Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ukraine is the latest in ethnic secession trend

The violence in Ukraine is clearly based on ethnic differences between the Russian and Ukrainian sections. A solution, however, is in the making: self-determination based on historical cultures. As this analysis points out, it's a growing trend:

Ukraine is the latest and most violent manifestation of people's inclination to sort by ethnicity, and to break away from a government they don't accept.

A similar dynamic is under way in another part of the world that is perhaps more familiar to Americans than Ukraine, and that's Scotland, which votes on September 18 whether to break away from the United Kingdom. Polls show that a third of Scotland's population of 5.3 million supports independence, a sizeable number but far short of a majority. British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that a vote to leave the U.K. would forfeit Scotland's right to continue to use the British pound.

Cameron is playing hard ball because a Scottish vote to secede could set the stage for a vote in 2017 on whether England leaves the E.U. Cameron has promised to hold such a vote if he is reelected next year. These are a lot of ifs, beginning with the uphill fight of Scottish secessionists to build a majority, but voices that support what has been dubbed ethno-nationalism are growing louder and gaining traction.

Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia have been through the process, and Belgium is trying to quell a long history of differences between its Flemish, Dutch-speaking population and the French-speaking Walloons.
There's really only one alternative, and that's the course taken by Abraham Lincoln, Joseph Stalin, and Slobodan Milošević - wage pitiless war against those who would break away. Fortunately, the 19th- and 20th-century ideology of the omnicompetent super-state has pretty much bled itself dry. Peaceful secession is a much more attractive goal than meaningless cries for "Unity!" which are actually nothing more than a fig leaf for repressive big government.

The neo-Marxists will wail and curse, but they cannot deny what's happening all over the world. Devolution is coming.

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