Friday, January 31, 2014

Was Hitler Inspired by Lincoln’s Army?

Oh, yes, says Tom DiLorenzo. From Southern rebels, to Plains Indians, to native Filipinos, to the victims of countless bloody interventions in Central America, those who got in the way of the DC Empire ended up ground into dust.

No wonder Adolph was inspired.


Anonymous said...

When will we finally quit disparaging Hitler?

Anonymous said...

Was Hitler inspired by Lincoln's Army? The jury is still out on that question, but let's give credit where it's due. The world can thank the U.S. Army for 'legitimizing' the use of POWs as human shields, waging war on civilians, and the wanton destruction of private homes and property. I don't see much difference between the actions of the Imperial Japanese Army in China and Sherman's troops in the South.


Weaver said...

Old Rebel,

I happened upon Francis's words earlier:

"The real Man of the Century, however, was almost totally ignored, if not actually scorned. Vladimir Lenin, founder and first chief executive officer of the totalitarian state, has a far better claim than any of the feel-good imposters and poster-boys of the New World Order mentioned above. It was Lenin and Lenin alone who actually designed in theory and then carried out in
practice the Total State, although admittedly he had no small amount of help from predecessors such as Robespierre, Cromwell, Calvin, and Savonarola and was soon surpassed in tyrannical achievement by Stalin and Mao. Within 30 years of his death not only was the state Lenin created still in power but it had been emulated, copied, and exported to more than half the globe. The collapse of his orginial version in the last decade did little to diminish Lenin's accomplishment since, much like yet another of his predecessors, John Brown, his soul keeps marching on today."