Thursday, February 6, 2014

Obama unilaterally changes law to allow immigrants with ‘limited’ terror contact into US

Obama just opened the gate a little more. From the Daily Caller:

The Obama administration has issued new exemptions to a law that bars certain asylum-seekers and refugees who provided “limited material support” to terrorists who are believed to pose no threat from the U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security and the State Department published the new exemptions Wednesday in the Federal Register to narrow a ban in the Immigration and Nationality Act excluding refugees and asylum seekers who had provided limited material support, no matter how minor, to terrorists.
Under this rule, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev would've been allowed in. Hey, they were only involved in ONE little terror incident.


Anonymous said...

I shouldn't have to point out to you, Old Rebel, or to anyone else here, being that we are all good Southerners and raised to respect our system of law and jurisprudence, that the Tsarnaev brothers are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty in a court of law, by a jury of their peers. It is very important, in these times, to remember such things and not rush to judgement and condemn before they have had the benefit of their rights under the Constitution. For my part, I'll say that there's far too much of that type of thing going on in this country today. It's bad enough that the federals find it so easy to side step the rule of law and brush away our Constitutional rights as if they're just so much ash on the vest, but when we become so desensitized to such fraud that we begin, our own selves, to flippantly brush away those precious rights given by God and guaranteed by the Constitution, then we really have lost our way and are, absolutely, as dastardly as our captors.
In these times of Constitutional peril, we must prod ourselves to be scrupulously circumspect when it comes to, not only our rights, but most especially the rights of others.

Anonymous said...

Unilaterally! I think citizens should act unilaterally to start evicting illegal aliens. Vigilantes? I trust good vigilantes more than law enforcement. We did not surrender our rights but delegated them. We would only be doing the job politicians and law enforcement won't do!!!

Anonymous said...

The point, I believe, is this: Throw back your head and hoooooowl at the waxing crescent moon, for we live in a "sea to shining sea" continental insane asylum in a crazy world led by the worst of the inmates. - Dutchy

Weaver said...

It's best to not let it get to you though. All you can do is plan for the worst.

The people building underground bunkers are imo insane, but it's good to take basic survival precautions.