Monday, February 3, 2014

Bill Kristol joins ABC News

Amazing. Here's a pundit who's not only pushing an agenda, but has been wrong - disastrously wrong - about everything. Aggressive ignorance pays off once again.


rex osborne said...

And he certainly is a chip off the old Irving. This fifth-column business appears to be genetic.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes! The Queen of political boutiques.

Al Benson Jr. said...

Kristol is one of the biggest "Israel first" supposed conservatives out there. If push does come to shove with Iran then you can bet ol' Bill Kristol will be right out in front at the "Amen corner" shouting for another war.

Mark Slater said...

It's perfect. ABC News (like the rest of them) is like a buck that has been perfectly hit by a shot, but is still running around.

The day of the "mainstream" media is fast drawing to a close.

I'd have been far more concerned if I read "Bill Kristol joins Dixienet"

Mark Slater, the Colorado Confederate