Monday, February 10, 2014

Sebesta to churches: Ban the SCV and UDC

Ed Sebesta's obsession with all things Southern has taken an even weirder turn. Now he's warning churches not to allow the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy to use church property. Here's Sebesta's letter to the rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia:

In the summer of 2013 I had a successful campaign getting corporations to stop supporting the SCV as reported in a Black Commentator article which is available online ... It took eight days for this campaign to succeed. I regret to say that so far the temples of Mammon were much more willing to give up neo-Confederacy than the churches of Christ.
Yes, churches had better pay attention to what atheists think about them.

So what's the problem with the SCV and UDC? You guessed it - they're "racist," and are plotting to use churches to spread their eeeeevil ideas. Sebesta acknowledges that SCV and UDC members don't look "racist" - at least, not to the untrained eye:

The presentation of racist groups in sensational media reports are of largely marginal individuals who we will socially never run into, who have belligerent attitudes and behaviors, use racial slurs, have poor middle class decorum, and who perhaps wear funny clothes.
Sebesta then attempts to convince the rector of St. Paul's that even though members of the SCV and UDC do not wear funny clothes, they are nevertheless Racist Vampires that will infect the good rector and his church:

However, if we realize that racist attitudes and practice need not be confined to belligerent individuals shouting racial slurs or confined to physical assaults, we should not be so self-assured ourselves and have to examine a much wider range of practices and consider if we are involved. Suddenly it can be people that we know and who socially circulate in the circles we circulate or it can be us circulating in those circles.
That last sentence is so breathtakingly muddled and dizzying that it could only have been written by Ed Sebesta. (He is, after all, the creator of this migraine-inducing monstrosity.) If reading white text on the black background of Sebesta's web site doesn't induce vertigo, that sentence will. I gasped in pain when I first read it, and I'm a hardened veteran of Sebestaspeak. So if you click on the link, better have some Dramamine handy.


Anonymous said...

Ed Sebesta: Can there exist a better example of a self-made man who worships his creator? - Dutchy

Old Rebel said...


Ha! Yeah, even in his letter to the good reverend, he has to first point out how important he is, and even includes his resume.

He describes himself as "an investigative researcher of the neo-Confederate movement." Respect my authoritah!

Anonymous said...

You'd think he could afford a proofreader.

rex osborne said...

Ed's use of the English language leaves me with this frightful thought: The errorists have won!

Old Rebel said...


You'd think!

Old Rebel said...

rex Osborne,

Sebesta has declared jihad against us...

Anonymous said...

Wow. He really did say that.

Anonymous said...

Oh God. Mr. Sebesta, *please* take a remedial writing class!

Snaggle-Tooth Jones