Saturday, February 8, 2014

Libertarianism: Once more unto the breach

Frequent commenter Cleophus posted this comment in response to my post announcing a permanent Rebellion link to a libertarian web site:

"It's nice to see that you are coming closer and closer to our way of thinking, 'Ole Reb! One day soon you'll wake up and realize that you're a conservative Libertarian! Come on in, the water's fine!"

Sorry, Cleophus. Ain't happening.

Libertarians are too far out there for me. Even in the post you responded to, I noted, "Not sure what their stance is on immigration and border security, but I've long advocated that like-minded activists can work together for shared goals despite differences."

And libertarians are pro-open borders. They believe that society does not exist, and that only the autonomous individual has a legitimate claim to rights. I've dealt with that claim before and see no need to do it again.

I will add this: Libertarianism is self-contradictory. There's a cartoon floating around on the web that shows a man contemplating the globe. The caption reads: "Libertarians: Diligently plotting to take over the world and leave you alone."

Yes, that's a problem. As the method actor objected, "What's my motivation?" The motivation Libertarians claim is self-defeating. Marxists and imperialists are driven by naked power. Nationalists, on the other hand, seek to preserve their own kind. And despite the Marxists' shrill assertions, they have not an ounce of science or history on their side. We nationalists have Sociobiology as well as the historical record on our side. I'll put those against airy theories any day.


Anonymous said...

Conservative libertarians?
Is this a known life-form?

Anonymous said...

"Conservative libertarians?
Is this a known life-form?"

Yes, in fact. There are left-libertarians and right-libertarians. There are neolibertarians and paleolibertarians. And then there are various kinds of "fusionists". Not all libertarians favor "abortion rights", and not all of them believe in open borders. Because libertarianism isn't a monolith, it's not always clear what's meant when someone says, "I'm a libertarian."

Big Chief said...

Well argued, Old Reb. I am a Southern Nationalist, in the truest sense of the term. A nation is a people, not a political state.