Monday, February 24, 2014

Eric Cantor Evokes George Washington and Founders to Promote His War Agenda

The same people who lied us into war against Afghanistan and Iraq are busting their guts trying to whoop up yet another Neocon Crusade. Here's the slimy Eric Cantor manhandling American history to justify an invasion of peaceful Iran:

In the introduction of his speech, Cantor suggests that George Washington would support his foreign policy agenda.

Today, we celebrate our nation's first Commander-in-Chief George Washington. Since Washington led our armed forces and this nation, America has relied upon a strong military to defend our homeland and our freedoms.

America's military strength, global leadership combined with a benevolent purpose helped spread the promise of democracy to the oppressed, a message of hope to the destitute, and the blessings of security to the weak. In doing so, we have earned new allies, vanquished old foes, and further secured our own nation. But today, that formula that has served this nation and the world so well is very much in doubt.

This assertion by Cantor is as ridiculous as Obama’s assertion a month before, at the beginning of Obama’s mass spying speech, that the National Security Agency bureaucrats scooping up every bit of personal information they can find about us are the same as Paul Revere riding through the countryside to warn that an invading army of “redcoats” are coming. Today the NSA is the redcoats, exercising via intrusive, high-tech means the general warrant powers that the British redcoats used in a clunkier, old-fashioned manner in violation of liberty, property, and privacy.

The NSA is the redcoats anew. And Cantor is espousing the foreign interventionism that Washington terms in his farewell address “European Ambition, Rivalship, Interest, Humour or Caprice,” the embrace of which Washington said would endanger the “peace and prosperity” of the US.
If you don't read any other op-eds this week, read and remember the above sentence: "The NSA is the redcoats anew." The greatest threat to our peace and freedom is not Iran or North Korea, but the mad men in DC.

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Chris Mallory said...

Washington lost a lot of his appeal after I read about the Whiskey Rebellion. He was a forerunner of the tyrant Lincoln in calling out the state militias to attack other Americans.