Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quote of the day

"The quote on the Statue of Liberty doesn't say, 'Give me your English-speaking only, Christian-believing, heterosexual masses.' ... America was built on diversity." Brenda Wood, Atlanta news anchor


Southron said...

Why should we care what Emma Lazrus' doggerel says? We have enough "wretched refuse" in this country without adding more.

Immigration policy today is calculated to transform English-speaking Christian conservatives into a tired hudded minority that yearns to be free of multicultural tyranny.

Hitler had a "final solution" for his so-called "Jewish problem." For leftists, immigration is the final solution for their Southern, conservative, and Christian problems.

Cleophus said...

That such trash can be displayed on our televisions, and then defended as right.......and moral, just goes to show that it is well past time that we separate ourselves from such people before we too are lost and God turns his face from us all.

rex osborne said...

Apparently, corporate globalists and the lefty airheads who support them want us to think that a few lines of Emma Lazarus’ bad poetry somehow served as one of the founding documents of the United States.

These lines were written by Lazarus in 1883, and were used to deface the Statue of Liberty in 1903. They do not define us, but define the ideas of people who want to force us to replace ourselves with others.

Old Rebel said...

Alex Cheek,

Yes, isn't it amazing how supposedly educated people (which you'd assume for a newscaster) believe stuff that just isn't true?

No wonder we're heading toward hell in a handbasket!

Anonymous said...

I say remove that stupid poem about letting in the huddled masses.

They removed the stupid Drum Major quote from the MLK monument, so why not this?

Anonymous said...

Indeed, who gives a rip what a stupid poem says on a French statue in NEW YORK Harbor says?!!? As Mr. Osborne indicates, this is NOT a founding document of this onetime republic!

David Smith

Ema Nymton said...


We immigrants and families of immigrants are here to stay. Unlike some, we have a deep love and respect for USA, its loving/supportive people, its open traditions, and its strong multicultural society/diversity.

If living in the land of the free, home of the brave in USA today is so bad, what is stopping you all from being like the founding fathers and _moving_ to another land to establish a land of hate-filled white, English-speaking, christian conservatives? Maybe Somalia is available.

Ema Nymton

Anonymous said...

Oops! Pardon me for using "says" one too many times! Engage brain prior to typing!

David Smith

Old Rebel said...


So -- if a person objects to Third-World colonization, the logical thing to do is to move to Somalia.

That makes as much sense as committing suicide to avoid death.

Mark Slater said...

Ema Nymton is probably the worst troll here. Even Yankee Joe has occasional moments of intelligence and sense.

I can just picture her in an ugly, Elizabeth Cady Stanton-style frock coat with a scowl on her face; on a never-ending crusade to correct or eliminate un-reconstructed free men.

Mark Slater, the Colorado Confederate

Weaver said...

So Ema is a recent immigrant. Well, that explains some things.

See, they don't melt into the pot! They demand the pot be melted down out of envy and hate.

The cosmopolitans are on a sinking ship. I don't intend to go down with them. If native Americans, meaning those descended from the Colonists, and those who have melted into such identity simply put our own interests over this failed polity's, then we'd have something.

It's we the cosmopolitans are milking dry. And it's we who keep them afloat.

Jews put Jews first. Some of them do anyway. White Gentiles put the polity first. Is it any wonder we're losing ground?

Weaver said...

Old Rebel,

Ema believes we don't merit her having to make sense.

Notice how she says we hate others for our wishing to preserve ourselves? That's odd considering we're the ones who want to preserve the world's diversity.

I enjoy meeting people from foreign lands, which is why people like Ema must be stopped. If Ema has her way, there will be no distinct cultures and peoples. She'll eliminate us all.

Weaver said...

The "Nation of Immigrants" meme is just used to trick whites while they're in power.

When whites are no longer the voting majority, the Founders will then be revealed for what they really were, and worse: human.

We'll need to grow accustomed to harder work and a more meager standard of living if we're to survive. People like Ema will vote to redistribute our money, and we're going to have to produce more children. Ema will tell minorities that we exploit them, so we'll have to deal with being attacked. Any defence on our part will be assumed as aggression. So, we'll just have to get stronger doors and continue to move further away... Life will not be easy, and the entire West is following the same path. Fleeing to New Zealand, Canada, or wherever else just puts off the same fate. Gated communities are expensive. If we're overtaxed, raising many children, and discriminated against in the workplace, we're going to have to adapt to a lower standard of living.

Big Chief said...

One word: Bullshit!

Beauregard P. Lee, VIII said...

I thought I was the biggest troll on this blog. I am deeply offended that you consider someone superior to me in this regard.

Anonymous said...

The "light of liberty" (not the statue) should be a light to shine as an example for the rest of the world to want to follow in their own areas; not as a beacon for the rest of the world to come live here. Anti-white racists instead use it as a justification for REPLACISM!!! Anti-white genocide will continue until it destroys whites or is stopped!!!