Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"SECEDE" Billboard Goes Up In Florida

That’s the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee in the background.

The League of the South is planting seeds like this all over the South. We don't claim to know when and how our efforts will bear fruit - Marxists claimed to know the future, and look how wrong they were - but we do know the present system is not only immoral, but unsustainable.

Know hope.


Anonymous said...

T-shirts! Inexpensive pamphlets! Present the images of State governments ready to operate on their own. Why: Most people don't think it is possible. They worry that without money and benefits from the Feds they can't survive. Suggestion?: Keep Veteran benefits intact operated by each state.

For some reason people don't seem to realize they get "their" money from us in the states. Show people the reality and they might go for it.

Of course a recent poll said 25% of the American public believes the sun revolves around the Earth. They probably believe the Earth revolves around D.C.

GR said...

More publicity is good.

Ema Nymton said...


" We don't claim to know when and how our efforts will bear fruit - ..."

What? This chestnut again.

Just think of all the benefits for those who are successful in seceding ...

You stop being a citizen of USA ... You become undocumented illegal alien in USA ...

You stop getting your welfare, disability, veteran benefit checks ... You have to find a job and start working for a living.

You get deported to another land without papers and without marketable skills ...

You lose the right to vote ...

Oh ya. What could go wrong?

Really? Know hope? Go for it. Secede. Try it. The last time LOSERS tried to pull this off, they lost BIG time.

Ema Nymton

Ema Nymton said...


And add this to the idea of seceding. When you are deported to another land ..., you will be subject to be being treated as you have treated other foreign/alien/undocumented sub-humans; with sneering, ugly insults.

Yes. So say again. What is stopping you?

Ema Nymton

Anonymous said...


Once again your comments intend to provoke. Are you personally going to try to evict me from any land? I suppose instead you'll try to send some guy to do your fighting for you. You are assuming that you or some delegate would be capable. You are welcome to test that assumption at your earliest convenience. You claim you are an immigrant yet you state that you have criminal intent to evict people for exercising their rights to direct their state to secede. Your criminal intent is grounds to revoke your citizenship status. States have a perfect right to secede. If this were not so, the so called "United States" would not exist because we would never have seceded from the British Empire. Thank you at least for letting us know of your criminal intent to do harm to us, evict us, and presumably kill us if we try to secede. I recommend that you stand down immediately. We have rights that we are willing to defend. We will do this peaceably if possible. Your comments indicate a clear and present danger. Not just against states that might secede but against people in other states that don't believe you have the right to immigrate here then try to provoke a war. Perhaps you will realize how much comments like yours strengthens the cause of all that are tired of a strong central government that was NEVER inteded by its founders.

Weaver said...

Let's deport Ema.

Old Rebel said...


I can tolerate your snark, but at least try to make sense. Secession is not self-deportation - read the Declaration.

And you've never explained what is the attraction to remain a subject of the DC Empire. What is worth preserving about it? Is it the ongoing mass murder of brown people you find so appealing? The assault on our liberty? The unsustainable debt?

You can do better.

dan hill said...


What is it about you that leads you to assume I am on welfare, disability, veterans benefits, jobless with no marketable skills, and an all around loser.
I have been in foreign lands and got along with the indigenous peoples just fine.
You make claims to know about us, but I think a lot of your so called knowledge is based in prejudice.
Perhaps if you tried to understand us, you could make some succinct points as to where we err in wanting to separate from your beloved government.

Cleophus said...

You're talking to an empty skull when you try to reason with Ema Nymton, Ole' Rebel. Hell, she doesn't even know her own name! How can a woman, who pontificates so on often on the topic of secession, not even understand the concept? It seems she doesn't understand that the idea of secession is that the people of a State, voting in their capacity as Sovereign, are exercising their right to self-determination, and by that exercise, are re-assuming their rights that were conditionally delegated to their servant, the federal government. I find the concept to be amazingly simple to grasp; you give someone permission to do certain things in your name, they horribly abuse the privilege, and you take back your rights. Why is that so hard for her to understand? Oh, I forgot....the empty skull. That would also explain her love of welfare, and other government largesse, but it really doesn't explain her penchant for bullying and threats of overt physical force. Most other lobodomites are profoundly docile. Hmmm, such a paradox. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to go ahead without her permission!

Anonymous said...

"You stop being a citizen of USA ... You become undocumented illegal alien in USA ..."

Hey! We'd fit right in what with all the illegals in the country as it is.

"You stop getting your welfare, disability, veteran benefit checks ..."

Being illegal hasn't seemed to stop all the others from getting all that stuff.

"You have to find a job and start working for a living."

The illegals in the country now don't have to find jobs.