Friday, August 15, 2014

Nullifying the NDAA, one county at a time

Congratulations to the Oath Keepers of Oregon, which has persuaded five counties to pass resolutions against the unconstitutional and oppressive NDAA, more than any other State.

Thomas Jefferson would be proud!


Anonymous said...

Not really .. Just because they look like they are going against the NDAA does not make them good ! THe Oath Keepers are not for the south as they pretend , they are an arm of the dc regime and the yankee north . Where exactly are the confederate flags they should be wearing ... They are standing for few issues but with the yankee at hand .
It's not the point that there might be a few good so called oath keepers ... Who cares , the fact is they are part with the enemy the north and yankee , if they weren't they would be a group just for the south . Many of us southerners who vary in age do not trust the oath keepers for many reasons . we ourselves can do a better job and protect the south and Dixie way better in the long run .

Old Rebel said...


I think we can appreciate, and to some extent, support those whose goals coincide with ours, even if we're not completely in agreement.

Weaver said...

If we wish to be the hammer hitting the anvil, we need to praise groups like the "Oath Keepers"

Let's nullify in the South too!

You can dress nullification up as Democrat or Republican. It doesn't matter.