. According to the local ABC-TV station:
Six bullet holes could be seen in and around the building: one in the front wall; one in the front door; another on the wrought-iron fence; three others in a car parked on the street out front.

2 - Last week, a Coachella man was gunned down near the Wal-Mart:

Fabian Martinez was shot and killed late Sunday night along the 48600 Block of Camino Las Brisas, a neighborhood just east of Jackson Street near the new Coachella Walmart.

His family told News Channel 3 and CBS Local 2 he was gunned down after he'd gotten into a fight with an ex-girlfriend.

Deputies arrested Carlos Martinez and Hernandez along Gerald Ford Drive in Palm Desert.
The second shooting features photos of the two perpetrators; one has a really cool neck tattoo. It's cursive Spanish, which I think says, "I don't want a job."

If you guessed the shooting that resulted in death is the more serious incident, well, I have bad news for you: You could never get a job working for the Southern Poverty Law Center. The newsworthy shooting is the first one because, to quote the SPLC's Hatewatch site:

"The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization, has asked the FBI to investigate.

“Any time shots are fired at a house of worship, the FBI should offer its resources to local authorities to help determine whether or not there was a bias motive for the attack,” CAIR chapter executive director Hussam Ayloush said.
Yes, it MIGHT be a hate crime, so the story is posted on Hatewatch under the categories "Anti-Muslim" and "Extremist Crime." There. That settles that.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Coup leader in Burkina Faso received U.S. military training

For those who still imagine DC is the great champion of democracy it claims to be, this story on the Pentagon's cozy relationship with the leader of the recent coup in Burkina Faso should be an eye-opener.

Of course, this is nothing new. DC has a long, dirty history of overthrowing elected governments it doesn't like, all the while broadcasting its dedication to "democracy." And yes, it started with the War Between the States.

Cancel Those Pesky Elections!

As empires fall into their inevitable death spiral, the dead-enders who feed off bloated systems of power and rewards become increasingly desperate to hold the collapsing machinery together. No surprise that a college professor writing in the New York Times advocates doing away with mid-term elections. After all, argues David Schanzer of Duke University, mid-terms weaken the power of the imperial presidency:

The main impact of the midterm election in the modern era has been to weaken the president, the only government official (other than the powerless vice president) elected by the entire nation. Since the end of World War II, the president’s party has on average lost 25 seats in the House and about 4 in the Senate as a result of the midterms. This is a bipartisan phenomenon — Democratic presidents have lost an average of 31 House seats and between 4 to 5 Senate seats in midterms; Republican presidents have lost 20 and 3 seats, respectively.
And we can't let a silly thing like popular disapproval get in the way of the president's agenda, now can we? Worst of all, says Schanzer, the voters who take the trouble to show up at mid-term elections, unlike the presidential elections, tend to be -- horror of horrors! -- White! And that just won't do:

Another quirk is that, during midterm elections, the electorate has been whiter, wealthier, older and more educated than during presidential elections. Biennial elections require our representatives to take this into account, appealing to one set of voters for two years, then a very different electorate two years later.
After all, what would become of the country if we allow more input from Whiter, wealthier, and more educated citizens? It's the poorer, less educated voters who reliably vote for Big Government. So the best way to diminish the influence of White voters is to scrap the current election process and reconstruct it into one that puts even more emphasis on the office of the Temporary Dictator Chief Executive. Such a move, of course, would further centralize power in the District of Corruption, making it easier to enforce executive orders to, oh, for example, grant amnesty to illegal aliens, or indefinitely detain political enemies, or expand domestic surveillance.

All part of the plan...

Monday, November 3, 2014

State legislatures matter

How much do State legislatures matter these days? A lot. DC is so bogged down by its own dead weight that it can't get anything done -- that is, other than launch another useless war. So who's solving problems at home these days? The answer, increasingly, is the people of the States through their closest representatives. The trend is so robust that even the left-leaning Salon Magazine can't help but notice it:

If there’s one truth of divided government, it’s that the most significant legislative action often happens on the state level instead of in gridlocked Washington. While the U.S. Congress has been bogged down in a morass, state legislatures with single-party rule have been hopping. In the last few years, for instance, the Republicans who control Texas’ legislature and governorship have passed bills banning abortion after 20 weeks, tightening regulations on abortion clinics, reducing the number of required standardized tests for students, running the table on tort reform, and requiring photo ID to vote.

And just like Republicans running for federal office are expecting a wave or wavelet of sorts next week, their state-level counterparts are aiming to take control of a few more legislative chambers—potentially with substantial policy consequences.
As DC sinks into obscurity and irrelevance, power will necessarily devolve to the local level. It happened in the USSR, and it's happening in the USSA.

The Soul of Madness

Over at The Imaginative Conservative, Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg sees a dangerous trend gathering momentum. In the name of "tolerance," all must bow before the regnant ideology of equality. Since no culture or lifestyle can be superior to another, citizens must not just tolerate but embrace even the most bizarre lifestyle choices. Idaho, of all places, provides a disturbing case in point:

Who can really imagine an age that does not flinch at the absurdity of the charges against David and Evelyn Knapp, a couple married for forty-seven years. They are Christian ministers and run a wedding chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They refused to perform a “same sex wedding” because it goes against their Christian beliefs. They have been sued. In the lawsuit they are threatened with penalties wildly out of proportion to any imaginary offense. By the misapplication of the anti-discrimination law, the Knapps are threatened with three years of jail time and a seven-thousand-dollar fine if they refuse to perform a “gay wedding” within the week. If they refuse for thirty days. they risk fourteen years in jail and $30,000 in fines. And if they refuse for a year, they risk jail for 180 years and fines exceeding $365,000.
Don't want to provide the venue to celebrate a same-sex "marriage"? Jail time for you. And a hefty fine.

Now that we've progressed past the old idea of a "nation" as a political entity inhabited by a people sharing a common history, language, and culture, the only thing that unites us is an approved ideology. So if you don't mouth the proper thoughts, you are an outsider. You might even be a threat. Freedom of conscience and the right to dissent stand revealed as nothing more than instruments of the heteronormative patriarchy. Such notions are based not on proper thought, but on hate.

Rummelsburg sees the public square as all but lost. The only option is to go deep underground in our homes and try to raise our children to carry on Western civilization. But how long until "privacy" becomes suspect as well, if not illegal?

Quote of the day

“If you want something better, you’ve got to vote for it.” Obama, addressing a predominantly African-American crowd at North Division High School in Milwaukee.

No, that's not from the Onion, but the New York Times. I'm so old, I can remember when people were advised to WORK for something they wanted.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A majority of Scots would vote for independence now: poll

It ain't over. Not by a long shot. Spreading disappointment with the Labour Party has nudged more Scots toward favoring independence from London:

A majority of Scots would back independence if another referendum were held today, according to a poll published on Saturday, just six weeks after Scotland voted against leaving the United Kingdom.

The YouGov poll for the Times newspaper put support for independence at 52 percent against 48 percent who wanted to stay in the union. By including those who would not vote or do not know, the split was 49 percent in favor of a split and 45 percent against.
London's well-oiled propaganda campaign managed to frighten enough pensioners away from voting to restore Scottish sovereignty. But that only delayed the inevitable. The British Empire is going the way of all empires. Tick-tock...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

UNC students blame capitalism, white supremacy for academic scandal

Uh-oh. The North Carolina chapter of Red Guards is at it again. In response to the ongoing scandal at UNC-CH involving fake courses in African studies for pampered "student" athletes, a campus-based Cultural Marxist group calling itself "The Real Silent Sam" blames -- wait for it -- White people. No, really:
The Real Silent Sam is a coalition of UNC students, faculty, and community members who aim to “create honest dialogue” about Chapel Hill monuments and buildings, according to the group’s description.

On Wednesday, however, the coalition’s mission was more about the structure of the university as it rallied to “reveal ways in which our university participates in the ‘American’ system of white supremacist, heteropatriarchal capitalism and brings our understanding of what it means to be a Tar Heel into question,” according to the group’s Facebook page.
Oh, yes, that's Chapel Hill for you -- every professor is dedicated to White supremacy and "heteropatriarchal capitalism," whatever the hell that is. These people would be funny, but the frightening truth is that they're expressing the ideology of the federal government. They might be more shrill, more self-congratulatory, and unintentionally comical than the ruling elite, but the goal is the same. In just a few years, these clowns will be getting jobs in the Department of Justice. They won't seem so funny then.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Canadian hero sucker-punches "racism in the face"

Here's a strange video. A chump named Devon "plays a Caucasian man" who pretends to warn other bus riders about the danger of letting a man in vaguely Middle Eastern garb ride their bus. Some of the nearby Canadians object to Devon's "racism" and one puffed-up defender of the oddly dressed sucker-punches him, despite Devon's cries that he's only conducting a "social experiment." The good folks at Huffington Post can barely contain their joy at the "brave" actions of these militantly tolerant Canadians. Check it out:

Oh, the questions this raises. First, what's so heroic about sneaking up on someone and bloodying his nose? In what universe is fear of a Muslim "racism"? How is it possible to punch an abstraction in the face? And would the Multicultural Avenger have punched Devon if he were Black?

But that's what happens when you mix together Canadians and HuffPost groupies. Strange, inexplicable stuff, that's what. I say avoid them both.

It’s time for an “American jihad”

No, this is not from the Onion, but an actual opinion piece by Dr. Keith Ablow of Fox News. And it's just in time for Halloween! Though it sounds like a lampoon of the hyper-aggression of regime supporters, it is an authentic call to arms for even more perpetual war in the name of spreading Truthiness, Justice, and the American way. After all, both W and O have unleashed hell on innocent civilians in the Middle East for exactly the same reasons the good doctor invokes. See for yourself:

We would accept the fact that an American jihad could mean boots on the ground in many places in the world where human rights are being denigrated and horrors are unfolding. Because wherever leaders and movements appear that seek to trample upon the human spirit, we have a God-given right to intervene — because we have been to the mountaintop of freedom, and we have seen the Promised Land spanning the globe. ...

An American jihad would make every tax dollar a tithing and the squandering of those dollars a sin. An American jihad would make every hour spent working in an American company — or founding one — an offering. An American jihad would make every teacher of American history not only a public servant, but a servant of the Truth.

We the People of the United States are good and we are right. And we need the spirit of an American jihad to properly invite, intensify and focus our intentions to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution here at home, and to seek to spread its principles abroad.
Did you catch that line about how our income taxes are a form of tithing? Reporters make fun of us for claiming the current regime is characterized by emperor worship, but Ablow makes it explicit that there's no difference between religious faith and patriotism. That scares the hell out of me.

We're also attacked for comparing the DC Empire to its formal rival, the USSR. As Ablow points out, the DC Empire exports permanent revolution in the name of liberating the world. And the means the Empire's enforcers have at their disposal, including illegal citizen surveillance of email and phone conversations, would make the old KGB green with envy. Happy Halloween!

Here's a surprise: Dr. Keith Ablow is an anagram of "Rat Who Bilked." How appropriate.

Thanks (I think) to Loyal Reader Dutchy for the link!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Speeches of the Hon. Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi

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Voter Fraud in North Carolina

NY State blesses ‘incest’ marriage between uncle, niece

New York's highest court has ruled that an uncle and niece may marry. In a suit brought by two Vietnamese immigrants now living in the Empire State, the court tossed aside the state law prohibiting such unions.

Once again, we see our traditional cultural norms being swept aside by the norms of immigrants. This is just another blow to traditional Western society, the real target of the Big Government/Cultural Marxist jihad. Their ultimate goal is sociocide, the murder of an entire society, which they believe will pave the way for their own notions of proper behavior.

I can't wait to see who gets to redefine marriage next. Pedophiles? Polygamists? My Little Pony lovers? Stay tuned.