Saturday, August 23, 2014

FBI Admits: No Credible Threats to US From ISIS

Our handlers have hit the panic button about ISIS, so patriotic Americans are supposed to run around their computers and TVs screaming their lungs out and beg Obama to save them. (So - it's 2003 again.) And just as in the days prior to the invasion of Iraq (what former NSA director Lt. General William Odom called "the greatest strategic disaster in American history"), there are authoritative voices countering the hysteria. Despite the ravings of the armchair strategists and coffee table security experts, the FBI sees no domestic threat from ISIS:

US officials have been keen to build up the threat of ISIS to ever broader, ever more hysterical levels. Sen. James Inhofe (R – OK) even claimed they’re close to coming up with some secret way to wipe out an entire major US city.

The honest assessments aren’t nearly so alarmist, with the FBI conceding in a bulletin issued to local law enforcement today that there is no specific or credible threat of an ISIS terror attack on the US.
Have we learned our lessons from Afghanistan and Iraq? We can always hope - and try our best to get the word out in time.


Anonymous said...

If "learning our lesson" means if you start something...finish it. In 2003 it was ridiculous to go spend billions and countless lives in Iraq. In 2014 it is no secret Islam is spreading and infiltrating the entire western world. Not just ISIS...ISLAM! Unlike oil or a presidents things are worth fighting for and against. To hell with Islam.

Anonymous said...

"Islam is spreading and infiltrating the entire western world" because of insane immigration policy, not because of some failed military adventure. You can bomb every city in middle east and it won't stop a thing. Demographics determine the future.

Logan Smith said...

Right, if Europe would just protect their borders, it wouldn't matter what happens in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Less muslims in the world means less muslims immigrating. We get people use to fighting them in the middle east and people will be more likely to fight them on our land. Especially if they make the mistake of attacking us at home. Your argument is the old let me sit on my hands and wait for them to force me to do something. Shit..every hotel, gas station, convince store and smoke shop in the South is owned by muslims. They play the Muslim call to prayer at our hospitals over the PA system. They try to ban pork products in our schools. Let's just live and let live though...let's see where that gets us. That's the way we treat the yankees...I see where that gets us.

Weaver said...

Islam is a domestic policy issue, not a foreign policy issue.

It's revealing how certain European nations do not flood their citizenry with Muslims, while others do.

The enemy is the pro-immigration supporters. It doesn't matter if they call themselves "conservative" or "capitalist". Labels mean nothing. Content is what matters.

Anonymous said...

Less Muslims? We've spent 4.4 TRILLION dollars and killed 350,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world, unless you think the government is going to start a war of genocide, using NBC weapons, there will be enough around for every American to have a chicken in every pot and a Muslim in every garage.

As far as my argument being old, I think you'll find Richard I, was a proponent of your Idea 800 years ago. No, what this generation needs is El-Cid not Richard I.

Weaver said...

Anon @ August 23, 2014 at 10:29 PM,

With each war, Muslim refugees are imported into the US.

The only way to defeat Islam is to stop DC from warring.

There is no alternative.

Read Sun Zhu's "Art of War". Sometimes it is best not to fight in order to truly win. Only cowards lose the ability to think and rush into defeat.