Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why secessionist movements make sense

Greater prosperity, more freedom, and less chance of war - what's not to love about small government? The dirty secret is that overgrown, wasteful bureaucracies need big government. But as we're witnessing today, sooner or later, big government implodes. From Nomad Capitalist:

The cold, hard truth is that smaller governments have better track records of managing their finances, as well. Critics will say that tiny countries in Central America or Africa have had issues with high interest rates and sovereign debt. However, Singapore is running budget surpluses. The countries mired in red ink are the big, imperialist powers.

Singapore, Switzerland, and others of their ilk have better things to do.

That’s why secession is a key stepping stone in the future of self-determination and sovereignty.
The world map will continue to change, no matter how often the powers that be and their sock-puppets denounce independence movements as "racist," "extremist," or whatever magic incantations they think will scare people away.

Tick, tock ...

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Andrew said...

Thanks for sharing this. Brexit and secession movements to come can only be good for freedom.