Thursday, August 14, 2014

Home schooling accelerates in North Carolina

What can people do when the government institutions that were supposed to serve them now openly ridicule and work against them? Simple - just bypass them:

North Carolina’s home schools are growing at a record rate and are now estimated to have more students than the state’s private schools.

New figures from the state show there were 60,950 home schools in the 2013-14 school year, a 14.3 percent increase from the prior year and a 27 percent increase from two years ago. The state estimates there are 98,172 home-schoolers, marking the first time that North Carolina’s home-school enrollment has surpassed the number in private schools.

“If you’re dissatisfied with public education, you really have two routes,” said Kevin McClain, president of North Carolinians For Home Education, a statewide support group. “You can send your child to a private school – which is really expensive – or you can home-school. The economy means that, for many people, you home-school.”

Twenty-five years ago, there were about 2,300 home-schooled students in North Carolina. But concerns about school violence, lack of a religious focus and the large size of public schools have helped fuel home-school growth.
The government schools have mutated into indoctrination and social engineering centers focusing on drilling "proper thinking" into the heads of their victims students. And with yet another DC power grab in the form of "Common Core," this perversion of government schools will only get worse:

Think of home schooling as another baby step toward secession from a Marxist, multicult empire.


Miguel D'Anconia said...

Now if public funding for education can be eliminated....

Old Rebel said...

Miguel D'Anconia,

That's the inevitable next step. When a business loses its customers, it loses their money, too.

Anonymous said...

I moved to the mountains of North Carolina with my 5 yr old boy and 7 year old girl to get away from a city gone mad. It had a homosexual mayor and all the "amenities" that accompany that philosophy. My wife stays home and we home school, attend Church twice weekly and have picnics by mountain lakes. Its working like a charm. It scary to make such a move but if you're not willing to do it for your children then you will lose them to Cultural Marxists and they will turn on you. Up here they keep their innocense and I can teach them where to keep their loyalties....God, Family and Dixie.

Weaver said...

The next step is they'll make homeschooling illegal...

Doom and Gloom! :)


But yea, if homeschooling is banned, whites will hopefully be prodded into waking up.

Thanks to the Internet, homeschooling couldn't be easily demonised.

Weaver said...

The Movement could really benefit from developing homeschooling resources, giving parents more options.

Such things do seem to be developing though.


Anon, you sound like model parents!

If I homeschool, I'll likely send mine to church, karate classes, sporting events like Little League, a ballroom dance class, and maybe a manners class. Of those, Karate, is likely the only one that could grow costly. Ballroom dance classes just last a few weeks.

Socialising would be the difficulty I imagine.

But I know I personally picked up some horrible values in high school. Just reading quotes by R E Lee in college had a significant impact on me. But everyone's different.

Logan Smith said...

What North Carolina city has a homosexual mayor?

Old Rebel said...

Logan Smith,

Hmm. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

The homosexual mayor was in Lexington, Ky. The "Socializing" question is always asked. Think about it. Public schools full of thugs listening to dispicable Rap garbage, violent video games, every other word being "FK", pornography, female teachers dressing like sluts etc.etc. I am no saint and I came up in a rough neighborhood but children need some calm in their lives so they can discover their aptitudes and natural interests. Looking back I can't see where public school did me very little good if any.

Weaver said...


And what's worse than the students: the teachers.

I doubt the schools that orient around training children to pursue ambitious, high-paying jobs necessarily produce healthy children either. They're so focused on money that they know nothing else. You need a balance.

Anyway, I wish you the best.

I would link one of the old homeschooling links, but the forums that held them have been taken down. Every right-wing website seems to expire after at most 10yrs.