Monday, February 3, 2014

The Zero Aggression Project

From the good folks behind Downsize DC comes this worthwhile effort. From their introduction:

The new website for the Zero Aggression Project is now online and ready for you to use!

It's a big website, so we're going to show it to you a piece at a time. You can start by reviewing our heuristics page.

Below are the links to the first three heuristics. Each one is extremely short. Once you're on the page you can read as many or as few heuristics as you want.

We'll continue to feature new heuristics in the Chronicle over the next couple of weeks, until we've gone through all of them.

After that we'll take you on a tour through the other parts of the site. We hope you like what you see.
Not sure what their stance is on immigration and border security, but I've long advocated that like-minded activists can work together for shared goals despite differences.

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Cleophus said...

It's nice to see that you are coming closer and closer to our way of thinking, 'Ole Reb! One day soon you'll wake up and realize that you're a conservative Libertarian! Come on in, the water's fine!