Monday, August 18, 2014

57% of Blacks believe Officer Wilson murdered Brown

I guess that settles that. If you believe in democracy, there's no need for a trial. Wilson killed Brown out of racial hatred.


Logan Smith said...

I'm surprised it's not higher.

The Ghost of the Chemung River said...

We all know what's right and what's wrong.

There are a lot of folks in this world who can't handle discipline.

No more words needed.

James said...

From what I've seen.....if he didn't murder him.....he should have.

James said...

One thing that those of us who are of the larger persuasion learn as we get experience.....if you're a big guy, you better be overly attentive to minding your manners when dealing with the police. Showing out against a cop with a gun when you tower over him is a good way to get your butt shot! Of course....if your gonna be big and helps if you're not stupid.

Cleophus said...

This fellow in Furgeson may or may not have gotten what he deserved, time will tell. But what we need to realize right now is that today's "law enforcement officer," is far closer to Rambo than Andy Griffith. They are trained today with a distinct bent toward militarism, so that they can be better utilized by the feds when the need arises. They are trained to treat the citizenry not as sovereigns, but as "hostiles." They are trained to immediately use overwhelming force against ANY questioning of their authority. What we today call "law enforcement," Thomas Jefferson would have seen as an army in the midst of the people.
However this mess in MO. turns out, I urge you all to notice what's going on around you. We, the citizenry, are being rapidly hemmed in by the ranks of a growing army of law enforcement that DO NOT have our best interests at heart. The majority of new recruits to law enforcement are ex army, and are fresh from the fields of war in the sand box, where they are taught to treat everyone as hostile. A free republic of liberty minded citizens cannot survive with an occupying army in their midst, endowed with the ability to follow their every move. Even now, the way we act and what we say is being coerced by this omnipresent cloud of the surveillance state.
This cop in Ferguson may or may not have been justified in his shooting of this unarmed teen, there are not enough facts in yet to make an informed decision. However, what is obvious is that when law enforcement are questioned about their actions against the citizenry, they take an "us verses them" attitude, and the days of "Protect and Serve" are rapidly disappearing into old black and white movies and children's story books.

The Ghost of the Chemung River said...

The police officer was justified.