Monday, June 30, 2014

Incumbents fend off most challengers

It's hard to replace entrenched politicians, especially in D.C. There are a number of articles exploring this phenomenon, and all pretty much agree it's almost impossible to unseat an incumbent.

In the case of "Thad the Imposter" Cochran, we now have a "conservative" who must genuflect before the almighty NAACP. So expect more big-spending boondoggles, more sheer waste, more centralization of power.

Does anyone out there know what happens to a system that cannot reform itself?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

NAACP Wants Thad Cochran To 'Show Some Reciprocity'

Did "Thad the Imposter" deviously run as a liberal to get Black votes while pretending to be a conservative? Oh, yes. DataLab has the goods on him:

Cochran’s campaign explicitly tried to increase his turnout in the runoff by bringing Democratic-leaning African-Americans to the polls. Mississippi primaries are open, so all voters were welcome on Tuesday so long as they hadn’t voted in the Democratic primary three weeks ago.

It’s clear that Cochran’s vote increases were correlated to the percentage of African-Americans who live in each county. The 10 counties where the incumbent senator improved most were those where blacks make up 69 percent or more of the population.
Problem is, there's a price for everything in this world, especially in the grimy world of politics. Since the NAACP scratched Thad's back, it's letting him know it's time for him to "reciprocate." Okay, Thad. Time to bend those arthritic knees and pucker up.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This day in history

In 1991, Croatia and Slovenia proclaimed their independence from Yugoslavia.

A Lesson in Regime Politics

As if we in The League needed any more proof that there's not a dime's worth of difference between the GOP and Democrats, along comes Thad Cochran, a current US Senator from Mississippi, running to hold his seat in the Republican primary against newcomer and outside-the-mainstream candidate Chris McDaniel. So what has Senator Cochran done to put the icing on the cake for us, so to speak? His campaign has openly solicited Mississippi Democrats to come and vote for him in today's (24 June) GOP primary. That's right, he's invited leftist whites (most of whom are non-Southern transplants in Jackson and the college/university towns of Starkville, Oxford, Hattiesburg, Clinton, etc.) and blacks to answer the call to put their "conservative" (wink, wink) friend back in office.

The Haley Barbour-inspired country club GOP mainstream in Mississippi, along with the leftist media--and now apparently Mississippi Democrats--have done everything they can think of to defeat McDaniel. They have even brought up his League "connections," his campaign having received donations from some current and ex-LS members. They also have taken a good deal of money from the likes of New York's Michael Bloomberg.

Now, we in The League do not participate in national elections; however, we do not miss an opportunity to show how managed and corrupted the US electoral system is. And this is a prime example.

If indeed Chris McDaniel is defeated by the Cochran/Democrat alliance--or even if he wins--perhaps the Tea Party folks in Mississippi and elsewhere who supported McDaniel will begin to listen seriously to The League's message of Southern independence. Otherwise, their efforts to reform an un-reformable system will continue to bring failure and frustration.--Michael Hill

Here’s One Important Thing Conservatives Don’t Know About Secession–But Should

Aquinas reminds us of the secessionist roots of the Founders, and of what we can learn from the anti-Federalists, whose warnings about consolidated government have come true:

One of the most exciting political developments in recent years has been the secessionist movement, which has flourished among a number of American states and across the globe in places such as Venice and Scotland. The common thread in nearly all these movements has been opposition to the modern nation-state, which secessionists believe has become totalitarian and now hopelessly bankrupt.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mexicans close down sections of LA

Mexicans who immigrate to the U.S. magically become Americans when they step over that border.

Or so the story goes. Last night, that narrative was forgotten as LA police issued a tactical alert in response to an "unlawful assembly" of fans waving Mexican flags as they celebrated Mexico's win over Croatia in World Cup soccer. From the Los Angeles Times:

Crowds of soccer fans celebrating Mexico's World Cup win poured onto the streets in the Pacoima area, forcing authorities to shut down offramps and onramps on the 5 Freeway and declare a citywide police alert..

The crowds were facing off with officers near Laurel Canyon and Van Nuys boulevards. Late Monday, officers declared an unlawful assembly and ordered crowds to disperse.

L.A. County sheriff's officials and Huntington Park police officers make a stand at Florence Avenue and Holmes Avenue against rowdy soccer fans celebrating Mexico's World Cup victory.

Around the same time, the Los Angeles Police Department issued a tactical alert, which requires officers citywide to remain on duty.
Be sure to read the rest of the story. And check out the pictures of Mexican flags. In the 21st century, flags are important. They tell the world where people put their loyalty.

David Frum owes conservatives an apology

The Neocon hack who dismissed those on the right who opposed W's ill-fated Iraq adventure as "unpatriotic conservatives" admits he got a lot wrong about that war, but is still an interventionist. Dan Phillips thinks Frum needs to do the right thing. From traditionalRight.

Kerry can't control Kurds

Big John Kerry is dashing between the regions of the former Iraq, frantically trying to duct-tape back together a country that no one living there wants to save. The ruling elite in D.C. realizes its attempt to create a puppet state there is failing, and must prop up the regime it put in power. But the natives aren't buying it. From The Kurdish Globe:

US Secretary of State John Kerry made an unannounced visit to Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region Tuesday as he pressed an urgent diplomatic drive to stop the fractious country tearing apart.

"With these changes we are facing a new reality and a new Iraq," Kurdistan's president Massud Barzani told Kerry, referring to a militant assault which has swept through parts of northern and western Iraq.
That's exactly what the dead-enders who support the old model of consolidated government are going to have to accept: It's a new reality.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The definition of insanity

Dick Cheney the arch-Republican is demanding that the U.S. send more troops into Iraq. And Obama, the liberal Democrat, responds by instructing his Secretary of State to assure the Iraqi government U.S. support will be "intense and sustained."

And now, after authorizing some 300 troops for Iraq War III, Obama has flipped in his position of troop immunity, saying that oral promises from Iraqi officials that U.S. troops will not be subject to Iraqi law are good enough for him.

So here we go again.

I have a question: Why do we need two pro-war parties?

Advocates of splitting California into six states gathering signatures

Momentum is building for splitting California into six states. California as it exists now is a clumsy, ungovernable mess, and folks are doing something about it. From the Los Angeles Times:

Advocates for Six Californias, a plan to split the Golden State into a half dozen separate states, are holding a petition drive this weekend to get their plan on the ballot in 2016.

Tom Knorr, holds a State of Jefferson flag in Corning, Calif. The idea of forming their own state has been a topic among local secession dreamers for more than a century in the state.

The idea is the brainchild of Timothy Draper, a venture capitalist from Menlo Park – or as he hopes to some day call it, the state of Silicon Valley. Draper has sunk $2 million into signature gathering for the proposal. He maintains it will break bureaucratic deadlock in Sacramento (proposed state of North California) and attract more business.

"California has become the worst managed state in the country," he told The Times this spring. "It just is too big and too ungovernable."
Hear that sound? The future is calling. The Age of Leviathan is over.

Massachusetts mayor begs D.C. to stop sending Somali immigrants

Yes, the floodtide of poor immigrants has gotten so bad that even liberal Yankees have had enough. The mayor of Springfield says his town cannot afford to pay for Somali immigrants, who have milked the local welfare system:

Think of the cost of taking care of people who know no English, who are in many cases illiterate in their own language, whose families are gigantic, with six or seven or eight children, who even in the West continue to practice polygamy (and occasionally the husbands will boastingly, laughingly, admit to their astonished taxi fares -- I have heard this directly from those who have heard these casual revelations -- that they have managed to receive extra benefits by having those plural wives, and regard the government as something to be exploited, and swindled, by canny immigrants like themselves). Think of the costs to the medical system as those Somalis learn to throw themselves onto that system -- and to have more babies, paid for by the American taxpayers.

Why the Empire is tottering

Michael Gerson's latest column, "Iraq must be saved from extremists," perfectly illustrates what's wrong with Washington. Get a load of what he recommends the U.S. government should do about Iraq:

• Aid the emergence of a more inclusive and trusted Iraqi government, so that the entity we support is not a Shiite rump state. • Get the Kurds, who are gaining in autonomy (and territory and resources), to avoid declaring themselves autonomous and to strengthen the central government.

• Inform the Iranians that America will be taking the lead in strengthening a more inclusive Iraqi government.

• Pursue an effective military approach that restores our intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities in Iraq (as Obama has apparently begun to do); conducts a vigorous counterterrorism campaign against ISIS; and eventually helps a unity government return to the offensive.
Amazing. First of all, notice Gerson uses the same language as Obama and Kerry to describe what Iraq should be: "Inclusive" has become a sacred term in the religion of state worship that now dominates the Empire. Conservative, liberal, it doesn't matter - the principle of consolidated, multicultural government is holy.

Worse, Gerson, like too many others, assumes D.C. is somehow endowed with a special privilege to dictate to the world. Why should D.C. be "taking the lead" in shaping the Middle East? That's mind-blowing arrogance. Like it or not, the people of the Middle East are reclaiming their right of self-determination, a right they were denied by the secret and evil Sykes-Picot Agreement in World War I.

Finally, Gerson's breezy advice about the "military approach" D.C. should pursue ignores the dismal state of the economy as well as the deep distaste Americans have for endless intervention.

Gerson got his title wrong - it should have been "America must be saved from extremist Neocons."

The troubles we're seeing, from unchecked alien invasions to imploding imperial projects, stem from the Empire's other-worldly, hallucinatory policymakers - like Michael Gerson.

Rep. Charles B. Rangel's political future threatened by demographic upheaval

Now this is rich - one of the most militant open borders advocates faces the end of his political career as a result of the very demographic reconstruction he helped engineer:

Through immigration and redistricting, what is now New York’s 13th Congressional District — a seat Rangel has held since 1971 and viewed as the center of New York’s modern black political power structure — has experienced a seismic demographic shift from majority black to majority Hispanic.

Hoping to seize on those demographics as well as the perception of Rangel’s waning political power in the years since Congress formally censured him in 2010 for ethics violations, state Sen. Adriano Espaillat is mounting a spirited challenge to the 22-term incumbent — a rematch of the 2012 race in which Rangel topped Espaillat by just 1,000 votes.
The paid liars who push for open borders assure us that Latinos will be swayed by good ideas and policies. This election should open the eyes of those who let themselves believe such obvious nonsense. Demographics is destiny. Don't like conclusion? To quote Philip Dick, "“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Kurds are all right

The crisis in Iraq has dealt a major blow to consolidated government. The Kurds are now on board to partition Iraq:

The collapse of the Iraqi army in Mosul and the spread of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) to cities seems to have strengthened the positions of those demanding independent Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish regions. The Kurds, who support this division, declared yesterday [June 17] they don’t intend to withdraw from Kirkuk and “the disputed areas.” The Kurds emphasized they will avoid a confrontation with ISIS “except for self-defense.”
Telegraph columnist Daniel Hannan wonders how much better it would have been if the Western powers had allowed the Middle East to self-organize naturally:

How much disorder, horror, fear and mutiny might have been avoided had Iraq been divided along ethnographic lines in 2003 – or, better yet, in 1920. (If you don’t like the word “ethnographic”, substitute “democratic”: it amounts to the same thing.)
Re-read that last sentence. It will be the guiding principle of politics for the 21st century.

Quote of the day

“I’ve heard people come in and say, ‘You’re going to let me go, just like you let my mother go, just like you let my sister go. You’re going to let me go as well, and the government’s going to take care of us,’” Chris Cabrera, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, on why Latinos are pouring over the border.

The lie of democracy

All the Empire's talk about championing "democracy" is nothing but a cover for its naked aggression. With the Iraq project collapsing, the ruling elite in DC is in full panic mode. Job one is to replace its puppet:

President Obama sensibly appears to be leaning toward an alternative policy that would replace Maliki with a less sectarian and polarizing prime minister — and then begin using U.S. military power on behalf of this more broadly based government. The White House is already mulling a list of alternative prime ministers.
Nullifying elections is nothing new to DC. The Empire was behind the overthrow of Iran's elected Prime Minister, Mohammed Mosaddegh. And he was one of the lucky ones. It's also worth remembering that John Kennedy had South Vietnamese President Diem assassinated when that puppet failed to perform as ordered.

Note to Maliki: Watch your head.

And people thought Dick Cheney was a lawless bully. So much for spreading democracy to Iraq. The Iraq Was was always about expanding the DC Empire. Obama's nothing more than the Empire's latest Temporary Emperor seeking to hold on to a crumbling regime.

Texas Leaders Announce New Border Security Plan

DC isn't about to do anything to halt the Camp of the Saints invasion of the southwest. It's pretty obvious DC has been encouraging mass migration here. But the people who live in the invaded areas are defenseless - that is, as long as they think DC is their only hope. Since DC has not only ignored its duty, but is actively working against its own citizens, it's time for the people to take things into their own hands. That time has come. From CBS:

Texas’ top three leaders, Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, and House Speaker Joe Straus directed the Department of Public Safety to immediately begin law enforcement surge operations along the Texas-Mexico border…

In a statement, Governor Perry said, “Texas can’t afford to wait for Washington to act on this crisis and we will not sit idly by while the safety and security of our citizens are threatened.”

State officials worry that while the federal government scrambles to house thousands of unaccompanied children crossing the border, there are fewer federal agents to keep up with criminals and gangs trying to get into the U.S.
This is an extremely important story. People will realize they don't need DC to solve their most pressing problems. In fact, solving problems will be easier with DC out of the way.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

If Diversity Is Strength, Why Is Iraq Breaking Up?

Once again, the real world messes up the multicult fantasy. Sadly, this fantasy will affect a lot of lives. Allan Wall points out a few basic facts:

Iraq is an artificial creation, for centuries part of various Muslim empires, not carved out as an independent state until the 20th century. It was never stable unless held together by force.

Iraq is diverse—and diversity is not strength. It’s an amalgam of ethnic groups, tribes, factions and jostling Islamic groups. “Iraqi” identity is weak. The main groups are the Shiite Muslims, the Sunni Muslims and the Kurds, but even these have tribal subdivisions.
Please read the whole thing. It's a glimpse into our own future, since we're quickly being reconstructed into an artificial country ourselves.

Public Faith in Congress Falls Again, Hits Historic Low

Again? How low can Congress go before it gets a well-deserved pink slip? From Gallup:

Americans' confidence in Congress has sunk to a new low. Seven percent of Americans say they have "a great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in Congress as an American institution, down from the previous low of 10% in 2013. This confidence is starkly different from the 42% in 1973, the first year Gallup began asking the question.
In the real world (i.e., the lands outside the District of Columbia) when an employee obviously can't do the job, he's fired and replaced.

Obama Tells Congress He Doesn’t Need Permission for New Iraq War

Obama - who, I believe, is our first Black President - says he can launch Iraq War III on his say-so. And only a White Supremacist hater would oppose him. Why else would anyone question the president's power to start a war? And look who's in his corner on this:

Earlier this year, President Obama gave tentative support to the idea of repealing the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) against Iraq, noting that the war was over. Congress never pulled the trigger, with hawks arguing against it. ...

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R – KY) and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D – CA) agreed with this assessment, saying the AUMF still applied, and that President Obama was just telling Congressional leaders what he plans to do.
See? Bipartisanship is still alive in DC - at least when it comes to invading other countries.

If the British Parliament had passed the Intolerable Acts in 2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Secession gets another boost

Allowing independence referenda for the Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites in 2003 could have prevented the present bloodshed in Iraq. This is from an article entitled "Bush-Era Advocates Of Splitting Iraq Into Three Parts Say: I Told You So." From BuzzFeed:

Those who argued that Iraq should either be allowed to split into three separate countries — one for Shiites, one for Sunnis, and one for Kurds — or morphed into a decentralized federal system weren’t taken seriously by most of the foreign policy decision-makers of the day and certainly not by the Bush administration, which pushed a nation-building program on Iraq inspired by the neoconservative thinkers who were greatly influential at the time. It was a small group, with Biden as its most high profile voice. Now, a decade later, with ISIS advancing, a potential sectarian war brewing and an independent Kurdish state a de facto reality, those who argued that Iraq was an unnatural construct in the first place and should be allowed to follow impulses toward separation are feeling vindicated.

“It certainly is turning out as I expected,” Peter Galbraith, a former diplomat and adviser to the Kurdistan Regional Government, told BuzzFeed on Monday. “To me, the issues were as clear 10 years ago as they are now.”
But here's the real shocker of the day - now the Council of Foreign Relations - yes, the Neocon-heavy Council of Foreign Relations - admits that Iraq is an artificial country that should have been allowed to partition along ethnic and sectarian lines:

Had Maliki been inclusive—something that was impossible given the constraints and incentives of Iraqi politics—he likely would have still confronted resistance from areas of the country that chafe at the centralizing propensities of those in the capital. And herein lies the fundamental problem of Iraq: The country’s political physics create pressure to pull it apart. ... It seems that only Saddam-like brutality could keep the country together. Once American forces smashed that system of fear, the process of dissolution was set in motion.
Wow. What's next? Will Morris Dees and George Soros come out against open borders and demand the enforcement of immigration laws? Looks like anything's possible these days.

How to throw a good jihad

The chickens are coming home to wage jihad in Britain. As reported in the Telegraph:

Professor Peter Neumann, of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) at King's College London, warned today:

"I think the government is absolutely right in highlighting this as a significant threat.

I think personally that it is a threat that will continue to haunt this country and other European and western countries for years to come.

Even if Isis is pushed back from Iraq, they are still going to exist. This is going to be keeping the security services and police busy for many years to come.

Up to about a week ago almost all of them [the 400 and 500 Britons fighting in Middle East were in Syria but we are now seeing reports of people crossing the border into Iraq...
British Prime Minister David Cameron agrees that the return of these Muslims to Britain is a serious threat:

"The estimates given so far is around 400 people from the UK have taken part in fighting with Isis but those numbers are much more based around what is happening in Syria, rather than what is happening in Iraq where we have considerably less information.

What I can say to you is together with the Home Secretary and others I have chaired a series of meetings in Whitehall to make sure our intelligence, security and policing services are focused as sharply as they can onto this problem.

The estimates are now this is a greater threat to the UK than the return of foreign jihadis or fighters from Afghanistan or Pakistan region, and we need to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep our country safe."
Now this is the same David Cameron who once complained of seeing "too many white Christian faces in Britain" and called for more Muslim immigration so there could be more "Muslims in government and the British Army."

Careful what you wish for, Mr. Cameron. You might just get it - and good.

The Madness of Intervention

Here's a great piece by George Will on the unforeseen consequences of sticking one's nose into situations one knows nothing about. Consider Obama's "bloodless" intervention into the overthrow of Libyan dictator Gaddafi:

When the United States and a few other NATO nations intervened in March 2011, “Gaddafi already had regained control of most of Libya, while the rebels were retreating rapidly toward Egypt. Thus, the conflict was about to end, barely six weeks after it started, at a toll of about 1,000 dead. . . . [The intervention] enabled the rebels to resume their attack, which prolonged the war for another seven months and caused at least 7,000 more deaths.” The intervention encouraged peaceful protesters in Syria to use violence in the hope of attracting an intervention. This increased the rate of killing there tenfold. And since Gaddafi fell, “sophisticated weapons from Gaddafi’s arsenal — including up to 15,000 man-portable, surface-to-air missiles unaccounted for as of 2012 — leaked to radical Islamists throughout the region.”
So our tax dollars paid for the death of over 7,000 innocent people, and paved the way for the ongoing and escalating chaos in Syria and Iraq. When will we learn?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What do these tragedies have in common?

There is an obvious link connecting these tragic stories. See if you can spot it:

KENYA - Witnesses told how about 30 gunmen - believed to be members of Somali terror group al-Shabaab - arrived in the town in minibuses at 8pm yesterday before bursting into residents homes, shooting dead any man they thought was not Muslim.

IRAQ - ISIS, an al Qaeda splinter group, wants to establish a caliphate, or Islamic state, that would stretch from Iraq into northern Syria. ... On Friday, a tweet on what was claimed to be an ISIS Twitter account claimed that its members shot and executed at least 1,700 Shiites.

NIGERIA - Islamic terrorists dressed in Nigerian military uniforms assaulted a college inside the country Sunday, gunning down dozens of students as they slept in their dorms and shot others trying to flee, witnesses say.

You'd have to be blind not to see the connection among these three acts of violence. It might not be politically correct to notice, but there's one thing they have in common.

Yes, I'll say it - none of these tragedies would have happened if the governments in all three countries had passed sensible gun control laws. When will we wake up to this growing threat? When?

Are you ready for chikungunya?

Well, you better be. It's a nifty new virus from sub-Saharan Africa that's migrated to North America. Diversity isn't just for people, you know.

Liberals embrace States' Rights

What do liberals think about States' Rights? It's complicated.

But the short version is that for the CORRECT position and for CERTAIN States, liberals are okey-dokey with States that nullify federal law and assert their autonomy over DC. New York is considering an end run around federal immigration laws with a unique proposal to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants not currently recognized by federal law. From the Washington Examiner:

The frustration with Washington's inaction on any type of immigration reform has forced proponents to shift their attention to states such as New York where a new plan was offered Monday to grant citizenship and voting rights after an illegal immigrant pays three years of taxes.

The Washington-based Center for Popular Democracy said the New York legislative effort to provide citizenship benefits to three million immigrants is the result of the fallout of congressional gridlock and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's defeat last week, which pundits blamed on his support for reform.
As the article says, Congress is gridlocked. The South and West will not surrender to illegal alien invaders, while New England and California welcome their new masters with open arms and open borders. There is no national consensus because there is no national in America anymore. The States are slipping into their own orbits, leaving DC behind.

Let a thousand flowers bloom. Or at least, 50 flowers.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Southern heritage inspires new poet laureate

Charles Wright, recently picked to be the next poet laureate, attributes his Southern heritage as a major influence on his work. Here's the Washington Post:

Librarian of Congress James H. Billington said, “Charles Wright is a master of the meditative, image-driven lyric. Wright’s body of work combines a Southern sensibility with an allusive expansiveness, for moments of singular musicality.”
And then there's this observation from The American Conservative:

Wright’s fondness for a Christian poetic vocabulary is also rooted in his Southern heritage, which he has long struggled to live out in a way that feels honest to him. “I can’t tell a story,” as he told the Paris Review in 1989. “Only Southerner I know who can’t.” Yet in that same interview, he casually references the Southern Gothic and invokes a profoundly Southern relationship with sacredness and land. He does not see himself as any less Southern a poet for his stunted narrative, but rather he finds different ways of interpreting his history. Rather than narrative poems, he publishes collections, or “journals,” with repeated metaphors and poems placed in conversation with one another.

Take a stand against "Drinkism"

Now this is funny!

We're NOT number one?

Mexico is the world's fattest country. But we're not far behind.

Have some tamales.

Let's re-invade Iraq! What could go wrong?

Just how insane and detached from reality are Neocons? Apparently, they're sufficiently delusional to call for putting American boots on the ground in a country the US Embassy is now evacuating. And for what purpose? Why, to enforce "inclusiveness." Sound like a worthy military goal to you? It does to Fat Freddy Kagan:

The U.S. has been pushing for an inclusive political settlement in Iraq that brings the Sunni into the government and denies ISIS popular support. The current crisis has resulted in considerable part, in fact, from Maliki's sectarian actions and systematic exclusion of Sunnis from political power and influence.
Like all apologists for empire, Kagan is mortified at the prospect of self-determination. "Inclusion" is how proponents of Big Government justify their one-size-fits-all ideology. What people like Kagan cannot comprehend is that the people of the Middle East had little to say about the borders they have to live in, and are resorting to violence to win what has been denied them. The brutality going on now is the direct result of past interventions by those who thought they knew what was best for the people of the Middle East. Kagan thinks we haven't done enough harm to these people, and like the kid with nothing in his tool box but a hammer, wants to intervene yet again:

Immediately sending air support and Special Forces to Mosul might shock ISIS and embolden the population enough to rout the jihadis from the city. But if it does not, the Iraqi Security Forces may well prove unable to regain Mosul on their own.

In that case, a small contingent of U.S. ground forces would be required.
Why not? Why, it'll only take a few regiments. It'll be a cakewalk. Iraqi oil will pay for the invasion. And the American people will cheer on the troops once news of easy victories come rolling in. Yeah.

Fat Freddy Kagan is calling for an unwinnable fight for an impossible goal that has no popular support.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Southern Music Break

Here's George Jones with one of the most heart-wrenching songs ever made. It's a tale of endless hope for a love long lost. This man knew how to tell a story that gripped your emotions.

Hear that?

It's the sound of an empire crumbling. Here are the headlines:

Iraq disintegrating as insurgents advance; Kurds seize Kirkuk

Iraq Is Vietnam 2.0 And U.S. Drones Won't Solve The Problem

Jihadist Gains in Iraq Blindside American Spies

Militants push closer to Baghdad as White House mulls possible response

So - who's ready for Iraq War III?

Neocon Policies Rejected by Public

Peter Gemma, writing in the Unz Review, eyeballs the poll numbers to reveal the chasm between the oh-so-busy warmongers and the citizens who sacrifice their children and tax dollars for the latest war to end all wars. As with many trends these days, there's good news and bad news:

Good news and bad news: market research confirms most Americans side to one degree or another with former Congressman Ron Paul’s foreign policy. Bad news? The neo-cons are still at the switch.

In 2003, with flags flying and trumpets blaring, opinion polls showed some 60 percent of Americans supported the U.S. invasion of Iraq. As doubts about the war became facts, public opinion polls showed a majority opposed the war within two years and that remains the case today. Last year, one survey revealed that 54 percent of Americans believed the U.S. should have stayed out of Iraq right from the start, while just 38 percent said the military incursion was a good idea. Still, the bi-partisan military-industrial complex isn’t budging. In a 2012 address to the Democratic National Committee, President Obama concluded, “Four years ago, I promised to end the war in Iraq. We did.” According to an April 1, 2014 report in Time magazine however, there were 133 U.S. military killed in action and 23,565 Iraqi civilian deaths since the President’s “peace is at hand” proclamation.
The article quotes a desperate-sounding Bill Kristol as he tries to whip up war frenzy among an increasingly (and understandably) skeptical American public. He sees what he acknowledges to be a "war-weary" public but imagines that if he claps his hands and shouts," All that’s needed is the rallying," then the war weariness will magically melt away, and a new wave of jingoism will magically take its place.

And that's the bad news - Kristol and his ilk are the ones who STILL, despite their disconnect with the real world, get top spots on the interview shows and op-eds.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

This day in history

In 1898, Emilio Aguinaldo, head of the Philippine nationalists, proclaimed independence from Spain.

However, the U.S. killed up to 200,000 civilians to quash the Philippine republic in 1902.

U.S. Embassy in Baghdad readies evacuation

The Iraqi Cakewalk just took a bad turn:

According to U.S. sources who spoke with The Blaze reporter Sara Carter, the United States Embassy in Baghdad is preparing plans to facilitate the evacuation of that massive facility as Islamic militant groups continue their blitz across that country.

“The U.S. official told TheBlaze that the U.S. Embassy, United Nations and other foreign organizations with a presence in Iraq are ‘preparing contingency plans to evacuate employees,’” The Blaze reported.

A counterterrorism expert added that the level of violence in Iraq is at levels “not seen since 2007,” just prior to the implementation of the “surge” strategy which temporarily pacified the growing insurgency in that country.

Government consolidation is over

Here's the latest commentator who sees the same dynamic we in the League of the South have been pointing out since 1994, that the model of the ideology-based superstate of the 19th and 20th centuries has run its course. The centralized states that resulted spawned the most horrific suffering and bloodshed the world has ever seen. Politically connected big business profited from big government projects, but at a staggering cost to the people who manned the armies and paid the taxes. From the Reno News & Review:

Scotland’s vote to secede from England and destroy “Great Britain” would be only one of many signs that government consolidation is over. Venice has voted to secede from Italy, and Sardinia may be next. Northern Spain is likely to break up into two states, Catalonia and Basque. In Belgium, the Dutch-speaking north wants to split from the French south. The Crimea is already split from Ukraine, and other regions may follow. Russia is trying to centralize but only to retake what territory it has recently lost. ...

The Civil War was the beginning of centralization in the US. That consolidation continued with only brief pauses in the 1920’s and 1980’s. Many people still believe in central planning, but the contradictions are producing huge cracks in the consensus. The major contradiction is that government exists to provide protection for lives and property but does so by theft of property through taxes and regulations and claims lives through heavy handed military and police action. It seems you always have to destroy the village in order to save it.
Sounds like an article the League of the South would publish, doesn't it? Truth is, a lot of people now realize that devolution will be the defining trend of the 21st century. That process has already started, and is redrawing the world's political map. The result will be a patchwork of culture-based local governments with limited power to intervene in its citizens' lives or to wage wars. Sounds like a good idea to me.

So the question you should ask yourself is: How can I help? You can start by clicking on the League of the South website. Don't let this historic moment pass you by.

Rand Paul throws weight behind immigration reform effort

Et tu, Rand Paul? According to this story in the Washington Times, Paul has joined Big Business and the Cultural Marxists in the Axis of Treason:

Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday waded deeper into an issue that has proved perilous to some of his GOP colleagues, throwing his political weight behind an establishment lobby effort to get Congress to reform the country’s immigration system this year.

Mr. Paul, a libertarian-leaning Republican from Kentucky and possible 2016 presidential hopeful, participated in a telephone conference call to conservative and business leaders in favor of immigration reform in an effort brokered by anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, The Washington Times has learned.
How many times does this sort of thing have to happen before we wake up to the fact that we cannot expect to solve problems from D.C.? Everything it does is to expand and consolidate its power, the people be damned.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sunni Militants Drive Iraqi Army Out of Mosul

We have to dismantle the Empire before it triggers WWIII. Period. Just look at the bloody chaos it's unleashed in the Middle East:

Sunni militants spilling over the border from Syria on Tuesday seized control of the northern city of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest, in the most stunning success yet in a rapidly widening insurgency that threatens to drag the region into war. ...

The Iraqi Army apparently crumbled in the face of the militant assault, as soldiers dropped their weapons, shed their uniforms for civilian clothes and blended in with the fleeing masses. The militants freed thousands of prisoners and took over military bases, police stations, banks and provincial headquarters, before raising the black flag of the jihadi group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria over public buildings. The bodies of soldiers, police officers and civilians lay scattered in the streets.
Note that this magnificent Iraqi fighting force was trained by the U.S. at a cost of unaccountable billions (yes, YOU helped pay for it). But at the first sign of trouble, its members deserted and ran.

Proponents of empire and multiculturalism claim that training and education are the key to every problem, with the ultimate goal the unification of all in one big global heap. But after squandering American lives and fortunes on the Neocons' Iraqi project, things are clearly worse - for everyone. The artificial country Saddam held together by force can't sustain itself any longer. The warring factions are now at each other's throats. Now, because of the U.S. government's involvement, the chaos over there will inevitably rebound to us over here. Remember: D.C. boosted Iraqi immigration after George W.M.D. Bush's invasion, just as it allowed more Muslims from Afghanistan after it "liberated" Kabul. Think there might be some repercussions from that? There's only one thing a good American can do about it: Stop thinking.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eric Cantor Falls to Shock Defeat

I love it. The Republicans have lost their Majority Leader because he supported amnesty. Hey, Republicans, think there's a message in this somewhere? Huh?

It couldn't have happened to a better sell-out. Here are the sweet details of Cantor's major loss:

In one of the biggest political upsets in recent memory, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary election on Tuesday to a political unknown who focused his campaign on Cantor's support for a path to citizenship for the children of immigrants.

Randolph-Macon College economics professor Dave Brat won the Republican primary in Virginia's 7th Congressional District. Brat had 56 percent of the vote to Cantor's 44 percent when the Associated Press called the race just after 8 p.m.
See those numbers? This wasn't even close. It demonstrates how powerful the anti-amnesty sentiment really is. Instead of blowing $60 million to win over imaginary conservative minority groups, the Republicans should spend that money standing up for border security and the rule of law. That is, if they WANT to win.

Quote of the day

“There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.” Robert Heinlein

Ukrainian Rebels Channel U.S. Confederates

Looks like the Southern Cause has inspired others fighting for self-determination. As the article says, Robert E. Lee would be proud:

There are a few key components that make a Ukrainian separatist, among them Kalashnikov rifles, Cossack hats, golden crosses around their necks, America bashing, orange-and-black “World War II” ribbons … and Dixie flags.

You did not misread that: pro-Russian separatists have adopted the Confederate flag.

The flag of the unrecognized Novorossia confederation is not entirely identical to the banner of the Army of Northern Virginia, as it lacks stars — the Ukrainians would have had to contend with between two to eight such stars, depending on their level of optimism.

But otherwise, it is the same as the Confederate flag, a blue diagonal cross bordered with white on a red background. General Lee would have been proud.
Loyal reader Alex adds this:

Dear Old Rebel:

Back in early March I saw the Confederate flag being displayed with less savory 20th century flags in Ukrainian government buildings taken over by separatists. However, this recent article is much more even in tone.

"We chose it because the land is in danger from foreign invaders again," says Mr. Gubarev. What a pity that more Southerners don't see the danger in their own land.

Back when I first went to Russia in October 1992 I took a suitcase full of Confederate stuff, from t-shirts to flag pins to reproduction currency to small flags and even little pins that played a tinny rendition of Dixie when pressed (mighty impressive back in those digital horse and buggy days). The Russians loved them and immediately recognized what they stood for--the "good Americans!"

Progressivism = Slow Motion Suicide

If al-Qaeda sent in Islamomeanies to sabotage American industry and had half the success of Democratic regulators, we'd be up in arms. But when home-grown terrorists (aka, liberals) accomplish the same thing, it's okay. From City Journal:

Rhode Island was once one of America’s most prosperous states, and its rate of higher-education attainment remains better than the national average. But the state’s key industries collapsed long ago, and its political leadership has refused to make adjustments to its high-cost, high-regulation governance system.

The result: a state with “the costs of Minnesota and the quality of Mississippi,” as Rob Atkinson, former executive director of the Rhode Island Economic Policy Council, told WPRI-TV. Indeed, Rhode Island is arguably America’s basket case, overlooked only because it is small enough to escape most national scrutiny. Its ruination is a striking corrective to the argument that states can tax, spend, and regulate their way to prosperity.
Quick! Someone call the "Moral Monday" protesters and tell them to stop their tax-and-spend agenda before they strike again.

Charts: Rap is All But Dead

Whoa - I don't believe what I'm reading here. But according to Showbiz mag, "rap" is losing its audience and being replaced by - hold on to your hats - country music:

What happened to rap? It’s off the charts with two minor exceptions: a sluggish new album from 50 Cent, and an oldish album at the bottom of the charts by SchoolBoyQ.

What’s in? Pop, Pop R&B, white kids, black kids who sound white. Led Zeppelin reisssued its first three albums from 196-1972. They are all in the new top 40 albums and sold a total more than 60,000 copies total. Yikes. ...

Country albums take four of the top 10 spots this week: Miranda Lambert is number 1, followed by Brantley Gilbert and Lucy Hale. A country compilation, “Now Country 7,” is also in the top 10.
And Led Zep is back? My head is hummin'. It's enough to give you hope for this culture.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Let's smoke more Kristol meth!

"American hegemony is the only reliable defense against a breakdown of peace and international order." Bill Kristol, who argued for the invasion of Iraq.

So how's the peace and order in Iraq eleven years after DC's troops invaded? Here are three headlines just from today:

Major Fighting as al-Qaeda in Iraq Moves on Mosul

82 Killed, 110 Wounded Across Iraq

Bombing Attack on Iraqi Kurdish Party HQ Kills 30

I think Bill Kristol should read our Quote of the Day below.

Quote of the day

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” Philip Dick

Theme from "Braveheart"

This is great. The musician plays one of the most stirring and beautiful movie themes of all time with an acoustic guitar, two harmonicas, and a recorder.

Taking England back to the Dark Ages

Size matters, says the BBC's Tom Shakespeare. The smaller and more culturally united a country, the more prosperous and peaceful it is. The reverse is also true - the larger, more diverse, the more centralized a nation is, the more brutal it is, as the history of the bloody DC Empire clearly shows. The author looks at the direction Scotland seems to be taking, and can't help but admire other smaller nations:

It seems to me that progressive, reasonable, pacific and prosperous states - like the Nordic countries, or Switzerland or New Zealand - tend to be less than 10 million people. That's almost intimate, for a nation. Citizens of smaller countries feel pride and connection. The population is small enough to have deliberative public policy, which takes account of local needs. The health service and the education service seem less distant from everyday lives. Folk feel more involved and valued. I can imagine how Scotland might achieve that, with only five million. But what about the rest of us?
Shakespeare looks to England's past for inspiration:

Before Alfred the Great unified the English in resistance to the Danes, England was not one country. Between about 500 and 850 AD, it was a heptarchy, meaning seven kingdoms, although in truth the number tended to fluctuate. If memory serves, the leading members of the heptarchy comprised Northumbria, Wessex, Mercia, and East Anglia. The others were Sussex, Kent and Essex, although there was quite a bit of boundary change happening for the three centuries or so that this era lasted - all very much Game of Thrones.
Indeed, the author notes that England's regions are already showing signs of self-awareness and pride, including the display of ancient flags and symbols associated with independence. And with Third-World immigration transforming the major metropolitan areas, especially London, the cultural divides will be even more pronounced.

So what will it be - greater citizen involvement, peace, and prosperity, or coercion, alienation, and perpetual war?

Thanks to loyal reader Frank for the link!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Federal judge overturns Wisconsin's marriage law

Another federal commissar undermines State sovereignty and traditional marriage in one assault, all in the name of "equality." The will of the people be damned:

A federal judge in Madison on Friday overturned Wisconsin's gay marriage ban, striking down an amendment to the state constitution approved overwhelmingly by voters in 2006 and prompting an emergency action by the state to halt the scores of weddings that began in the state's two largest cities.

In the 88-page decision, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb ruled that the prohibition on same-sex vows in the state violated the rights of gay and lesbian couples to equal protection under the federal constitution and fair treatment under the law.
Anyone out there know what amendment was passed ceding regulation of marriage to the federal government? Darned if I can find it.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Scotland the Berated

Surprise! The leader of the world's biggest busy-body government scolds supporters of a free and independent Scotland:

BARACK Obama made a dramatic intervention in the Scottish independence debate yesterday when he said America wanted a “strong, robust” and “united” Britain.

In what was seen as a break with diplomatic protocol, the US president signalled strongly that he favoured a No vote when he said that the UK appeared to have “worked pretty well”.

His comments provoked a storm of protest on Twitter from critics who argued that Mr Obama should “keep his nose out”.
Good for Scots for telling Obama to butt out of their country's business. Too bad more Americans don't have the same attitude.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Come on in! The gates are open!

The Green March on America continues. Word in Central America is that the US just can't get enough illegal immigrants:

Central Americans say news reports in their countries are encouraging them to make the journey north to the United States.

A mother and child told CHANNEL 5 NEWS that the message being disseminated in their country is, "go to America with your child, you won't be turned away." ...

"I was planning to go to McAllen then call a friend for her to send me money on the bus," Bercian Diaz said.

Bercian Diaz said she has no family in the United States. Her hope of staying here relies on her little girl. She said the message in her country is that America's borders are open to all families.
Is Obama on top of this crisis? Yep - he's doing everything he can to add fuel to the fire by announcing that young illegals will not be deported. So it looks like the Central American rumor is true.

Problem is, we do not have infinite capacity for taking care of these people. These photos from Breitbart give an idea of how bad this is. How long until we hit the breaking point?

Secede? A centralized Texas bank would fuel higher interest rates, Fed finds

Image from Texas Secede.

Secession is a pipe dream, the kind of dream you get from inhaling the smoke of processed poppies. No one in his right mind would even consider seceding.

That was an all-too-common reaction when I told friends and family after I joined the League of the South in 1997. My, how times have changed.

Now we have secession petitions, real debates about putting secession on State party platforms, and actual secession movements. And there's no better indicator of how serious the topic is than for secession to be analyzed for its possible economic impact. The latest Dallas Business Journal features an article claiming secession from DC would force Texas banks to charge higher interest rates. Now, that's debatable, and the fact that this comes from two employees of the Federal Reserve definitely makes one suspect the analysis is skewed a bit.

But it's VERY significant that the topic is being scrutinized at this level. We've got their attention.

Germany Opens Criminal Probe Into NSA Tapping of Merkel’s Phone

“Espionage is a crime in Germany regardless of whether those spying are friends or enemies,” said German prosecutor Harald Range about the NSA's immoral and illegal spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel.

I'm so old, I remember when Americans held the federal government to the same standard. Now the feds can do whatever they want and we meekly accept it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DHS continues to drop immigrants off at Phoenix bus station

There's a message here, and it's addressed from BHO to Middle America:

Early Tuesday morning FOX 10 saw a bus load of people dropped off by a bus with Department of Homeland Security markings.

The Greyhound spokesperson said that Arizona is the only state they're aware of that is getting bus loads of people.

The Greyhound bus station near 24th St & Buckeye has turned into a refuge for bus loads of immigrants being dropped off by DHS.

FOX 10 was told immigration officials are moving hundreds of undocumented workers caught in Texas who are from Central America to Arizona. DHS says they don't have the manpower to process them all.
The message couldn't be clearer. John Gambino would send in his kneebreakers to rough up a storekeeper who resisted paying more protection money. With BHO, the message is, "Object to demographic revolution with border security laws, and I'll send in my foot soldiers."

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Most Americans Think Snowden Did the Right Thing, Poll Says

I love it.

Despite the best efforts of the Empire's apologists (see here and here) Americans know that the real crime was committed by the apparatchiks in the despised central government, not by the man who exposed those crimes.

The cherry on top of this little ice cream sundae is that this story reveals an increasing distrust of the empire's propaganda machine.

Catalan Independence surges with news of king's abdication

A couple hug each other with Catalonia's independent flag during the republican celebration in Barcelona, Spain, following news of the abdication. Photo from The Daily Mail.

With the surprise news that King Juan Carlos will abdicate in favor of his more popular son, the various groups in Spain are emboldened and thrilled at the opportunities. What's wrong with the leftists, the independent-minded Basques and Catalans, and anti-monarchists having a form of government that best suits them? I say, let a thousand flowers bloom.

The winds of change shaking the foundations of old Spain are rising, and they will not be contained. Know hope, compatriots.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Strike the Root!

On June 25th, a gunman killed four people inside the Jewish Museum of Belgium. The reaction was swift and uniform, and the lesson learned, according to Jewish leaders, was that whatever motives the shooter had were not as important as the underlying cause of the shooting.

For example, Joël Rubinfeld, president of the Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism, announced:

"This, alas, was bound to happen. There is a freeing of anti-Semitic speech. It is the inevitable result of a climate that distills hate."
The Jerusalem Post echoed Rubinfeld's view:

One communal leader in Brussels termed the attack a wake up call, seeking to impress authorities with the need to combat racism, incitement and what many Jews see as a growing atmosphere of hate. ...

In Israel, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu , strongly condemned the Brussels killings in a statement from his office. They were, he said, "the result of endless incitement against the Jews and their state". He offered Israeli cooperation in the Belgian investigation.
And naturally, Abraham H. Foxman, the National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, had to pile on:

While violence against Jews in Belgium is extremely rare, the attack on the Brussels Jewish Museum is another tragic reminder of the frightening atmosphere for Jews in parts of Europe. ...

The rise in Europe of openly anti-Semitic political parties, the proliferation of clearly anti-Semitic expressions on social media platforms and the disturbingly high levels of anti-Semitic attitudes in many places in Europe contribute to a witches’ brew of hate in which those who are inclined to engage in violence against Jews can find encouragement.
In the minds of some, any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism. For example, Mearsheimer and Walt's analysis of the influence of the Israel Lobby on the U.S. Congress was condemned because "is either inherently anti-Semitic or generates an environment of anti-Semitism."

The California State Assembly even passed a resolution that claimed that accusations of "racism" against the Israeli government was anti-Semitic.

Over the weekend, however, the shooter was arrested:

French police have arrested 29-year-old Mehdi Nemmouche today in Marseille on suspicion of being the attacker in last weekend’s shootings at the Jewish museum in Brussels.

Nemmouche, a French citizen, was arrested with an assault rifle, and reportedly confessed to the Brussels attack. The big eye-opener, however, is that he had recently returned from Syria.
So now the "root cause" of the attack at the Jewish Museum has been revealed to be immigration from Muslim countries. I wonder how long it will take for the same voices that called for an end to "hate speech" will now call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration?

Still waiting ...