Thursday, February 20, 2014

The President Can Bomb a Wedding, Kill Civilians – Laws Be Damned

12 people were killed and 15 were wounded when Hellfire missiles rained down on a wedding party in Yemen. DC's bloodthirsty policy of perpetual war sows death and misery once again.

I'm waiting for Ed Sebesta, Billy Yank, and Ema Nymton to defend these latest murders. You can't defend empire without embracing imperial actions. What are you waiting for, fellas? The comments box awaits.


Al Benson Jr. said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for the people you mentioned to say anything about what this regime does. They make a career out of ignoring that.

Weaver said...

Ema's argument seems to be: secession is bad, because it's too weak to succeed.

There will need to be some lofty ideal to keep the union together. Ema can't find such a thing, only that it's best to side with power.

Marxists believe power decides everything - morality and ideals only used to justify power. However, even Marxists don't claim power rules without a facade of ideals.

So, where's the lofty ideal for opposing secession? There isn't one.

Ema could motivate Americans to attack a Southern secessionist movement or a Muslim movement. But she couldn't motivate them to attack a Mexican secessionist movement. It's easy to hate "racists" or "terrorists", but Americans won't stand united against anyone else.