Sunday, February 9, 2014

Victory in Switzerland!

The Swiss were allowed to vote on what the victorious Swiss People's Party denounced as "massive immigration." The vote was close, but the results are encouraging:

Switzerland has voted 50.3 percent in favor of limiting annual migration from the EU, thus ending the policy of free movement within the bloc that was established in 2002.

Swiss voters narrowly decided that immigration quotas would be reintroduced, thereby overturning the free movement policy introduced in the European Union 12 years ago. Early results showed the country to be very divided in opinion over the 'Stop mass immigration’ initiative.

‘Stop mass immigration’ was introduced by the nationalist Swiss People's Party (SVP). Its goal is to introduce annual quotas on the number of foreign workers entering the country. The result will likely vex multinational companies based there; Roche, Novartis, UBS, and other industry giants frequently utilize foreign labor.
So - when do WE get our vote?


GR said...

Yes, it's good news. Consider also that EU immigrants to Switzerland, with a few exceptions, are likely to be a better-educated lot than the migrants form the other side of the Rio Grande. We are getting a bad deal from the DC regime.

Northwestern Localist said...

Even if we got one, some ghouls dressed in black would declare it unconstitutional.